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Technology for Renewable energy and freshwater

 Based on Seawater and sea-waves


By Engineer;

Ashraf Moussa

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Propriety rights notice
Copyright © 2015, Ashraf Moussa Mohamed Moussa

As I am the sole proprietor of the rights to this invention “Vortex”, I put it entirely in the public domain. You don’t need to contact me for getting any sort of license; to reengineer it; or design it; or produce it; or develop it further. You can claim and hold your own Propriety Rights only specifically and limitedly to the “technical specification of your end user product”.
I claim the divine right of every human being on earth to access free right to clean fresh water and energy

Ashraf Moussa
Egypt, Cairo
ID (National identity number): 2 61 09 17 01 05613



Vortex Illustrative drawing

A) Function and aim

This device is renewable energy harvester like the windmills or the sun light cells. It purports specifically to convert the salted Seawater wave motion into contained vortex motion then you can extrude directly from the device either, clean drinkable water, electricity or/and flammable liquid fuel. You can achieve that at almost the cost of the seawater salt extraction and without any extra chemical additions more than the natural atmospheric air and the natural seawater, which both together contain the needed necessary components, with rare or nearly zero maintenance along the life span except accidents. The Device construction itself is very cheap and very simple to construct, you construct it once and forget for many decades or centuries as it depends on the quality of the used materials. The poor countries can produce it in their own because it is so simple and cheap, without needing serious technical assistance or loans, all they need is sea or ocean shores. Majority of the earth surface is covered by abundant seawater and the sea waves never stop day and night, all days of the year except in frozen waters.

The Vortex device is functional on seashore as stationary plant and could be mounted on ships as mobile. There could be watercraft designed and specifically purported to collect fuel liquids and fresh water from the seas and oceans and sell the yield internationally at seaports like the fishing boats. There could be offshore stationary plants that sell their yield internationally or for specific people on some shore.

Energy and fresh water are basic essential necessities for any civilization to flourish and recently through the 20th and 21st centuries these two elements became a tremendous focus of worry and source of unnecessary wars that dramatically jeopardize the peace and prosperity among humans on ultimately dangerous global challenge. Let alone the disgusting destructive imperialistic behaviors from some technically-developed nations while the under-developed countries too are hostile in this concern, it is a matter of life and death for some countries. Sick selfishness and primitive survival prevails the human being everywhere.

B) Concept and operation

Note: Numbers between brackets indicate parts and points on the illustrative drawing.

B-1) The wave motion on the surface of the sea or ocean pushes the salted Seawater upwards and downwards through the device. It is the source of the energy. The Seawater enters at entrance (12).

B-2) Toroid Magnets (8) & (11) at the seawater inlet will ionize the salted seawater and separate positive and negative ions while directing them towards the proper half unit. The complete unit (13) is composed of two very identical devices with one difference; each is initialized with the opposite polarity for the ferromagnetic core of the inlet/outlet magnets. One device has been set to treat with the positive ion solution only and negative ion air only, and the other device (other half) treats with the opposite charged ions of the seawater solution and air.

B-3) The Ionized seawater solution when pumped up and down by the force of the sea-wave motion through the core of the magnet, it will twirl into vortex motion because of the interaction of the electric charges with the vertical-axial magnetic-force field.

B-4) Exactly by the same theme through 2-a), 2-b) and 2-c), the atmospheric air will be sucked in by the seawater wave works as natural pump and will be ionized and twirl into air vortex inward/outward the device from the upper side. Yet as the vertical series of magnets throughout the device (3), (4), (8), (11) are managed in serial continuity of the magnetic field; the positive pole face of one magnet is set to the negative pole of the next. You start at the bottom on the seawater side with negative polarity face attracting the solution positive ions hence you end up on the air side with positive polarity attracting inwards the negative ions of the air. And the Air vortex will run in counter direction to the seawater vortex angular direction in clash inside for it is oppositely charged; that is more good catalyst mechanism to strengthen the chemical reaction probabilities.

B-5) The main chamber and main coil (5) is in the middle, where both the vortex of ionized solution and ionized air to induce electric current in the main middle coil (5). That electric current in return will increase and maximize the vortex formation and activity and add more magnetic strength to the primary ferromagnetic magnets at the upper and lower sides, so to boost their force. And it is the source of the useful generated electric power if the device is configured to drain electric current as useful energy. It is where the operation of conversion of Sea wave to electrically charged vortex then inducing useful electric current, takes place.

B-6) The mechanical centrifugal forces involved within the solution vortex is the force factor that separates the solution components according to their density differences. Then due to the inside pressures within the vortex fluid body all time and when the wave is in the downward direction. The variant densities of the fluid will pass through coaxial cylinders walls (6) according to their diameters. Each specific range of density is correspondent to a specific cylinder diameter. It is from where (7) you can drain fresh water and other synthesized chemical compounds separately like the useful flammable fuel liquid compounds that had been composed during the reaction.

B-7) Analyzing the air and seawater constituents by the ionization and separating them into two sections of identical devices, is what raises the probability of chemical interaction to compose a wide range of fuel compounds based on the Nitrogen, Carbon, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Sodium, and other minerals, gases and solutions. The positive solution ions with the negative air ions in one section on one hand, and, the negative solution ions with the positive air ions in the other section on the other hand. If the device is configured for draining “flammable fuel liquid” and not electricity, then the end terminals should be connected to the first spindle (2) and the last spindle; as shown in the illustrative drawing. That connection will pass electric current through the ionized air and ionized solution to greatly and dramatically increase the probability of the chemical reaction to compose a wide range of possible useful liquids like fuels. The electric current will push the ions of the air into the opposite charged ions of the seawater to react and compose new useful compounds. Then the vortex mechanical centrifugal forces will filter and separate the compounds according to their variant densities (6) & (7).

