Cablegate2010; Wikileaks

In the concern of the agreement between some of the Middle East countries like “Saudi or Egypt” on side and on other side Israel, in opinion about Iran, there is unlimited number of aspects, basics, factors and points, to consider and understand on many levels and many dimensions. Here there is no enough space to contain it all, it needs tens of volumes to contain only some rough figure, but let me try so little of it. Writing about the tragedy of life never least equaled living it.

Majority of the Arabian governments are installed puppets including the entire governmental apparatus, very specifically and more than any else, Egypt and Saudi. These are known facts within the streets of the entire Middle East, no least doubt of it. Forget about the main media, there they are the real lunatic informative dictatorship. Within the Arabian governmental apparatus, it goes either direct treasonous saboteurs with direct communication channel or indirect pure corruption, different types of treason to the same destructive result. If there is difference it would be in that the corruption is more brutal and more stupid clear in performance; mix both types in one character to unstable explosive blend that might be called some odd thing like the Egyptian president “Mubarak” and his Dracula family.

Completely I don’t agree; the documental divulgement of the opinion agreement between some Arabian governments and Israel; hurt both of them in fact. The Israeli claim that it benefits Israel is just a false claim to divert the attention from the important points. Why and how, it is the long story; the majority is not prepared to understand it for reason or another. Humans in their nature don’t decide by logic or rationality, they decide by psychological trends that for then they break all logic and rationality to feed that psychological trends and traits, then stupidity becomes admirable sort of fictitious intelligence. In deeper sense, the brain is subordinate to the mind, and the freewill is basically can’t be accomplished except by the right of the human to destroy his own self, isn’t God democratic in some sense? That might lead to some odd conclusion, in the most human destructive dictatorship and surrender/acceptance of the public, lays deepest self-destructive form of deranged negative democracy. Hitler didn’t arise from nowhere as perceived dictator, he was elected and, and was secretly supported to the last moment by USA and Britain, and most of the German people of course, as same as the American president 43rd Bush. That is we are humans, and the individual freewill lay as under deeper layer to the social layer of the positive democracy or negative.

Israel is not Israel as commonly perceived; Israel is European Zionist crusade by deception and manipulation on hug massive social scale, local and global. To colonize some wide area like the Middle East without significant resistance, they thought to set it in continuous war and military dictatorship, hence the need of leaders/ dictators, in other words fake leaders. Majority of the Arabian leaders and governmental apparatus in the Middle East, with Israel, are one local sector unit belong and had been set by the European New World Order organization. One time, in test tool beside many I have done and practiced, I found this. When the international or regional attention focuses on the real need to reforming change in the Middle East governmental apparatus, in direct stable and continuous relation you find Israel jumps to uninvitedly attack the Palestinians in some major act meant to divert the internal pressure on the Arabian government to their criminality and enmity towards the Middle East, “the first half of the automatic responsive program code: dangerous pressures on the Middle East governments leads to Israeli brutal act against the Palestinian people to look as most possible as the evil to divert and absorb the pressures from the direction of the Arabian governments”. The Second stable automatic behavior is the counterattraction of the first half, “The second half of the automatic responsive program code: Dangerous pressures on Israel to solve the Palestinian problem leads to Arabian governments brutal act against their very own people for Israel to look as most possible the only humanistic democracy in the Middle East so the Arabic governments diverted the mounting pressures on Israel”. Summing the two halves of the program it looks like two persons who are firming the same nail which is Israel occupation by exchanging the hammering role, in other ways it looks like one person his face is slapped by some hand to the left and when his focus diverted to the left he got another slab from the right side. The target all the time is us the Muslims. That Program was ultimately automatic to the extent that I myself while testing it and playing with the buttons, unintentionally I subjected the Muslim target to great suffer. But, I learned from that test very important lesson: though the European New World Order organization is completely stiff hierarchal dictatorship of ever most brutal sort, yet that is not on the daily direct command, it is only brainlessly on the main guideline and programs, they set a guideline program and let the agent or group to work according to it even if things got wrong, they are brainless to the extent that they can’t react different than the guideline program. And it takes a hug sluggish delay for changing the guidelines meanwhile some serious compromising may occur. That was the case for all centuries before this century. Starting from the early of the twentieth century and specifically the USA government in cooperation with the British government had been dreaming and promising the European core of the organization by, modernizing and tightening the organization structure, from, “sluggish pyramidal guideline program structure”, to, “direct and instant pyramidal command structure”, by means of modern technology, especially computers, ground and satellite networks, responsive center command and surveillance, program-automatic responsive command without returning to human inspection on some certain events and on other situations it waits the direct-in-touch command from the human New World Order dictator. Until this moment, the old system and modern system are practiced in parallel, the American-British modern method yet not prevailed; still the old means is dominant on the practice of the European core of the organization while the technological modernization is under development in USA and Britain on outsider levels.

