Manifesto Inferno I

(1) Before all, who did say that the republic system meant to be any democracy or any governance of the public citizens? Any of the prestigious historians treated this issue could not deny and forced by undeniable history givens to separate completely between the concept of “democracy” and concept of the “republic system”. Historiography full time career, I mean historiography profession, don’t pay, none of the dead pays who write about them, living ruling class pays to the professional historiography to cut the road before the hobbyists to repeating the wrongness of the dead. Hobbyist historians are the free rein turbulence and chaos of the full democracy that been warned against and fought by the like of the father of the American constitution James Madison, including earlier deeper to Aristotle and Plato, including to the ancient past in crude forms of republic anywhere around the world. Though Madison participated to great extent the “Bill of Rights” amendments to the American constitution that protected as possible the individual liberty and rights like the “right of free speech”, it doesn’t change the rigid fact that the constitution in wholeness like any other republic constitution in history never granted the idealism of practical democracy. The democracy meant definitely the mass public right of choice, not plainly only the human right of blabbing, blab, blab, blab then what, then the republic faction decides what they want not what the blabbing mass wanted. They are mucking at the public masses. All the republica thinkers historically explicitly agreed that the public should not take the decision on their own but through some faction better been elected or otherwise protruded by the powers friction within the nation like dictators or kings and noble class with big damages and state weakness, for the western ideal public democracy is chaotic dangerous to the healthy state enterprise as the thinkers of the republica doctrine believed and explicitly preached, Aristotle and all of them. If you observed the contrast view of the prestigious to the hobbyist, you find, the prestigious assert the separation to say there are historical occurrences of one-party republics that tend to a totalitarian republic form and sometimes it happened to be fully military dictatorship republic, and the examples available varies from EX-USSR and eastern Europe to Latin America. And too there is what seemed democratic monarchies like Britain, Netherlands or Denmark and many earlier examples always happened to occur and exist through history everywhere even if for short durations. While, the hobbyist as mostly not offered the enough time for studying the details of history and the worse difficult between the lines as competent to the paid prestigious historian; the hobbyist mostly not ready to sacrifice the same full occupied effort level for human cause than plain personal financial trophies and social prestige. The hobbyist thinks that the republic is sickened by corrupted statesmen and politicians that undermined the democracy goal of the republic and should be amended and always refreshed by bloods, which is the democratic chaotic view all the historical thinkers of the republica warned against and advised to dump out on basis level of republic constitution and legislations. And even practically much worse than this happened starting from the dissidents physical assassination, ideological trickeries, bribing and eluding political maneuvers; observations of all these full all corners of Earth without exceptions. And it reached the ideological and physical detention camps became the solid brick construction of some whole republic states in the extremist brutal shapes of the republic practice. So among, the mercenary professional historians that disguise the most inner dictatorial nature of the republica doctrine by extruding out the concept of democracy from its body then tolerating himself to tint some of its practices by democracy on the surface outside of the doctrine itself. While in very fact they are very aware that the doctrine of the republica is very confronting to the public democracy and the individual human right to have real free-state from human slavery and true equality and real free opportunity, never there were any democratic republic. One of the biggest deceits of history is their mercenary thinkers defined the dictatorship by the fictitious totalitarian governorship of single tyrant, which never was true either and never happened in history of mankind, may be on level of ten individual society is right, may be on level of hundred individual society is right, but on level of bigger wider society it is impossible to happen. The tyrant can’t stand coercively alone as individual against a whole wide society, by end he is just flesh human, one humble little stab to his back and he is terminated, that is, all easy simple. If you ignored the historical mercenary thinkers and philosophers, and watched in very close the practical dictatorship, ever more than always, you will find him nothing more than a trivial arrogant empty symbolic demagogue who loves to be the character of the show, behind him concealed the real governor factions. They only defined the tyranny and dictatorship this way to obscure within it the very real open practical tyrannical nature of the republica doctrine and changing the show empty character like changing the wipe papers when got dirt and whenever needed. The tyrannical system and the republic system both ever had a definite ruler faction lived in behind that makes no difference; there never was ruling of individual tyrant but the interest of the powerful few. Alexander was no any great, neither Hitler was the only evil, nor Mussolini, nor Churchill nor Stalin, nor Japanese emperors, nor Bush, they are the empty characters of the show and the practical directors are behind the curtains, all time it is this. The truth is; the dictatorship is the indirect definition of the republic with the factions live in the back-scene, and the republic is the direct definition of the dictatorship with the same factions is closer to the fore-scene. The mercenary historians only smudge the history details to the favor of the ruling factions and set us up in paralysis of confusions; tyranny, dictatorship or totalitarianism, royalism or republica; all are the same thing and only different labels for the same historical mercenary trickery. The republica doctrine only said “O slaves, we are the dictatorial faction, we may let you something hence calm down and sleep, and who let you two bites is better to be elected than who let you one, yet we grant nothing, it depends on our needs not yours”; in best ideal form of the republic practice. If it happened for real reason or deceptive that the opinion of the mass agreed occasionally to the will of the few decision makers doesn’t make equal to when the decision makers forcibly consent to the opinion of the mass in democracy that the republica doctrine not only never granted through all history within its fundamentals but it constrained it basically. On the other hand, the hobbyist; the semi educated historian that still hopes in the republic to find the never granted democracy. Between the mercenary and the hobbyist, we the humans still on the very early of tens of thousand years of the same struggle between human social classes, social financial like super-rich, bourgeoisie and proletariat, or social genetic like tribal and noble blue-bloods. classification and classes and every class wants no “real human right in any justice on the level of both the “individual and social group” which is not granted by the pure democracy either, the western belief of the public democracy will not grant the right of the individual while it grants the mass right on account of the individual, so the western idea of democracy is not chaotic as they tell after all yet it is oppressive indeed as they never could really treat its theoretical oppressive theoretical idealism to be any practical shaping we can live with in any peace. The classes, in which each individual wants only the domination of what he was manipulated socially to belong to by democracy or by oligarchy and sometimes by direct brutal dictatorship within lower scale of his own class whether local tribal or within bigger national class, sometimes right and often wrong and always, nearly continuous suffer in dilute cold war, disinformation deceit war, overall oppression and crests to boundless bloodshed, on some side for the covetous benefits of oppressive another. It seems that the natural cave was much rational civilized than any reinforced concrete house in high arrogant tower and it seems that bigger civilization meant only bigger pains; history; is it not!!

(2) In contrary to any hobbyist may think, though in modern time majority of all republics of whatever shape or practice, has been set by public revolutions to seek widest class dominance, the fact is all the first ancient incitements for republics had been set by the very fat merchants within the minds of the mercenary thinkers like Aristotle and Plato or later Marx and Madison and the majority of the modern revolutionary republics ended to the hands of the military mercenaries indirectly hired by the fat merchants like EX-USSR (please, you can’t deny that all the communist big members and big authorities had huge bank accounts in the western countries beside big international private business affairs) or directly to the hands of these fat merchants like USA (please, you can’t deny that the USA national currency production is fully in hands of the private fat merchants and devoted for them) and then again directly to the hands of fat merchants within the new attempt of USSR to rise again, in China it is both direct and indirect in clear parallel sight. And what is the difference between Royal Noble blood class and the superior financial class anyway? Both had started from a forefather that had arisen as no one that mostly less in qualifications than many normal others if not equal and they think of themselves humanely different than others sometimes it reaches the say “royal bloods are divine and blue in color” ( today you may say it is exaggeration about the ancient past to smear the reputations of royal families after revolutions, but it was true, directly I heard it from my father who lived his youth in royal system, believed in this, the servants and slaves of the royal families were spreading this ugly dogmas of unimaginable criminality among ignorant street publics, yes, it is true, or why still until this very moment there are many of royals in Europe where the street people in turn believe another dogma in themselves the superiors over rest of humanity, otherwise give me one reason why still they kept royal families?); both exert the influence of his power on the host country and people for him to get more wealth and protection of his unjust privileges against the poor mass of the public; both do whatever they can to ensure bequeath the gained high position to his descendents, real honest competition is harmful to their continuous generation after generation prosperity, both don’t work by direct touch experience to produce their own wealth so rather they profit by control the resource of experience than real work, both take the hand of the ruler class that pushes the national constitution and legislations to serve them; both of them insert the faith that they are the architecture column of the nation that can’t stand without; both more seek the ruthless social relations type that promote their position than that been built on human emotions and feelings solely; all history both seek and push their nations to war for multinational wealthy interest affairs much beyond normal citizen humble ambitions who pays the blood while the sons of the upper both never put one leg in the real fire of any battle except on the media screens they controlled, etc, etceteras, hence what new the revolutionary republic system could introduce that the classic oppressive dogmatic royal system couldn’t? Both are immoral-noble class system and both are unsatisfied-financial class system, fully and completely are the same without empty vocabulary deception and deceits and interchanging the surface skins, without any democracy deceit embellished by the mercenaries. Both basically are slavers and corrupted to the bone; hurray, hurray; viva republica, viva revolution.

