Manifesto paradiso IV, flowers, butterflies and rainbow

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(Before January 25, 2011, I was on writing)

1) No precedent, no first of all, no body said it, not written in top secret files, I’ll tell you stories no body say it to himself even if knew it, shush. Whisper down your voice to the ear and hide your mouth, the walls have ears; the windows have eyes, shshshsh. Do you see any body around; is son of Satan tyrant Mameluke/ Mobarak “Pasha” around? Wait a moment, are you wired? Let me search you out; ho, ha ha, no, no, no not my stomach, it is tickling. Nothing, it’s okay, you’re clean. After I tell you, forget everything I told you for ultimate secrecy sake, do you promise? Take oath of the scout and your two fingers on heart. I got your promise. Now, do you remember any story I told you? WHAT, YOU SAID NOTHING? Hence, you don’t remember, good, you are a man of honored word, I trust you.

2) Give me your ears; I’ll tell you more stories. I am wary of you; you look crazy; if I give you my ears how do I walk in my shoes? You don’t need shoes to necessarily walk, you need ears to listen, now give me your ears. Oh, it’s okay then. The term constitution had arisen when the “sociopath negative gang” recognized that they should let something for the farmers to live by to the next year, to work and produce, then pay the extortion. Laws of thermodynamics imposed itself, you can’t have the entire gain, that is impossible even for the most criminal systems if they intended to kill the entire populace, the resistance will make the losses of value that they didn’t want to let on first place, the resistant populace is dead either way. No way, to get something you should let something; is one law in thermodynamics, the nature. Can the tyrants create new nature of their own? Yes, Satan had promised them this in the “authentic/original sin” criterion the first time up there in the paradise and still promises it today. Some of them think that they are Gods; you know, like the insane Criminal American Government. They only succeed to reach a stupid no-return-point situation where they kill their slaves and their selves, we all see this is happening right now because they thought that they can create new nature, oh man, come on, they are Gods. That is the constitution concept and term is all about, whether constitutional monarchy or constitutional republic, or even direct plain dictatorship with variable oral constitution, it has nothing to do with democracy at all. No mundane constitution is about democracy, it is about the thermodynamics laws that don’t involve any democracy. Even in worst forms of human tyranny, nature pushes and imposes some part of justice way or another or destroy it all. Some faint gleam of justice always sneaks in; when it is gone in deportation the system is gone with it like the dying man in his last breath. I am completely familiar with this mundane natural fact, “Even in most evil structures, there dwells some part of goodness to survive, the pure evil doesn’t survive one least moment on inception and it goes the counter direction the same math”. This world we live in is not a world of purity of either, God created it from nothing and to separate this from that and extract that from this, for a latter everlasting different nature-life, that is. The real creator creates and destroys and creates whatever he wants from the creatures and nature laws, the fake Gods only destroy and corrupt and create nothing at all, even with that they can’t accomplish least of their insanity in temporariness except by the real God permission and will for many causes, one of them is freewill.

3) (Halted on January 25 then I resumed writing on March 3, 2011- – well, it seems Mobarak Son of Satan is not around any longer, Mubarak to hell, God knows who is next for hell)

Who said that human-made Constitutions are for Democracy even in best intentions? Very wrong perception, wrong assumption in practice, or skillful deception; in fact the constitution is a political environment setting for economical production stability of whatever sort, taxation and confinement of the devices of production within its controlled limits namely you,,,, Sooooooo, so, do the Americans really believe that the paper money backed by gold as stated in the glorious American constitution is different than the evil Fiat Money thus the American constitution is the freest in the world? Take care; your gold backing restrains are fitted to the unknown deep dark bank vault manipulating the real market values in monopoly at best; and in cheating and thieving at worst as the most usual of what happens in dark, ask the British about this. While the modern fiat money restrains are fitted to the will of the printer in control of the bank either, either way you are production tool as product of the phonic democratic constitution. Now I am happier than you in Egypt, in the wake of Egyptian revolution January 25, 201l and falling of the western/ Israeli saboteur spy “Hosny Mobarak” and his team of spies, we live a wonderful freedom of little period of time without constitution at all, as short transition period. I love it; you may call it something like “the impulsive sensational beauty of the revolution”. I don’t know, may be I am sadistic or masochistic in some way that I didn’t notice of myself, I’ll investigate this later; fake promise. Ummm, whatever, it is rare chance to observe the short flash phenomenon, rarer than discovering deeply-buried Skelton of some dinosaur in the north Sahara of Africa and more valuable because it is not dead bones, it is live flesh. The dinosaur walks and is kicking inRugbygame without referee at all, it is brutally fair. Even the wrongly-perceived-lawless criminal gangs have some sort of constitution, weird! “Sometimes” the governments are evilest ever than any of these you think wrongly they live lawless, actually much more than “sometimes”. If some of them don’t live by your laws you sworn at, it doesn’t mean they are lawless. Had really your own laws protected you, or, did it protect your government against you? Who are the lawless criminal gangs? Though the Egyptian people felt what I felt without constitution as we speak; some degree of euphoria of tumultuous freedom for a short while of no constitution and lawlessness except some tiny survival natural sense of ethics had been lost long, long time ago, I doubt they had any of it in their entire known recorded history. I predict that they had it couple of short durations in history, just I guess. Though of this they are impatient to get a new constitution, it seems that I am not the only masochistic character on this planet, it comes in variant ways. I guess perhaps they wanted to balance the relations among their selves in sadistic manner unless they really sought real justice; at which, I am very pessimistic for certain causes that are societal this time rather than political. Democracy and justice are neither conflicting nor appeasing issues to each other. Simply they are different issues, almost independent characteristics yet very interacting. It is just a matter of optimism about the distribution of power tends to be less corrupt in terms of societal equality which is not as same as justice. About this point specifically there is something sharply pointed out from the Islamic religion, “the individual should not oppress the many, and the many should not oppress the individual”, it is one of the commandments of God allover history of the divine religions. It is talking about when the democracy practiced among sort of people who are willing generally for universal justice, because everyone from the oppressing many in some different situation, way or another, might reach to be that individual whom is oppressed by the many. Hence the real justice role is about protecting both the individual and the many then the democracy with the interaction of justice becomes “Just progressive democracy”. I think it is NOT anything like the western paradoxical “representative democracy”; the real full democracy cannot be represented in behalf who is in concern of the decision. Certainly the Tunisians are passing the same experience because of the universal human nature; contemporarily they won the privilege of the revolutionary pioneers about this sequence of events in theMiddle East. Iran had made it many times including their last successful revolution “April 1, 1979” while they continue achieving more progress, strength, prosperity everyday since, and still very now today, this moment I write this article, Iran is my personal pride, standing this very moment as the pride example of every struggling post-colonial people on earth or at least to me, pioneers of the past, not the future. The sincere pioneers of the future always dig in the past, not for repeating the same mistakes; they are digging in the past for real rigid foundation including not repeating the same mistakes. The New World Order fake revolutionaries like The Egyptian Abdul-Nasser who had been the surface head of the fraudulent Egyptian revolution 1952 or later like the Libyan Al- Gaddafi who is still alive or anywhere; the fake revolutionary NWO organization in total, actually if it is anything beyond the ancient story of enslavement of mankind then it is indeterminately much worse, unlimitedly criminal and unlimitedly barbarian, organization of morons and paradoxical insanity. The real revolutions are not coming on the way any longer, the real revolution today is here and act alive, it is here to fight and to free. Technically and plain, one of the ways of producing innovation is by simply inversing what was wrong in the past to new untraditional sanity or saner, it is innovation on that sense, though I don’t totally agree they traditionally used to call something close alike “the necessity is the mother of innovation”. What the revolution could be without the innovation element!

