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Ashraf Moussa
Egypt, Cairo
ID (National identity number): 2 61 09 17 01 05613

Electric Energy Buffer

(1) Introduction

(1-a) Historical approach

(1-a-1) The early and first chemical-electrical source in the close recent history was called “battery”. It was based on pattern of Anode metal and different Cathode metal and acid solution in between. It is consumable meant the solution and the metals got depleted and should be replaced. Well, there is some confusion about this device in mind of public that survived until this very moment when it is considered as “electricity storage device”, I don’t call it mistake; I just call it confusion that should be cleared. It was not electricity storage device at all. It was “chemical energy to electric energy converter device”, exactly as same as, for example the diesel engine is “chemical energy to mechanical energy converter device”. The diesel engine is not considered “kinetic energy storage device” neither the “battery” should be considered “electricity storage device”. In fact both are engines and both are batteries, and both are not storage devices, they in general are energy form converter devices.

(1-a-2) The first ever electricity storage device was the “Rechargeable Battery”. It tells that the main difference between it and the energy form converters (Battery) is that the “energy form converter devices” have at their input and output different forms of energy of whatever, while the “Storage devices” have at their input and output the same type of energy form so they function as storage for that specific form of energy. Whenever you set a device that takes electricity and keeps it then you can retrieve electricity back, it is “electricity storage device”. The term “Rechargeable Battery” is confusing and misleading idiom; however it is historical approach issue rather than purely scientific logic issue.

(1-a-3) With such growing historical experience, bearing in mind that the scientific logic line is and will always lag behind the historic line, if I caught some new device hence the logic line is what I should follow and leave the history line alone, what happened is happened. What I am trying to make here is neither a battery nor rechargeable battery, I call it “Electric Energy Buffer”, for simplification let it be “Electric Buffer”. It is a third new generation where many devices may be managed within this category even if I personally failed to do it. Actually I find the concept is very similar to the function of the “Buffer” in the computer technology and the abstract principle is applied here to the electric energy industry.

The buffer in principal is such device that indirectly connects two or more channels of energy of same type with different incompatible behaviors through a middle storage container, whether that energy is intelligible or not. The input will drop its energy in the middle storage, and the output drains from the middle storage, they don’t connect directly because of the incompatibility while the storage is capable of treating each according to its behavior.

The simple storage has only one input-output channel so it works only on one mode of operation of either charging or discharging, it can’t function both simultaneously. While the Buffer as storage conditionally should have two separated channels to function the two modes of operation simultaneously and separately, charging and discharging; both.

(1-b) Industry of energy and the missing necessity

(1-b-1) All the electric power plants of all scales, from the scale of whole big country down to small single rural home, and the electric grids connected are designed such that to meet as possible as the requirements of the crest of consumption rate expected on that grid, not on the average consumption at all. This is gross inefficient investment and big waste because the average consumption rate is greatly lower than the consumption rate at the crest periods, while the “average” is what economically really counts. Very likely you may need only half the power plant size or generator to fulfill the requirements for a community of variant consumer types of behaviors if it is designed based on the average consumption rather than the crest consumption requirement. To achieve that you need to physically flatten the fluctuating relation curve between the power plant or generator and the consumer side, by means of some storage device based on the buffer principal, “Electric Buffer”.

At the lowest rates of consumptions still the generator will work on higher production rate which is the average rate and fill the storage besides covering the consumer need. At the crest consumption rate the generator still work on lower production rate which is the average rate and the storage will cover up the gap to crest rate from its store. The generator and the consumer application will not connect directly; they will connect only through the Electric Buffer. That is what is I call it “flattening the fluctuating relation curve” between the generator source and consumer.