(3) And we to personify this republic carnage in close realistic touch of facts, only we need to watch the USAmerican republic enterprise only through 2001 to 2008, condensing what the republic system is in one of its prosperous exemplary, it tells everything in practical concision. There are two very main parties taking the greatest dominance by the force of the heaviest factors comprising the intelligence construction of the wide mass on one side and on the other side the powerful bourgeois class composed on level of control of especially the different sorts of media, the finance and general economic driver, industrial and military tools. Though you may say that the bourgeois class absorbed the mass proletariat within itself, still the definitive border stands where the experts of every bourgeoisie production tool worked on the side of fat owner class as door guardians, so you may say it like who may knock on the door but still he can’t open without the keys, and when you permitted to get in you should cleanse your shoes of the proletarian mud and completely become of them. Definitely the most noteworthy odd, on the very clear sight these two main parties represent the full manifestation of the “polis republica paradox” that never solved in thousands of years of between classes struggles, the “democratic party” and the “republic party”; or in rather precision, “Democratic National Committee” and the “Republican National Committee”. The rest are the show of clowns to the extent that some party is called the “U.S. Marijuana Party” and the other called “the forever party”, “X party”, “Y party”, “Romantic Transcendentalist Party of the USA”, totaled about 66 parties, whatever, there is no American party called the “extraterrestrial party”. Unfortunately not only the western idea of democracy and republic is paradoxically sick, too the freedom ideal is sick paradox, and the eastern ideals struggle to find a solid ground to what almost they never had and approximately never known.

(4) In 2001 to 2003, when the war on the so called “war on terrorism” was appreciable by the American public, so went in parallel with the decision makers, the very republican who won both the presidential position and dominance of the parliament sold internationally the propaganda of the western democracy that should spread allover the world to solve all the world states’ problems and it what will bring the security and prosperity like what they never had; I mean like what they ever cheatingly do.

(5) In 2004 to 2008, the war continue indeterminately and never won, ruining the USA economics taking down with it the other supporting nations, bloods flowed, war became unpopular and detested by the mass, the public opinion went to the opposite, 70% of the public turned to the counter side. The Democratic Party who lost his position to the second rear chair in political theater leaped to hunt and used the public situation to back again, as seemingly. The democrats to win the dominance in the parliament they promised the immediate withdraw from the Iraq war and promised to fix the economics of the country for the good of the public, on the public request. Even inside the parliament they announced explicitly “we have been elected by the public for these definite causes hence we should achieve it”; you know, Democratic Party and democratic performance. The American democrats made some superficial showy maneuvers to achieve what they had been elected for then gave up willingly and very easily; they retreated into the real republic constitution legitimate power that granted “no obligation” on the surface elected political figures to achieve their premises even the easiest, simply because the future is impossible and yesterday was the possible, and only hung in between the wishful intentions and practical endeavors. And the American economics haven’t been tried to be fixed and got even worse ruining than before because the pervious economical policy exactly without interruption continued and didn’t change to any fixing. The democrats resorted to the publics in their democratic wishes to reach the authority chairs and resorted to the republic constitution fundamentals in their frivolous endeavors to stay on the parliament chairs without any least change. The president Bush had introduced thousand direct clear illegal mistakes and violations the least of them enough to impeach him in the parliament, they could much pressures if intentions were serious, so there is some untouchable people above the law after all as one of the lessons we learn about the republic. All the republica systems make some people above the law exactly like the royal noble blue-blood doctrine; the examples are plenteous not limited at USA republica. The American lesson, the very republican preached the American democracy when the public opinion went parallel to their own decision and the very democrat preached the American republic when the public opinion went unparallel to their own decision, twisted roles on practical political landscape, and the public practically directly because of the republic constitution has no any tiniest ability to effect the decision making when it comes to truth, but the American public are extremely worry about the Bill rights of blabbing. So it was never new in the republica doctrine to hear the “McCain” republican presidential candidate in 2008 to denounce that “the withdrawing from Iraq war is reckless” while the surveys predicted that 70 percent of the American public wanted the immediate withdrawing. My point is not whether it is reckless or not, this point is completely out my issue, the point is it democratic or not. He in fact doesn’t denounce the military withdrawing such simple but rather he announces the very reality of the republica doctrine that the public are not aware of by denouncing the public democracy itself, “the democracy is reckless”, and it was never strange that the democrats do in direct real behavior the complete exact same.

(6) If the historical behavior records defines the practicality of some doctrine beside its heralded written ideas, hence by the comparison to the most famous Mussolini fascist pragmatism that found in military conquest the solution for inner economic problems as it is stated in all history books, then this USA big exemplary of the republica doctrine is the first full fit to fascism. Regardless of justifying reasons for each war on tongue of the politicians and media, if truthful or deceit, no one country in the 20th century and 21st century had such many hundreds on account of wars on the planet Earth on the five continents like republic USA (they didn’t war in Australia), and no other country has the one percent of how many American military bases spread on surface of the planet to protect its economics and interests, not to mention that US dollar is mainly supported by another political dictators been installed directly or indirectly on the foreign victim nation that in many occasions comes at the expense of its prey native economics, not to mention that the exterior trade balance of USA republic is in always deficient status and only supported by political control on the foreign sovereign so worked such absorbing the victim foreign economics. Not to mention that its inner system is mainly serving the rich big business class at the expense of the ever labor class in huge debt in an American way thousand much worse than recorded Mussolini behaviors himself of impoverishing the labors in fascist Italy history that had lived with little food and lesser slavery of unimaginable American national debts. Yes, I admit it, the mercenaries always demonstrate the high skills, strong wide and deep experience and the acute professional technical touch, yet too they always only hit or promote the targets designated by their patrons and rich masters in full extreme inclined incompetence off their professional intelligent abilities; the same is the professional mercenary historians. But I am hobbyist like this other humble hobbyists; that expended sufficient effort to state in full certainty that, the trivial difference between the republica doctrine and the fascism on land of factual events is not such strongly practiced to define any serious difference. It directly leads to the huge contradiction of the republica with the virtuously deceitful capitalism, beside the much earlier contradiction with the fundamentally ill democracy. The contradicting treble that had fabricated within the western Europe sovereign the pretentiously opponent paranoiac communism of fatal psychotic delusions dashed itself by itself in a manner the Marx prophecy didn’t predict to how the capitalism clearly is taking the same very exact fatal historical course and manner of his Marxist communism failure, disastrously wrong profit and historically liar, another mercenary thinker and another western trickster philosopher and his companion Friedrich Engels. I did not say this, it is the very direct record of history showing this though majority of the mercenary historians exhaust every hardest to treasonously burry the true history manifestation under their wrongly gained bribes, yet the wrong gains don’t introduce any rigid future foundation but only repeating the same killer mistakes and suffer the same unbearable pains. The stupidity doesn’t pay any benefit except to the trickster that exploits the stupid slave; in the diabolic exchange trade for painful waste lives, but Marx never warned the “widest proletarian sovereign” of their blind stupidity and psychological weakness rather he exploited their damn stupidity very exactly like Adam Smith had done before him to the “widest consumer sovereignty”, is there any professional historian can educate me the hobbyist historian if there any difference between the two terms to define the very same “widest middle class” of the one flesh, if it is just trickery spinning vocabulary not of any real least change? This is “continuous dilute bust” of communism and that is “continuous cyclic boom and full bust” of capitalism, different surface routes to the same abyss; bust the historically doomed slaves. And Marx was right the oppressor super rich men in the capitalism are the real behind scene governmental rulers and never told that the bureaucratic statesmen rulers in communist republic are the oppressor super rich class and they only work for super rich class and their covetous ambitions and no way to avoid this within his communist manifesto except some empty ringing words stood against any tiniest change or accomplishment solution to settle any just peace among different classes of any human society; without oppressing the few and without enslaving the many; which the idealism of democracy never involved either. Okay, okay, I admit it; the stupidity of mankind has its own strange laughter and irresistible odd excitement, mirthful applauses and hilarious pleasures; and; the very usual familiar mental and fleshy slaughter too in deep sadness and many historical global catastrophes, which no one win it. Very exactly the same criteria are fully applied to both republic of France and the Royal idle symbol on republic Britain, republic of china and republic of Belarus, many and so many others around the globe. Whatever the deceptive labels and trickery maneuvers of any political party; this is the true nature of the republica doctrine; the western understanding of the democracy and the western republica never mixed of any least and impossible to be mixed, on the deeper level of fundamental basis or surface level of the practically detailed bases.

