Manifesto inferno V, some warm blood in veins of mankind

Vote “NO” to independence?

1) Who said that there is even one least nation, country, people, tribe or individual, who is independent and free in human dignity today on this bloody miserable earth? It is bloody miserable because of us humans of course. I asked the Chinese, he answered calmly “read art of war”, I don’t ask about war I ask about independence, he replied “hence it is all nothing but deception of wars”, he saddened me, disappointed me and I left. I asked the Russian, he replied “If God doesn’t exist everything is permissible”, I replied “man, come on, they tortured and killed God on the Cross, even he was not God nor the story was true, but they killed God inside their selves, and it didn’t free the slaves in America or rescued the native Indians, it didn’t set you free from czars of Russia or the Bolshevik, practically it seems like if God doesn’t exist nothing is permissible at all”, he looked in my eye while his eye glittered the bitter of history and painful deep despair then left me. I asked the Scottish, “Imagination is free and independent, you see that unicorn it is our legendary way to freedom and independence”, I replied “I am not talking in legends, I am talking in facts, reality mind perception and the horizon of truth”, he boggled for a moment and replied “I love you man, I love you”, then run away in split of second. I asked, I asked, I asked everywhere, even I asked the American militia of the constitution, he looked at me in quiet suspicion and put his hand on his gun with steady look in my eyes, by telepathy I perceived the answer, in slow motion I very voluntarily upped my hand in the air and quietly and very smoothly walked away. Then I found an old man smoking his pipe setting alone at some corner serenely watching and deeply thinking, he seems wise peaceful man, I got close in caution through the cloud and, cough, cough, I asked, he replied in clear audible “listen my son, Government is organized crime”, I shockingly got in panic and glanced around if there any FBI around or Egyptian state guard in close, then I run in split of split of second faster than that Scottish unicorn, before none will not find myself in some American government laboratory where they slice the brain tissues in jars to discover the defect gene that is responsible for the “problem with authority disorder”. I missed the chance to tell back to the unicorn “I love you too”, now I understand why they imagined some legendary horse with horn on his head to aerodynamically penetrate the wind and the clouds. <Scratching my head>, what is WROOONG with these guys?

Run unicorn run, pierce with your horn on the brave run. Almost through all history it is almost the same case, some cases are worse or better than other cases; except in few occasions for short whiles where there was a real independence.

2) In social political human perception, theoretical conception, and practical experience through history, the concept of “independence” has some common sense, common logic and rationales, some desirable social relations in life among mankind. Something has spread a very positive value marks everywhere through nature intelligence not specific only to man consciousness. Some humans are ready to die for it, some say it is for dignity and some others say it is for fairness, and it is more than all what they said, it is life value. One of the very basic definitions of what life form in “biology” is, the “contained capability of being surviving independent cell”; Check it behind me if I am wrong or perhaps I am fabricating falsehood about science in academics, it is a theme. So it is more than just dignity and fairness merely, it is living to be conscious decision maker, the main difference between life form and non-life form, is the contained intelligence capability. The non-life form absolutely instantaneously reacts to the present. The life form calculates intelligently then reacts to the future; that is independence. The non-life feed and give absolutely in the present; while the life form feed in the past and give in the future bypassing the non-life form of the present. When the scientists searched for the “soul” they searched in the present, they searched in the wrong place. The life form is like a room full of materials, the scientists crack the walls to find the soul inside the room; the fact is the soul is the walls of past and future that contain the present non-life materials, there is no live soul inside the room, they searched in the wrong place. You don’t have enough knowledge to know what the “soul” is; do I neither, I am just scratching the walls without cracking it. Might be decisive righteousness or lost wrongness in the wilderness? It is a grievous lethal responsibility counted on your neck more than counted for your entertainment. Who dare to take it is who dare to live. It might kill you, but without it you are already dead.

