Amid dueling debt plans, Obama to address nation
Reuters, Mon, Jul 25, 2011

(((((Raising the stakes and seeking to seize back control of the debate, the White House said Obama would address the nation at 9 p.m. EDT (0100 GMT) about “avoiding default and the best approach to cutting deficits.”)))))
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((((((((While administration officials have called a U.S. government default — it would be the first in history — “unthinkable,” the showdown risks badly denting the image in global markets of the world’s largest economy and only superpower, and threatening its recovery from recession.))))))))


House Republicans challenge Senate Democrats
Reuters, July 28, 2011

(((((((WASHINGTON (Reuters) – House of Representatives Republican leader Eric Cantor Thursday challenged the Democratic-led Senate to accept a House-passed bill raising the debt limit or suffer the consequences of default.

Cantor issued the challenge at a news conference just hours before the Republican-controlled House was tentatively set to vote on a revised proposal to reduce deficits and raise the debt ceiling short-term.)))))


Manifesto inferno III, Subterranean Magma upheaval. May 25, 2010

– – >
The real story of the Hutaree incident:

Observations of circumstances must be hold in sight at the same time and surrounded the Hutaree-FBI clash incident, to know the real story:

(1) In terms of economic activity; the debt is meant to raising the ability to produce and pay by way or another, the quantity of the debt, if failed within the tolerated period to pay, from the point you wherever reached at the end of the period you will pay the debt in first priority downwards into your original capital that you started by, the loss will be taken from your original capital if there is, no ethical crisis until now. The debt should be paid unless the creditor allowed it as charity, this is another story. The debtor borrows the debt to induce some profit compatible with the quantity of the debt that might help him to expand his economical and personal activity, understood. The term profit in general happened to take a common medium profit throughout the entire market activities; in very rare peculiar especial cases it might greatly exceed or lag that medium, well known, well understood. When it comes to the borrowing as form of business and sort of trade, which is the infamous forbidden usury by the Abrahamic religions that almost all centric governments hate and fight as their enemy, the interest is based on the common medium profit of the market because it is business that is expected to gain the same estimated medium profit of other sorts of business like factories, construction field or agriculture. Naturally away trivial empty theories, the natural economics greatly force with the dynamics of nature to level evenly the common profit throughout the market, wherever there is a temporary spike profit the movements from the lower areas will jump in fast to get the advantage then it levels out, natural, the otherwise here or there is just temporary. What is missed in mind is that if the creditor with his gain of the interest had overtaken the entire profit returned from the quantity of the debt according to the medium-market-profit, what did the debtor gain? The debtor returned the debt quantity and the profit, and gained nothing, that what was entirely missed from the brain of the debtors. It doesn’t work like this; they work it out many folds worse and eviler than this, this is just simplistic idiot explanation to bring back to your brain primarily what was missed in your mind. They exaggerate in the interest rate above the medium market profit to ensure the return of the capital as fast as possible before you bankrupt, one time I was watching the market fifteen years ago at a some period of pretentious tranquility, I found that the market medium profit was about 10-12% while the debts interest rate was about 25%, which lead to that the debtor doesn’t only pay the entire profit returned from working that debt but he paid too the profit returned from some equal quantity to the debt from his original capital before the debt, double the medium profit. The debt is not helping him at all; it is encroaching into his original capital even if he is most successful, no way. I am sorry, it is not worse enough, there is assistance from the complexity of composed interest rate that ensure much more that the exaggeration to survive the inflation the bankers themselves managed and continuously illegally thieving in daylight. I calculated that if the annual simple interest rate is 1%, the complex composed-interest rate is multiplied many folds depends on how many installments the total debt plus interests would be divided. For example, if you pay monthly installments, hence the real hidden annual rate is six folds of that one percent in annual average. There it is risen the definition of the subprime mortgage. It is not who already have equal capital of the debt, no, if I have nothing and got a debt I purchase a house or some materials for my production line, I pay interests with installments until I bankrupted hence the creditor takes back the rest of the debt from confiscating what I had purchased by the debt, the creditor in fact lost nothing, no, this is economical cheating and deception, on any direction he is winner and the debt is paid certainly. They don’t fear the no returning of their debt, they get it back in many ways, and from the beginning they manage and plan that. Their real definition of the subprime-mortgage debtor is who with working debt there is a possibility that he can’t pay the many folds of the market medium profit required by the interest plus the basic installment, only one may pass that level, one whose income in whole is bigger than the debt interests plus the installments. Which means; almost all the middle class is subprime-mortgage-debtors in case if they sought debt, by default. Only the debtor who borrows very little percentage of his own capital who survive the slavery twirling-sucking down cycle of USURY, and he doesn’t do it for growing his business but only because he passes the classical necessity for some very critical temporary shortage. It leads to that the proclaimed western philosophy of “the credit tool is evolutionary implement to grow and create economical energetic growth”, is one of the most disastrous cheating and deception ever forced forward by the global economics in hands of the New World Order Organization and their clients and treasonous puppets, specifically the Western Civilization. The usury economics is only a tool for constant slavery, pure and simple. I don’t know one businessman or in bigger scale one country that could gain its freedom back from the unbroken chains of the usury, if you know one of them please inform me, each country caught in that chain remains forever in that chain until it rebels and get out, otherwise. Otherwise it will forever pay its entire income to the creditor until the country sucked dry, then may be the creditor consider rescheduling the debt or lending him more chains for only one thing, ensuring that the country will not break free, while he or the country might had paid the basic capital of debt many times. Rare of the economists understand this, the usury had been invented in history of mankind and had been designed and practiced in such management for only one purpose, one purpose that “it should not be paid”, the creditor is not happy by paying back the debt fast but he lose if it is paid back, and it ends only by the death of the miserable idiot unless he has sold his children out before his death or in his written will which is more likely and the country is the same for they sold their coming generations out in the global slavery market, direct or indirect slavery. Any other idea you have in your mind, forgive me if I doubted that you have mind at all, or perhaps you are one of their propaganda machines.