(7) From the recent American experience, we can conclude universally concerning the republica and democracy. (1) The republica doctrine never granted any democracy at any rate in its history anywhere. (2) Through the 21st century the republica never failed its democracy premises that it never granted but failed its premises of deceiving the public because all masses allover the world now is demanding the democracy that the republica doctrine can’t offer, of course neither the classic royal blue blood doctrine can do. The fact is the republica doctrine was very designed to weaken the public democracy in fist control or in scattering dusts, never designed to promote it. It reached the sarcastic climax that the American politicians deadly fear to tell explicitly the American public that their country basically is merely very republic. The American people are not any aware that their country they living in is republic. (3) The whole historical western concept of democracy is deadly sick and in best ideal form is full of injustice that oppresses the minority and almost faulted to reach any peaceful just settlement between the big mass of weak individuals and the few powerful on the other side of confrontation, either powerful intellectually or financially, so it was never applicable on first place except some pretentious trickery political maneuvers and fake political propagandas. Certainly the street manifestations and labor strikes were best proofs that the big scale revolutions been deterred and fragmented into so many small scale diverse-sort rebellions each can be easily contained that the republic system succeeded at not any real rigid democracy. (4) The western republica and the western impractical oppressive democracy, practically failed generally to introduce any serious honest justice to the humanity. They didn’t prevent the slavery of the imperialism trends. Actually faster they participated with the history in making two among strongest and evilest barbarian slavery empires in history and faster they fell down directly from their crest of injustice and wide brutal conquests, EX-USSR and USA. The ancient royal empires of the undeveloped classical sword or even the earlier lance tipped by sharp basalt stone targeted the strongest among humans, the modern tomahawk and high altitude planes targeted the paupers and the civilians that can’t defend themselves, the earlier barbarian empires exalted the bravery of knighthood, the republica introduced empires that exalt the smooth silk gloves of cowardice concealed inside the civilization.

(8) All royal noble blue blood doctrine had totally failed and diminished; the very few remains are only dismayed symbols on the non-recyclable trashed side of an active republic systems in which they don’t call the top authority figure a “president”, they call him “prime minister”, these what the mercenary historians called democratic monarchies; though there is no democratic republic on first place.

(9) However, the historical biggest ever two drop down failures for the republic doctrine, when it falls down directly from geographical imperial crest tip on its face, and take with its republica ideology some another big deceit ideologies like communism and capitalism hoaxes, that too had noticeable traces in the antiquity before their modern originators, Karl Marx and Adam Smith, but this is another long story. Yes another long historical story of deceit; in fact the modern communism and the modern capitalism are the same basically, technically and practically under different deceitful terms, exactly like the royal doctrine, tyrannical system, fascism, totalitarian systems and the democratic and republic doctrines, imperial systems that their infrastructure is the exactly the very same under the spinning lingual labels on the same place, too is their practical consequences into historical outcome.