3) Independence is not a nationalistic requisite. Independence is social-individual-human patriotic requisite. No political nationalistic social pattern is for accomplishing any independence for its own enslaved societies. In fact the nationalism is the falsehood of independence; while patriotism is the “sincerity” to the society you belong to, not to the centralized political machine by the basic definition away off the parasite politicians’ lingual deception dictionaries. Did I? Did I say “sincerity”? Yes, I didn’t say “loyalty”, because “sincerity” is much stronger virtue in social relations than negligent loyalty which is insincerity that might lead to the destruction of the society that I suppose to protect because of the blind loyalty. Sincerity conditionally involves positive loyalty, while there is no tight condition for the loyalty to involve sincerity. Some would like to express it in other way from different approach, like “blind loyalty versus reasonable loyalty”, no problem at all. You welcome, for it is nearly the same with different approaches from different directions. However, did you not see? The loyalty needs some subjective to be more definitive while sincerity is strong enough to be sensed alone. Patriotic independence is fakery without social sincerity, and the nationalistic independence goes very well with insincerity and blind loyalty.

4) Perhaps man may fight deadly for independence, some entire societies and peoples many where on the planet had accepted to entirely being extinct for independence, they felt it rightfully. An issue of “life or death” is better issue of chances than issue of “death” only without chances. Life is the ultimate joy of “chances” and the “next”. It is all about hope. Is it hope or deluding promise? Tell me about stories of success and failure; tell me about planning, technicality; procedures and protocols. Hope and work, is very the same exact thing like, soul and body, the body will decompose and rot so fast without a soul or hope, and the soul can’t thrive one iota without a material body and work. Tell me the story of the French revolution on the criminal noble class and had decomposed to the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. France very today is notorious empire though on fake surface look like democratic republic in pretense, the Roman Empire was republic sometimes too in its chronicles. Tell me the story of the American united states; their armed revolution on the British Empire, decomposed into Israel/Palestine, north and south Korea, destruction of Latin America, Vietnam and Afghanistan, etc. I admit and confess that the British Empire was less harmful than the today USA Empire, and the Nazi was even better than both. Or, tell me the story of the Muslims when they killed the hope of the Islam in them, then their body had completely decomposed into the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Empire was one of the evilest ever Empires in History. Do you know that I personally toppled the Muslim Brotherhood entirely out of the governance of Egypt 2013, only because I had seen them taking the entire region back into resurrection of the Ottoman Empire again in today Turkey? I would not accept more decomposition into evil empires in the Middle East under any fake label, dirty most evil conspiracy it was. Do you believe that the original Eastern Roman Empire demon is still living secretly between the corners of turkey until this moment? Had Byzantine cloaked in Ottoman? The Muslim Brotherhood are not Muslims, they are Byzantine spies undercover, illuminati in other words. That is why I toppled the Illuminati Muslim Brotherhood and crashed them to the Egyptian Masonic order wall in Egypt 2013, to inferno both of them. Tell me about revolution and independence, I tell you about sincerity heading over loyalty. And the dead don’t listen.

5) The answer to sincere independence is the direct democracy, the representative democracy is fakery. While the real complete direct democracy as full package of governance management is ultimately “dense, immense and interactive complex” scientific-socio-economic-political expertise, I have it but delay it a little bit for diverse reasons and causes for now. At least we should not accept less than a strong healthy starting step on the right direction. I bring the issue here again, without it there is no sincerity, and there is no independence. This is it:-

>> Constitution amendment or first chapter – Public top authority:-

5-1) The right of public petition to demand a public vote on some decision of highest authority order. It permits the public to demand highest decision authorizing capability exists within the territory of the society and is above any political authority or any functionary rank in the government of all sorts, it includes for example the right to change any term in the local constitution or legislation or firing the president or even charging him of high treason or exonerating a citizen from wrong unjust charge, anything you as public may find it just and fair.

5-2) The demands should be written in such clear-direct-simplest lingual logical-expression such that it asks the Answer “Yes” to be winner and legally enforced into effectiveness; and the answer “No” from the voters meant that the demands of the petition is refused and no consequent effect to happen. This is lingual agreement to eliminate the possible confusion and ambiguity among the public seeking to unify the procedure of the petition. The petitions will always ask the public the answer “yes” to win the written clear demands to be in forced effect pending, and “No” equal to no effect. Don’t burden the public from ivory tower; the public are humble simple in their needs.

5-3) In case the country is living in peaceful fair harmony with the authorities, it is not any mandate but is advisable and recommended to register officially the initiation of petition procedure. It is recommended to register the identification of the petition managers, whether it is certain political party or religion group, or just free activism group or some ideological movement group for two specific rights. The first is the petition managers should acquire the right of security protection from any or all the governmental security apparatus, through cooperation and management. The second is the right of financial reward. Such activity costs great effort, money and time that should be compensated and appreciated, and it exposes to great dangers. If the country lives in conditions of uncertainty and unease relations with the authority, the registration is not any mandate and might be executed in secrecy until it is done.

