Horizon follower


Curtains of finitude were raised liberating infinitude;
contents of mystery smudge routine illusions to intrude

Condensates of infinitesimal rebel on decease solitude;
contours of horizon at infinity our eyes cannot include

Connection to horizon magnets provokes dreamy attitude;
convection of love heals weary heart asking ingratitude

Conflicts perplex the horizon with under-nose altitude;
constituents in between were of a superficial magnitude

Constrains of flexile are the utmost we cannot exclude;
contractors of firmness were not worst starting prelude


Rim inflows mighty attraction ray from extern absolute;
ring incites us in jail of fate in we’re centric minute

Riddle station on life where we fend off ken destitute;
riffle of raptures on evolution promises the substitute

Riding ego away from rigors to skew up to mental acute;
rinsing heart off wasting hatred give crystal attribute

Richer insights gained on every boost on horizon route;
ridge of transparent vision, hearts fly in private mute

Risk of open itinerancy, unlike faunas, humans dispute;
rises and falls hurt yet can’t mute charm horizon flute


Traveled vision free of time to every momentous refuse;
translucent figure free of space out every jail diffuse

Tranquility of heart based on imagery they can’t abuse;
transference of desires from ties of fate to hopes fuse

Transcendental trip over brutal slavery of what bemuse;
transfinite dreams and questions up to there we suffuse

Trajectory of ego to momentary honesty you seldom muse;
transmogrified fancy of being the other you ever recuse

Transparent silver glimmers warm heart, for eyes amuse;
transceiver way through you confer with all you enthuse


On unbarred horizon for lost love in their evil exhume;
only hazy sorrow on eyes as incentive you would consume

On open horizon to eyes imagination lead candle illume;
only liberating honesty as compass to trues will assume

Ongoing reason, oblivious dimwit slavery it’ll deplume;
oncoming freedom, irrational enmity bequest it’ll spume

Ongoing elation cut infinity as zero to ken it subsume;
oncoming justice hearty waves on horizon peak will fume

Onto sublimation shelf baring pure reality will resume;
onward future is Perennial we for live into time volume


Started minute gleam soars on gloom of black and azure;
stalking astute spur suns on fraudulent pure and impure

Stance upright denies night of heart in bright perjure;
stabbing insights in dazzling lights for liberty secure

Stanched time tints rime with fire for night to mature;
standing starveling desires at itinerants to now abjure

stanza of quiet dark ashes on ember hearts will figure;
stars endure deepest time off hand for eyes is cynosure

Stammering living for we allure for every slaving lure;
stamp slavery from we run to horizon they cannot immure

Started minute gleam soars on gloom of black and azure;
stalking astute spur suns on fraudulent pure and impure

To there,
To later,
To potential,
We should be horizon follower

By; Ashraf Moussa
April 17, 2001