(10) (1) What is it, tell me, if on superficial surface I called by surface label the “widest middle class” by the “proletarian” for their trait as widest productive class and the “high class” for their trait of no productive and upper hand of control the “community state” hence I am communist, and if I called by surface label the very same “widest middle class” in flesh and blood by the “consumer” for their other trait as widest consuming class and the “high class” for the same qualities of no productive and upper control the “bourgeoisie or merchants” that in absence of the political government least interference and intervention except protection against foreign enemy that in this way certainly it became the real practical decision maker state hence I am capitalist? (2) The culture in generalization is the main force behind greatest majority of consuming decisions; otherwise don’t eat bread as rather you should eat grains like birds, don’t use hearth or electric heater or “hot radiators circulating water heated at the underground room” rather just wait until your body learn to grow fur like bears or eat much fat to build underneath your skin grease fats to warm yourself up; yet the culture is an industry even if it is a piece of music and the bourgeoisie owns the control of all the production tools and devices as same as too the communal state and its one governance party promotes only the cultural elements they choose and control. What is it, when the “consumer” doesn’t own the culture tool that capacitate him with ability to choose and the “proletarian” has one only communal state choice for his needs, am I capitalist or communist? It is one on owner choice even if it looked in diverse options in eyes of consumer who doesn’t decide their making, in neither “bourgeois state” nor the “communal state” the widest middle class of whatever surface label has sparse chance of choice if any; it is only the upper ruling class under different disguise labels. (3) Oh yes; you got a point, you are right, the difference lays in the private property concern, abolition of the individual private property that owns everything in the communism, and the full freedom right of individual private property in capitalism. In neither the widest-middle class controls the needs nor the consumption sort or rate nor the production tools, how much the citizen of either has of property in whole or in private! In both, the state takeover directly big part of what the widest-middle class produce, either by directly owning the factory and farm yield or by over-whole taxes, very equal result. If the entire state and its entire widest middle class citizens and the political state are working under continuous debts to the big fat merchants, systematically, what does a private property make of any sense? Taking in consideration that the determinant definition of the term “private property” is very limited at and practically based on the degrees of the direct and indirect and sorts of control on the property object of whatever and the physical technicality of the terms for the sounded human language is rather real honest and rather actual effective than any extended lingual definitions in empty words that might be lingual hoaxes, hence with such capitalist economical procedures and behaviors that lead to such unbelievable national debts like in USA for example, against each citizen emptied completely any sense of the term “private property” on any actual fundamental estimations. You have a home or a car, great; still there is a debt you owe that balances your private properties in best situation, the creditor may demand the debt at any time hence the real control of the object on long run is fully in his hand even if you through using for long time you deluded yourself of owning it, sooner or later he has the ability to demand it back against your will. This is a simple explanation, but they use more complicated national economical tools on that simple sense concealed within, and from this definitely the famous cyclic capitalist disease of “boom and bust” happens and arise, they all lie about to you. This cycle is not capitalism disease as they succeeded fully to convince you; it is the capitalism itself completely without any defect sense because, simply the capitalism is an alternative surface mask to the communism, both are exact same with different surface masks, you had been deceived and intentionally tricked; intentionally enslaved, in both economical systems, that is all. Doesn’t it make super rich merchants within actual capitalism in higher control position than the state and citizen privacies themselves in the capitalism? How much the citizen of either system has of property in whole or in private! (4) The communal controlled coupons and the bourgeois controlled monetary, both are promissory notes for some physical materials, frankly for honest sake in communism the situation is better, the communal coupons fulfilled its physical promises in greater accuracy and determination than any capitalist coupons that ever suffered the intentional fluctuations of inflation and deflation. It reached occasionally in full economical contradiction that the capitalist paper, ink and the technological implementation against falsification, together in paper regardless of what words pressed on, has a bigger trust value than what its on pressed words might promise in real physical world. The capitalists vow by their coupons that they are materialists and never told you the truth that yourself is their material and the communists vow by their coupons that they are altruists and never told you the truth that you already had paid it all, oh yes, now I see big and big difference, you are right. (5) The capitalism achieved higher living standards to its citizens than communism, first before all; communist states started much later to capitalist states from revolution against already great injustice within some society, only within the 20th century. In fact the rising “rate” of living standard was greatly higher than its other deceitful exact-same-alternative capitalism on its bourgeoning and through the path the labors lived within the communism in much human factory conditions than the British or the American correspondent in earlier stages; well recorded on pages of history. The historians don’t lie about everything, they can’t deny wide witnessed events, for example they can’t deny that WW II had happened; they only may interpret it in deceptions and within they lie about some lesser witnessed facts here and something there, to successfully accomplish their deceptive interpretations; Alexander was there truly but wasn’t great. Agreement among the liars doesn’t make truth, no matter how many, while accepting such agreement without challenge make future truth, grotesque truth exactly like the previous that they lied about. As hobbyist historian I see Alexander scumbag; there were a lot of great scale scumbags on dirty pages of history, so, what!! The common living standard in EX-USSR before its disintegration, if not reached higher than the average living standard in USA then it was higher no lesser. Man, come on, there were recorded two millions were living homeless in the streets of USA around the time of disintegration of USSR while it increases today to reach five millions and getting worse by the last capitalist financial crisis 2008 to eat great part of the widest middle class; which through the USA fed that produce the money jumped to rescue the corporations not the street public because on first place the corporations owned the fed totally and the public owns nothing except the fragments they toss to them. A deeper insight tells; the mercenary historians lied to you as ever about this capitalist achievement point. In fact the living standard within society is not about these economical systems of any type, it is all about the whole economical material conditions and what the ruler class permitted you the middle class citizens to have as share from that material wealth they fully controlled. Widest middle class living standard never was about capitalism nor communism, it was always about what the ruler class permits for the public or don’t allow, and it is the exact same rule in both, and they permitted in the capitalism to the public in average much lesser than in communism. As honest hobbyist historian, I touched this directly within my very personal experience. I could purchase lot of communist USSR musical disks and great valuable scientific books with so little money that I could not dream of the tenth of their equal value from the capitalists, with great certainty I state the “communist rulers” through their last decade in USSR as example could achieve much higher living standards among the street public than any “capitalist rulers” but neither the communism system nor the capitalism system had anything about, it is not about the economical ideology of the systems, it is the rulers. (6) And after the British John Maynard Keynes and his Keynesian modifications (1936) to cure the so called cyclic disease of the modern capitalist system of the Scottish Adam Smith, the full market control delusional theory has been dramatically reduced and ensured the direct need of state intrusion in the market to rescue it in crises against full collapse. More another deception this Keynesian cures never was meant to prevent the cycle from happening, it was not any solution, it meant only to disperse its suffer concentration peak upon wider time by inflation to simulate the communism in exact performance style in the practice yet bit stealthy to the acutest eye. Too the monopoly of the back-scene real super rich ruling class undermined and contradicted any seriousness in any thing might be called free market. It is recorded again that the anti-trust legislations of the 19th century in USA failed completely except few foolish plays on the pages of western monopolized media, the big corporations are merging in bigger and bigger everyday openly and secretly, the budget of one small of them before merging exceeds the budget of some big American state or whole foreign country with population of many tens of millions, they can control any senator and any president to the extent that some researchers inside the UN called USA “corporate republic”. (7) This one I loved specifically, capitalist honest competition is main natural incentive power in the capitalism to prosper and the Darwinian natural selection which is not achieved in communism. If you believed such western camp disinformation propaganda in the cold war era, hence certainly it is never achieved in the capitalist side either and even it is much worse in the western side because this dangerous mental lowness of disinformation and misinformation is not compliant with any honest competition or any truthful natural selection. I can narrate you thousands of counter facts to such delusions known even to the deluded, the least of them, the first artificial satellite in modern history was communist not capitalist, was not successfully engineered by a bunch of mentally retarded Russians while the high intellectuals were lost in the wasteful of  the communist bureaucratism without any degree of honest serious right selection according to right natural criterion, nor they lived poor, they lived in their country very lavishly like noble class. Have your wallet finished to give any point may set the capitalism different sort to the communism on basics or basis? Are you confused enough? (8) Now I’ll tell you my weakest point in my argument that each is the same exact copy of the other under different label deceits and fake pretenses. It is the human right and free speech to the positive side of the capitalist republic than the communist republic that had sent about two or three millions or more of Soviet citizens to the inhuman detention camps in Siberia for the rest of their lives. Now you should admit it that I play it fair, come on man, even I tell you my weakest argument point against myself; with little preservation. So little, I am fair with you so I believe you should be fair with me and permit my little preservation. What sort of human rights and free speech, may produce and may tell; or what any sense they may make, if within an entire population of three hundred millions in capitalist USA and another about two hundred million capitalist in Western Europe through about two centuries, none within could recognize the almost complete exactness of the two systems while it is in the very easy clear close sight, which predicts the complete absence of the free thought and mind in the entire western society and culture on first place, and still you see the Americans are very worried about the “Bill of Rights” of blabbing in complete closed iron ambience of zero-free thought and mind. As a matter of fact; on theoretical argument level the communist ideology theoretically achieved the sought theoretical democracy by the direct definition of democracy in the republicanism more than the capitalism could theoretically achieve, because communism theoretically stressed completely and full directly on the needs of the widest mass at the expense of the individual privacy than any market managed indirectly by democracy though practically it failed because it vested the decision in small faction little less like the republican capitalism that failed it totally on both theoretical assumption level and practical experience level. And this is the second absolute impossible, it is absolutely impossible theoretically and practically to mix the western democracy with the capitalism, the western definition of democracy is completely communist even if there was never any communism because certainly it will produce the communism that will fail too like any other existent communism. Try to imagine it this simple, forget the capitalism and communism, we are just simple democratic society and let us find what it will produce and what it will reject. Do the widest mass will permit some few of them to collect huge wealth and the rest are poor, what if just one individual suggested a democratic vote that to force upper limit of wealth on each member in the society, the mass of the society members that is likely not able to collect huge wealth like those few rich individuals will love such decision and certainly would democratically vote it without any hesitation, the real practical application of the western definition of democracy clean without cheating and deception certainly will lead only to communism and certainly will reject the capitalism. And this approach about the western democracy nature, it forced us to drink extra bottle of precision; that sort of communism I am telling it is trickery identical copy of capitalism is definitely the Marxist communism version; the other earlier and ancient version is what known as “cooperative commune” that is elementary crude version of the modern Marxist Communism of bigger state-governance scales. Neither Smith nor Marx had invented the elementary crude versions of either system. Both systems had taken place around the world through the entire history in crude lower scales and in different degrees. For example I might dispute standing on the side that the very extreme form of the very ancient royal system in which the king owns everything and the extreme exclusive final decision yet taking the council of some advisors for the good of his people is some “communist royal system” more real democratic than any of these forged modern “democratic constitutional monarchy/republic system”, in both or either the practical pragmatism and through uncovering the deceptive theoretical lingual-terminological approaches, whatever you like, both or either. And in some rural agricultural areas in ancient history of Russia and around was to great extent only economically was performing the elementary “cooperative communes” in where they were distributing the lands according to number of family members and every while they redistribute it, before the born of any Marx; so exactly is the crude forms of capitalism, this is very will known. The elementary crude forms of both were taking place in fully different realms (sometimes in parallel) and were never being able to be compared in one contrasting view, the ancient elementary communism was taking place in some stationary agricultural societies and the ancient capitalism were taking place within mobile trade activity specially among different geographical areas, but the modern forms of both happens on level of big scale state-governance where both are identical theoretically and practically and both are failures and big oppressions on massive scale, only both happens elementary natural on limited low scales and on that scale they don’t confront each other of any least. Then what is that in the western capitalist countries about the democracy with modern capitalism, it is all trickery, complete iron fist control in the social intelligence ambience like education courses, politics, history, culture and media, even you don’t vote for a decision but someone in behalf that take the decision and in such full controlled ambience you don’t even have any choice on him, you don’t know or think about anything except what they introduce to you in full control, since born to death, incredibly continuous uninterrupted depleted Uranium chain of conspiracies, cheating and deceptions but no democracy. It is impossible on practice for the communism to succeed with democracy beyond very tiny social scale like one family relationship. Even the family social unit is very limitedly communist otherwise you have no right to grow up your children and the children have no right to enjoy the warm of their kin parents to be fully communist family, the extreme theoretical communism meant directly the dissolution of the social family unit and it is against any diversity of natural sectarian social-cultural structure on the fundamental level. Like what happened in the real recorded small scale experimental cooperative-communes to discover the nature of the theoretical communism, some of these experiments took place inside USA itself, they all failed to continue and expand in space or time. And this communist family dissolution and dissolution of sectarian social-cultural structure as state goals is what the capitalist rulers succeeded to accomplish within the western capitalist camp much more than the eastern communist camp, hence which of them the capitalist and which of them the communist and which is democratic! The entire of all this mass of ideologies are reflecting each other exactly like in mirrors and each is self-contradicting and self-destroying; that through layered and directional investigation, some little part connect the other ideology and some another part repulse, none of them could really succeed to achieve anything real as stated in its superficial impractical delusional theory, big masses of trickery of no least coherence, no least rigidity, no any genuine knowledge, unnatural non-humanistic non-divine suffer and damage to entire mankind, pure mental and theoretical cancers and pure flesh and blood slavery in practices. All are vocabulary trickery, spinning around same axis of controlling the slaves, cheating and deceptions, adhered in seeming counter fake ideologies by the spit resin of the scumbag’s mouths. In practice, neither the corporate state monopoly is anything of the free market, nor is the communal state monopoly anything of the free commune. The commune is the market, and the corporate is the communal state; both are the exact same copies on mirrors. To utmost exactness; if you studied very insider details of both the Western Corporation and Communist Soviet Party, you would find that there is no both, just one thing. And again it is one of the democratic paradoxes; which it is contradicting with the human social nature and this made the western idea of democracy is very ill from the very beginning though some of its damage effects on the natural social human structure is and was needed by the western rulers to bring the slaves in docility rather than freeing him, yes for the democracy of the free sex and homosexuality and social sane-relation destruction, but no for the democracy of the real free thought and reality and mind construction. So they encouraged the social destructive side of the democracy that turns benefits to their side of control and fought and exterminated the constructive side of its practice inside the western societies that might work against their control, it is extremely complicated long issue indeed, I tried it here yet this is hardly sufficient. Long time ago may be in centuries, they were completely aware that the full real application of the western understanding and definition of democracy certainly should produce something of social-governing-state form that they may be similar to the  “cooperative commune” and they cut the road before it happens out of control by inventing and activating the result they expected and made it look very bad and brutal and they designed and worked it out to fail and to fall by end to kill the understanding and the deep idea of such fake utopia called democracy and all its versions in any minds among humans by historical practical lesson controlled within their hands. President Gorbachev and all Russian communist party secretaries like Stalin or the earlier Lenin were nothing more than show actors in the predetermined fake big game. The only system they believe in is direct pure oligarchy in pure strict dictatorship with no least democracy and the rest of humanity are chickens in barn or even less that from they may choose the completely loyal ones with narrowly intelligence and psychologically programmed enough to serve them in closer touch, that is the real system they believed in and worked for, and this is what we have and what they always had been doing. Very unfortunately, myself I know that the western idealism of democracy is truly very ill wrong yet it doesn’t mean that they are of any right; they are only insane criminals for the unlimited suffer and waste of lives they inflicted on entire mankind. They had corrupted almost the entire Earth and their thinking endeavors away deception is completely fictional impractical full of faulty defective holes in their turn. Just one of the thousand faults; among themselves they never could answer the question, then in what bases and practical technicality, they can choose their ideal president in any type of practical healthy selection when they reach full final eternal Earth-state-governance formula as they believed and promised their outer circles while the already actual republic presidential election is fully sick, which in ever best possible ideal practice they fully can control it to any result they wanted, they too are very aware of this simple obstacle and ignore it. Until very now their masters reach their authority places by being the dirtiest of all of them not the most educated or the most intelligent, the whole real intelligence work is done by the lower ranks. The lower ranks themselves within this unspoken secret organization had been betrayed by their masters; by the way, the expert Karl Marx and the like of him belonged to this organization that in its most inner circle is completely insane racists to most unbelievable extreme and ever always it is this and it will be not anything except this, it can’t be anything but this insane racism, and they don’t believe in any divinity except themselves. What is this organization by end; it is simply the new rather developed form of the common ancient paradigm of the relation between the super rich, the rulers that hired some expert who serves only to protect their interests and their upper control positions, privileged positions and big trophies, and one of this paradigms is Aristotle himself, ((((Aristotle was the son of a physician to the royal court. When his teacher Plato died in 347 BC, Aristotle moved to Assos, a city in Asia Minor, where a friend of his, Hermias, was ruler; there he counseled Hermias and married his niece and adopted daughter, Pythias. After Hermias was captured and executed by the Persians in 345 BC, Aristotle went to Pella, the Macedonian capital, where he became the tutor of the king’s young son Alexander, later known as Alexander the Great)))) Don’t tell me that Aristotle was such altruist thinker or philosopher who worked for the good of human wellbeing, his direct connection to the rulers and rich class was direct open and was very intimately engaged in, he was just mercenary thinker who served the ruling class against the public, and his thoughts about governance methods was full of deceptions and trickery paradoxes, cheater mercenary for big scale scumbags. The contemporary modern international organization behind all these international masses of cheating and deceptions is not anything different than this Aristotle paradigm but in modern developed form that contains so many international elements though in its utmost inner core is full racist. That Paradigm can be also traced in the Indian Buddha paradigm, almost the same philosophical trickery methodology to contain the public in some peaceful docility state of hidden slavery to the ruling class when the slaves are handled in massive scale, in other words, when the target of slavery is some entire society and entire people not just single individual. “Blast from the past”, there were no any two pole enemy camps or any truthful cold war that the slave public around the globe had been tricked and had been cheated about, it all was one international real conspiracy done by one international organization, no theory. Both surface economic styles in one system succeeded practically for a relative whiles because both branches succeeded only by deception, trickery and extreme coercion to contain big masses of slaves that served some faction of slavers like all past history paradigms. And the entire of terms, tyranny, totalitarianism, republicanism, democracy, capitalism and communism, the entire of them is one big hoax entity with no least truth or any least reality, only cheating and complete deceptions. I am sorry to tell you the painful truth, unbelievable wide masses of lives went into vain. The negative record on side of the communists is that they failed to constrain the one population mass flock entirely in the zero-free thought zone so they faced to lose some couple of millions of their productive slave citizens in the deadly Siberian camps because they could escape. Inhuman bad point record on side of the communist rulers I admit, positive point record on side of the capitalist rulers I admit. Which point I am talking about! I am lost, never mind.