(1-b-2) In reality my main target was not the Industry of Electric Energy in very general, though this work will benefit all sectors of this industry by covering a missing necessary, my mind mainly targeted the Renewable Energy Sector specifically. If the Electric Buffer is a “missing necessity” in the industry of electric energy in general, it is a very “lethal miss” in the renewable energy sector specifically. Any honest and serious engineer knows this deadly fact completely. In what we can call it today “traditional energy resources” like coal electricity generator plants, gas, petroleum and even the nuclear, at the least the source is almost fully controlled, you can control the production rate at any degree right at will against the fluctuating curve of consumption. But in the renewable energy sector in addition to the fluctuating consumption curve there is lethal vitriol to be add of no least control at the source of energy also, makes the problem lethally many times worse and many folds more difficult. I consider this the main cause in competition that drags the renewable energy sector very sluggishly behind all other conventional sources of energy allover the world of the energy industry. And it should be addressed and focused on in R&D to ultimate effort to eliminate this lethal obstacle, really and seriously not by fake commercials.

(1-b-3) Fair competition rules for success based on the 21st century civilization configurations:-

The petroleum barrel, at least it what the historical line calls. It is a container that stores liquid chemical energy and we can retrieve it back from. It fulfils the above definition of energy storage device like the rechargeable battery, instead of storing electricity it stores fuel liquid. Deadly cheap device that costs a tiny fraction of dollar per liter capacity, effective, long life service, flexible to design in any shape, very mobile, neither toxic nor pollutant, reliable; disposable and cheaply recyclable if made from iron for example. It is well known since the dawn of history for similar purposes for other liquids. Some were made from wood and some from pottery.

The rechargeable battery like the lithium rechargeable battery or the older lead rechargeable battery, at least it is what the historical line calls. It is a container that stores electric charge energy and we can retrieve it back from. It fulfils the above definition of energy storage device like the previous metal barrel, instead if storing petroleum it stores electric charge. Deadly expensive device that costs hundreds of dollar per liter size and if calculated in terms of equal energy measure of what one liter of petroleum it is disastrously bad, ineffective, short life service, bit rigor to design in various shapes, very heavy to mobilize, toxic and pollutant, unreliable, not disposable and the recyclability might be expensive in many cases. Yes very early versions were discovered in archeology in many ancient civilizations around including other similar purposes like the electroplating process. You know! Though the electronic and electricity technical activity in this contemporary era is more developed than in any other era of the new recorded history, the electric storage devices didn’t move forward on the same step up. We can see Oil Tankers traveling allover the world with great cheapness, mobility and flexibility beside the rigor oil pipe lines, we don’t see the same level of treatment for the electric energy.

Fore notice; bear in your mind that the main purpose I am treating here is the direction of reducing the costs to minimum, increasing the efficiency and the effectiveness to maximum, for the electricity storage and handling method, not the electricity itself. Though, it should reflect great reduction on the costs of the electricity at the end consumer; because it is involved hidden cost in the total bill. Treating the electricity production itself is another different important issue.

Earth Model-Model

(2) “Earth”; Electric Energy Buffer

(2-a) Concept: The medium is water, Iron Oxide and silicon oxide, all in “gel” formation, SiO2/Fe3O4. The Iron oxide and water are absorbed in the “Silica gel” (SiO2) in hydrated bonds within the gel porous medium. The concept is to break or analyze the neutrality of all these substances into Anions, Cations, Protons and Electrons. To separate and keep all the positive charges on one side and negative charges on the other side using the electrostatic and magnetic forces within such construction, hence we have an “electricity storage device” if we used the electricity as the input form of energy; otherwise it is a battery or energy form converter. Here it is not simple storage, it is a buffer because the input and output channels technically are behaving in their own without much influencing each other, which is a great tremendous advantage I am very proud of because it has multidimensional function you will discover through this report/paper beyond just simply being electricity buffer.