B-8) It is very recommended to have an initial stage of ferromagnetic core with coil (11) with a chamber (9) with outlets (10) to the outside to reject out the rigid substances coming in with the seawater. The centrifugal force of the initial vortex in the filter chamber will do the job. It is just a “filter stage” to reject out the unwanted rigid substances from the sea; that is all.

B-9) Many possible chemical compound liquids will be composed in this operation because of the interaction between the air-ions and seawater-ions and very dominantly because of the catalyst electric current passed through the spindles. The most important of them are synthetic flammable fuel liquids like, Methanol, Hydrazine, hydrogen peroxide, ammonium, Formic acid, Hydroxylamine and many other possible compound traces might be formed, it is not complicated chemical reaction yet it has wide possibilities. You may find many of these compounds existent in the Seawater naturally with low concentrations due to natural actions. The flammable fuel compounds that will be formed are elementary simple molecule structures known to be excellent combustion fuels and fantastically friendly to the environment in concern of pollution. Whatever elements had been taken from the nature to compose these fuels will return again without alteration, only they are temporary stores for the energy from the seawater mechanical wave.

C) Modes of operation

C-0) The device has three modes of operation and forth one which will tend to reduce the performance quality of the device so I ignored it here. Yet the forth mode is possible subject for future development and research. It is very sufficient for now to handle the basic three modes. The three modes can be managed through how is the connection of the “two end wire terminals” coming out from the coils. That could be managed by a simple switch without change to the design or the fixed rigid structure of the device.

C-1) Fresh water mode:- The “two” end wire terminals coming out of whole magnets will be short circuited. In this case a great electric current will pass through all the coils to maximum that in return will increase the angular vortex velocity. Little electricity will pass through the solution-air only from the less probable chemical interaction, and no useful electric energy could be drained from the device. This way the main produce will be fresh water with very high quality and little of other compounds like fuels. In this mode of operation, the main objective is fresh water with little of other useful compounds.

C-2) Electricity mode:- you will drain electricity from the end wire terminals as useful electric energy. No electricity will pass through the air-solution except from what happens while the chemical interaction between the opposite ions of the air and solution like the “fresh water mode”. Less fresh water quality and other compounds you will get, while the main objective in this mode is to produce useful electric energy.

C-3) Fuel-liquid mode:- The two end terminals of the coils will be connected to the first and last spindles to pass electricity through the air-solution ions in the main chamber (5) to enforce the chemical reaction. The main produce and objective of this mode is the composed chemical compounds which mainly will be the flammable liquid fuel and less fresh water, no useful electric energy will be drained out in this mood.

C-4) Everything mode:- In this mode, you will need extra circuitry devices to mange the distribution of the induced electric current from the main middle coil, between something to pass through the spindles to enforce the chemical reaction and something you can drain as useful electric energy. For now, I don’t much recommend this mode because it will reduce the performance of the device and unnecessarily complicate the design, while one of the most important success keys of this device is the extreme simplicity, extreme cheapness and the very long life service.

D) Toxicity

No body told you that the flammable alcohol is a very toxic substance, while you are drinking a goblet of wine as beverage? Truly I wonder! It seems they didn’t tell a lot of things and tell you a lot of other things, it is no wonder.

What I want to tell is. All the compounds that will form during the vortex operation are of the simplest molecular structures because the operation takes place in very short duration of seconds and through only one direct shot then drawn out, done. With full certainty it is not like the petroleum complicated molecular structure compounds that had formed underground under very high pressure and high temperature through long history. The compounds that will form here from the Vortex burns clean to its original elements and if some leaked to the ambience in very short duration of days it will decompose easily to its former status without pollution or alteration of the percentages in the environment in whole except using the energy sent to us upon the mechanical wave that the majority of it came from the sun energy. Oh no, thank you, don’t mention the nuclear monster energy for peace, Fukushima and Chernobyl are still heavily proving how peaceful it is. By the way, stop burying the nuclear waste from the very peaceful nuclear reactors in the lands of the poor third world, it is inhuman criminal behavior.

In worst ever conditions or circumstances, yes it is pollutant device not of any more than the wine glass you drink everyday. And trust me on this, it is much less pollutant than majority of the antibiotics you take to cure some disease, a disease which in our case this days could be nuclear global war or peaceful nuclear plant accident.

In typical normal conditions, the section number (6) in the illustrative drawing is the coaxial cylinders that in interaction of the rotation of the vortex, will separate the different types of solutions and if designed well and optimized according to the expected angular speeds of the vortex, from minimum to maximum, the leak of the formed synthetic solutions can be dramatically reduced to degree safely much under the clean degrees. Section number (6) is very vital and basic essential part of the device to work and serves within the centrifugal filter action on first place; which is a common technique to clean and purify the air and waters in pollutant industries while here it is a basic part. So no fear of pollution; because of the basic concept of the design itself doesn’t permit the leak and pollution to happen as is very essential normal action of the device, no more necessary cautions needed to be done at all, very safe.

E) Praise is only for God, not for me, not for you, not for whosoever named human. Say goodbye to the “Petroleum-Nuclear Age” and its unjust wars and say welcome to the “Vortex Age” and its peace and prosperity for all mankind equally.

Justice for all;
Ashraf Moussa Mohamed Moussa.
April 25, 2015
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