(11) It is clear without doubt that the intimate close odd similarity between communist republic and capitalist republic extends almost to everything to undermine the last feature the capitalists are proud about over communists, the flexibility in handling the national problems and crises according to what I read from the professional historians, yes, if you said so, sire. Neither the capitalism nor the communism could service the republic political system with healthy economical construction durable and strong enough to energize the inevitable fate of greedy expansion of the faction control to add more territories to their turfs specifically when we talk about wars, military or economical. At some crest point of expansion both ruin abruptly and surprisingly in hurried free fall. Even the much lesser population of Germany, the “social-psychological-mix” of fascism, communism and capitalism proved the “public-manipulation-deception- ability” to sustain World War II against many other strong nations in extreme wide landscapes much more than the many times much materially bigger capitalist USA and communist EX-USSR, same can be said about Japan. One long war between the very poor and stubborn little-populated Afghanistan and big power EX-USSR could greatly exhaust the inner communist republican construction of the entire Soviet Union to the break point on their ability crest that even some little reformation on hand of President Gorbachev killed the doomed patient on the surgery table. USSR ruined and other communist nations started to turn one by one. “The concentrated wealth control communism method abruptly fell short to support the concentrated political control republicanism target and interest, the method was weak because it was twisted hoax and the target was even much weaker because it was gloomy to the extent it became apparition than any touched truth to all its diverse repulsing populations unified mostly by coercion”. I don’t make another Marx prophecies that failed truthfully than his intentional plotted pretended failure to predict how the falling of both economical system, that was his job, his Job was to fail, very unfortunately the failure to fail is not any success as mostly is different sort of failure not intended. Hoaxes don’t build any truth, no matter how sophisticatedly complicated; they always dash on real tests and exhaustion very easily. I mean, doesn’t it seem that the capitalist republican USA is already taking a path of failure different to what Marx had predicted, and it is taking the same path of failure of USSR that Marx never predicted, this is how he failed his intentional job to fail. Even much faster and much worse, much fewer years of war for USA in poor Afghanistan again then poor Iraq and you see explosively the ruining of the capitalist republican USA is bursting in echo in all its colonies around the world, first on economic level in form of international financial crisis effected every corner of life to sudden international bursting food crisis (2008) and some of the supporting nations have begun to draw back its financial support to the American war, and on political public level the cracks started to be seen on the surface inside USA that again might endanger the unity of the American states than ever happened exactly like EX-USSR surprisingly without control and even too late Gorbachev will kill the same patient twice. I don’t make another Marx’s predictions, but what the history is all about? It is not about entertaining tales and stories, the fictional literature is doing this job better than any history literature; the history is about direct experienced paradigmatic studying and teaching, and only can be successful intellectual operation if seriously and honestly processed; hence the eventuality of the practical paradigm seemed right now is shaping to its completeness, I don’t predict this at all, the historiography predict this if written as hobby, yet I don’t grantee that it will happen in any certainty. Another hence; which is my point here; clearly the arrogant “flexibility” of the capitalist republic over the communist republic is just another wrong perception number (9). They are even worse blind bureaucratic in their reactions to the crises much more than the communists to the last demise moment; as their national crises got dangerous as far their blind bureaucracy got more stubborn stupid. And; “The concentrated wealth control capitalism method abruptly fell short to support the concentrated political control republicanism target and interest, the method was weak because it was twisted hoax and the target was even much weaker because it was gloomy to the extent it became apparition than any touchable truth to all its populations in the melting pot but never solidifying spun around one axis mostly by coercive deception”.