4) Nature and natural laws, yes, but the human most likely don’t like the responsible freedom in harmony with the laws of nature, while he loves the destructive delusive freedom in his confrontation with the nature in which he satisfies his deadly sickness. In practice; majority of the governments allover the world, they don’t respect the socio-political arbitration namely the “constitution”, and their publics themselves too. The examples are plenteous everywhere, sometimes little unclear and most likely in full clear violation on open sight. One of the most infamous violation incidences, the American dollar, on second place it is not backed by definite constant quantity of precious metal like gold according to the constitution, and entirely on first place it is borrowed from foreign banks in violation to the entire national economic-political sovereignty not only the American constitution. Even in the past when it was backed by gold the American government had cheated the real golden face-value many times and no one held accountable for the embezzlement, so what? In Egypt, all the time since the fake European-NWO revolution in Egypt 1952, it was a pure military coupe; the majority of the Egyptian legislations was and is doubtlessly unconstitutional. Even that little fake paper constitutional ornament they can’t hang to the wall firmly. In Egypt it reached to extent that, the lawyers when started to understand this bare fact, whenever their client is almost locked in the case without escape, one of the easy ways is to defend that the specific law in concern is unconstitutional and the case raised to the “high constitutional court”, the greatest probability they find that the specific legislation is truly unconstitutional. Then it took a political dimension when some of the lawyers used it as resistance mean against the incompetence of the Mobarak’s regime. That time it had pushed Mobarak threatening to cancel completely the entity “high constitutional court” to stop the flood of suits against the legislations themselves, comedian, yes! Otherwise according to the Egyptian governmental media of that era it was going to be national disaster. The “high constitution court” is the safe guard connection between the entity “constitution” and entity “legislation”, cut that connection and the constitution is killed dead. For a country to be constitutionally compatible in principle, it was considered national disaster, hilarious? It happens almost everywhere on earth, but not noted enough, for it is considered as some internal political management of no much value, I don’t know which is of no much value, the “political management” or the “constitution” itself as body? Criminal Ex-president Mobarak was truly interested in and respected the Egyptian constitution to a degree that he tried to cancel many times and the last of his attempts when he modified it such that he turned the constitution down to be emergency-martial law. Meanwhile the sequenced American regimes through the last century never tried to cancel the American constitution because they never respected and they considered it piece of paper doesn’t worth any least effort to cancel as long as it is easy to ignore and violate at anytime. Criminal Ex-president Dubya stated that explicitly once, my compassion with the American people (not all of them, some few). God himself, had sent down so many times the divine constitution, the humans few times supported and fulfilled in practice, and most of the time they either circumvented, or modified in falsifications, or totally ignored, or totally rejected, so what? So, what? White ink on white papers; or moving lips with words within background noise, let alone their value and validity or genuineness, so, what? Yes so what, no one sought the justice except when he himself oppressed, everyone forgot that the justice is not an individual-human right, Justice is social-human right because it comes through the societal behaviors and relations. If you lived alone in isolated island then the term justice lost its sense, and don’t forget that the “injustice” can be accomplished too through some ill sort the social equality. When the social trend tends to be unjust, the injustice never respected any sort of arbitration or responsible freewill; that is one fundamental reason why it is injustice. If the ruling and ruled people didn’t want the justice, no constitution will help even if it is the bible or Qur’aan, or the Ten Commandments. Did we truly need Ten Commandments to know that thievery or murdering is wrong? Of course we humans didn’t need the Ten Commandments to know it; God in fact had created set of natural logic and rational functions in our brains with the assistance of environmental observations to know what the justice is, God created what the justice is as instincts and nature laws long and long before, not only before the Messenger Moses, long before Adam himself been created for the first time. It is the human who wanted to cheat his own instincts and circumvent the laws of nature to achieve his ill desires, why it is ill, it is ill because it is unnatural. It is supposed that the common sense among humans must be the natural and instinctive, it is supposed so unless you are CIA (Central Intelligence of Amentia). But where are you going? Neither the nature laws will be broken; it is you who will be broken. Nor your fake pretence of stupidity will help evade the common sense of justice. So it comes to God to cut it in sharp determination, as rather reminding than new teaching, the divine constitutions like Ten Commandments, the Authentic-bible or the Qur’aan.

The constitution of whatever sort or degree of genuineness, in the foundation supposed basically to be an issue of credo; hence mostly it is about how the partners in the arbitration of credo would hate and fight each other. Why, because most the rulers and the ruled in major have different credos. Even in the case of divine scripture it is the situation between absolute infinite great creator who issued a credo that concerns with the relation between him the creator and us the creatures and the relations among us the human creatures. Our credo is that we are tiny creatures that want to be Big Gods and his credo is that he is infinite creator and feels compassion and pity for what he created. Let me be bit rather precise fair in statement than comedian in spirit, “in practice, the constitution is rather a land of aggression and injustice from one side at least or both when both sides are plainly humans, than, it is land of peace and justice, the main element of injustice and aggression common among constitutions regardless of sorts is the human himself”. Never peace and justice came out alive from papers including the authentic divine scripture; the divine scriptures only came as evidential warning against the human’s injustice as main purpose and to clear the sight in sharp determination as judgmental warning again. Peace and justice among humans rather comes when the human desires and wills in social outcomes tend to be sane and natural, that time the constitution will work for all and respected and honored by commitment not like Mubarak’s way that his respectful act expressed by cancellation.

5) Taking snapping observations, in terms of street security and discipline, it is much better and enhanced to many folds security without uniform police personnel inCairo the Capital of Egypt, very strange, how! Suppose that the socially dangerous disturbing characters, muggers, drug sellers, etc. and including the unscrupulous normal citizens, suppose for example they were 40 thousand, 30 thousand of them were the official police personnel themselves. I think you can imagine how the security has been enhanced. Of course; you can imagine that some of the uniform police personnel in such situation have turned from uniform-official criminal to plain-cloth-official criminal. It is still much better; don’t forget that some sort of criminals don’t work except in prestigious position; the above supposed number of 10 thousand has been increased to something like 15 thousand, yet the total situation is much better than 40 thousand criminals. Of course these numbers are only fictional arbitrary numbers for explanation purpose; actually it is something like this theme. Some very little remains of the interior ministry personnel started to return to work very cautiously and in limited authority with good intentions, some still with their bad intentions as usual but weaker, majority decided to not return at all after the deadly tough lesson they got through the days of the revolutionary violent climax.

6-a) While I am writing the adjacent previous paragraph, it reached my ears some leaked information that the “ex- state guards/security” intends to manage a campaign of wide scale terror of murders and sabotages in Egypt, to revenge and to impose on the public their returning to their old kingdom of horror, slavery and ultimate treason and ultimate insanity for the benefit of the international imperialism, specifically USA and Israel, Europe is always all time the real top controller behind the scene of the NWO organization. I start to be boring and boring, yet let me state it again, all the real criminal terrorist operations against the civilians in the last seventy years in Egypt, if not by complete plotting and management of the Egyptian government that is the major trend, then at least by cooperation offered by some governmental elements in fewer cases. Even without governmental covert criminal activity, the entire interior security ministry overt activity on plain sight was unchallenged continuous corruption and plain criminality of all lowest sorts; open the dictionary of crime activity and it was the Egyptian interior security ministry, the dictionary was something fatally inadequate to describe them. During the unrest they incited and committed wide scale human crimes. Right now, no body seeks open wide scale revenge against the ex-personnel of the ministry, but if they insisted on this criminal path, then an eye for an eye. The entire personal family members of the ex-security guys anywhere in Egypt will be subject for total revenge out and lynching. You will not kill the civilians in the streets, whether they are Muslims or Christians or any else, and we would stay paralyzed, no, you will pay heavier price and you are weaker. USA and Britain used that method heavily in Iraq, between the Muslims and Muslims, Muslims and Christians, between ethnics and ethnics, a very familiar method from USA, Britain and Israel. I advise you, accept the defeat and move on, the past tyrannical oppression of the police will not return at any cost. Of course the interior should radically should change its governing ideology, status and performance such that they understand that they their only duty is to protect their own people and their country. It is the future of their children. They should reject entirely being a tool in hand of the international imperialism of whatever to suppress the slaves in the colonies, in radical change based on that they should return on full scale to accomplish a real security for the Egyptian people which they never had performed. If you understood this, I am the first person who stands and say “welcome back” with my full support.

6-b) Many people still think that the Zionists are controlling the world, which is very wrong perception for some of them and is distraction disinformation method from others just to shatter the attention away the NWO core organization which is exclusively European doesn’t involve any Jews. The Zionists whether inUSA orIsrael itself are subordinate tool in hand of the NWO organization, they fabricated it from nowhere inEurope, and the Zionism has no value for the NWO more than what any machine tool might have. The NWO used the Zionists as mask and executive hands in some places and sectors of their control like mainly in the financial sector. You will not believe me if I said that, few within the Zionists are secretly aware of this fact because they are the NWO control “connection or bridge” that by their internal influence they reign the international Zionism apparatus, the rest of the Zionists outside this Zionist inner circle are plain morons. Try to imagine the interaction between the treasonous Zionists that are not sincere to the unconscious Zionist morons, the result sometimes might be a little bit uncontrollable very specially in surprising critical situations. This situation is one of them, the Egyptian revolution and in general almost all the revolutions in theMiddle East. Without going into complicated explanations, in brief I give the result. The trend ofUSA policy in concern of the Egyptian revolution is, still they believe they can control and contain the outcome of the revolution smoothly, and it should be smooth to stealthy succeed to steal it from hands of the revolutionary publics. The Zionist Israel has a different outcome view, the colonial control onEgypt had been lost and no hope is there, they believe they should burn it immediately. The real situation for all of them is extreme panic and facing challenging-disobedience. TheUSA and EU are hardly trying to pretend as friends of the democracy and the freedom revolutions while managing some infiltration hole by means of their Egyptian native agents, I don’t know how, it is insane and weird; it is deadly hilarious satire and cheap comedy. USA and EU all the time imperialistic allover the world and criminals to the bone, before WWII the behavior was clear on the surface; plain set of empires and colonies, then after the WWII they hided their real faces behind native barbarian dictatorship masks that they installed and controlled absolutely by their hands in the dark, it is not dark anymore. And what aboutIraq andAfghanistan, you impose direct clear imperial occupation forces, killing the civilian, children, women, killing everything alive if not enslaved by you, but you are supporting the democracy and freedom inLibya andEgypt, how it comes? On the other hand in different direction, Israel tries every way to burn Egypt all and now, starting from managing attacks against the Christians with help from some Egyptian ex-security personnel, most likely “state guards/security” or the “Egyptian intelligence” (National security council), up to finding any way to stir a civilian war between the entire Egyptian people and the Egyptian Army who is in temporary top authority, to burn it all! However, both sides agree to deter or contain the coming revolutions with ultimate possible means whatsoever, like spreading disinformation that all these revolutions are CIA manufacturing to deter the public from sharing. Take it from me, watch every mouth that said that these sequences of revolutions are CIA manufacture, identify them that they are the CIA or Mossad agents under cover of freedom activists or national patriots, only they try to confuse and deter the public away their own right of revolution opportunity. The NWO agents, the CIA and Mossad, never did and will never stand paralyzed while some disobedience unrest in their colonies is boiling, without at least trying to infiltrate by treasonous secret agents and fabricated prominent figures, this is a permanent rule, but to say the revolution is fabrication and the people should not revolt and try their freedom is different issue. Who are trying to deter the public from revolting are the cheating-betraying secret agents that work for the empires and the dictatorship. The real sincere revolutionary has one thing in his mind, “I don’t give up without a deadly fight, I don’t know how it will end, because it is real natural revolution”. Who are spreading the disinformation that the revolutions in theMiddle East are absolutely fated to failure because it is CIA manufactured, are the CIA Agents themselves to deter you.  Just for argument sake, just suppose the very wrong possibility, it is not real revolutions and it is CIA, I tell you what I would do, I jump in the CIA revolution and turn it against their selves and disrupt their plans to steer it in counter direction of what they designed, direct it towards the good of the public and the nation out of their control. I mean either way, if the revolution is either fake or real, personally I have thousands of real causes and reasons to revolt then why should I not jump in and use it to accomplish any degree of justice. I’ll jump in to steer it to the right direction out the control of any slavers, internal or external. No human can fabricate real natural revolution; it has its own laws of physics. We had been tricked, cheated and humiliated for long time, no for any longer. That sheer size of public attendance of flood comes only from real revolutions and because of real causes and reasons. The real natural revolutions always happen because of ample random different causes out of control of any direction at the beginning; then it might accomplish public benefit results or may not. Whatever; “We should clash against the injustice and stink stagnation” by itself is enough satisfactory definition of the revolution.

