Secularism and theocracy, versus slavery

Extract from book called “Unraveling the simplest”, first-edition first reached the public on “January 19, 2009”; second-edition is coming:

(1) Modern recorded history of slavery

The recent recorded history of mankind is divided into two stages concerning this issue, shared between both a long narrow parallel strip of light forced through occasionally like some sort of separation line between freedom and slavery, light and dark, guidance and misguidance. The modern history might be something about ten thousand years or less; perhaps around the messenger Abraham.

(a) Earlier division:

In the first history division, the term slavery was used limitedly to express some individual human status of social and economical relationship, regardless of just or unjust that was always discussable and always shifting. Mostly was wrongly accepted as fate and rarely resisted. Too the slavery was mainly featured by sort of slavery fueled by individual slave bases with the awareness of the individual slave of his status, and the physical power is the main chain to the neck of the slave.

(ab) Penetrating light:

God had sent many messengers and prophets like Moses who salved the Israeli from the bondage of slavery inflicted by the pharaoh, Moses did it by direct divine command and divine clear power and ends at the pharaoh army buried in sea. Many Israeli thrived and learned the lesson and became of the top righteous on earth of their era, some did not, and later the majority fell in slavery again but that time as top hand slavers worse than who enslaved them in the past. They forgot God that assisted them again and had sent the messenger Jesus to remind them again; they refused and warred against him. However, the messenger Jesus left a clear strong impression in behind to who ever cared among the humanity, which survived for short while. It is not the assumed sort of intelligence by God to man, God had sent the messenger Mohamed to the Arabs and had given up the loser Israeli this time, they refused Jesus and committed unbelievable crimes worse than what we see from them today, the Arabs in their turn greatly thrived to unprecedented measures and freed so many other people around and survived for considerable time perhaps more than any previous movement in history of mankind since the messenger Noah at least; before the messenger Noah the entire humanity were one people with no bondage that they were slipping down into, they refused the messenger Noh and God eradicated almost all the humanity except the very few who followed and performed the righteous intelligence assumed by God to the humanity. Though yes, I see today still there are remnants of Muslims struggling for the righteous intelligence, for freedom, in so many places like, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Palestine, Lebanon, Sudan, Somalia and many others, the least to say in general we reached close to the bottom line to forget, few meters from my home some mosque where one of the slavers shoes licker clergies turned the mosque to be one of these Egyptian TV channels on Friday speeches, condemning the struggling against corruption while himself is corruptor. The governmentally oriented TV shows is even better than this, TV Mosques, no big difference there, I don’t pray in Egyptian mosques, always something very wrong is there. Even you see many struggling movements around the world, like in Ireland, Spain, Latin America, Africa, Asia in general.

(b) Current division:

The slaver mentality experienced the great danger comes to them from the divine religions universally through time and definitely since the Roman Empire and least impression they left in behind still is full danger damaging to their wealth and sovereign. This division though is much shorter yet much more condensate in development sum and quantity of events and fast changes and the unprecedented public rate of growth. This short division while may be equaled to the long previous division in total energetic events sum, it started around the last six centuries of the second Millennium and took a different new shape. It started by the so called European renaissance historical era and assisted by the sequent fast big development and revolutions in deceptive culture, empirical science, industry and finance management in that specific continent. Because of the needs to high performance working hands in this era or division, the life standards of the slaves or the labor hands forcibly had been arisen; it is the nature of this era not of their will at any least, they are not simple muscles and little skills any longer. The normal publics mostly are not concerned with slave or not slave and rather they are concerned only with the life standards in very short sight if not full blindness. While yet the slavers see in the authentic divine religions greatest threatening danger even in the new situation that promised unlimited wealth and sovereign than ever happened in before according to their limited historical knowledge to the last recorded pages of ten thousand years, which increased their fears unlimitedly too. They don’t know or accept that the civilization before Noah was much developed than what we have through the entire last ten thousand years. Unconcerned public of slavery and only concerned with life standards, arisen “live and salt” middle class life standards featured this era, both factors helped greatly the slavers in their war against the humanity and God, to claim that they are the enders of the slavery, while on land of facts it is only the life standards that had been arisen for the necessities of this era, and it helped them in greatest and biggest scheme of deception happened in history of mankind to shift the concept of slavery from injustice among human relations to be an injustice relationship from God side towards the human, hence we humans in how the slavers thinking should fight God and his religion to end the slavery on earth once for last and ever, this is the main headline of this division of history we live in concerning the slavery term, God became the slaver we should fight. Sometimes they state it explicitly and another time implicitly, either way it always ends at fully rejecting the religion and take all sorts of decisions purely by natural reason and necessity. Of course they did not assume the idealism to mankind to be able to do that high task, they can’t try this historically defeated assumption on daily bases and one of the main tools for slavery as ever “inferiority of the slave”, yet they assume the idealism in the reason and necessity themselves, but who will estimate these ideal reason and necessity, isn’t that non-ideal human again! It is spinning and spinning plain trickery to break down the divine religion and take down the “dependency on God faith and guidance”. You know, God himself ever commanded the human to behave and judge in honest and just mindfulness, it is a written command in the Qur’aan many hundred times to exhaustive extent you should read all the Qur’aan than bringing examples here, the problem is neither reason nor necessity, the problem completely is the absence of honesty. Yet because we human creature mostly fail without top God guidance that comes through a selected messenger or prophet to correct and remedy the course of human life and God directly teach him what he can’t solve, to cut this human spread confusion because of lack honesty or ignorance into two, right sharp certainty and other certain wrongness. Hence we have a religion that we start after and upon its rigid foundation, this is what the slavers and the short minded public following them as slaves want to break down to accomplish their temperamental lust under label of necessity and unjust covetousness under label of reason. Then by ignoring God and his messenger and the religion, the slavers can accomplish their fabricated injustice creed misguidance under huge spinning cheating and deception to each other and the one to the self. Take for example; the inability to pay back a debt is enough to turn the creditor to slave in the past as substitution, it happened in Europe and almost allover the world, in the rules of the divine Islam religion came from God on hand of the messenger Mohamed (God brighten upon and cast peace upon Mohamed), though the debt never fall by long time and it is open up to whenever the debtor can pay back, yet ever the creditor have nothing in his hand to take the debtor as slave for substitution, read all the debts rules in Islam above to sense how it is accurate justice to keep the sharp cut balance between the creditor financial rights and the debtor human rights, it had been legislated by God and conveyed by Mohamed, just example of thousands, so the same was the authentic religions of Jesus and Moses. All the authentic divine messengers and prophets of history are equal, but not all humans are equal, there who follow the honest mind and just guidance, the messengers and prophets belong to this category, and there who follow the whims and destructive sort of selfishness; that is the real story. So there you find among them the loose term “serious long term relationship” replaced the term “religious stiff Marriage” and the term “short term or one night relationship” replaced the term “sinful fornication”, and you might find them attributed the religious marriage to wrong slavery and suffer and the prostitution as “fair legal freelance job”; the man is evil and needs a strong state to repress him and of course the state is the politician and super rich class, only to break down the divine religion and set up their own human loose made religion, injustice creed. God had sanctioned the polygyny in Islam; in their human injustice creed substitution they forbade and criminalized the polygyny and legally permitted the free sex and multi-affair sex relations for both sex without any sort of obligation towards any including the miserable children. Usury replaced the obliged charity, bribing became legal business commission, criminal governmental armed extortion mostly ended into pockets of the super rich ruling class called taxes, the corrupting favoritism became the common friendly administrative affair, the entertainment became ritual worshiping, Hollywood and Walt Disney became Holy sites, fiction became truth and the truth became nothing, the dead empty masks became mobile stone cine and TV idols, the criminal became the honored and honored became criminal, manipulating the elections in the western countries by trickery and by direct brutal coercion in the eastern countries that specifically in Middle East is called the international legitimacy as president Mubarak call it, total state thieving became economical inflation and deflation, monopoly and the cartels of the capitalists became the free market, treason became legal secret