(12) Aristotle (and Plato) was about producing fake philosophy and lingual deceptive maneuvers treated the appearance of the political-economical system to trick the slaves about their social-political slavery status hence they are narcotized enough into sleepiness and lived in the happiness of deceptions and delusions; without suffers. Buddha was the very same but his maneuvers rather treated the religious-psychological individual belief-system to make the slaves accept willingly their social-political daily slavery life hence they are narcotized enough into sleepiness and lived in the happiness of deceptions and delusions, and very adapted themselves to the suffer as natural fate of mankind supposed by his ruler masters. They are two methodologies within same close paradigms about the individual within social life and human governance relationship. Like Aristotle in similar position, Buddha was the son of the head of the Sakya warrior caste, he was a thinker that worked for the ruler and ruler warrior class that was protecting the high noble blue-blood class interests, and too like Aristotle had been given mercenary historical halo of his goodness and caring about the human wellbeing and caring for the poor citizens.

(13) Though the Aristotelian methodology within such historical paradigm accomplished great success in the stiff iron control of the intense educational ambience of Europe, it greatly failed in the much stronger acceptability of ideologically republican Latin South America publics where weak control and poor educational ambience could not help the slavery mental submission as supposed. Lot of wide intensive public rebellions and intense instabilities undermined greatly the final goal of Aristotelian governance method, hence the local and international rulers like in Britain, France and USA turned to direct coercion means and methods, either directly by their arms or indirectly by forcing counter rebellions for their benefits.

(14) On the other hand, the other Buddhist different methodology in the same historical paradigm, for the same exact reasons took the very same course and historical reaction like the Aristotelian methodology; the Buddhism and its still existent father religions accomplished great success in India and greatly failed in the much stronger ideological Buddhist middle, east and south-east of Asia. Lot of instabilities and rebellions were recently in the last century took place, and as usual the local and the international rulers resorted again to the very classical brutal coercion means and methods for slavery, well famous Vietnamese, Laos and Cambodian wars were some of these examples of inhuman bloody coercions where they believed the Buddhism extremely yet it failed practically its endeavors.

(15) We need to emulate the octopus Skelton structure to be able to announce “on the third hand”, please just one more hand, I asked no much. In China, the international rulers could convince some local rulers of the European prosperity of the Aristotelian methodology for the same paradigm. So you see Chinese local rulers converted from the Buddhist methodology to the humanistic-Aristotelian methodology, to some degree the close humanistic local cultural correspondence to the western humanistic style was the Confucianism to have a local Chinese flavor. So it has come to us today with the strangest blend of the Confucius-Aristotelian-Marxist-Smith republic slave of China; that walks very unsteady and easily unstable, they resort to everything there.

(16) Regardless of methodologies (In India there are thousands of different sorts of Buddha in closely different religions flavors, Buddhism was built on them originally), why this paradigm did achieve great success there and did achieve great failure in somewhere else, while still it failed through another public that followed very passionately the headlines of the method and its paradigm, it failed in South America and Middle to East Asia? It was the education and wealth material factors, it worked against them in some places and worked with them in another places; in the future that already had started to cook this same factors in changing formation to work completely against them everywhere. How? These two combined factors introduced in the past that started to fade since the WW II until this very moment and replaced gradually by future that is bursting right now, two contrasted educational patterns throughout entire last century humanity, too through all history of mankind; they are the “paradigmatic educated character” and the “pragmatic uneducated character”. This Aristotelian-Buddhist paradigm succeeded greatly where the “paradigmatic educated character” prevailed within the mass population and failed its deceiving endeavors where the “pragmatic uneducated character” prevailed within the mass populations, no matter what both believed theoretically. You may say; I myself as ignorant hobbyist historian, the historiography never was my profession and am not educated formally in this career or activity; certainly I belong to the pragmatic uneducated characters, hence clearly it failed with me personally for example, while I am committing this horrible hobby, I am a failure. In bit painful tough concession yet less painful than the extra complicated details, I explain it more. The paradigmatic educated character is pushed since the very early childhood of himself and his society, to perceive all his sensational life through paradigms. The term “theorem” within the “theory” is the wide-applicable intellectual paradigm of perception; he is used not to perceive everything in his life except through theory but not its direct pure natural shape of super-complicated crude sensational experience, he is not directly connected to the physical truth except through some theory. And that theoretical mandated connectivity what they called scientific or rational character in the European humanistic moment wherever it had arisen in Europe or India under any label. Though it is specifically brutal blatant false stupid lie because if you specifically understand the science mechanism truly you find it stiffly working in very parallel of both paradigm and pragmatism, in science nothing is accepted as rigid except without separation, yes in science you may work through one of them then you should work through the other style to reach a rigid right acceptable result by scientific community, the pragmatism here meant empirically tested and practically experimented data taken from the direct nature and in controlled environment laboratories, both the artificial conditioned lab and the open nature. They only kept this single theoretical paradigmatic behavior in activities like philosophy, social sciences, history, politics and economics; literature; etc. but when the contrast view of the behavior between the sciences like physics and the other human intellectual activities like philosophy and historiography became very clearly and unavoidably condemning and not acceptable, they invented more terms like “soft sciences” with solely theoretical paradigmatic methods and “hard sciences” with both methods, so both intellectual manners became yet respectful scientific methods though they behaved very differently, it is deceptive maneuver. In hard-science they try seriously find the nearest theory that very closely may predict the empirical data and claim it approximately acceptable; which is honest fair claim. All theorem-paradigms in empirical science without one exception are approximations to the full pragmatic performance in hard-science, all. It is absolutely impossible to build a theoretical paradigm (theorem) that represent some natural phenomenon in complete exactness or absolution; the otherwise evil wrong impression about the innocent honest hard-science you received it from the soft-scientific public journalists, diverse media types and politicians only for manipulating the society to adopt indirectly their insane absolute paradigmatic humanistic divinity faith through their stealthy conspiracies and deceive the public that human (themselves specifically) is god of  “absolute freedom” that the president Bush did not mistake when he uttered publicly to express the secret belief-system of the behind factions; and it consequently gives the right of their humanistic dominance on mankind and consequently we should accept the slavery as written fate by their hands for they are gods; (hint: for the history I testify that the serious hard-science communities in their diverse majorities are innocent of this crime and they are much wiser above this demeaned criminality and unacceptable human slavery sin). While in soft-sciences the situation mostly reach to no least acceptable consistency between the theories and any real practice to utmost shame and extremist damaging human disasters, they should call them soft-catastrophes, no any sort of sciences to any truthful rationality. There it comes. The theory might be right or close to rightness and might be easily misleading without the pragmatism, and there comes the deception in absolute freedom without serious challenge to its validity within western society learnt from the softness of nails and had sucked from his mother the milk of the poisonous mental killer theoretically pragmatic educated character, easily and completely blindly deceived and cheated. He can’t see his life any longer the way truthfully it is except through some unchallenged theory and loose fake claims, economical or political, or even social. I am here personally, because my real profession is empirical science, I have dealt this treatise in both methods that greatly unfamiliar within any historiography profession and philosophy either, for this basically I see things different to how within these professions they used to see them and how they intentionally deceive the public about. Now take the “pragmatic uneducated character” like in East Asia or Latin South America. The uneducated character lack the long intellectual endeavor and hard training to build intellectual bridges and connections between theory and practical experience; the theory that might be series of deceits or might be series of truths. Any theory he learnt within his life is not connected by any intellectual mean to the real practical life within life physical needs (or very weak connection at best), he only accept the theory by only the trust in the source, who might be a Buddhist priest in India or China, or republican revolutionary leader in Latin South America. For this specifically he kept the theories right or dogmatic and the practical life in full separation within his mind, much more than this he is not interested at all to see any connection, and that what made him completely successful full pragmatic and is extremist in this and that very specifically what made him very easily on sight able to see the political deceptions no matter what complicated route it might walk to cheat him, and this what brought his slavery rulers all the continuous public unrests and disobedience, they are not mentally contaminated by deceptions of the fake civilization. The poison is not walking with their blood through their vessels; they kept the poison in separate sacred crystal vessels isolated within their mental space. We will eliminate all your suffer by these theories and beliefs, that is great I believe you, my mother and my father taught me this, I trust it, that is great, now I am hungry, yet you don’t understand the theory/faith fully, pray all day and night to Buddha and lit these candles to feel better the deep spiritual meaning, bravo you such very great successful obedient follower, we wish everyone take you great honored example, may Buddha be happy of you, what do you feel now, now I feel more hungry, and it is rebellion and unrest in East South Asia; what are you doing, did we not teach you that peace is the heart of our discipline, yes this is what I fully believe but the local rulers and the foreign rulers don’t leave my peace in any peace and I defend my peace so I didn’t violate my beliefs, and the political instability continue. The dogma of Buddhism that had been designed originally to protect the ancient Indian slaver rulers against the mass public failed its goals though the followers adopted it very passionately, to the extreme extent we had seen some of the Vietnamese Buddhist monks burned themselves alive in the street to say “NO” to USA and its loyal local rulers in the middle of the Vietnam war that contradicted all the Buddhist discipline and the monk’s appearance yet it doesn’t contradict my analysis in any least. Vietnam has 95 % Buddhists according to Geography books. This is an innocent pragmatic character and it what protected him and I myself admire it in them. And the Mahatma Gandhi was not any peaceful, he had shed the blood of his own people instead of the foreign enemy British occupiers, this is not any peace, no that trickery didn’t take me either. Whatever, I don’t want to burden you with either “on the third hand” or “second”, to tell that though the South American people adopted very passionately the Aristotelian republica and too their innocent pragmatism protected them against falling preys to its deception and cheatings exactly like the very Buddhist Asian. It deserved to mention, take Venezuelan President Chavez as example, he didn’t succeed because he is republican, or communist, or any capitalist, in very contrary if we watched his inner ruling manner we find that he to considerable extent he doesn’t follow any of these, he is honest sincere pragmatic character like the widest poor sector of his public and yet he didn’t oppress the few rich in his country, and gained the trust of his people, for this the USA-CIA tried to subvert him and failed only because of the support of his public, and so on he found friendly relationship with another closer type of Iranian rulers and people. Certainly such exceptional rulers are educated; hence this leads to a third character type we may call it “hard-scientific character” according to modern European terms, which it is deadly hated and fought by the western culture very specifically when it reached to any political, economical or social intellectual activity. By the way, more common deceptive wrong historical perception, hard-science didn’t produce the hard-scientific manners, no, honesty is absolutely unavoidable vital need to any truthful success, honesty trait and manners produced the hard-scientific manners, and the hard-scientific manners produced hard-science, while the honesty trait is not modern European renaissance invention, this is little some of the global disinformation war of the humanistic deceptions, it is deeply ancient to the epoch before any man creation and existence that corrupted its manners in minds of Aristotle and Buddha..