5-4) It is not right to set any sort of requirement which is the subject of the petition; that contradicts any term in the constitution or the legislations; unless you require the modification of the legal terms that contradicts your requirements first in separate petition or within the same petition. In possible certain circumstances, you can only temporally demand the suspension of the contradicting terms to your requirements for a specific period of time; automatically the original terms will be active again on passing the specific period and the petition requirements will be halted if its conditions are still on.

5-5) It is not right to set a second petition, which is exactly the same as previous one that the public vetoed, before passing three months period. The period between the second to the third is six months. After the third that it happened to be vetoed again, the period that should pass for the same exact petition to take place is whole twelve months. The first at any time, the second after three months, the third after six months, the forth and above after passing periods of complete one year, sun or moon calendar it depends on the country.

5-6) It is not right to gather many requirements that are not conditionally related or connected in one single vote item. However the Petition could contain many vote requirements on many blocks that each single block contains many very connected items, so it is considered in this case as many votes for many blocks in one entire operation. The blocks of requirements should be unrelated and doesn’t influence each other. In one overall ballot process or procedure it may be voted on many different block.

5-7) The ultimatum date for the vote is three weeks, counted from the day of fulfillment of petition and introducing it to the concerned authorities or publicizing its completeness in more than one media available to the public. The government may investigate some sample for the validity of the signatures within the period. The president should resign if he failed to execute the petition-vote procedure unless there is a very strong obstacle on national level like huge natural disaster. After the dilution of the Obstacle cause, the president is committed to execute the vote procedure unless the managers of the petition drew it back.

5-8) In concern of a vote against some decisions or personnel or governmental functionary, which may inflict some economic damage or security harm or life-threatening of the individual or the society, any serious loss in general that can’t be waited before the period of the three weeks and the counting of the vote, it includes the war outside the territory. The subject of the vote should be suspended from any activity by all means on the same day of completion of petition by the command of some court without delay on the same day, until the entire vote process is finished and it is finally decided, yes or no.

5-9) The number of the participants or signers on the petition to be legally correct and fit or legitimately bending to proceed for vote, should be 1.5% (one point five percent) of the last number of the voters that very actually participated in the last public vote whatever happened like presidency election or parliamentary election or other sort, and it doesn’t include the votes that rendered out from the petitions. The counting of petition and voter numbers, might be confined within the geographical district, city, town or even whatever smaller administrative division of some city. It is the influenced area by the subject of the petition whether it is part area of the country or the entire country.

5-10) In concern of war declaration definitely, a war against a foreign country that didn’t commit any war act against my country or its own people, there is no urgency for the decision in fact. The declaration of war should be automatically suspended for six days to give the chance for collecting 0.75% not the usual 1.5% for a correct petition for vetting the war decision. If they could collect only 0.75% or more in six days, the suspension period will extend for more four days to collect the remained 0.75% to the full needed 1.5% for the petition to be effective. Otherwise after ten days without correct petition, the war declaration will go effective in parallel with the petitioners’ effort to continue to construct a correct legal petition; in this case the petition would be to stop the war if the foreign country agreed also. The president of the country should be tried for high treason if he committed any obstruction to the petition procedure or too any governmental personnel.

5-11) In case some or all the requirement blocks have gained “Simple Majority Yes” in the vote, the petition managers should be financially rewarded as following. The wage of one month of the parliamentary personnel, the personnel that the petition subject lays within their authority to represent whether it is part of the parliament or the entire, will be cut and transformed instead to the petition managers, unless the parliament personnel are who pushed and managed the petition. The wage of the parliament members in each month will be transmitted to the first successful petitioners only in that month, the rest petitions will be rewarded only as next. The real deal, in addition to what had been taken from the parliament personnel wages and transformed to the petition managers, the government should pay the petition managers “half the cost of one voter” multiplied by the number of “Yes” votes of the successful demands only, as financial reward for their efforts, they will not be rewarded for the minor “Yes” of the vetoed demands. The real effort is not collecting the signatures of the petition but the real effort is to convince the public to vote “yes” for their cause or they plainly stand by the public need.