(2-b) Electric charges

Within this little humble application let us not delve much in this issue because its bottom never reached and is not known to mankind, all but theorems that supported by some observations and lab experiment and yet contradicted by others. Yet in the engineering middle floor still the “Negative electron and positive proton” charge carriers as a thought pattern is fairly good enough for explanations and calculations that lead to satisfactory practical designs in hand. The problem with charges is that that they repel each other of the same kind in high volume concentrations, and neutralize each other if they are of opposite kind that renders no electric polar activity, you can’t bring high concentrations of the charges of the same kind without adding the influence of other mass gravitational forces plus some electric-magnetic forces to compress and bind them in high concentrated volume.

>>> In my own please let me claim this unbreakable physical law:

“Absolutely in real nature there is no electric charge that can exist without some gravitational force involved in its being to exist, there is no such thing called free electric charges”

It is one of my personal scientific faiths.

So we find ourselves still stick to some degree to the classic Anions and Cations as electric charge binders if we aim practically a high concentration of electric charges per volume.

(2-b-1) Water; Though, the water works too as charge binder like the Cation Hydronium H3O(+) and the Anion hydroxide HO(-); or perhaps like the questionable possibility of Cation like H4O(2+). Yet the water is poor charge binder in terms of concentration per volume, all its Cation forms are either weak unstable or very hard to attain on first place, however it is excellent as conveyer mean of electric charges with the presence of other conditions and additive substances. Remember that gravitational forces are the life support for the electric charges in everything from its basic existence up to behaviors; the physicists are almost disastrously neglecters about, so the bigger molecules always tend to handle the electric charges stronger and better than the smaller.

(2-b-2) “Iron oxides – Negative Pole”, are of the best charge binders, depends on its oxidation state of how many oxygen atoms it holds (Fe3O4 is just one possibility from many like Fe2O3, FeO) as the chemists said, it might bind as anion from two negative charges up to six charges per one molecule. Hold in mind that specifically using the Iron oxides have a very “indispensable function” in addition to be charge binder; it is the main source of the magnetic force essentially needed in this device to hold the opposite charges apart  (cations and anions) which achieves the storage function, interactively beside the electrostatic force produced by the charges themselves, explained later. Actually this is not what happens in this device. What happens is because of the presence of water or specifically the hydroxyl anion HO(-), a higher complex molecule structures will rise like this Ferrihydrite (5Fe2O3. 9H2O), which is capable of holding as much as 9 charges per molecule after releasing one Hydrogen H(+) proton from each water molecule to the other side of the device. There are many possible molecule structures based on Iron oxides and the hydroxyl called “hydrated iron oxides” that is capable of dense charge binding. The gravitational attraction forces plus some electric-magnetic forces will balance the electrostatic repelling forces and one pole is capable of holding such high charge concentration in small volume of space. You can’t easily hold same dense quantity of negative charge electron particles within equal volume of vacuum. This is the negative pole of the buffer.

(2-b-3) “Iron oxides – Positive Pole”, since on the positive side the Hydrogen Cations (Protons) are in abundance, the hydrogen in ionic state is very active to reduce the Iron Oxides to water and Iron Cations as positive charge binder or carrier, Fe+3. One big molecule of many iron atoms holds many charges on the other side, many bit rather separated smaller iron molecules will hold as many charges here too, it will to tend to balance in all.

(2-b-4) “Silicon Oxide SiO2 ? Silica – Negative Pole”; it happens because the ionic electrolyte activity it is about the Silicic Acid formulas and their acidic behavioral easiness to give up the positive protons to be Anions, H4O4Si is just one example. It has such capability of holding high concentration of charges in the negative pole side.

(2-b-5) “Silicon Oxide SiO2 ? Silica ? Positive Pole”, actually because the Silicic Acid is the soluble chemically active form of the Silica, always the electric-chemical reactions will go through it, not directly the Silica itself. In the positive side, like the Iron oxides, the abundance of the Protons which is the Hydrogen Cations will reduce the Silicic Acid to Si+4.