political treaty for the good of the public, fighting the corruption and slavery became insane criminal terrorism and the global imperialism became the top “free world and free will coalition”, human became the fake evil God who creates deception and cheating to enslave the entire humanity in whole sell, etc. and etc. and million etc. Though the picture of that individual slaves sold in market of slavery one by one had evanesced in this current division of history since about six centuries yet it is featured by another much worse sort of slavery fueled by whole mass social slave bases in contrast to the previous historical division that was fueled by individual slave bases and today there are global governmental slavery market for whole mass of slave societies without the awareness of the society of its status; cheating and deception are the main chain to the neck of the slave society then next to it the physical power if the deception didn’t work. In very specific we find ourselves talking definitely about the shaping of the new modern doctrine of the pure human Secularism versus divine religious honest mindfulness. Of course that war happened through all entire history, but it took new dimension of secret unification of all modern secular slavery powers in the world on one side against the last authentic divine religion in form of Islam on the other side, and deceitfully shifting the accusation of slavery human crime to all previous divine religions altogether. No doubt that today all governments allover the world belongs to the modern secular faith on sort way or another, except Iran and on the other places it still in flaming resistance against the secularism of different sorts. The seculars call it the criminal terrorism to their slavery sovereign, consequently personally I am a terrorist in their view and yes I am. The other exception in concern of the theocratic states is the Vatican regardless of its small area and very low number of population but its influence extends too far beyond its frontier, in theoretical and virtual consideration of course, yet actually and practically it based on deviated version from the authentic religion conveyed by the messenger Jesus. So clearly we had seen the secular Roman Empire refused, criminalized and tried to crucify messenger Jesus, and the modern sequent bigger secular slavery empires accepted the deviated version of Jesus and found in this human deviation the peace of their slavery. Actually and truthfully and practically the Vatican never was theocratic state, it is very secular state with greater cheating more than the seculars themselves, and for this the seculars don’t see in the Vatican any threatening terrorism to their slavery sovereign, do they? Typical, historically the seculars warred against the authentic honest theocracy, when the Islam conveyed by Jesus was real they warred against, when the Islam conveyed by Mohamed is still real authentic they are warring against, historically is typical and very traditional. When the Islam of Moses is deviated to the current secular version in Zionism it is most welcomed and assisted to fullness by the seculars of course, in the past it had been fought by the secular Pharaoh, that today his dead body Mommy when visited France they welcomed like one of the holiest kings of mankind history, not any reminding of the most brutal criminals in history, then why they condemn Hitler, Hitler was angel in comparison? If there is any sense of sincerity and honestly in any least mindful analysis, it is easy clear to see that whenever some theocracy deviate the authentic divine religion between their hands and exert their modification according to their reason and necessity, according to their personal motivations, in fact they behaved practically what the open secularism is, in complete exact manner, in very fact it is clear that they are secular under cover of theocratic. This is the technique the seculars in history frequently used as cheating weapon to undermine the authentic religions from inside. In Islam we call such alike the trust-consumers (Monafek). On other hand, the seculars criticize the oppressor theocratic that they use the religion to justify their ruling, authority and sovereign, suppose that they right, indeed some of them fall in that wrongness, I admit that it happened and is happening by the seculars themselves undercover. Yet the argument point is; is not the same critique applied to their selves? Do the secularists not use the reason and necessity to justify their ruling, authority and sovereign? If as already the secularists agreed that human is basically evil, tell me what made the statesmen elements on higher rank above such evil human that use the spinning reason and necessity to justify their evil aims and ends? What is the secularism is all about? Do they not deny the authority and right guidance from God side and forced themselves on his place, this way, are they not claiming themselves God? Is not the secularism a religion? Cult! Ask the Magus, they will tell you that the Judaism, the Christianity and the Islam are cults, ask the Jews they claim all are cults except them, ask the Christians they tell approximately the same, ask me as Muslim I say the same because that was authentic one day today is human deviated except what I trusted and believed, forget about cult, all are sorts of religion including the atheist that claim to himself authority of God inside political deceptive term “secularism”. Are not the secularists themselves theocratic? Hence all government sorts on Earth are theocratic way or another, dogmatic or right just, deceptive or clear, whatever. Sorry for the Vatican, I draw my claim against you; I found that the Vatican is real theocratic, and the problem that perplexed me is the secularists deceptively hide that they themselves are theocratic. How it comes? Is it really? But, the secularist claimed in their many centuries of hundreds of treatises; may be thousands and many millions if we took in account their followers through the humanity, they claimed the source of all their decisions and legislation is the nature, and human reason and necessity, and who does otherwise is not secularist, this is very thoughtful claim, I love it, yet is it not what God of the Qur’aan had commanded? Read Qur’aan; frame No. (91); “The sun”? I have translated and brought it there under the title “Morality and universe”, read it there, what the words of God talks about! From revelation No. (01) up to revelation (07) God incites the intuition and contemplation of the human mind to the nature and the universe around him and his brain and mind structure. Then in revelation No. (08) God talks about that the man learns from the nature the goodness and evilness. Then in revelation No. (09) and (10) it tells that thrived who has chosen the goodness because the goodness is self enhancement and failed himself down who has chosen the evilness. When the human fails down for whatever reason then it came to revelation No. (11) up to end revelation No. (15); God to select and stand human messenger to rectify the human life course to the right mindfulness and if they refused then God to doom them because they are evil. Hence according to the Qur’aan statement, the authentic divine religions all the time were secular on the level of ideological bases and it includes the last