5-12) If less than 15% from the last voters’ number actually participated last official vote excluding petition votes, have participated the vote on petition vote, the managers of the petition (activists) should be charged for half the costs of the vote. Yet the vote should be declared invalid regardless of the result if the participation number is less than 30% of the last official vote excluding the petition votes, in the influenced area by the subject demands of the petition, in this case if it is proved some obstacle as failure cause in some court, the vote may take uncounted exceptionally one more chance to repeat within two weeks. If more than 15% participated actually hence the government should pay the entire costs of the vote. The government should periodically announce the costs of the vote per voter. If the activists or managers of petitions see anything wrong concerning the costs of the vote or any criminal obstruction to the petition procedure they should set a lawsuit in court, to eliminate the obstacles and fire and or fine the responsible governmental functionary, the president of the country is no exemption.

6) Whether it is direct crude barter, metal coin or printed paper. Whether it is royal system or republic or crude tribal, whether it is capitalist or communism. Whether it happened ten thousand years ago; or; yet going to happen after ten thousand years. Whether it is primitive community of hunters and farmers; or; it is community of the ultra high information age and modern technology. Communists only exchanged the lingual idiom of “money” for the technical idiom of “coupons”, but it was money anyway. The exchange mean which called money, as natural physical law is the communication nerve of the economy, one of the very main essential axes of any economy of any sort. There is economy hence there is money in any form or under any label. There is no money there is no economics, except in very emergency disasters for short whiles where the money is only pure compassion and vital rescue, so even in these unusual circumstances there is money but you don’t understand, the money in this case is life and death, rescue someone for someone else to rescue you next day, it is abstractly life for life barter, it is a form of money. It is just you don’t understand the abstract conception of the existence, laws of existence. You manage your money policy well, fair and just, you have set your ground healthy for development and much more than that, creativity, social security and love, consolidating and consorting the social texture.

7) Here I am not going to discuss the big picture or the details of what the economics is, like the first economic system on earth in fact was natural socialism, family is the basic form of natural socialism, not the deception of Marxism I am talking about. It was Adam and his family that was the start of all humanity on this miserable earth. Then when rather far distant families had formed eventually the natural capitalism or in a bit more semantic idiom accuracy “merchantability” had naturally arisen, not Smith capitalism I am talking about. Yet as same as Adam, every new born infant his very close economic environment is socialized by family natural construction then eventually engaged in merchant activity outside his roots. Then the fake complex eventual slavery took place, up today with alarming screams “THE COMMI ARE COMING, THE COMMI ARE COMING, and on the other side of the fence, THE PIG CAPS ARE COMING, THE PIG CAPS ARE COMING”. No, no, this is long story of human struggle and oppression not outside the issue here yet it is out the focus. Here I only focus on the money regardless of the type of deceptive slavery me and you live in, we all live in global bullshit everywhere. Like the full package of direct democracy is advanced complex for now, to some degree the full package of real sincere physical money could be complex for now. The real sincere full package of money solution should pass three processes in one structure, (a) Physical Standardization; (b) Physical Evaluation; then (c) virtual Liquidation (paper money), it is a bit advanced complex system to comprehend what the real honest money is. Yet moving steps on the right way to the full package of independent-free-sincere money will achieve great benefits and greatly reduce the pains and economic mistakes. Here in approximation operation I melted the standardization process and evaluation process in one process for fast urgency, yet in the full package the two processes should be separated in some way, the standardization in its own process and the evaluation process should be greatly widened more than I introduce here, but it is very good for now, good enough for start.

>> 7-a) Standardization plus Evaluation in one urgent approximate process:

I wrote this before in form of struggle manifest, but let me cut and past here without lingual transformation to very suit here, for any state seeks sincere independence, as it is:-

7-a-1) So let me put it forward as it is, I make you offer, banner, solution, you take it ultimately, you may survive decently and return the fire ball on the evil mass-murderous them, you reject it you are their valueless rejected helpless carnage. Fight for it; fight on side of your kindest survival for best of your own human dignity, there is no other option, that is. Wasting the time is not any least good factor on your side; every moment passed now is closing on you from every direction, at some point of time it is finished and is useless if you didn’t start it now.