Take care; they are trying their ultimate effort to put the Egyptian people in direct armed confrontation with the Egyptian Army; this is ultimately wrong and will reach nowhere. To be fair I record this, the Egyptian army indeed is trying his best he can in sharp confined frame that is avoiding being Marshal absolute governor, the Egyptian Army is doing what the collective public opinion is mandating like spoiling a baby; this is very clear to any sight. At this momentEgyptis enjoying some degree of democracy no one country in the western countries enjoyed in their entire history until this very moment.

6-c) On the line, I would like to very specially appreciate some man, not yet recognized to his respectful rank he deserved, he deserved more than appreciation in fact. I call him “Ali papa”. He attended all the last six decades of the recent dirty history ofEgypt, and had some good effective unrecognizable finger press of resistance in each era he attended. He could not last except for short while in the treasonous regime of Abul-Nasser, Abdul-Nasser regime dropped him out, Anwar Al-Sadat disagreed with him occasionally and they could not mix, the criminal Son of Satan Mubarak exiled him entirely out the Egyptian soil for some years and when Mubarak permitted his returning to the Egyptian soil again he denied him any right to write any longer in any newspaper or books; meanwhile of course the governmentally controlled media of that time was not sparing any effort to shed every doubt and smear about him. He is one of the most prominent writers in field of politics in the Middle East, wrote so many political books and regional history, when I was young I learnt something from his writings and I admit him as master and one of the top prominent sincere thinkers in the Middle East for so many decades. Though I don’t agree to all his thoughts, not because he is wrong or bad thinker, in major because I rather belong to philosophy land than the politics land, I only differ at that we have different types of conceptuality and methodical treatment. One of his so many devotions, he founded the only think tank institution in the disaster portion of the Middle East from Iraq to Morocco “Al-Ahram center for the strategic studies”, in fact it is the best and top think tank from Iraq to Morocco for very only one reason, completely there is no others in the Middle East at all, Iran has its own that even much more sophisticated. He had the first initiative to bring formally intoEgypt the information technology, again by means the Al-Ahram institution he controlled. He struggled for devotions for this thing calledEgypt. Though today he is old man, yet the wisdom; rationality, accurate estimation didn’t escape his brain. on the very last days (9-10-11 February 2011) of the criminal Mubarak as president, the entire of Egypt was in verge of total complete disaster while Mubarak was refusing to resign with the support of another criminal “Omar Sulieman” the ex-director of the Egyptian Intelligence agency, meanwhile the military was paralyzed and confined in its bad reputation they inherited from the previous military dictators to intrude with any solution, actually the military feared to utter one word on any direction. It was only that man who dared in open to invite the army to manage coup d’état and salve the situation out of disaster and manage the transient phase to real democracy or whatever new era. Without that word from him that had been accepted by all sides, the entire situation was an standstill on edge-step to total collapse and complete disaster, there was no other solution. He proved that he is much caring and sincere; mentally sharp; courageous with incomparable legacy of experience, loving for this big mass cancer tumor calledEgypt. I don’t know why he lovedEgypt that much. I am Egyptian and I deadly hateEgypt in whole, now like before, nothing much changed in my view. Before the revolution there were eighty million criminal oppressors, and after the revolution it became eighty million oppressors minus thousand, the revolution only proved the contrary of all common wrong wisdom, it proved that the side of the eighty million minus thousand oppressors is stronger than the side of the thousand oppressors; sometimes the simple math surprises you with wonders, eh, who knows! Perhaps he sees something in thisEgypt, I don’t see. If you are interested in the ancient Middle East Oriental fictional literature Like “Sheherazade in thousand nights and one night” long series of stories, there is another very famous one called “Ali Papa and the forty thieves”. The character of that man I am talking about in real political life exactly fitted the character of Ali Papa in the fictional story in strange way, except it remains that Ali Papa should marry “el-set Morgana” to be complete fit correspondence. The ancient story “Ali Papa and the forty thieves” is one of the most interesting literature’s legacies of the Middle East, you learn from it beyond you may see in first glance, from first line to the happy end is amazing story. “Ali Papa” is “Mohamed Hassanien Heikal”, he is the oppressed history ofEgypt through the last six decades that should be redeemed and corrected. The man should be recognized to his right deserved position; there is not enough space here to count his plenteous devotions and righteous resistance against the political disasters we suffered through the last six decades of continuous uninterrupted failures. The ordinary public is not aware of any of his devotions except so little on surface though he did it all on open before the eyes of media and public; may be because the man was self denying and humble and he never sought anything except the devotions itself. I love that Ali Papa; one line from the story said: “Ali Papa after the destitution he is dressed in silk; and espoused to the lady Morgana”

From my childhood while listing to the Radio, still the first lines from the song of the forty thieves on their way back to their secret cave where they live and hide their looted trophies, still is ringing in my ears. How they are boasting and singing about their formidable power: “Who can confront us? He heaaaay. Who can sue us? Ha Haaaaaa”. It was hilarious song indeed. But it is possible that it is decreed in the fate By God, that Ali Papa triumphs against all the odds by end and marry “el-set Morgana” and accomplish the supposed happy ending. I don’t know; I tend to trust this Ali Papa.

Modify the constitution if needed, that upper age limitation is stupid indeed. You have no other fit choices in this very narrow poor critical conditions, the patient is dying. Morgana will die if she did not marry Ali Papa.

6-d) This is my personal Welcome to Mrs Hillary Clinton as respectful American stateswoman in her visiting to the Liberation Square in Cairo, in March 2011. In the celebration of the high profile politician by the Egyptian army, my personal welcome should be in military protocol too, I know the protocols and manners as been military myself for couple of short durations, I guess that I am not barbarian, I guess, I guess, however any other guesses would work with me fine. War 1948; war 1956, Yemen war, war 1967, war 1973, five wars; which war had the Egyptian Army triumphed, according to the written history within the Arabic region? The only war that the Egyptian army had won in his entire last century was war 1973. Yet I have some very tiny reservation about that only unique 1973 triumph. In any military academy or strategy, or historian academy, or any educational or expert institution around the entire world that concerned with what a war is in general, we will find out that the determination of victory of the military war on disputed territory is defined by the stable end of the full control of the military on the disputed territory, from that it came the historical symbol that you see picture or monument that represented a soldier who dig the pole of the flag on highest place and raise his hand signing the victory to claim the full authority. That is the definition of the victory and triumph on some territory by the military, historically agreed definition by all academics and professionals. Of course, I can go to Washington as a tourist wearing some clothes like military and carry an Egyptian flag, while standing on any high place is taking a picture with the V-shape two fingers symbol of victory. Most likely some couple of policemen would approach me asking what I am doing. Of course I would not tell him in fact of actuality that I am invading USA, nooooo, we are preparing for carnival in fiction movie. “Officer, please, would you like to take a photo among us for memory! Sure, my pleasure, and if you faced any problem just call me, I love movie industry”. Next day, I purchase an advertisement area in major mainstream media and publish the photo of the Egyptian soldier with the Egyptian flag and victory in Washington, and the second photo for the same Egyptian soldier while the Washington police are unconditionally surrendering to the authority of the invasion soldiers, with the title, “Egyptian army has overwhelmed the USA force on the American soil and the authorities had unconditionally surrendered, pictures talk better than thousand word, done“. Next day,USA president is surprised by the news that his country had been defeated and even no body noted him. Some of the president’s employers suggested that the invasion forces might have succeeded in intercepting and taking upper hand control on the communication means of the chain of command and kept the president in complete misinformation or full deafness until they finish the plot. The president ofUSA in desperation on the TV addressed the nation in sad tone to cooperate with the occupation authority for public safety. Some passers witnessed the events and started to spread the right information that the invasion is a trick and it is still purely free American country and the American people should not believe the trick and should stand and behave as free and proud as they really are. Of course, I have control on the stream media who surrendered to my authority and I commanded them to labeling the truth seekers “conspiracy theorist nuts”. I commanded the enslaved Media to challenge the public thatUSA is colony and if they don’t like it hence they should start another liberation war by the Militia like the first one, otherwise shut up. The entire American army itself had surrendered to power to me by the command of their president. US Americans; I am serious, are you sure that the American government is really an American government? I ask this question because I have another fictional story where I interchange the elements of the story. I let the American flag as it is on its place; that thing with color straps and many stars on the corner, meanwhile I displace the government itself. So it is fictional story, I can prove that it applies to stories like the Egyptian President Abdul-Nasser or recently broken Mubarak, what do you think Mrs Clinton? It explains how the mentality of the average citizens is disconnected from the physical reality and fully hung from the neck of his life to an emblem like the flag. If the emblem is there hence everything is right, if it is not there hence everything is wrong. It is not specific phenomenon to the Americans; I only welcome the American Mrs Clinton. Generally it is modern human psychological unhealthy symptom spread among majority of all peoples. I am sorry to say in more precision, it is like the shepherd’s stick; rarely do you see the shepherd need to lash the sheep by his stick for it is enough to show it and they know the right direction without any resistance except so little, to their slaughter house. They no longer think about the real meaning of the emblem, they only think of it as it is the thing that there is no substitution for it. Its thoughtful meaning is only confined in “there is no substitution for authority stick”. I am not interested much in these stories beyond shedding little light on the flag emblem.