of them, the Islam religion is secular on bases of the ideology, so for the secular concept that stated the dependence on the nature as source for legislations and decision making, how it comes not to obey the command and guidance of who created the entire nature itself and nature follows his command, when we fail to deduce our right legislations because of the evil dishonesty spread or ignorance or both among humans that the seculars themselves admit it! Is there any right reason or necessity may justify such deceptive unmindful insane behaviors on their side? Go and read the Qur’aanic frame “the sun” from its original source if you don’t believe me, it is there since fourteen centuries not only childish six. It is very clear that the entire world now is living in ever biggest European imperial brainwashing, total disinformation war against the entire humanity everywhere and basically against the European people themselves before any, the free world as they wrongly feel about themselves. All I am sad, this European continent never tasted the free human being since so many thousands of years even for least one day, not even one hour. Hence I find that, the only government that seek the authentic Islam religion and the Qur’aan as constitution source for their state and their life, like Iran, is the only truthful secular country in the entire world, and who seek the else is the dogmatic, all the rest governments allover world are truthfully the dogmatic-secular, isn’t it? Yes, I love this era of history where my God has sent me in, the world of today is full of fun, the Iranian people themselves have fallen in the European trickery, cheating and deception of empty spinning vocabulary and the Iranian believed that they are theocratic state while they are the only sole righteous secular state in the entire world that seek the mindfulness, imagine it, have fun. Isn’t it how I operated and treated all human conceptuality and comprehension through the entire of my very this book? Isn’t it how I think all, the right truthful secularism not in European way, but on Islamic way, the way my God taught me and commanded me, the way how God created the nature and entire existence? Please don’t miss the fun. Of course right now we have begun to learn something different, all states types and governance in entire history of mankind on earth are only two sorts; there is no third, “dogmatic-secular” state like almost all governments in the world right now, like royal Saudi state or Egyptian undefined cancerous state or USA or France or China or Vatican, and “righteous-secular” state like solely Iran, I am talking about today status on the very beginning years of the third Millennium. Too, there are hundreds of speeches, teachings and anecdote narrations from Mohamed the messenger who carried the Qur’aan to us, confirmed exactly what I am talking about. And on the bed of your children if you don’t belong to the miserable “die without bitter” poorest class and there is some furniture in your home they didn’t overtake, if they didn’t destroy all your home on first hand and if they didn’t kill your mother, your children, your neighbors, your dog, your cats, your rats and there is something in your children stomach, after narrating the fairytale of the “beauty and the beast” and still you find your children not getting enough horror to prefer forcibly the sleeping and peacefully dreaming their own, I advise you to start narrating this next most horrible to any human of any age. The new unification and hidden modern movement of global dogmatic-secularism in which they preached that the evilest of man might take the position of God if fully depended on strongly deceptive governmental state, like “The ends justify the means” of the Satan statesman Niccolo Machiavelli (1469-1527) the messenger of the parasite politician creatures, had developed through last six centuries in Europe. It was very pushed by the industrial revolution and all mainly came from European root then recently and mainly from Britain, before continue the narration of this real tale, check out if your little babies are sleeping or dead. “Beauty and the beast” fairytale Originally authored by French Madame “Gabrielle De Villeneuve” and first published “1740”, modified later in many versions like the recent most famous Walt Disney cartoon in which the merchant of the old first version had been evolved to industrial inventor in the last modern version, natural effect of history circumstances evolution and development; yet that industrial inventor who was merchant in the past fell in the captivity of the beast exactly as first time when he was merchant, for the beauty to make the happy end to all and to discover and retrieve the beauty inside the beast and after big war between the goodness of the noble class and evilness of the barbarian ignorant street public and the goodness triumphs over the evil finally. Odd strange fantastic in which too not only the merchant evolved to the industrial inventor but his family too evolved from three brothers and three sisters including miss little beauty to entire society including miss beauty, so many evolutions happened and these were only some, how strange interesting. Very strange odd skillful indeed for the abstractive summation of the very behind deep abstractive elements of the Egyptian classic movie “between the ruins” (1959) is very exactly equal to the material surface clear story lines of the “beauty and the beast”, very odd! I don’t think of it in any odd, to me at least. Is there anyone could survive the magnetizing psychological manipulation to notice what the story line is and the happy end expected by the fantastic imaginative author! I doubt, whatever, it totally obvious clear to the least stupid eye without needing to any degree of intelligence analysis because it fully stated there directly and explicitly: because the noble ruling class behaved wrong in the past, so it is forced to retract into imprisoned hidden beast in his dark palace away the society eye and awareness because of their past mistakes and even their sincere servants lived with him in different guise shapes, until one day the beauty is arisen from the outside ignorant uneducated, stupid, savage and selfish society then when the beast see and meet that out little social beauty his inner beauty will be discovered and his natural figure with his servants will be retrieved, he will marry this rare little social beauty after fighting and pushing out the rest barbarian society out his noble palace, then the noble class will flourish on open again; the mirthful bright lights, lavish wealthy celebrations and the happiness will fill their palaces again in open with no secrecy any longer, no dark hidden palace any longer; only the noble class, their servants and the beautiful who will engage to their theme are that will have the happy end and the shameful defeat for the rest savage ignorant society, happy end. In the cinema halls that savage ignorant selfish barbarian society specifically depicted in the fairytale itself is very happy too and fills the echo of the halls with great hot applauding; “holy Walt Disney, yes, defeat the bastards”, and they who pay the tickets, don’t forget the tickets. And they consider it a good example to let their children see, while they are fully unaware of the complicating cultural psychological