7-a-2) The solution is to resist, to annul and to balance their unjust destructive printing money; prevent as most as we can the injustice of inflation and deflation, both. Hence we reach a just market evaluation and stability out of the governmental control. The control should return to the right owner, the plain society, not the narrow ruling enslavement class. Don’t depend on the government to reach any right decision to the benefit of the people; most governments in the world are the main fatal enemy to mankind, I believe we had and have seen much beyond enough. We are saturated of unchecked lethal injustice on brink of global massacre.

7-a-3) It is about establishing a standard physical financial unit, based on agreed variant commodity index of prices. We don’t need to issue any monetary paper for it. We don’t need to challenge any law to establish it. We don’t need any legal permission to use of any sort from anyone whoever. All we need is to demand our face to face partners that our wages, salaries, expenditures, trade dealings, local and international, to be estimated based on that “standard physical financial unit”; that is all, and when liquidated it will be liquidated conventionally by any sort of official governmental currency according to the daily market prices. You accept the net of your income generally if lowered or raised in terms of the fake numbers on the face of the Fiat money papers; practically the real physical value of your income will not be affected either way, neither inflation nor deflation will affect your income and your life in general except so little, it depends on how far we could force applying this financial principal in the market. Practically no currency collapse to complete zero unless the country is occupied by foreign forces that canceled its currency by force, so by applying this standard financial principal it will save your life as long as your government still there is boondoggling about something as ever they do, no matter how much currency they print and no matter how it is cheapened in value, you will not be effected. That principal will reduce the bankers’ ability to thieve us using the Fiat Money tool, and lead to market stability on side of the middle class. Kill the parasites of the politicians and the ultra-rich from the theft money. Pushing this principal will shield safely the Middle class in case of global financial collapse and expose the criminals to the damage of their hand.

7-a-4) Suppose I’ll work for you for a month in your office. I’ll not ask for a hundred pounds as wage for example, I’ll ask for fifty standard units in the work contract. By the end of the month, we both accept to calculate the value of the standard unit in market values in terms of the governmental currency, like pounds if it is or Rial or Yen, you pay my wage in conventional currency after transformation of values, it could be 120 pounds, I accept, it could be 50 pounds, I accept. There is no standard unit currency printed on paper handled between hands, it is like they used to say, “let us draw the carpet from under their feet”. If inflation happened, it will translate into much conventional money that exactly compensates the damage of the inflation on the employee, if deflation happened it will translate into little conventional money that exactly compensates the damage of the deflation on the employer, neither oppresses the other, this is justice between the employer and the employee, and it reflects into market stability.

7-a-5) I go to some restaurant or coffee shop, I expect the price list in standard units and the check is in standard units too, at the casher I see a clear board stated the known daily price of the standard units in common used conventional currencies in that geographic area, I and the casher calculate the conversion, I pay, every one is happy except the government, I guess so!

7-a-6) If I have some factory that produce some end product, finished or semi-finished or other, why not I attach the price to that product in financial standard unit, and pay the wages of my workers in same way, and purchase the production feeding materials and spare parts in the standard units, everything will be just and stable, neither I am oppressed nor my workers; nor my customers; will everyone pay his bills as expected and promised without cheating regardless of the mess in the market inflicted by the government and the bankers.

7-a-7) It is ultimately advisable if you could to manage some banks that can manage personal accounts that permit you store an economical value in terms of this standard financial unit; and permits you issue explicit check promise in terms of this standard unit. Yet this specific sort of bank receives from you or others, and you or others draw from it, only in cash terms of the conventional official currency like dollars, yen or sterling etc after calculation and conversion based on daily market prices. These Banks very only stores very specifically in physical/real-state commodity indices, absolutely nothing else. These banks should not give you interest rates on you accounts; they will cut some reasonable rate to cover the cost of the service. You want to invest, invest in something else away this specific sort of accounts, don’t spoil or corrupt it, or deviate it from its purpose, it is completely not recommended under any circumstances or conditions.

7-a-8) Perhaps some just honored government that doesn’t will to thieve its citizens, may apply this principle in all sectors of the government and enforce it, locally and in its international economic operations and affairs. The governmental role then, will be only replacing the depleted currency papers, and the only chance for the just government to issue more addition of liquid cash quantization only when the market reflects deflation, even in this case, the only class that pays that additional cash quantization is the poor class first then the middle class second, hence it is an obligation in case you needed to issue more quantization is to give it free to the poor class in cash like Medicaid and social insurance for the paupers. This is not the ideal method I aim at, but closing step forwarded, not bad. Perhaps there is a government still rational to behave that way temporarily, may be one day we reach the best possible way I aim. Isn’t this sort of governmental behavior close to the direct democracy reflected in market behaviors, if it is followed? Who knows, perhaps all return to mental sanity, and it becomes the international reserve currency? Who knows, eh? I don’t believe much in this.