Any sort of documented connection even just on level of opinion agreement certainly damages greatly the image of the Arabian governments in the streets and that in turn damages Israel security, because the security of Israel and its entire existence ultimately dependant on the treasonous Arabian governments existence more than anything else. Like the existence of USA in Afghanistan is dependant on the treason in the other Muslim governments around like Pakistan or another. Anyone around got any understanding about what I am talking about? I doubt.

This is very brief, may be not adequate.

Now in concern of the “wikileaks” organization:

The wikileaks organization, never introduced since their foundation something new the truth seekers didn’t know and didn’t say. However; the official documents prove what the others deduce by reason and strengthens their stands. It was useful sometimes?

The first American Journalist who investigated and reported the entire story of the CIA involvement in drug trades inside USA itself and the connections with the Nicaragua troubles, whom his death ruled as suicide with two shots in his head? Yes, you heard it right, suicide case with two shots in the head? If he shot the first bullet to his own head; hence who did shoot the second? Go figure what the American governmental system in entirety is. What is his name? Anyone does know? Anyone does remember his name? It was the biggest scandal ever had shaken the American government and still shaking it until this moment after his assassination, and the name of that Journalist not even remembered, does the American People deserve anyone to sacrifice his life for? I don’t think so. The truth deserves, because the truth is a concern of the mankind as kind not some specific people by nationality. The truth doesn’t know nationality or ethnics; nothing truthfully and physically transnational as the truth.

Once in the old times in my online community that had dispersed to nowhere, “brainstorm” 1998-1999, we on all sides of the fence agreed ultimately that the main media is all about lies entirely and deceptive manipulations, it was one of the very rare occasions that the entire community members could not disagree about. Then one member “Daisy” dropped the question, if everyone believes that the main media is about lies, why does anyone read it? No body answered, but I jumped in and said “I read the main media information and multiply by negative sign to get the reality, if they said west hence it is east, if they said north hence it is south”, they laughed at me, I don’t know why. (Something was close to that)

Today further, the fact is the Queen press has almost lost its crown to the ordinary blog writers; message boards and Email groups to get the righter opinions and information, increasingly more people started to use their own minds and search for realer information from among themselves, for wider scope of alternatives than the mercenary pens. Certainly the main media don’t lie just sickly to lie, they are professional liars, they lie to misdirect and control. And still the question is resilient, if everyone believes that the main media is about lies, why does anyone read it? Today the relation between the main media and the public became much more complicated to be a full scale chasing puzzle-pursuit, both sides endeavor his own control on the real information flow. On the main media side in more sophistication they try to expect and calculate what may happen in the mind of the reader as counteraction to what they frame and they frame it such that the total result ends to what they targeted at first hand regardless of the route. For example; if they expect the reader to apply the aforementioned simplistic “negative sign criterion”, they gives you the real information so that you multiply it by negative sign and you get the wrong information they wanted to implant in your head as targeted beforehand. Perhaps that is why they laughed at me when I proposed the negative-sign criterion. It is more sophisticated algebraic system than that simple few “+/-” sign multiplication operations to get the right information equations in any route.

Control of the public thought and opinion by means of the main media doesn’t happen by direct 100% direct command control, though it happens sometimes but when it happens it is becomes very clear poison to the extent that nobody will take it, like very secured tightened cap bottle with label “Caution: lethal poison”. Very especially in the states that officially want to pretend with fake democracy, more than any, the entire western countries. Even in most dictatorship states, there some part who is sincere or behaves in way to give the effect of sincerity for a cause. In the entire world, within the main media, rarely you see one media that is controllable 100% to one side over the other side of the fence, even in most nefarious dictatorship countries. Besides, it is a very survival-natural-law that “Not only the goodness, even the prevailed-dominant evil to thrive for a while it needs some sincere part within its body, complete evil never survives one moment”. In the most infamous notorious Fox news there some good elements within, and I could catch very easily some pure Zionist spies in the body of the Aljazeera Channel working with full free hands. Any media on inception, foundation or later on the path of its growth, its body is subject to some degree of evil control, way or another, or manipulation way or another, set up, and infiltrations. That doesn’t exclude the alternative media that today is full to the throat by the Mossad agents, FBI, FSB, MI6, Egyptian intelliegence, etc, etc, even greatly easier with more free motion than the main media, because the alternative media is a world without least rule, and they will never have rules, I myself love it as it is without rules. Wikileaks press is not exception; none is exception when it comes to the fact.