According to the definition of the military victory on disputed territory let us discuss further little bit the Egypt-Israel war 1973. The Egyptian emblem had been fitted only on the shores of Sinai; the army reached only something around thirty kilometers depth into the peninsula while the Israeli army succeeded to penetrate the back lines of the Egyptian army and even surrounded half the total army and destroyed much of the Egyptian ground-air defense. At that point they agreed about truce then later negotiated successfully to peace treaty of Camp David, it is history. The point is according to the Camp Davidtreaty, the Egyptian army lost any control or right to exist in all Sinai; the Israeli army had the right to fly reconnaissance missions above Sinai without any Egyptian authority permission, full authorized access right. I am not discussing if the treaty is fair or not fair, only the point is, in eyes of any sincere historian or any sort of sincere academics, how some military army can declare victory over a disputed territory, without having any right of military presence or military territorial control over it? Technically, in eyes of any sincere academics in any experience field, it can’t be regarded or any considered as any military victory at any rate, this victory of 1973 war was completely fake and social brainwash. You may say it was ended neutral; I may extend to explain that it was disaster on the long run where it reached to install the treasonous president Hossney Mobarak by the CIA, and much of that like it reached that Poor Egypt was subsidizing the commercial needs of Israel much more than the Egyptian people themselves, let alone the blockade of Gaza strip. The circumstances and the results of each war are not specifically the point. The point is in a more than one century contained five major wars the Egyptian army never won one war from them, in continuous defeat and from disaster to worse, why is that? Much more than this, the Egyptian war in Yemen and the American War in Vietnam were waged in chronic parallel, and the Massive human crimes happened in Vietnam also had happened In Yemen, the planner of both wars was one identity with no least doubt, and they are very connected in cause much beyond anyone knows. Each war has its circumstances, yet the very common through them is the Egyptian army, Listen, I don’t want to press hard in a time where the country needs the most solidarity with the army. Only!!

Only I wanted to say to Mrs Hillary, as a fine lady, thank you for your kindness of accepting our very poor humble sort of welcome. I mean you have been received by low cheap characters that gain their honor only and very only from the bright spits on their shoulders and the ugly military trumpet meanwhile in fact they never brought to this country anything except the utter destruction, defeat after defeat, treasons, and tones of subordinate dictators to CIA mostly and the Mossad likely, like Mubarak or Abdul-Nasser, you know these things. I mean a genuine fine and beautiful lady like Mrs Hillary, should have been received by genuine welcome characters, unfortunately these guys with bright spits on their shoulders cleansed the Liberation Square from the protesters, yes “cleansed” is the term used by some of the western mainstream media to describe how the square was prepared for the Genuine fine lady (and beautiful of course). So I express only my sorry for the accident, that some fake cheap characters with bright spits welcomed a genuine lady. If I was there, I would liked to ask the Genuine Lady. When the genuine Iranian revolution took place against the CIA Stooge dictator Shah, and while USA as country of democracy (or hypocrisy), why the USA had pushed its two CIA stooges, Hussney Mubarak and Saddam Hussein to break down the Iranian revolution in long bloody war? How many babies have the current president Obama eaten today on the table of his breakfast, fromAfghanistanorIraq, or any of these countries inAfricathat plagued by western-made civilian wars, to depopulate the continent and steal its resources? How much the already operative Pakistani CIA-mercenaries in the army and the Pakistani intelligence are impoverishing the Pakistani people in total-mass murder by the CIA command? What about “Aafia Siddiqui” as freedom fighter been arrested on her land by who has no right to be there on first place as criminal invader and been judged as criminal in the dirty USA Courts, isn’t it kidnapping case, no? Etc. etc,, I had thousands of questions for the genuine fine lady of democracy, and beautiful <wink>. By the way, stupid Egyptian Army as ever, the visit of the Mrs Hilary meant nothing except inserting a cheating dagger and doubts between the vulnerable plagued-by-defeatism Egyptian Army and their people in very critical time when they needed each other the most to start a new page. And because you are stupid as always and ever, or why do you think never you won a war in at least a whole century! They succeeded to some considerable degree. They are not such intelligent, you are such stupid, or some patriot elements inside the army facilitated that dagger and opened the back door for it.

Message to the army: perhaps the Egyptian revolution has rescued you. No, you haven’t rescued the Egyptian revolution; the inverse is the fact that the civilian public revolution has rescued the army. My message is pointed at “perhaps”, so don’t rely much on that fact, if the honest history proved that you never won a war of bullet, bomb and blood, can you win this internal struggle? I don’t tend to count the crimes and sins of the fathers as legacy for the sons, unless they continued the same wrong path

Take care, and be cautious from all Egyptian intelligence community including the Ex-state guards and your own Military intelligence, all of them, I don’t know if they are only infiltrated by spies on the top ranks or entirely submerged in treason from top to bottom. I don’t want this warning to extend beyond cautiousness that is all. Do you want to fight the corruption in Egypt? Kill almost the entire Egyptian people, otherwise to be practical you should concentrate on the high ranks and bring new bloods, remedy the configuration of the socio-economical-political environment for better, let the time brings its interaction, I don’t know, it might work, it might not work. Certainly it is in hand of God to assist you while this is the good news part, but conditioned in his Qur’aan by if you really enhanced your hearts by yourselves while this is the bad news part, veeeery bad news.


6-e) You know, “if not the deliberate criminal as usual is criminal, then he is more criminal and more dirty, he deserved to live and die as criminal because he loves to be criminal, naturally because he descended from a family of deliberate criminals that rejects out them any but the in criminals”, I love this song line. The western powers are negotiating both sides; the “Gaddafi” and the rebels against him, “we will support the side that will be subordinate to our command”. Of course, Gaddafi sooner and later or tomorrow will fall, this one thing completely certain, so it is better to rather contain and confine the rebels in the negotiations than supporting the fading Gaddafi tribe. In contrary to all disinformation wars on the revolutions, the Libyan rebels has disappointed them all, and proved that they are free and they will be free, thus they refused entirely any negotiations with Western powers and refused any western intrusion, though the western powers tries to impose itself and secretly and indirectly is supporting Gaddafi militarily to push the rebels to the table of negotiations with them; “if not the deliberate criminal as usual is criminal, then he is more criminal and more dirty” .

I have a different solution and proposition to the eastern Libyan rebels. If they trusted that proposition, they will triumph today and gain the future:

“The rebels in the east of Libya; should in open claim unilaterally the complete unification of the Tunisian revolution and the Libyan revolution and consequently the two countries. It should be started by the Libyan rebels unilaterally because they are the richer financially; otherwise the smear concept that the Tunisians are greedy for the Libyan petroleum will find its place. Tunisiaand Libyashould be one country, each has very low number of population and you need each other, your Arabic language is the same, and even your dialects are close. In major close culture and same religion and mixed blood. That division between the so called Tunisia and the so called Libya, we all aware that it is a superficial fabrication been done by the same western powers that at the contemporary moment pretend that they care about any human rights, their famous ethical line “divide and conquer”. So what? I believe that it is the very right time for the Tunisian revolution and the Libyan revolution; both should share each other the bread, the blood and the land, triumph today and gain the future, your cause is completely one shared cause. Each alone is weak and subject to pressure from the imperial powers to conquer you by themselves directly or indirectly by their installed dictator Gaddafi. Tunisia and Libya is one country and one people; Libya is conquering Tunisia by the weapon of human brotherhood of the revolutionaries and becomes one family and one tribe, die Gaddafi, die, die.

It should start by open semi-official call from the Libyan rebels: unification of the Libyan and Tunisian revolution; one bread, one land, one blood, one God; no USA, no NATO.