7-a-9) In brief, this sort of financial standard unit as “fence” will force the clear separation between two economical zones of economical activity, and transaction to pass among. One safe zone is liberated for the real honest and sane economic activators; and the other zone of sociopath monsters devouring each other for the lack of preys from the other safe side, and the unlucky or stupid that got lost to them.

7-a-10) I keep conserved note about what the ideal and ethical money is. I had detailed this issue of monetary ethics in my book “unraveling the simplest”, you go and read it there in detail. The gold and silver are not compliant with ethics of the ideal-ethical currency, because its real physical need is much lesser than its availability and storage, their importance is rather cultural-psychological manipulation than real physical need, so their prices are historically subject to fraud of the monopoly and manipulation, likely the rare gems are the same. Here I insisted to reduce their sharing presence to minimum to render the standard financial unit rather fair as most possible, I would love to cancel them completely but to some degree they impose their selves.

7-a-11) I want to narrate to you some real painful story from history of Egypt, from the era of the Mameluke. One of their common methods of governance and wealth, in other words to build a civilization, was the direct serfdom. The labors were held in something like concentration camps called “Harah”. They work all day and by end of the day, they toss to them some bread loafs and salt and humiliating them saying “take to live and there is some salt”. For this until today in Egypt we don’t call the bread as “bread in standard Arabic vocabulary”, we call the bread loaf as “live”. The serfdom and slavery are the very common source of wealth for almost all the wealthy civilization, Pharaoh, Greek, Persian empire, Roman empire, Outman empire, Aztec, Soviet nation union, etc, etc, do you want me to count the real cost of the American space shuttle in terms of skull currency and impoverishment allover the world? Oh no, of course, the pride of the liberty lady will be hurt on hearing that horrendous inhuman account, don’t upset the fine lady, be gentleman to the lady of all serial killers. Until today, the Egyptian people used to remind among each other of the brotherhood and friendship in slogan of “we ate together the live and salt”, reminding of the oppressive hard times they passed together. Though that slogan of “live and salt” may inspire some code of ethical justice, but in practice it didn’t mean in fact much more than instigation for solidarity much rather than any ethics. In better precision I could to describe the situation of the humanity, few strong characters with intense evil trend are ever in fight, against, few strong characters with intense goodness trend, among them the average character as majority. The average character is weaker that tends to swim with the river current, if the good won the average character will follow the good, if the evil won he will follow the evil, if left alone without the influence of either likely in average he will be a bit good just due to the individual natural instincts and societal human nature. It was all the times this way. The average character is not bad as much as weak. To be weak or strong; is personal decision in first hand that has an expensive price that most of the humans likely don’t wish to pay or not interested to pay. He ignores that the cheaper choices returns expensive consequences whether in this world or after life that you will pay unwillingly. For this all, I insist that we call this standard financial unit the “salt unit”, and its “hundredth fraction” called “salt grain”, as reminding of the solidarity and perhaps it inspires of some good ethics regardless of how the Egyptians exercise that slogan. I am not talking about the unusual of the January 25 revolution; I am talking about the usual of else. Solidarity without kind ethics is one of the general definitions of organized crime.

7-a-12) One “salt unit” is equal to the price of the next list of ten goods divided by hundred, cashed in any whatever conventional official paper currency allover the world, on daily bases:-

01) Sugar —————- > 100 kg

02) Rice —————- > 100 kg

03) Wheat —————- > 150 kg

04) Corn / maize —————- > 150 kg

05) Barley —————- > 250 kg

06) Gold —————- > 0.5 gm

07) Silver —————- > 25 gm

08) Copper —————- > 5 kg

09) Aluminum —————- > 20 kg

10) Steel ————— > 100 kg

Estimate the net price of the aforementioned list, divide it by hundred and you get “one Salt unit”. The salt unit is equal to “100 Salt Grain”, like the dollar is equal to 100 Cents. You can start this standard finance method immediately; it costs nothing and needs nothing to initiate it, only it needs your mind to work a little while this is the bad news about it. Some approximation and tolerance will not hurt in the operations that much if any, that approximation always happens but you didn’t notice or they hide it. Don’t keep the conventional Fiat currency in your hand except for very short run needs and don’t store in them. Yes, don’t store in Gold or silver, variant commodity indices are the best physical values store.

