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Mahdi Coalition -تحالف المهدى رسول الله

من إستعلى و إستكبر فليتبوء مكانه فى جهنم خالد فيه مهما ظن به الناس أو نفسه ظاهرا حسنا. من حارب الله و رسوله خسر الدنيا و الآخره و ما ربح شيئا إلا كل خزى و عار و دمار. رسول من … Continue reading

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ثورة “العيش و الملح”

عرض لا يمكن رفضه، Continue reading

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Revolt of the “Live and Salt”

An offer you can’t refuse. Continue reading

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Remember ————————— Amid dueling debt plans, Obama to address nation Reuters, Mon, Jul 25, 2011 (((((Raising the stakes and seeking to seize back control of the debate, the White House said Obama would address the nation at 9 p.m. … Continue reading

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Manifesto paradiso IV, flowers, butterflies and rainbow

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The term constitution had arisen when the “sociopath negative gang” recognized that they should let something for the farmers to live by to the next year, to work and produce, then pay the extortion. Laws of thermodynamics imposed itself, you can’t have the entire gain, that is impossible even for the most criminal systems if they intended to kill the entire populace, the resistance will make the losses of value that they didn’t want to let on first place, the resistant populace is dead either way. No way, to get something you should let something; is one law in thermodynamics, the nature. Continue reading

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Secularism and theocracy, versus slavery

Extract from book called “Unraveling the simplest”, first-edition first reached the public on “January 19, 2009”; second-edition is coming: (1) Modern recorded history of slavery The recent recorded history of mankind is divided into two stages concerning this issue, shared … Continue reading

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