6-f) In concern of Syria, I don’t support any governance system that is not supported or not trusted by its citizens. The Syrian government had a criminal history, very bad one like Egypt, and definitely treasonous that had been in control of the European organization exactly like Egypt again. It is just the Syrian people are different than the Egyptian people. It is not secret; I have no secrets, in before I had ultimately harmful intentions towards the Syrian government in open. I have given up such aggressive stance only because the Syrian government harmonized its stance with Iran, Lebanese “HezbAllah” and Palestinian “Hamas”. I deeply respect Iran and its leaders, its people, its struggle for freedom and human dignity; in the past it was the only country I trusted, today still it is the main country I trust and I respect besides some others. My personal dear stance towards Iran has nothing to do with my ethical principals of course; I don’t support some government that is not supported by its people. The Syrian government needs deep reforms to eliminate the disastrous incompetence within their ranks and to deadly check the treasonous hands too, Bashar al-Assad all along his presidency has introduced nothing serious until now. Remember; the father Hafez al-Assad was treasonous criminal spy belonged to the past era of the Egyptian President Jamal Abdul-Nasser, very hardly I can pass that fact taking in the consideration that his son is not honestly elected. I am not comfortable with this political environment configuration. It only seemsIran is trying to fix and clean that mess smoothly, it is okay, I agreed, I wished they succeed. There is only one way to do that, real democracy. a) Immediately Syrian government should drop down the emergency laws. b) The Syrian government itself should share the revolution by bringing into authority ranks new blood figures, independent minds away the western mentality and qualified for the future, that is trusted by the public. c) The public should share in the decision making of their government. d) Total reform programs, economics, science; military and sociopolitical. Bashar al-Assad, it is supposed that you are a doctor not a butcher; the wide killing happened among the protesters is your responsibility, this mistake is enough to take you down; don’t think that my dearIran will protect you from me.

7) Long time ago, when I was of ten years age, in the Egyptian mainstream media they stated that the population of Cairo was about 15 million habitants, when I reached the twenties of my age, they still used to estimate the occupation about 15 million habitants, when I reached my thirties it was still the same official estimation, forties and it was the same, in my fifty year age today it is the same estimation. Meanwhile, through the time, since I was child when the habitant’s number in my street was about two to three hundred habitants they grew up to many thousands today, the building that was occupied by ten habitants replaced by buildings that is occupied by hundreds, in general there was a huge expansion in every aspect in all Cairo corners. I don’t say that the Egyptian Capital has reached to occupation of 150 million, my rough estimation is that the continuous space of habituation centered by what is administratively called Cairo, is about fifty percent of the entire Egypt population, about forty million citizens, living in area about little fraction down from 1% of Egypt’s whole land. It is the most populated city in the entire known history of earth, there is no close next toCairo. Forget about the mainstream media and what they talk about, they are not morons; just they are empty commercial advertisement like “eat this energetic chocolate and fly in the sky like superman, comes to you directly from company X on planet X”, or they are pure evil form of disinformation war machines against all mankind by shutting down any real information, second brain-grinder role is more dominant and more likely if we cut the brain-damage advertisement out. While the New World Order and Zionism agent ex-president Mubarak was alerting all the time the danger of the overpopulation of Egypt in general and how it is ticking bomb, according to his employer NWO-organization depopulation program. He was ignoring the fact that the entire of the Egyptian population are living on area less then 4% of the Egyptian lands and half the population are living on area much less than 1% of the land and unproductive, while the greatest major area of rest of Egypt is very habitable and rich, the government itself was treasonous obstacle against production and socio-economical growth. The story of this NWO conspiracy managed by their local internal spies is long complicated story in sixty years about the dirty governmental techniques to accomplish such national-historical-scale sabotage and the purpose. My home Cairo irregular demographical-social phenomenon did not happen because of any natural sociological causes; the European-American-Zionist NWO cells infiltrating Egypt worked day and night relentlessly for sixty years in murdering this country and it needs tens of years to heal that damage on supposition that the NWO cells have been neutralized truly, let alone the social character damage that may needs centuries to recover. The Satanic-western spy-cell is not neutralized at least simplistically by eliminating the dirty Mubarak’s gang. This is rather an octopus-organization than few executive apparent individuals, this is not the point I intended to stress here. The point is, completely in contrary to how the majority of thinkers allover the world predicted such situations with tragic scenarios, the chaotic mass of forty million peoples could survive through continuous collapse of the centric government between 25 January up to 11 February in 2011, and the total result out was accomplished definite target. The chaos naturally found its own filtration without centric decision to a disciplined function and successful end result, in real freedom and real patriotism. It happened though the fanatic extreme full scale measures the criminal centric government had tried everything criminal, brutal and dirty to deter the revolution, and failed. There was a price of course, nothing comes without a price, this is the point I wanted stress. In my book “unraveling the simplest”, I called it “noise-filter-function”. One block of 40 millions located in lowest ever fragile social structure among all the called human creatures, in major are ultimately unjust, unethical and deadly selfish, half of them are fatally destitute paupers almost lost the sense of humanity because of the unmercifulness of the other half, the half of both the paupers and the rich of the whole are ready to sell the other half even for free price if not for pennies. What happened? The reduced human sense to NATURAL ultimate instinct survival filtered the NATURAL full scale chaos to function in right successful revolution. And that what made it real/true nature’s revolution; no human can fabricate it from nowhere. In down level to the illusive non-delusive human intelligence, and very painful to all, nature’s revolutions ever are very painful to all sides but completely just when the human’ justice failed. Natural instinct sense of ethics grows from there and may the society one day resume its natural human dignity, understanding the real value of mercy and justice and what they are. If it is not about the others then sooner or later it would be about the self because the others are selves. Tides or waves are communication, the nature communication tells and mandate that if the selves disappeared so the self disappears; the unselfishness is one of the survival trait constituents and is not voluntary generosity as many may propose. If the human high level intelligence failed, the crude nature and the animalistic instinct uncovered out and works; this is the threshold of human nature that no insane criminal of New Order able to reengineer or predict or control when it explodes or implodes, absolutely impossible. They know it and for this they are trying to electronically microchip mechanizing the human brain, and what about his cellular-structure and what about the human soul! I think they should completely kill the human first then chip the remains of his dead brain, then it is not human any longer, so why trying it on first place, paradox? For the human can’t be reengineered by another human; by at least at the lower end of his human structure he is accountable for his very own decisions, and God had created eternal Paradise and eternal inferno.


AP, Associated Press

Wiiscoooonsiiiiiin, hellooooooooo from the other side of the world, my heart goes with you buddy. Wisconsiiiiiin, Don’t listen to this guy, I suspected from as early as the above beginning he is crazy. Am I crazy, am I! Yes I suspect you are. Did I take your shoes that you don’t necessarily need to walk? Um, no, no, you didn’t! Only I took your ears, yes! Yes. Who needs ears to hear the world of criminal insanity and lies in the world of today, USA and the western counties in general had installed almost all the dictators allover the world, and never supported any human rights anywhere except by the lips servicing, they are responsible for almost all mass human crimes on earth at least back to two centuries ago, we all know this, but you don’t hear from them all any except things they don’t understand and if they do they hate. Man come on, at this very moment they committed and committing unlimited mass human crimes in both Iraq and Afghanistan with no right to be there on first place, but suddenly are supporting the revolutionary democracy in countries where they are the main responsible for the human destruction by the hands of their stooge dictators, etc, etc; do you need ears to hear all that insanity? Umm, I guess, I guess not. Either the today human; I don’t agree to say “modern”, he doesn’t need ears either for there is no rational sanity in world of today for his mind to process and deem, only distress food, or, he has no sane mind to process any thing his ears received on first place. In a world where the top knowledge we conceived and bragging around is mainly about how to destroy our own human being and our human mind. Well, it seems, like we don’t need necessarily shoes to walk directly feeling the real outside world, we don’t necessarily need ears to listen to the last trace of sanity existent inside the deepest of our own mind and psyche, if there is any left at all. This what I feared from the beginning and for this I dropped my shoes in the issue; you wanted my ears to bite and eat like real crazy people do, do you? No, I am replete (whisper: “for now”), however, I think about the suspicions of the crazy people may do, it needs some contemplation and situation evaluation.

If the craziness is diagnosed by the “abnormal” or out of norm, it would be much rather sociopolitical question about democracy than neurological. The majority of the political systems allover the world are not democratic (representative democracy is not any real democracy at any rate) thus they are out of the majority norm, so the world we live today is mainly the world of craziness and insanity. Then how insane few out of the norm and are crazy could in biggest part of the history like today rule the majority as main feature of the history of mankind! Is the out of norm insanity stronger than norm sanity! Or, is the situation the inverse? Inverse meant; the sanity is the abnormal so the few rulers are the sane norm and the ruled majority is the insane abnormal crazy! If the inverse is the right case, it might explain the famous motto “crazy is to be normal”. However if you asked some psychiatrist about this issue he would tell you different story from his perspective stand, he would say that the “crazy is who lost his own control on his own brain; and the sane is who hold the control on his own brain; and essential noticeable part of the control ability meant self-critical and self-inspection, so one of the main features of the sane mind is to be cautious and caring about his own validity and sanity which the insane doesn’t”. In brief words; the sane mind is capable to subject itself for the possibility of minor brain malfunctions, and if found negative result it would be because of minor defaults or errors that if he couldn’t fix then the least he takes better awareness of the defaults to reduce the outcome-damage to minimum, while the crazy is already in major default incapability to think about his own mental validity on first place. I forgot to tell you some fact, if not all then the majority of the psychiatrists and psychologist consider the term “crazy” is invalid term in all and refuse to use it; most specific in legal applications, because it is very inapplicable generalization term violating the supposed standards of science. For example they don’t consider the “mentally retarded” any crazy; he is plainly mentally retarded for some neurological disorder cause, neither who suffer some deep depression that needs some chemical assistance to float. So, the good news for you is, you should not be wary of me, almost all the medical experts in that field refuse such term “crazy” and claim that it is senseless overstated term. I love this piece of news; it relieved me; so my ears are safe!!  The medical experts only said that there is no such thing called “crazy”, they didn’t say your ears are safe. Whatever, the Law guys all what concerned them is if the subject human, whether is witness or suspect, is he fully responsible and freewill countable for his behaviors or not, that is all, doesn’t matter for them if the subject is out of norm or in the norm, different questions they are indeed, or, is it rather precise to say different perspectives to the same object! Ask a man of administration managing or man of authority and command, the very only interest and concern in this craziness issue for him is, if the behavior of his subordinate is predictable or unpredictable while whatever else of abnormalities could be managed or employed usefully in the suitable place, as long as it is predictable, ethical or unethical application is not the point here. For authority, if it is predictable then it is manageable. The common public only what concerned and interested them about this issue; if the crazy is very crazy or little crazy, if he is compatible with the basic tasks in life and flows with the social flow whatsoever. The common public are aware that the stupid no matter how far stupid likely he is yet compatible with basics of life and the crazy is not no matter how far he looks intelligent, though a matter of fact that the most dangerous crazies are very capable to cheat the compatibility test of basics of life and pass it successfully more than most sane people can do. Simply such types of crazies observe you and lie to you what you want to hear, or imitate the norm that you usually accept, but still they are incapable to observe themselves. Some psychiatrists will ensure you this, check behind me if I tell wrong information, the sociopath are more likely featured by this. So far we are further drawing and painting the image of sanity and insanity in realistic style; represent different interests in life, the painting got more rasterized and fused in the background of intersecting-confronting absurd abstractive lines and battling areas, meanwhile its realism lost its connection to the material world, still it can’t be any except realistic.