An offer you can’t refuse;

August 7, 2011

>> 8) Virtual Liquidation (paper money):

8-1) The head rule is, “there is a source of service, there is a source of liquidation”.

8-2) Is there anyone noticed that the crude materials in nature, starting from produce in fields down to metals in mines and up to the sky in rains, and rivers in plain, all are for free? In fact God is all the infinite richness in existence and he doesn’t ask you for pay because he is the infinite generosity. Hence what is economics, why there is some pay way or another among us humans? There are many approaches in multiple dimensions to say what the just fair economics is, the here focused dimension is to say that economics is the effort services we human make on our side to make the material usable and useful, that is, the economics in one dimension among many others is “services”. The economics is people are selling services to each other. Then, why when I standardized and evaluated the money, I used materials? In fact you don’t pay for the materials themselves, you pay for bringing the material from its place wherever it is to you in its crude form or in product, and this the service you pay for not the materials. God doesn’t ask you for pay.

8-3) That is it, in ideal independent state, the government whatever its form in whatever system form is a body apparatus of functionary employees assigned by the employer public that sell services to the public, actually in current world we live in it works in counteroffensive, but it what should be ideally. Real honest money is promissory note that should honor what it promised. No one has the ethic right to issue currency without definite service promise to pay back for that money, for this Fiat money is crime, it works only by oppressive coercion not by real honor. The ideal government has services to sell, and there lies one of sources of Liquidation through the fees of the governmental services. For example, the drive license is service that has a fee to be paid, it is evaluated and written how much in the application for it is not for free, but the government will not collect the fee from the applicant directly, rather the government will issue some quantity of money for the fee and give the license for the applicant without directly pay because already the government has printed the pay in its own; the government will pay the salary of its employees from that Liquidated recent money, that is, there is a sort of service hence there is a source of currency liquidation. Don’t apply this to sort of services that can be misused like the mail-service, I can send tens of empty mails in spam for people don’t need it but I get only one drive license needed seriously, the fees of the mail should be paid directly as example. The costs of the drive license for the rich owner of the car will be distributed among the public who has no concern with his needs and this is unfair? You are wrong, the drive license is not the need of the driver only; it is bit rather the need of the footer for his own safety against unskillful or foolish driver, it is not very unfair for both to share the pay of fees. The government employees will circulate the liquidation in the market for their needs. When the government see that there is enough cash circulating in the market and there is no need for liquidation, that then the government will collect the fees written on the application directly from the applicants and will not liquidate more, just circulating the existent cash in the market.

8-4) If you live in some counter where the people agree that they all share all the natural raw resources like mine fields of iron or petroleum or others, it is a source of currency liquidation and these products should be purchased in its own currency that the government liquidated in behalf of the public.

8-5) Any economical entity in and shape, individual or body of individuals, local, native or foreigners or foreign government, can cooperate with the government for liquidating some of its services, and the local government would the observer, manger and grantor of the honor of this quantity of money, this a great source of liquidation and pushing the market against any stagflation. The local government should mange the legal control and physical possession to honor its money.

8-6) Mistakes happen, wither intentional or unintentional it is not my issue here. If the government issued improbable more cash than needed or less than should be for the services it sells, it will not affect the market in any way like inflation or deflation, or stagnation, because the “standardization plus evaluation” process mentioned above, it will adjust and correct the economical environment automatically and nearly on instance.

9) I believe that it is recommended and very advisable that the fund of security should be paid reasonably by separate taxes on the rich. The term security means, the army, police and intelligence agencies, and the “social security” and the “strategically scientific and technological security” are not any different as a matter of fact from the military army, they all are strategic security governmental items should be given special care, should never be let reduced under certain level.

10) The above is a dilute version of how an independent state should be. And there is none who ethically do it; hence there is no even one independent state in the entire world, all without exception are deceptive. Separatism and unification is one issue while independence is another issue.

Dug by;

Ashraf Moussa

September 16, 2014

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