(2-b-6) The explanation I have given something about the distribution of the electric charges throughout the device is just approximate rude elementary. In reality the mechanism of the electrical-chemical activity is much more complicated and capable of carrying variable actual and real representations on the same time. In medium of loose gel-solution one molecule could share many different bigger molecule compounds at the same time and the “Chemical Dynamic Balance” among is dominant behavioral factor.

(2-c) Electrostatic and magnetic polarity

Traditionally in such management “without” the electrostatic-magnetic forces, the electric charges internally will neutralize each other such that the device can be represented like no much more than a passive resistance that will consume the electric energy and gives heat and some radiations back, but will not behave as energy storage system at all.

While the input voltage is applied in the middle of the device, the polarity of the input electrodes will separate the charges and each electrode will attract the opposite charge that will determine the electrostatic polarity on both sides. While the charges are in motion since separation they are subject to the magnetic force exercise to shape their motion towards one magnetic pole side. Exactly at the moment the charge is settled still stationary at some position inside one magnetic pole, the magnetic force exercise will be zero and the electrostatic force exercise will be maximum to start to pull it into motion again, once the charge gains some speed again the magnetic force exercise will be maximum and return it back to its position. In brief or in other words, the electric charges in both poles will not be kept stationary by static forces; they will be kept in their place in simple harmonic motion swinging between two maximums and minimums of electrostatic force and magnetic force, like a pendulum.

Actually it is more complicated degrees of the analytical simplified harmonic motion in multidimensional space with many different types of forces. The molecule is swinging among many forces, electrostatic, magnetic, kinetic, and gravitational and more.

The main source of the magnetic field is the ferromagnetism of the Irion oxides and the iron suspended ions, and basically the harmonic motion of the charges themselves is source of permanent magnetism in the device. The source of the electric field is the ordered distribution of the electric charges throughout the device.

This device could work without the Silicon Oxide with less general performance. But the Silicon Oxide in gel form adds essential mechanical strength and resistance to the structure that makes it much less subject to mechanical agitations, that is definitely very good for the stability of the storage system and make it suitable for hard conditions applications. Never forget that the Silicon Oxide used in this device is in “gel” form not “sand crystal form”. Besides, the Silicon compositions are active with light, radiation and heat; which will serve in some wider applications more than being simple energy storage.

The voltage at the electrodes located outer or containing the inner electrodes of the device is always bigger than the voltage near the middle, it depends on the geometrical properties and the charges concentrations.

(2-d) Inner resistance

There are two pairs of electrodes, inner and outer. So is the same for the inside resistance; the inner resistance between the inner electrodes that always will be less than the inner resistance between the outer electrodes.  Of course there will be load of tons of researches about, the data, curves and equations that represent the behaviors of these two inner resistances and the relation between them and the factors that affect them, like the temperature just for example only.

(3) Commendations

(3-a) This device can be shaped in very wide variant geometrical structures up to your imagination according to every need. Its weight measure per one cell could be in few grams up or less to tens of tons or even thousands of tons per one cell. Many variant derivations based on same principal could be achieved too.

(3-b) Have you read all above! I confess I am a bad guy, I was cheating you all the time, actually the device in overall view basically is an evil simple magnet, more or less, I am sorry, Goddamn the sinners. In according to some environment, some conditions and size of the device, such strong magnetic field might be not favored, sometimes it could be hazardous. There are two solutions:

(3-b-1) The two ends of the device could be closed in a magnetic circuit using some alloy material with highest magnetic permeability possible to confine the magnetic field lines within closed path. Figure (B) in the illustrative drawing. So dramatically it reduces the spread of the magnetic field away the device effectively.

(3-b-2) You should design the device in double cells not singles. The two cells are packed such that the magnetic poles are set back to front in closed magnetic path. The magnetic field will not spread to the ambience but will be restrictedly directed into through the adjacent cell. Figure (A) in the illustrative drawing. Then you have two cells with many possible electric connections, series connection for double electric voltage or parallel connection for double electric current, according to needs.