Strange creature is the human such that like this issue supposed to be about one definite issue not many different issues “sanity and insanity” and though the intention is to stick with real objectivity; still you may never find one agreement or common concern in diagnosing the insanity in one method throughout all corners of the society. Why; because the human mental sanity or insanity is not simply a definite neurological scale that you refer to it for judging the sanity. It is rather a struggle lay in the intersection area among three elements, the individual intelligence, the physical environment and social environment, struggle for survival of the individual or survival of the society. A matter of fact, the physical nature has its survival traits too. Obviously the survival trait is not simple genetic code as some of the scientists suggested without enough proof, this is idiotic oversimplification. The survival trait is a universal physical law in nature ultimately above the biological structures. The nature survival trait appears in many laws of physics; one example of them is the energy conservation law, does the energy concept have some sort of survival intelligence? I believe it has, it behaves like that clearly in sight. The inertia force in mechanics, is it survival struggle instinct more than simple dead force? I don’t know, but at least I ensure you that the similarity in behavior like a sort of survival trait is unmistakable. The qualities of the time, past, present and future, does some law of survival produce the present from the past and prepare for the future from the present? May I call it the “survival struggle of physical time”!! And so on and so on. If we cut out the obviously neural damaged persons, and start walking from the fading strip into the vague fog land, where the image became as I described above, the mental-sanity issue becomes in the fist of struggle influence of the ultra-sophisticated universal survival law than any infra-primitive medical question (sorry, doctors, sorry, I don’t mean it very literally, please pass over). The mental sanity becomes the trophy of the struggle that everyone is struggling for. Mental sanity is the most ever valuable property right in life of every human, don’t let mother of evils conquer it from you; nothing left if you lost it. The crazy is poorer than any slave. So am I crazy? Very strange, he didn’t answer, I don’t know why. He just covered his ears with his hands and run away in his shoes. I ensured him that I am replete for a while, why is he scared?

Ladies and gentlemen, now we are switching our focus from the tyranny in the Middle East to the tyranny in the Far West, specifically to the protesting events inWisconsin,USA. Each situation is worse than the other. Gaddafi here; Gaddafi there with different mask; this anti-human GaddafiS phenomenon is spreading everywhere like mosquitoes and Malaria, all the thanks due to the European NWO organization behind the scenes. I won’t talk in language of proletariat and bourgeoisie when I talk specifically to the Americans or I would look like waving the flag of the “Hammer and Sickle” then next to it the McCarthians will hunt you down and devastate your life worse than thousand Gaddafi in Libya or any KGB can do, they can manage your life itself to be gulag without seen walls. You know such old well known stories. Be imaginative, talk like capitalist, bad idea for me because I am neither Smith-capitalist nor Marxist-communist, but it may succeed as way of communication. How about, the economics is composed of three elements, free crude materials, human work and property rights! It sounds not very bad for me. The energy of the economics lays where the free crude materials and the human work interact to free and produce energy, while the flow of that energy to make the economy alive goes by means of the concept of the “property right”. Actually in depth, we the humans don’t live by the work, in abstractive reality actually we live by the “property rights”; we live by the flow of the energy, that is. What you eat is a property right, your home and your car is property right, the human dignity is property right, your own self is a property right. The slaves don’t live by the work; they live by what fraction permitted to them as property right from their owners. Mankind always war each other about the property right regardless of how they may bury it in complications, justifications or deceptions, a matter of fact all creatures do. No one war another for work. Work produces property rights, and the property right is what we seek and war each other about, work is not the only way a creature gains his property rights, for example some of them thieve it; some others inherit them etc.. This is just one perspective view for the economics from many. In Wisconsin of course it is no different than all other situations, politicians and corporations in one side party deprives the other Middle Class party of their property rights (the classical familiarity in history), diminishing their capability for claiming the territory of rights, like the collective bargaining rights etc. , meanwhile the corporations practice their monopoly secretly more than open. It is one of the best fit situations where it proved that the representative democracy is not democracy at all, because without any just balance it represents only the richer party on the back of the majority Middle Class party, is that any democracy? It is hypocrisy.

In fair just environment it is supposed; the flow of energy namely the property-right moves by the availability and necessity, or in physics expression by the force of the voltage difference. This is translated into human intelligence by negotiation and the pressure of the necessity, for optimized gain on each side, supposed so in theoretical ideality. In nature, you will never see some small region in the map of energy that absorb all the surrounding energy forever and deprive the rest from their existence except the black holes which is yet not even any understood phenomenon that contradicts the common knowledge and logic of balance. I suppose that we the humans don not like the economics of the black holes because clearly at least from our side here that it is very destructive economics standing against any constructive positive life, no celestial body live in the vicinity. In Economics, the faithfully monopolists loves the concept of the black holes, they unify their decision and coordinate it with the politicians and the legislators, locally and internationally, now they actually construct a gargantuan international monopoly. The labor unions are one effective balance factor of many to resist and balance that overwhelming black hole monopoly. The Middle class should start to think about other supporting methods beside the union, because these are multinational corporations controlling the politics in so many countries around the world under full control of the European NWO organization. When they move their capital from one country to another where the labor are weaker, they move only the capital money not the labors and the experience that will stay and still can work and produce property rights for their country. In fact that is a virtual move not real physical, think and manage around this, they tricks and deludes you. The real energy is your work not the delusional indeterminate Fiat papers; you have capability to make the deal fair if you understand it physically right, you the middle class is the producer and you are the market, what you need more! One method will not work because they work through many methods and all their monopoly methods should be confronted together, or you will not succeed to anything except the failure and despair. Stupid, in fact moron, when they loan you for example to reopen a factory, the bank print money that confiscates its physical value from the public private properties (embezzlement) in form of inflation, if the interest rate is 10% for example, they don’t gain from you the 10%, Mr. Moron, they gain from you 110%. So if they frightened you by escaping of the investment and capitals to outside the country; these all are tricks, cheating and brainwashing managed with their collaborators from the politicians like the Gaddafi governor ofWisconsin.

Protesting is like freedom of blabbing; it is ornamental for the fake democracy and sometimes is a technical mean to spy on your mind. However if the size of protesting is big enough to approve some national majority interests behind the demands of the protest, it enforces the demands by possible heavy weight of force. Which does no sense unless that heavy weight of force is really capable to translate from the realm of possibility to the reality and fact, way or another. In other words, if the protest could mange its drive away the nowhere in direction trend to somewhere, hence it worked; the drive is force, nothing move to anywhere without force otherwise it is nowhere. No ruler class of any sort will give you your human right for free or for optimistic ideal ethics. They only think one way, all of them, “who is might is right”, if they can control you for their own benefit then why they shouldn’t! Do you think that the loose relativistic ethics will prevent them? Man com on, ethics is about set of references for judgment; replace “references” by “loose relativistic points” thus you got no ethics at all, neither good nor bad, plainly insane fatal liquefaction of what the ethics term stands for. The NWO uses no real philosophy indeed; they implement sophism full of paradoxes. Democracy or no democracy, these are words in our pictorial minds that don’t reflect a real honest physics with the real world in all situations, same as most words that represents some big pictures or big block-areas from the intelligence sea, in best it is an approximation. Pragmatic technicality plays safety valve in this operation, there are many techniques to accomplish the democracy or to empty it from its real content; same can be said about the tyranny. Do you know that labor-strike is one technical way of many to democracy? Democracy is not only accomplished by voting for some decision as “indirect democracy act”, it too can be accomplished by sharing some act or refraining as “direct democracy act”. Voting for some decision is sort of democracy way besides another way of stronger form as sharing the activation of the decision even without formal voting taking place at all. Even to the farthest extent that includes civilian war which is a democracy act too, in weird way I admit. Never forget that the first democracy inUSAhad been only achieved by the independence war, in fact it was separatist- civilian war; how it comes, really? That war was not between the aboriginal Indians and theBritish Empire, to conceive it simply as colonial independence war. It was between immigrants living under the governance control of Britain, big part of them were themselves British origin; so be it, it was actually separatist-civilian war as an act of forced democracy, sort of democracy had been accomplished by armed revolution. There are many ways and techniques for both the democracy and the tyranny. You are programmed such that you believe that the iron box they forged around your head is the only intelligence depiction for the existence that might be there, while in fact it doesn’t even elevate to any acceptable depiction, it is full deception. They don’t introduce real philosophy; they never introduced anything except empty sophism, no, not empty, sorry, it is full of paradoxes.