(17) The future already had started about the new changing formation of the two factors of the education and wealth materials. The unlimited covetousness, no ceiling greed and insane sick dirtiest racism of the international rulers behind the scene, through the last century unwillingly and unwittingly created conditions on earth by their hands and their will, very fortunately to mankind was not any recognized on its right dimension at any rate. Their insanity indeed was very fortunate to mankind. These conditions mainly were the wealth gap between the third world and the so called the “first world” and consequently the poor supplies of the education. Yes, it was extremely painful to the majority of the humanity that comprised the paupers in the third world, yet the good beneficial side of it what created the contrast of the direct observational views of the pragmatism in the third world and the unchallenged theoretical paradigmatic views of the called by empty arrogance “first world”, clashing, connecting, flowing into each other, then overlapping, then it is already creating universal hard-scientific character of entire mankind to prevail all sides or specifically both sides. Already there are very promising probabilities and possibilities for it greatly to succeed though the anti-human ruler-class obstacles, the ruler class and with them the super-rich class and their mercenary experts, were always the disease of entire mankind through the entire history. I am neither optimistic nor pessimistic; I play here the role of hobbyist historian hence I only record what I see and this is the event I see bourgeon. The participations of this no longer predictions reflected through allover the world and specifically even inside the western side itself. Take example, the anthropology since the beginning of the twentieth century, it had been accused by belonging to soft-science much rather than hard-science because it was not fulfilling the acceptable standards of the hard-science, this book I had read that had been published around the eighties of the last century, about the debates from many within researchers around the world and I see it today in the light of the very current changing very promising to take different path, it was very important notable change within that branch of intellectual activity, and was a serious investigation around the basic term “primitiveness” and what it might pragmatically meant; that trend greatly tried to cleanse the “soft-science” charge from the body of anthropology, “The Concept of the primitive; Edited by Ashley Montague; Press free; New York”. And this is another very ambitious book bold leap on that direction, “Cultural Geography; written by Miko Crang; Routledge, London and New York; 1998”, real notable intellectual book deserves the admiration. Of course I have seen a setback books and movements but I have not said it finished; the right direction is just growing and replacing and forcing itself by the power of the honesty. In the third world, where the “pragmatism” is the dominant thinking style within much wide public poverty, it is the only supply they have, the participations take a form of direct actions rather than pure intellectual activities, naturally this is expected, it is distinctively noteworthy and became no peculiar event like in past history, to see the humble simple pragmatism of the poor public through long stubborn struggles and spectacular dramatic sacrifices secreted directly some paradigmatic educated leaders greatly effected by the pragmatism of his people that devoted their lives entirely to raise the general conditions of them on direction of coming future hard-scientific social character because it is his own actual blend of experience and education. The poor public themselves made him without foreigner conspiracies or hidden ruler class plots. Though some of these leaders the time proved they were cheaters and it was whole conspiracy and that sort mainly happened around the world in the adjacent period after WW II, in fact almost all of them in that next adjacent period were purely western cheating international imperial conspiracies, in the three continents, South America, Africa and Asia. However, the movement I am talking about took place gradually later and the unrest and real leaders are splitting their ways by time, some achieved some humble success and some succeeded to great extent and the struggle continues and clearly it will not set down. And counter actions from the behind scene international rulers are taking place too in crazy ultimate desperate counter reactions like “war on terrorism” and “absolute freedom operation” or pushing the American democracy by brutal force that proved the success of the poor public on earth could comprise a great danger to their international sovereignty, and I believe it is great encouraging and hopeful indication for much more tough public pressures on all directions. Example are plenteous,, Marin Luther king, Nelson Mandela, leaders of Iran, many leaders in South America like Chavez and Africa, resistance in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, many African countries, these public movements will never succeed at this stage without honest hard-scientific character trend and it is what happening almost everywhere, except few exceptions will suffer the isolation in the future for it doesn’t share it now as it seems. I haven’t mention few names in this treatise because they are the kindest or the evilest of all, they are nothing over than just the famous, most likely in truest history most probably extreme hard to be written in words, the best kindest and worst evilest names are not known at all, for reasons and for another reasons, certainly some of them are the kindest sacrifice and the evilest cowardice. More public awareness of the success they achieved, evaluation and deeper understanding for the promoting factors of their success will dramatically bring more huge exponential success to reach unprecedented kind history operation, and will bring more terrible disasters to the opponent dark world rulers, this time truthfully for the human wellbeing not of western ruler class dirty conspiracy and cheating, from the public dedicated for the public. The route is still hard and long, on its starting few humble extremely difficult steps, and very, very promising. If you despaired and has given up, hence certainly you seem never seen any child walking his first steps on his early life, you have forgotten that one day yourself was that child, perhaps it is different child this time has a better chance than what we ever had.

I am sorry; the truth is painful to all, still it is truth.