(3-c) Whether in application the magnetic field is not hazardous or hazardous to the ambience conditions, in general wisdom closing the path of the magnetic field outside the cell increases the strength of the field and so the overall performance by reducing the internal resistance between the inner electrodes. I prefer to design the device in double packed unit than singles. Configuration in figure (A) is most favorable regardless of ambience conditions.

(3-d) Adding just little percentage of Sodium Hydroxide to the water will greatly smoothen and to more ease the chemical mechanism of reactions especially on the side of the Silicic Acid. It will enhance the total performance by reducing the internal electric resistance between the inner electrodes.

(4) Other Applications, which is not electric energy buffer.

(4-a) DC transformer

Until this line and moment, there is no such thing called DC transformer. Conventionally in the field of electric engineering, when we want to raise the DC voltage, first we convert it to AC voltage through some oscillator then use coiled AC transformer to raise the AC voltage then convert it back again to DC voltage by using rectifier of some sort. There is no straightforward easy mean to raise the DC voltage using some sort of transformer similar to the AC voltage through the conventional known AC transformer.

As the outer electrodes in this device produce higher DC voltage than the inner electrodes and the ratio can be determined by the device dimension design, thus, it is the first “straightforward DC transformer” ever in the electric engineering field, equal to the AC transformer.

(4-b) Heat and light energy converter to electric energy

It is very hard to categorize this device as “Photovoltaic Cell”, I don’t. Photovoltaic substances are mostly a crystal that directly grows electric charge on one face of its crystal structure than the opposite face. It is not exactly the case here. The photovoltaic substances depend on the polarization of the crystal on exposure to sunlight wavelengths, while this device depends on the ionization of the acids and alkali on exposure to heat and sunlight. I am not much fan of these crystal methods, because the crystals tend to grow crystal deficiencies and its crystal bonding lattice disintegrates, by usage and time. It is expensive which I consider suitable only for some specific luxurious expensive applications with low power consumption. On level of energy industry, from medium to big scales, I always have recommended the thermo-solar converters over the Photovoltaic converters for cost effectiveness and reliability, no doubt, even before I thought of this device.

It is very active ionizing substances inside this “Earth” device on exposure to heat and wide range of different radiations, I categorize it like some different sub-type of thermo-solar cell though it produces electricity directly without the need to the conventional electric coil-rotor generators. But it is not just producing electricity; it produces electricity and stores it within the same device of electro-chemical system itself without need to external storage except for the surplus excess. It is some type of compact-fully-self-sufficient thermo-solar cell.

But to very little extent it should be some derivation from the original device, just very little derivation. On that way, some vital point to bear in mind about the mechanism of this device, the inner electrodes has two functions, it is not one function, (1) activates and energizes the ionization process (2) displace and pushes the charge types so the electrostatic poles at the outer electrode terminals is constructed and functions as useful electricity source.

Though in this application as thermo-solar cell, the source of energy and activation for the ionization process itself is sought to be from the sun or some other thermal source, yet the second function of displacing the ions and constructing the poles is indispensable role other sources of energy can’t fulfill. The electric voltage should be applied to the inner electrodes as usual, to displace the charges into the right electrostatic poles.

Hence, some potion of the output electricity at the outer electrodes should be fed back to the inner electrodes to activate this function all the time. The device can’t start entirely from the scratch with zero stored charges or otherwise it might need some helping initiation from other ready electric source whatsoever. And consequently we understand that the device should never be drained by the loads to zero charge because it needs some stored charge inside to initiate every time without help from outsider electric source.

Any source of heat or radiation include the solar energy, may charge this device with electricity effectively in cost and great reliability. It is ultimately cheap device and low technology to manufacture, indeed.

(4-c) Nuclear energy converter to electricity

Right now at moment, there are three main technologies for the called peaceful nuclear energy.