9) Of course, when people on both sides of the constitution discovered that it is a land of aggression and enmity game rather than justice and peace, they needed an observer referee, and it is found to be some “right” called “freedom of information right” to found itself through the humanity. Either explicitly or implicitly; it is a natural and logical consequence to grantee that the constitution and its product of legislations are fulfilled equally to all. These things are not human invention; the universe itself has its constitution and freedom of information rights. The freedom of information is not about divulging the secrets in universal like some betrayal act by itself; it is about divulging the secret betrayals committed against the arbitration namely in this case the constitution. The constitution never considered rational agreement and to some degree fair, unless it is applied to all parties involved, I am not American military moron of these with spits on their shoulders or American national security mentally-retarded guy to state the otherwise. Otherwise, it will not look like constitution as supposed this term meant, it will look like I am kidnapped and forced to write a message to who concerned to pay ransom. Everyone allover the world would like to pretend that the constitution is not ransom message, very except the USA government of course that isn’t interested in that pretence least iota, certainly this is essential part in the American “exceptionalism”.

I heard some voices like gun shots coming from my neighbor house, though the privacy of my neighbor is respected, the noble heroic sense pushed me to knock on his door asking “this is the freedom of information right so I am compelled to ask of everything is okay, are you okay?”; they replied “yeah, the freedom of information is good, don’t worry, everything is okay, the TV sound volume was too loud, action movie, thank you, you’re such lovely-kind caring neighbor”, sure freedom of information is here to help prove your love for your neighbors. Next day I sued my neighbors for the noisy disturbance and demanded tough compensation because I am such lovely kind caring bastard. It is okay, freedom of information comes beneficial not only on one way. It is an implicit example of the freedom of information.

They felt the condominium like bit shaking and unusual noise in the basement that had been leased last month. Next day the entire building felled to the ground in sudden but not surprise. Ignorant neglectful losers, and stupid, and, and, , okay enough insults, I know, sometimes I feel I need to cut my tongue by own hand, they already has received what they deserved. If they were caring for and attentive to their right of freedom of information and understand it right, perhaps they could stop that crazy guy who eliminated one of the essential columns without engineering calculations or consultation, just to make more continuous available open area in the basement. (By the way, this really happens a lot exactly or in other similar ways in Egypt, very usual, Mobarak is not the only treasonous character in Egypt, so I am not kidding). What if? Yes, what if? What if it is not simply condominium, what if it is something much bigger in scale, like the entire whole nation and the buried basement is any national security situation? The only safety element that checks the “security of the nation; is not the absolute national security secrecy, no, it is the national security secrecy minus the freedom information right”. As we understand in before that it is about divulging the secret betrayals committed against any arbitration like the constitution or another, the supposed common ethical norm. It meant any individual in any position or rank is responsible morally to divulge any secret information about crimes and betrayals universally. The freedom of information is sane rational instinct ethical code for survival sake, it is very basic natural right to the extent that when you need to put it in constitutional or legalized code line, it meant you are living in some mental-retarding rehabilitation sanitarium, contains no healthy people, very unfortunately and very sadly it seems it is the situation. Welcome inside the biggest failure of the rehabilitation earth disaster.

The American Bradley Manning case is one of the best fit examples we can take about this particular issue. Both the wars onIraqandAfghanistanare illegal in fact, referring to the international laws and the American constitution, absolutely nothing more than barbarian massive human right violations. Is the American Army above the American constitution? Seems so, still they are pure criminals, violating every law and every human right. Instead of honoring the man who protects the honor principle and oath to protect the social agreement whatsoever, the coward treasonous violators are free and the only hero is punished. This act alone already meant that the American system has entirely fallen down. Bradley Manning didn’t divulge any American military secret, if he did then he is treasonous, only he divulged an American military violation human-crime to the American constitution and the international laws that USA had engaged, the military rules of engagement and the international accepted human right standards, them are the criminals. What do you expect from the NWO European anti-American government there on the top of the North American federation? By the way, the American Army and the American security communities through the last century never brought toUSAanything of any sort except the disgrace, hatred of almost all non-western peoples, and mountains of massive uncountable charges of human crimes reached the heavens (and the heaven will respond). The historical fact is, the American army didn’t freeUSAfromBritain; it was the civilian American militias. When the American army came to power and their generals with trumpets and golden spits on their shoulders they went entirely on the counter direction entirely. They madeUSAnothing more than a colony only exists to serve the Satanist European NWO organization; the American public agreed enough to the situation.

Of course their case against Manning is another zero content case because any military personnel in any army allover the world have the right to divulge any information about a violation crime against the ethical standards chosen by the society that had constructed that military. This concept and practice are completely legal anywhere allover the world. This is part of the natural and rational “freedom of information” whether written explicit in law, or implicit in natural mindful-sense doesn’t need ink as long as it is still sanely written in the brains with natural common sense. Because this case is not just weak, it is zero case and the real criminals are free as all the time from the beginning, I have read some article in the mainstream media trying to connect Manning to the suspicions of leaking the technical secrets of the stealth technology of the F22 and F35, only, only I reiterate only because the first charge is not legitimate or any rational, so they try to strengthen it by more mental retardation and craziness.

I am the writer of this article; Eng. “Ashraf Moussa Mohamed”, Cairo, Egypt, I who published the first article revealing the last stealth technology specifically used in the F22 and F35, not only this but also I published possible suggestions about how to confront it. I published that in the Pravda forum, February 6-7 2010. I am not spy and have no connection with any spies. The first time ever I heard the name “Bradley Manning” only when they announced in the media his arrest and charges. I reached that information after analyzing the usual permissible information available on magazines and the internet, photos, effective payload, top speed, etc. Though I did it completely legally, the term legal here needs especial treatment, because I am personally in state of open full scale war against the American government and its master the NWO organization, and any insurgent way or resistance method, plain physical or non-physical, against such criminals is legitimate open option to me, I never stated otherwise. To prove what I say, how about watching me doing something on the same level alive here! To prove that I don’t need manning or others to do it, this time, watch me alive divulging the Russian stealth technology.

Russian painting makes the aircraft stealth on radars:

First time I had read this Russian stealth painting news many years ago, to be honest, I had not believed and rejected. By time, more news had been announced in public about submarine’s painting that made it stealthy to the sonar from the west side this time. Meanwhile, occasionally I was tantalizing myself with some research about the chock absorber system for passenger cars. Because in the while the Pulse and wave absorbing systems was partly occupying my mind as application for passenger cars, it jumped to my mind easily that the stealth paint for the submarines must be chock absorbing principally like what used for cars. The traditional chock absorbers in cars are basically a “spring in parallel connection with mechanical resistance”. The rubber can be represented in mechanical calculations on paper by the same thing “spring in parallel connection with mechanical resistance”. The sonar signals are waves and pulses, to make the submarine stealth to the sonar you need to absorb the sonar signals like the chock absorbers in the cars absorb the road humps, hence the stealth painting for the submarines is basically Rubber paint or rubber plates adhered to the body of the submarine, viola. That is, it is not a big deal that needs “007 spy” to steal the idea, only they are very moronically arrogant about their selves. Then it jumped to my mind that the radar signals in case of aircrafts are waves and pulses too, hence like the stealth painting for the submarines it might be absorbed by some sort of painting translated in electrical term the same abstractive elements in the cars and the submarines, that moment I restarted to believe that the stealth Russian technology might be right and is not bluffing. Hence the question is how to translate the mechanical chock absorber from cars to electromagnetic chock absorber paint applied to body of the aircrafts to be stealth aircraft? First ask any electric-electronic engineer about the translations between mechanics and electricity, it is something very well known and classic. The mechanical spring can be translated to electric capacitor/condenser, and the mechanical resistance which was cylinder-piston-liquid in case of cars is translated to electrical material resistance. On the way for electromagnetic stealth painting I should simplify the circuit of “resistance and capacitor in parallel connection”. The real practical capacitor is two metal plates and insulator in between, that capacitor by itself can be represented as theoretical ideal capacitor with insulator in between of infinite resistance in parallel connection with some outsider resistance of extreme high value which in fact is the real practical insulator. It meant that the real insider insulator is high resistance in parallel with outsider lower resistance. So in case of electric chock absorber system as especial design for that purpose I can simplify the circuit of “resistance with capacitor in parallel” to an especially designed capacitor with inside insulator with lower resistance than traditionally been used to design. How about using a semiconductor like “Silicon” as insulator instead of traditional high-resistance-insulators for normal capacitors! It will achieve the purpose for it is in the middle between insulators and conductors. Now we reached to especially designed capacitor for electromagnetic wave and pulses absorbing, especially designed with insider insulator made of Silicon; that is all about. To make this capacitor applicable for painting, it is very easy. I reduce the area of the plates of the capacitor to the size of grain powder of metal like aluminum and the semi-insulator silicon too, and the paint is ready. A very well mixed powder of combination of “semiconductor” silicon crystals and “conductors” like aluminum or titanium powder or the graphite power is even cheaper good conductor might work excellent, that mixture of semiconductor and conductor powder will work as an especially designed capacitor for absorbing the electromagnetic pulses and waves. Any combination of different types of “semiconductors-conductors” powder will work rightfully; it needs more Lab research to find the best optimized performance at what band width for which combination. Likely I think they use some epoxy-resin as usually as any painting needs some resin. I don’t know if the Russians use sprayers or simple brushes to apply it, either will work just fine with me, just apply enough thick layer and the airplane will resist its appearance on the radar screens. Using sprayer plasma gun will eliminate the need for resin whatsoever, and it will achieve the best ever controlled performance. The resin whatsoever will affect negatively the performance by affecting the electric parameters of the paint. Sprayer Plasma gun is the ultimate recommendation in this application to eliminate the need for resin medium while the powder grains would be compact and in full surface electric contact to each other. Another possible way to apply the concept is to apply a full layer of semiconductor on the metallic object (airplane) then a full layer of conductor, just another possibility to think about though less preferable. I greatly prefer the homogeneous mixture way I first mentioned for it is much easier and greatly more reliable. Something on this same technology principal can be prepared for the ballistic missiles thus it would be almost impossible for the American anti-missile defense system to intercept, I am sorry for the Americans, for the waste of time, effort and money in the American “space anti-missile defense system program”. For more, some very little compressed cold air blow pulses after the rocket engines finished and the rocket flies on momentum, will make the trajectory incalculable even if they were following up the hot engines and was calculating the trajectory, just perfect”. Unfortunately all that cost of hundreds of billions if not trillions of dollars on the American space defense systems can be rendered zero at the cost of few hundreds of dollars. Again it became periodical habit for me worse than my smoking habit to make the Americans lose something so dear, both are bad habits, I am terrorist for the criminal tyrants, can’t help it, I love it. Hi Putin there, how are you, I wish you are in good health, thank you for the good inspiration. I don’t mean by this act any bad; please don’t be upset, I just wanted to convince the American national security morons that I do such things without connection to any spy operation, I don’t need it. So in fact I have no least connection to Bradley Manning, only I respect deeply any real sincere patriotic man like him to his own people; that is all. Was I close enough in my prediction to the Russian stealth technology? I don’t know for sure. But if I was right then I wonder now who the Russian FSB will arrest for being charged of leaking the Russian stealth technology, because the Russian security guys are not less moronic than the American correspondents. They are only smart in illegal criminal activities, but when it comes to real security for their own people, the mental retardation is high grade description for their evaluation level, in my eyes as I see. The Egyptian intelligence guys are even worse. As I said it many times, certainly you can see that “the highest human intelligence has its limitation, but the human mental retardation you will never can see its lower bottom”, ask the American national security creatures about. I love you Putin, you are my hero.