reaction in their children on the long run because of this malicious self-conflicting intelligence program code that had been inserted in their back memory and how it effects their character and life interaction course; the code tells that these children are the evil middle class they should fight against themselves to be excluded out the governance class because they themselves are barbarian and worth nothing, and this code they should support and fight for. Would they be any psychological fit citizens or rational humans of any degree on the future? Sometimes they are not even on the very short come. They will be only fit for slave citizenry, not of any real freedom indeed. I wonder always at they wonder at every school shooting, while their children are fed everyday with thousands of malicious self conflicting cultural codes damaging their mental integration, damaging their coherent relation between the “self with self” and the “self with society”. I only uncover a little of incredibly complicated millions codes of pure malice in their culture codes to damage the brain and mind of human, always there is worse and worse implanted deep inside. What are they doing to mankind on the root of his entity! Free world! Is it the wellbeing they seek after food preys for beasts! Fractured humans or paralyzed preys! I see they only prey themselves to the mouth of hell and they deserved, don’t blame God, blame what you are doing on yourselves. The beast is the pictorial detonation of the noble class hidden secret global imperial community and how they should behave and operate and how they plot everything. I believe that this very specific fairytale was the first historical indication of the ideological solidification of all their future plots and global general scheme draft and outline, it was the most important turning point in the middle of their life of about six centuries. You will find that all the robes had begun to tangle in one crystallized knot of clear thoughts around the seventieth and eighteenth century in Europe though it had been birthed two or three centuries before that specific fairytale of 1740; I am not surprised of least, are you? Are you surprised of what the story lines is, how it comes, it was almost explicit there all the time, or, are you surprised of what is your very own mentality and brain is all that time to not see it? This is what really I wonder at. Too, both the capitalism and communism came or nurtured by Britain, why not go and ask while Karl Marx had been banished out most of Europe including his Germany home because so many burning communist revolutions were managed in many places through Europe mainly because of him and his incitation like “the communist manifesto”, he found an official free safe residence in Britain, what sort of sense did it make! Oh yes, perhaps because the imperial royal Britain that was occupying and enslaving half the world that time was the haven of freedom revolutions for goodness of mankind, like the later dirtiest fake Egyptian revolution of cheating and deception, you are right, how I have forgotten this. Examples of dogmatic-secular philosophers are the British philosopher Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679), and John Locke (1632-1704) that the king William III appointed to the board of trade, how it comes while secularism is conflicting ideology to any royal system on basis in very general! Their main head guideline is to uproot the authenticity in all divine religions except the dogmatic-secular closely like them under different labels and sorts. It took a very slippery path in tiny gradual change on the beginning, the early philosophers around the sixteenth and seventh century, it never stated that they were atheists. In fact some of them had interests and clear belongings to some religious beliefs like the Roman Catholic Rene Descartes (1596-1650), or like Immanuel Kant (1724-1804); or the Jewish Baruch Spinoza (1632-1677) who had been excommunicated by the Rabbis and banished from Spanish Portuguese to Amsterdam because of his untraditional theological views. All of them tried to manipulate the authentic religion metaphysical elements in attempt to derive new religions of theirs, like they were all the time working hard to introduce sort of man made religion substitution imitating the authenticity yet fully of postulations and fully of assumptions and guesses without any bases except their mouth tongues, no logic and no science in there, ornamentally pretending the knowledge of the metaphysical structure of the nature, universe and God himself, while it is all fictional nonsense empty vocabulary. All the last six centuries of European dogmatic-secularists were connected to each other and were moving much among Europe and always were supported by some official ruler class and financial men, and fought by other sorts of dogmatic-secular in pretence of theocratic class residuals of the dogmatic-secular medieval obsolete product, until the elders began to engage to the modern European dance and understand its stronger deception effectiveness, typical and natural. Whatever, if they didn’t clearly object the faith in God as in the early slippery phase or objected faith in God as rather recently stated in the theological side of the communist movement in explicit announcement, whether this or that they all agreed and preached one concept, “the human mind is the absolute master of his fate and entire course of history and will of the society represented in the state and should depend on human reason and necessity to drive the course of society” which in itself is an undercover objection to the faith in God and his guidance and his will and control on fate, this the announced headline definition of the dogmatic-secularism. Today easily you hear it from American Bush “the absolute freedom and absolute justice operation” or in Egypt “the religion is for God, and the homeland and the state are for all citizens”, both statements in fact of the same exact meaning and from the same source and exact political stand and theological implications, all came from one secret global imperial government as entity that started to solidify and grow stealthily since about six centuries ago in the Europe. Too as example, very easily you can see that communist China governmentally fought and oppressed the Muslims in favor of the Confucianism and buddhism because the later is dogmatic-secular philosophy not of any religion and their past communist party founder Mao Zedong were fully European influenced especially by the dogmatic-secular Marxism. And easily you can see openly the direct attack on all the Egyptian governmentally oriented Media since the Egyptian fake coupe 1952 on the Islam religion as a general reference to the state rule except limitedly to the family concerns that had been attacked too and is successfully undermined greatly on the cultural dimension. While you see in my book that they are blatant liars within this title “unraveling simplest universe system and PNICS”; the Qur’aanic words of God and teachings of his messenger Mohamed are complete divine constitution for all modern state ruling legislations needs. Deception of the modern dogmatic-secularism religion is the main cheating method of the total social slavery on the global scale since six centuries beside the next unjust brutal coercion.