(4-c-1) The fission technology that extensively has been used and applied but has proved its harmful effects, pollution and dangers are much bigger than their benefits. And it should be stopped, it is only very good in terrorizing and murdering people, especially civilians, fine.

(4-c-2) The hot fusion technology; in which they have implemented huge investments in “development and research” for decades; and no real success we got in close sight. And I greatly doubt that it will succeed for physics theory reasons and technical too.

If you asked me, I say the hope for this type of nuclear reaction to be some source of peaceful energy would be in “cold fusion” rather than in “hot fusion”. Actually both proved no success until this moment.

(4-c-3) The isotopic decay technology

The isotopic decay technology is the concern here if applied to this “Earth Buffer device”.

First of all, I don’t remember if it is couple of years ago or more or less before this paper, on the RT media I had read the news about some new Russian technology called “Nuclear Battery”. That time I was not much interested in following the technology achievement news about batteries, even I don’t remember what did they revealed about. These days while I am writing this paper just before I reach to this part of nuclear application, that piece of news just have surfaced again, and told that their battery is based on isotopic decay principal exactly like what I am thinking here, but again they didn’t give serious details about the technology, they kept it secret of theirs. Only the principle is mentioned. It is just plain coincidence of thinking of the same, between me and them. They didn’t inspire me of least of tiniest of anything to this technology. So no matter of what I introduce here as a “Nuclear Battery based in Isotopic Decay”, if mine agrees with their way or not, that is something I don’t know for they disclosed nothing about, I give the Credit for using that type of technology to the “Russian Nuclear Engineers”, their work preceded mine and is published twice on RT media before this paper. While in fact I am not nuclear engineer. All my intention is only eliminating all the obstacles on the way of the Renewable Energy Industry, and this nuclear application just comes on the side of the road, that is all.

But wait a moment; wait, wait, please wait, should I be hurry in giving the credit to the Russians!

It is all about the military stealth technologies whether in the military aviation or military submarines. Once upon a time, I feared that not equating the military technology ground between the “West and East” and under the current global tense Imperialistic aggressive trend on side of the West, definitely it will slip us into reckless adventure of third world war. The tope advantage the West has over the East, was the stealth technology, that technology was enough to encourage an aggression to third world war under the current circumstances, don’t mistaken it. I had revealed all I know that time about stealth technologies and how to counter it for good, to both sides eliminating any advantage any side might have over the other on that field.
The Russians before that event announced that they invented some coat/painting that if applied to the ballistic missiles it turns them invisible to radars to deter the Americans off their aggressive intentions. It happened that I believed them. After I revealed the secrets of that coating, I discovered that the Russians never had that coating stealth technology, it was the Americans who had the coating technology and they already had applied since the seventies of last century in their reconnaissance aircraft SR71 as disclosed later in documentaries after it became no secret any longer. Only it happened that the Russian intelligence agency had the information that the Americans have such technology and the Russians were bluffing that they have the same and they are equal. Now the Russians applied it in their last SU50 even developed it greatly more. Whatever, I helped deterring the danger and still I am happy for that.

The stealth technology in the submarines is dependent on two factors. One, Rubber plates adhered to the surface of the submarine so it reflects the minimum could be from the Sonar sound signals. Two, being as deep quiet as possible for the electronic listeners that searching for any underwater activities and there comes the deadly importance of application of the “isotopic decay battery technology”.

There are two types of submarines:

One, the Diesel-Electric engine submarines. When there is no danger they surface and using the diesel engines with ordinary electric coil-rotor generators they charge electric batteries then dive again, they use underwater very quiet electric motors powered by batteries. They are the most suitable type for stealth submarines because of their unique quality of quietness. The setback shortage is they have very short period of days to stay under water, and the over all range of operation is too short too.