It comes to the mind of no one that the crisis of unemployment never start to be sensed or noticed clearly until it reaches the level of one in five, before that level it is not seriously sensed. Forget about the percentages they publicize, it is all lies; it had surpassed the 20% of the total count of the labor hand to unknown dramatic extent, it has surpassed that level for more than a year right now. Corporation’s revenue losses (who of them that used to pay taxes, some have the privilege to not pay at all), with big unemployment, explosive costs of war is already consuming much more than half the entire national “product and income” and composed something around 80% of the entire national economic activity, devaluation of the unstable dollars, low tax revenue, relentless hemorrhage because of governmental financial mismanagement, relentless hemorrhage because of governmental financial direct corruption, relentless continuous natural disasters of different sorts (forest fires, draughts, floods, killer frozen winter, killer hot summer, hurricanes, and lastly while I am writing this, the biggest oil leakage in history in the Mexican gulf (underwater oil volcano as some describe it), but not the last for there are more to come and may be worse if this one didn’t convince you), the private international bankers who owns the FED are deporting their wealth overseas while giving USA ink on paper called dollar only supported by the military activity (Imperial economics) with interest rate, the fatally uncontrolled war machine (military army cultured with war and fatal adventurous risks and not defense), ultra-complex unrecorded set of out-of-control war intelligence communities “known official and unknown non-official” to the extent each of them doesn’t know if itself is patriot or treasonous, each half of both the FBI’s two halves is certain that the other half is treasonous and has shocking rigid evidences to that claim, not all bad news, CIA is rather stable than the FBI for they are entirely one unit piece of highest treason thankfully to the Nazi Hitler, Hitler won the WWII in contrary to how all perceived the outcome, Operation Paperclip, he sacrificed his army in the battlefield for the Gestapo to win on strategic global level, do you want me to continue counting, it is fun to me, it is not fun for you. The American government is only afloat by only one thing, borrowing and borrowing, while maintaining the global oppressive police power duties to only the benefit of the NWO organization. The entire ruling class the open and the secret, of USA, are full aware of the deadly exhaustive twirling down cycle and in their eyes they focus on every fraction of second. Right now, the American national debit exceeds twelve trillions and no way, no way except it must grow indefinitely out of any boondoggle of control; initially at about rate of three trillions annually in simplistic estimation and the more probable exponential estimation because of inflation and increasing counter military expenditure and economic senility is unexpected, total American national citizenry debt exceeds fifty trillion dollars (some said it exceeds one hundred trillion dollars, I don’t know myself, it is dispersed among bank sheets and its estimation publicly is unknown) and whatever it is it almost reached standoff that the citizens will not pay it or its interests and they can’t reach to means of life and work because of it and any mean to hail this public situation will increase the debt or annulling it by recording unbearable gross loss in other sides in the economic structure that will destroy the entire system more beyond the market crisis.

Today the entire earth is fully connected by financial dependent and trade dependent global transporting/communicative tools. Global debit already exceeded one quadrillion dollars (thousand trillion), plain and exponential debts that automatically grow by its own complex interests and complicatedly nesting in complications; in physics known as “destructive butterfly effect” or as known in engineering experience by “unstable positive feedback system”, in other simpler words it is self pushing. For example, add to that quantity the recent 140 billion dollars bailout to Greece to not default in its already existent sovereign debt. It is impossible in anyway to pay back the Greece’s debt at any time in any future unless the creditor’s economics itself shrunk or Greece’s sovereignty itself disappear and still-after the Greek public will owe to strip their clothes that value nothing, either way if happened it would be only a matter of evaluation of the floating Fiat currencies in economical bases, all the time the Fiat money is unreal game. Otherwise if the Greek politicians are not treasonous like almost all the politicians then still the national bankruptcy is the only way out, of course they are treasonous; we are on the poor miserable earth plagued by the politicians of mankind, and the riot-police occupation forces.