First human mistake of dogmatic-secularism sort did not happen on Earth, it happened when the Satan first time successfully tempted Adam the first father of the human race to dream of possessing some delusional kingdom purely of his own without God who created everything including Adam himself, both were expelled from the Paradise to this miserable Earth. Imagine what the stupidity is unless you are stupid slave yourself and likely you are. I say I am intelligent hence I should imagine it but when I try I find my mind is incapable to imagine it exactly like you, may be I can see and imagine the ultimate limitations of human intelligence, yet I can’t see or imagine the downward limitations of human stupidity. Is it really we survived that long time and dominated the Earth only because of our higher human intelligence? Well, I don’t think so, I rather suspect because of our stupidity nothing on Earth will survive at all. and It seems that these two terms, intelligence and stupidity are not located on the antonym sides as it seems on surface of vocabulary, they are not such continuous scale and upon there some middle zero point, no, they to great extent overlapped upon each other inside same mind on same level. The human after long sophisticated intelligent operations through lengthy complicated tangled paths, he may estimate in certainty that this upward direction will lead to eternal safety though in the middle might be tough and torture, and the other downward path will lead to eternal closed end room full of torture though in the middle might be rosy and easy, majority of humans always choose the downward path. Intelligence and stupidity of man are fully overlapped in millions of life examples not only on the long paths, indeed, the patience and impatience are parts of that operation as example. So I back to deem in hug suspicion the excessive exaggeration of human intelligence value and perceptual sense, its factual meaning and reality, naturally including myself; still descendents of Adam and Satan are playing the same first killer delusional game of dogmatic-secularism here on Earth after much more than million years and some of them will still play it until the end of time then it is over. This time they will be expelled from Earth to the eternal inferno; don’t miss the fun, please come on, have fun.

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