Two, the Fission Nuclear powered submarines. They can stay under water many folds longer than the Diesel-Electric method, and the over all range of operation too is many folds longer. The setback shortage is the fission reactor is very heavy and complicated, and above all is very noisy; the steam turbine engine is very noisy. It is a pressured fast blowing steam that should hit the blades of the turbine violently is a principal, it is impossible to quiet it. Too much noise makes the Fission Nuclear power is the worst option for the stealth submarine. It is verily clear that the stealth submarine underwater should use battery and electric motor in the stealth mode.

When it comes to, “The isotopic decay battery technology”, things are completely different. It is a nuclear battery that holds all the features needed for stealth submarine, very long staying under water like the nuclear fission engines and similar over all long range of operation before refueling, and above all in the stealth operation mode it is ultimately quiet battery feeds quiet electric motor of some type.

In brief and conclusion, if the Russians really have such nuclear battery technology, they would not as recently announce some trivial breakthroughs in increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the diesel-electric stealthy submarines for longer operation range, unless truly they don’t have this technology and they are just bluffing exactly like the previous time. It is just their intelligence espionage inside USA informed them, that the Americans has such technology in their submarines, bad Russians, very bad, disgraceful. Thus, I disclaim the credit for such technology back from the Bad Russians and give it to its real owner, the USA military, though they never claimed they have it on first place. They just shrugged at the Russians in contempt; they know they are bluffing like the first time.

What is this technology about?

Nothing much indeed, while I don’t know how the Americans do it, but I know how I do it. So simple, like I said above any sort of radiation and heat, can charge this device with electricity. Hence why does anyone need the barbarian fission nuclear reaction to produce energy with such massive huge expensive plants, and very dangerous and very lethal pollutant? There are two solutions. Either it is just a solution of any sort of radioactive isotope mixed with the water on condition that it doesn’t interfere with chemical mechanism within, and voila, in its decay from the unstable isotope to the stable isotope it produces heat and many sorts of radiations that would be absorbed into the ionization and then electricity. Or, the radioactive substance must be contained in a line tube that exactly passes though the longitudinal axis, the tube must be made of porous material that has barely enough holes size to permit the radiation particles whatever to pass but not permitting the isotope atoms themselves to prevent the interference with the mechanics of the chemical reactions of the device. That is all to have an “Isotopic decay battery” aka “Nuclear battery”. Don’t forget to feed back some of the electricity to the inner electrodes as described in the thermo-solar application for the same reasons. Any degree of radioactivity or any degree of concentration of the radioactive isotope is viable to work and will produce electricity. This Nuclear battery is even safer than any conventional battery existent in the market today. It is scalable from few grams to hundred of tons or more with no pollutant waste, it consumes the radioactive waste not producing it, simplest ever, cheapest ever and 100% fully safest nuclear reactor ever you may design for peace.

No longer, the Russians or the Chinese, or maybe North Korea; none need to bluff about this nuclear battery technology to deter the US-American Imperialism. Chinese people are people of word of honor, when it comes to bluff, they don’t. Now they can have the strongest ever stealth nuclear submarine they dreamt of; and they can modernize/upgrade their submarines already in service very easily, right at will. Simply replace the batteries and eliminate the Diesel-generator systems with their fuel tanks, you gain more space and gain more payload, many folds of operational range and full quietness.

Listen up, I have never known the activist “Sandra Bland”, I have no any connection with the American movement “Black lives matter”. Only I watch them on the internet with something in hand like one kilo of popcorn and say “wow, bravo”. But I fully understand the coward message conveyed by the low scum American government on “how” they murdered her in the police custody in Texas and for no crime at all, July 13, 2015. I was not much interested in introducing this isotopic application before her murdered by the American Cops.

Message fully received, and from my home “Africa”, I definitely respond to their dirty coward message:
“In dedication to “Sandra Bland” I specifically introduce this “Nuclear Isotope Decay Battery” for the peaceful usage of nuclear energy.

Don’t miss the fun;
Ashraf Moussa
July 27, 2015

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