The brief fact is. It is not only the USA is bankrupted and only continues afloat by more borrowing exactly like Greece, even before Greece; the debt that it will never be able to pay, impossible in any except by the defaulting, even the most unethical ways to evade paying the debt is not feasible. Nope, almost the entire world is bankrupted; the entire world can’t any longer pay the installments with interests while paying for their very basic needs, which is only solved by more borrowing; on level of the individual citizen and on the level of the state itself. Who is the creditor? The global economical branch of the NWO organization commonly known on the surface as the transnational bankers, of course I suppose you understand that the organization has many complicated branches, yes, yes, they have their own something like education-ministry, every branch in the organization is not like the ordinary, each branch is about how to destroy the correspondent branch of ordinary human world and infect it by theirs, like this. The organization has no purpose except enslaving the sweat of mankind to them and determinately to destroy and kill the useless to them, otherwise kill them all, absolutely there is no other purpose for them on this earth.

It is pathetic to hear some people worrying that USA might reach to the situation of Greece, while it is in situation of Greece for about ten years right now and its debt is accumulating; the only difference is that USA borrows unrestrictedly without seriously inspecting its financial situation because it is the useful power for the organization at the moment. And it is not easy to dismantle such program named USA like shutting down home computer; it is about many programs connected to many other programs. While Greece is not such important hence it is easily busted. This is the only economical and financial situation difference between USA and Greece.

– – >


Manifesto Inferno II; Lava.
October 31, 2008.

– – >
However, you find something undefined called “John Maynard Keynes”, to full extent negatively genius expert, had invented monetary tools, like interest rates and inflations and deflations to evade Mr. Ghost; and of course because he doesn’t see what is chasing him, he mostly and likely, both, he runs to “Mr. ghost” by his tools faster and faster and tighter into his trap. The best sincere honest economist is yet fully imprisoned in the very fake artificial code of the blood suckers mother-evils, if some economist, seriously, honestly with free mind to the degree of not being educated economist by them, if he investigated the Keynesian theories along the sequent economical crises after him, he would find that it never worked, never at all, rather it exacerbated the situations greatly. And until this moment still there lot of them follow the marvel of his theories especially within the USA authoritative figures that defines the very wrong ugly face of the bureaucratism. It inspires some serious question, what could be the stupider than the stupidity itself yet the nerve-brain system is considered healthy and fit by the neurologists? Come on be fair, I taught you something new, in return I believe you should teach me the answer of this question that until now I never found, if you know the answer. Perhaps president Bush or Egyptian president Mubarak knows the answer and of their generous kindness will give us some hand, Mr. very bad and Mr. very ugly. Whatever it meant we should research more about the human phenomenon of global stupidity. And this is what very now we see internationally and very specifically within United States of American Empire, Mr Ghost is chasing Mr evil government running amok. It is impossible to solve this crisis by any plain monetary mean, it is time of justice, enjoy it. So it reminds to our insight the comparison and the always confrontation of “secularism versus authentic divine religion”, the authentic divine religions all history of mankind creation had forbidden the Usury and the seculars that faked they are the enlightenment and the light of science away dogmas of God wisdom they are the creators of this international devastation by their unscientific dogmas, yeeeh, they know better than God, you know, they are gods. Moses, Jesus, and Mohamed, all of them had refreshed the reminding of the divine sanction of forbidding the evil Usury behavior completely, who listens! Religious moral conduct has physical hard honest scientific grounds if you didn’t falsify it to kill the confidence in, if you don’t know it within your evil empty arrogance it doesn’t invalidate it but you will pay it sooner or later, justice takes its place if not today then at doomsday it will complete. Mr. stupid, though your God governmental criminals around the world don’t know what I am talking about they feel and see something fatal dangerous is going on completely out their control. As always they don’t try to salve the economics from falling into the recessions and depressions, this is not very big problem as they don’t suffer it greatly as you do though they don’t meant it to be fair honest explanation. As always they hardly gaining the time to try to slave only their selves by any possible mean at any cost out the systemic collapse letting you with no garbage-can you can eat from while they escape, too while there is no such mean and there is no such super CIA computer program that can help their barbarian evil, justice forcibly takes place, the entire humanity altogether cannot stop it when it comes. And it fits here to quote Mr Henry Ford “It is well that the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning”, though I little doubt that the sick seculars themselves understand their own banking and monetary system beyond it is sort of delicious extortion of blood, they didn’t know that one day it had might turn to be very killer for their selves too. Even the situation is worse than this, do you think if they repented and became angels and suddenly wanted to run the economic in moral manner, and make moral currency, do you think they know how to do that? You are somewhere outside of this galaxy from any here awareness of how far the situation is rotten, the fact is they don’t know how to run it in any righteous moral manner on first place, they are just gang of ignorant plain thieves, that is all, and who wants any moral conduct anyway! Sometimes I feel the mass public slaves are much worse than their slavers and they deserve each other.