(18) Solution, is it what jumps to your mind? Man please, I big you, here I am limitedly playing the role of hobbyist historian not solver, I find my attacking on some historical figures high in cultural and political rank to be taken for some of them as Gods, unfortunately doesn’t cheer me vividly and undermine my arrogance to claim “humble hobbyist”, whatever. The historiography never tells solutions, this is not the job of the historiography, all the time it only tells the humans that they are plainly irritating stupid, very indeed. However, I tell you what I know within this exciting unpaid job serving the stupid tedious paradigms of mankind; wait a moment, no, not me, I am not man-kind, I’m man-sort, exactly like this is communism and that is capitalism; this is republic and that is tyranny; so I don’t belong to your stupid tediousness, bastard man-kind; forgive the hobbyist language when tends to be bit vernacular; now that feel better, thank you man I’m cheered. Humbly I tell you, within realm of historiography, it doesn’t see the human course in series of problems and solutions; it sees the course in series of historical operations, sometimes a single operation started by a solution and ended by terminating destructive problem and no chance for sequenced solutions, even you can’t tell which was the original cause of termination if it was the solution or the problem, that is. USA specifically is one of these examples, it started from zero by what it seemed humanistic solutions and it seems ending by problems resulted directly from its originating solutions. Sometimes another historical unit operation; started by problem to be replaced by bigger problem as solution and ended by problem that considered as right solution for the middle problem and the original start problem never solved that only became just dead history. USSR is example of this sort, Caesarism then worse brutal bolshevism then disintegration and great confused disappointment. Sometimes the operation is continuous one problem for many thousands of years almost never solved and getting worse unbelievable slavery as it ascends and, you can’t tell if it was a problem or it might be considered a character trait of the human content in this historical operation, so it can’t be said problem but it is their solution for all life problems. Egypt is one of these rare examples, and Japan is in not far category of history operations. Both have some sharing qualities and traits that might be considered problematic while Egypt has different more problematic traits doesn’t share with Japan and Japan has different more traits that considered kind and good and might be considered solutions that doesn’t share with Egypt to bring itself into close different category. In the Egyptian over whole historic operation, it had all problematic traits concerning the human injustice and suffers; starting from Israeli bondage in Egypt until this very moment though this time it is the entire Egyptian people bondage. By the way; by mentioning the Israeli bondage in Egypt I violate the mercenary historian traditions of the modern historiography that directly and explicitly mandated by the European renaissance from the European Middle Ages; it had mandated directly to exclude any religion historian narrations in direct angry discredit, and they made their hand made religions by lies full of unscientific contradicting legends took different label of soft-science and modern historiography, which we see been brutally falsified before our bare eyes, which is another difference between professional historiography and hobbyist. We the hobbyist should stand and write the hard-scientific right history not like God, we can’t, but just enough to tell the future “don’t be stupid like us, be better than we were”; through all ancient and recent history of all mankind there were honest men hardening the scientific knowledge process even if few and there the dishonest who softened it for evil intentions, the dishonest soft-scientific history never was the monopoly of this current history. And through the rebellion against the professional historians I say there might be a metaphysical factor is much missed that made any explanation for any history operation and imagining solution very hard intellectually to process or accept, or understand; or to record in sharp clearness. I think I was clear that I am not professional. Though Egypt is continuously all problematic all history, its civilization prospered for many thousands of years then its civilization fully diminished for the next many thousands of years with all the same problematic traits never changed allover the time. In the Japanese over whole historic operation, the problematic traits and the good solution traits lived side by side in parallel within the public and the system; neither eliminated nor canceled either, in continuous prospering in fair average through their history, yet because the solution and problem never one of them could get over the other we can’t say it was all peace and prospering, occasionally even if the disease did not manifest inside, it certainly manifested on outside, some of these manifestations crept into China and reached Vietnam in invasion conquests and ended by USA nuclear explosions in Nagasaki and Hiroshima in inside then again it manifests in economical war between Japan and USA in which Japan won this turn, but the disease is still there. What I want to tell, if the history was about solutions USA wouldn’t in open and in secret to try to emulate the Roman Empire paradigm of failure and the Greek philosophical cheating and trickery and great suffer to everyone involved, would they! They studied the history to find the worst stupid paradigms to emulate and no least real honest solution to anything. Humbly I tell , in a history treatise from a hobbyist, historiography doesn’t treat the eventual issues as problems and solutions, rather as total operation and all within influential factors that lead to some direction of whatever, what harms someone might be good for another, what might be a problem somewhere might be solution to someone else, war trends, defense and offense or surrendering and obedience, revolutions, rebellions and negotiations, pacification trends, ideologies, religions, cultures, languages, society texture, geography, natural gifts, natural disasters, economics and politics, coercion and compromising, manifestations and strikes, injustice and justice, inheritance of history, etc. etc, even one public folklore song might do too much while in itself there no any solution for anything, sometimes one pullet may do much more than hundred bomb. All are influential factors share directing the shape and interaction of the historical operation, even if you tried to make a survey among humans around the world, about what the problem is and what the solution is, hardly you get agreement around within one family or one intimate group of friends, I swear sometimes in many cases you will not find your sought agreement inside some unit individual human being. I advise you if you tried this survey, don’t go to some Yoga practitioner to ask “what is your opinion about the today international price inflation of foods and hungry among the poor?” very likely he will answer you “finally the humanity found a solution for all their problems”, no don’t do it, please, I big you. I myself see it a big problem in which USA as strong nation is killing the paupers in global wide indiscriminate masses allover the world using its economical weapon tool in dollars by the consent and agreement of most the stooge governments of the third world that supported the USA dollars, it defends its own interests to the last bunker, the food is there but the American financial crisis managed by their hands to substantiate their wars by wide murdering and extorting money, this is a problem I see out my hobby. So don’t ask me about solutions in history operations, of course there are problems and of course there are solutions but they are not the concern of the history operations. However, I can tell you, we are living in distinctive epoch where so many paradigms have fallen so fast and many others are falling faster than ever, the hoaxes of paradigms concealed in fake new patterns are revealing one by one, masks are falling in masses more than the dead leafs of the senile dry trees, direct military aggression as classical factor in history operations still is the most determinant and dominant factor on all operations. Someone will win and some other will lose, may none win and may all win. We are in extremely hurried aggressive transformation in history operation shape and direction, thousands, may be millions of factors are clashing each other inside the one clan and the one family and the one individual mind to shape this contemporary inverting history operation, mass aggressive and all familiar paradigms are falling dashed in surprises, new patterns will arise, hoaxes failed. Trust the hobbyist historian; don’t worry about the solutions; who searches for solutions honestly, the honest solutions will find him, honest solutions all time were there but there were no enough honest men to take and to pay their costs, no matter how expensive.

(19) Naaa, this is just hobbyist exploitation of the human right of freedom of blabbing about “history deconstructionism”. Perhaps because I am not professional I find myself can’t explain “Deconstructionism” much better than it is “philosophical terrorism”; yet practically is legal until this now if you don’t specifically discuss the Nazi Holocaust; while I am deconstructing incredibly much worse savage western global holocaust for entire mankind never named. One day, if the current history operation turned to the “absolute freedom” of the American faction success side, it would be totally illegal exactly like the human right to defend himself, his people and his country is illegal very today, though allover the history the situation was not much better except for little durations. No, I am not pessimistic; don’t get me wrong; I believe if it happened they might let some of it for entertaining frivolous needs and literature deception ornaments no much less than what they do today, only free blabbing will be abolished, it was no important blabbing anyway. Yet I am not pessimistic, if it would be illegal doesn’t mean it will not be practiced illegally in terrorism, you know, it always happens all time. The rulers of the world are irrationally and insanely over optimistic about the soon future. The historian in role has no right of optimism or pessimism even if hobbyist, for this I said I am not pessimistic and this is what I play here unless I change my role to something else. Masks and deceptions, tell me something new, paradigms are not new; they are history. Have fun.

However, can we write the true history without freedom of blabbing!

Manifesto inferno to misters, James Madison, Adam Smith, John Maynard Keynes, Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels, Aristotle, Plato and Buddha.

All human being individuals on this planet Earth without little exceptions are equal history makers at least by weakness, cowardice, negligence, ignorance, stupidity, vanity, covetousness, greed, cheating or shameful disgrace; in world of today openly those are uttered virtues as it doesn’t seem; writing the history is only about the dead and making history is about the dead and the live, this historical fact is not blabbing after all.

I hate historiography; I don’t know why someone waste his time in some hobby he hates, almost all time you study the same disgusting story of the “stupid and the scumbag”; isn’t “beauty and the beast” much better, oops, well, I don’t think it that much either.

Blabbed by;
Ashraf Moussa
May 29, 2008.
On May 31, I found this publication on next page “Silent weapons for Quiet wars” on the site; which is extraordinarily full connected to everything I wrote about above. I had finished my treatise on May 29 and I didn’t alter any thing within since. The web post is published by brave US American honest and sincere internet publisher to entire mankind. I extremely advise to read in conjunction to my treatise, I mandate it, you have not read my treatise if you did not read this web post too, and vice versa. They are fully completing each other. As there is one king God for this existence, he doesn’t make coincidences, he manages in coordination; God is the only absolute. Even down to the very basics of human hand-made laws are extreme human crimes and full oppression.

I found the way to this web page through the news list on; the original web site of the “lawfulpath” is not reachable, nor the email contact; I don’t know if it had been locked and been shut down by the criminals. Still the next link works until June 5, 2008 as I checked; it mirrors little of the original dead site content of the shot-down “lawfulpath”:

One of my personal Mottos: “When the criminal becomes governor and dictates the law, his crimes become the constitutional and lawful”.

My advice: “When you see the right signs and right omens, you will recognize them doubtlessly; follow them urgently for your salvation”.

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