Julian Assange is as same as Manning; I don’t have any least iota of idea about both as if there is any connection between them, except what is known in the media, whether mainstream or alternative. Yet I am fully certain that Julian Assange is belonging to the “freedom of information” area, and he is a political prisoner should be protected regardless of the fabricated charges inSweden. I believe that the Swedish Viking should avoid getting the attention to their selves; it is not any good for you to drop yourselves in the attention spot. I beg you, avoid getting my attention.

10) I have some theory needs to be verified and be discussed, I invite anyone interested in his own to check its possible validity, “if every government on earth was real sincere patriotic government to its people, there would be no wars and no injustice on earth, justice and peace would prevail; hence in any war at least on one side there is unpatriotic government to its own people”. For this I respected and cared for a patriotic character like Bradley Manning though he is on the enemy side confronting me. For example, was or is king of England patriotic in his belonging to the people or is he solely loyal to his social rank, wealth and power? Imagine me on the big panorama screen of Cinema, bringing King of England on the execution table; fire ants are ready to tear him apart and one crab. His last confession, announce your last confession before I tear your body off, are you patriot? Kogoggokoomo. What? Kgomookenenenenen. I don’t understand what you say? Release the cork from his mouth. K I N G D O OOOOOOOOM. Okay, okay, enough; my ear, return the cork to his mouth. Ooh my ear, my ear is humming, one thing I wished to tear from his body before any, his throat, anyway; the fire ants leave nothing. I love and I respect the will of the fire ants, the best ever the real revolutions can buy.


If it happened, write upon sea


Everywhere silky embers were furnished under my feet

Running fast didn’t avoid injury but hurries to meet

Walking slow didn’t relent pain but on wild did beat

Standing numb didn’t solve forth but myself I defeat

Flying over didn’t seem so I ran out covetous street


Escaped out spurious concrete to porous sands of sea

Looked at sky trying to augur by blue and white glee

Sea-wind plays on eyes that persistently open to see

Sea-wave titillates injured feet while spirits emcee

Wonder how many complaints were lined on page of sea


Long sheet waves at feet back to where horizon stand

I wrote few feet letters on ivory of sympathy strand

Loneness where I failed my companion to thirsty hand

Desires sever the stingy afflicting live to be bland

Wind in bottomless fade whistles “hold life as grand


Inner stone will is diamond refracts life in glisten

They can’t stop diamond shining so hinder and darken

Slavery ever transmutes and only lexically is broken

Upon slavers, freedom of personal restraint frighten

Will is diamond if in underworld or glitters in oven


Long line, was writing until it turned dusk and cold

Looked behind to see my prints and day lost its gold

Slew to grab last yolk ray went in tomorrow egg fold

Cold, dim gold and secret fold, were defying if bold

Among spirits of dark, star stretched hands for hold


How long is page of sea to how many wrote upon blues

Wrongly felt lonely and there lot searches for trues

From whatsoever the heart content; eyes radiate hues

Eye braved such night with star in your heart imbues

When you meet eye of blues, for you that star endues


Don’t let go, don’t let faint, don’t let to lonesome

Death is one, life is many, together you may be some

Common sense to sympathy to rational human will come

Uncommon sense to apathy to irrational hominid gnome

Values pledge into sympathy is lifeguard to lovesome


Breezes of warmth and cold, me woke after long night

Searched in hands for real star was on my side fight

Though it was dream I found dew telling it was right

It was humble life drop yet enough to get hope might

Ever attempt, as such drop cleans will gem in bright


Where I’d fled, started over with fortune of bravery

Some of them hadn’t my chance to escape out savagery

Many of some been melted with embers even more fiery

Rare had inner peace raining upon ember of the leery

Best of us pick up embers as fuel for evolving query


Perhaps I am not clever but exalt challenge pleasure

Vanity, over-ability challenge is the truest measure

Beyond numbs Ember edge lays the revolution treasure

Can’t explore limits without touching ember exposure

It’s joyful agony for just spying view out enclosure


If color paled, ember blazed, desire faded, you know

This time you learn not to be lonely prey for sorrow

This time they are many feet lining plans for morrow

All time from sea page top to bottom, each is fellow

Blues imbue heart; stars hypnotize eye; winds winnow

*** November 02, 2000

12) Naaa, take it easy and simple. More important take it innocently; this is just hobbyist exploitation of the human right of freedom of self-naturalizing by managing a cocktail of “humanitarian Realism reacting to human Alienism”. Perhaps because I am not professional I find myself can’t explain such “Realism-Alienism cocktail” better than it is “philosophical radical grassroots terrorism” like sort of Molotov cocktail in riot against the mother of evils. Yet practically is very legal until this now if you don’t actually resist the murderers of the weak paupers, innocent children and their mothers and their fathers and their dogs and their rats indifferently around the world like in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan or inside China; if you don’t resist the conquerors of your entire life, while I am destroying incredibly much worse savage western global mass social slavery for entire mankind never named. One day, if the current spiral-down historical devolution episode turned to the “absolute freedom” of the American faction success side, it would be totally illegal exactly like the human right to actuate his mental sanity, the good of his people and the healthful existence of human society is illegal very today, though allover history the situation was not much better except for little durations only by means of armed revolutions. No, I am not pessimistic; don’t get me wrong; I believe if it happened they might let some of it for alienist devolution needs and literature deceptive ugly ornaments no much less than what they do today, only free living will be abolished, it was no important life anyway. Yet I am not pessimistic, if it would be illegal doesn’t mean it will not be practiced illegally in terrorism, you know, it happens all time. Mother-whatever rulers of the world are irrationally and insanely over optimistic about the soon future. The realists in role has no right of optimism or pessimism even if hobbyist for he just is neutral observer of the dead human society above their underground graves full of magma, for this I said I am not pessimistic and this is what I play here unless I change my role to something else. Cheating and deceptions, tell me something new, cheating and deception are not new; they are faulty unpredictable behaviors of man all time that within I never seen any evolution. Have fun.

Manifesto inferno full of colors like paradise IV, smokes like flowers, splinters of fire like butterflies and explosive fountain of lava like rainbow. The criminals deserves only be criminals, live and die criminals.

All human being individuals on this planet Earth without little exceptions are equal decision makers at least by weakness, cowardice, negligence, ignorance, stupidity, vanity, covetousness, greed, cheating or shameful disgrace; in world of today openly those are uttered virtues as it doesn’t seem; decreeing the decision is only about the slavers and substantiating the decision is about the slavers and the slaves, this clear over-surface fact never was subterranean at any time.

I hate ecology, corrupt environments, ill organisms; I don’t know why someone waste his time in some hobby he hates, almost all time you observe the same burning environment containing both the “stupid and the scumbag”; isn’t “beauty and the beast” much better, oops, well, I don’t think it that much either.

Naturalized by;

Ashraf Moussa

April 15, 2011

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