– – >

Don’t rely fully on the traditional economic education, it very harmfully lacks a lot and basically designed for accounting frauds and imprisoning who study it in great intentional deception away physical reality, economy is the evilest soft science branch ever. It is like some blood sucker brought some stupid servant and demanded him to cook some delicious soup of mankind blood, of course the servant on this course will not introduce any beneficial sincere hard science; science never was in any focus of his eye. The servant of the blood suckers will produce something called western-Jewish economy and western-Jewish political slavery. There are other sorts of inflation, each has its own nature and behaviors, I am not interested to list and name all I know of them though they are to some variant extent influential. Yet in general hold in mind, whenever some inflation/deflation in the market conditions anywhere regardless of the economic system practiced being clearly noticed hence you should comprehend that the inflation/deflation is not single type and is not single classification, and there are many different feeding causes for the inflation-deflation illness in variant percentages within the total inflation-deflation outcome, only FMI is inherit quality to the evil Fiat money policy but some other sorts of inflations and deflations might be money policy independent, if you are not governmental political figure and really intend to solve then you should learn of this. Neither inflation nor deflation is good, they are illness, every inflation sort has its scale opposite direction of deflation; mostly I concentrated on one side just to compress the concepts; and I let you estimate on same way the other counter direction in same category. And it deserves to mention some important fast notes for who doesn’t know; note1: deflation is not good except when it happens due to more producing real wealth while the quantity of currency papers is fixed otherwise the mother-evils governments is inflicting it by manipulating the quantity of papers in the market to manipulate the prices which is theft very equally either; note2: because lot of confusions I greatly noticed among public we should clarify this, the rise of prices as inflation happens when, all the prices go up or the least when some commodity or material rise and the rest are fixed, in general it means that the average of prices tend to rise, otherwise rising some price while the other plummet enough for the average still stable hence it is much likely the material and commodity “relative availability force” of the natural market behavior but unlikely it is inflation-deflation, and vice versa about the deflation.

– – >

Ashraf, you sound like terrorist! Of course I am, I never denied this, today the term “terrorist” only in reality meant “being unruly to the criminal injustice rules and injustice creeds”, this what I am and this what you should be, but I never committed any least immoral human crime like your Satanic Masters, you know, ummm, you know may be some little sins here or there, mmmmmay be bit little bigger than very little sins here or there. Whatever, the NWO may sacrifice and accept any losses except their most inner central structure being exposed yet in this current phase of international human intelligence conditions and crises they inflicted. Their top power until now lies in one thing in “not being exposed”, I believe the NWO organization should accept the loss this round and retract to its hole, it is neither the first big tactical defeat in their history nor the last, otherwise!!!


Today general comment:

USA: all along the road of challenging me; you are doing nothing more than digging much faster deeper grave to yourselves. You will not win anything. There is a fate written for you by God, face it, no way to avoid it, I told you what that fate is. Print trillion of trillions of toilet dollar paper and it will not avert the lethal consequences; only you will gain nothing more than poisonous debts over dead debts. By the way, I am going to annul the evil blundering effect of your fiat dollar money and unjust criminal debt on the middle and poor class allover the world. I think the time has come to this move from me; timing is key success in tactics; you know; ; ; ; ; ; to stop that American global human economical bleeding. It is the “food of the ants”. All people used to kill the ants in their homes, I love them; in real life I love to feed them, believe me, truly I do likely.

Am I crazy? Really! USA government, listen carefully, you ever the last who should think this way about me! We together had long run against each other, and you know me better than that, for the good old days I send a wink.

Remember what I told as early as 2002, only two words you needed from me then, “you can’t”. Do you have bankrupted memory like your treasury department?

((((Brainstorm community
Message 2 of 8 in Discussion
From: self_enfolding_one
Sent: 5/24/2002 3:18 AM

Only two words you need: You can’t.))))

No, Mr. Obama, you can’t.

To the losers whosoever in any side: “watch it”.

I am watching too, why not! Let us have fun, who doesn’t love the fun! I love it, oh yeah; there is lot of fun coming on my way.
July 28, 2011

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