One of the most British infiltrated media by mercenary pens especially among the senior editors, the, is supporting Julian Assange, by promoting some interview between him with the readers:


Posted on

Friday 3 December 2010 13.45 GMT

Julian Assange answers your questions

The founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, answers readers’ questions about the release of more than 250,000 US diplomatic cables


I’ll start the ball rolling with a question. You’re an Australian passport holder – would you want return to your own country or is this now out of the question due to potentially being arrested on arrival for releasing cables relating to Australian diplomats and polices?


Woooo, the Zionist Guardian press is promoting “Julian Assange”, hence “Julian Assange” is Zionist agent.

And the Israeli authorities claim that the “Cablegate” helped them by clearing that it is not only their view about the danger of Iran, the Arabs too agree with them.

But wait a moment, which Arabs the Israeli government is talking about that agree with them, the nefarious dictator stooges and saboteur spies? Hence their claim about the Cablegate has come to their advantage is false, because it shows the connection between the stooge regimes and the Israeli government. No it is not on their advantage. It is only a claim to divert the attention away the dangerous revelation, besides, since when the Israeli government in open claim promote some covered agent? Unless! He is not agent at all and they wanted to tint him by their own notoriety, they are most unashamed wicked whores to bones.

And it is to the covered mercenaries of “Israeli zoo” within the bulk of the alternative media, there is a one very sharp distinction between the 911 events and the Cablegate2010. The American/Israeli 911 conspiracy targeted the innocents in USA, Iraq and Afghanistan, while, the Cablegate2010 targeted only the nefarious politicians, majority of them is not any innocent. Your comparison is fake and false for a dirty cause.

And it comes finally to this Intelligence agency secret coded communication report, on pages, guess which intelligence agency behind this internal report and analyze it ::::


Raw Video: Israel fights Kangaroo killer disease

44 minutes ago – AP 1:29 | 0 views

Kangaroos at an Israeli zoo are being given dental treatment with a special toothpaste to solve a common mouth disease that can kill them.

(Dec. 9, 2010)


Conclusion: Julian Assange had been singled and picked out from the Wikileaks organization by the Israeli Mossad because he is the sincere Guy in the wikileaks (mouth disease), not because he is the Zionist agent. Julian Assange is political prisoner should be protected like all other political prisoners in the western countries. Either the public is idiot naïve or idiot naïve; I am not decided over which possibility is stronger about the public minds.

Ashraf Moussa M.

December 11, 2010

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2 Responses to Cablegate2010; Wikileaks

  1. Ashraf Moussa Mohamed M. says:

    Cablegate2010; either negative or positive, the objective is one entity concept:

    1) I never said that Wikileaks is not intelligence agency operation. It is indeed. Since the few starting months, I found that they always introduce second hand burned information as very steady performance; to the extent I found it one of the most boring sites. In fact only couple of times I had visited their site; after that; I found it waste of time.

    2) Like all the other mainstream media, wikileaks is mainstream media, it doesn’t mean everyone inside is directly controlled; some are indirectly manipulated that they tend to break the walls frequently. It means that frequently it is subjected to fall out from the controlled designed frame and cause damage to the crooks, as same as the other rest of mainstream media institutions. And it happens always. Do you know that, the first time ever the Bilderberg conferences got focus within the public, had been pushed by the BBC, not the alternative media? You don’t know that! And the BBC is the media that had given the only documentary focus on the NATO “operation Gladio”. Even the BBC had some free reporters got assassinated too by the British government, I remember some BBC female narrator in the concern of the war in Bosnia had been assassinated. I am not defending the BBC; I am trying to get you close to the complexity of the issue.

    3) I am just afraid that Julian Assange might be the one that the manipulators wanted to pick out and isolate to smash; completely unprotected apart from the public opinion; that is all. And I see lot of shaggy moves about this. I hate that possibility to happen. If it successfully happened, it would be great success for them to give a shivering fear among all who are trying to break the walls of prison. Do you know what they will say to Assange in the prison? “Mr Julian, do you see that all the people whom you are endangering yourself for them, are selling you out, everything is in our control, do you see how idiot you are? Break the walls and you find yourself inside another outside bigger unbreakable walls; there is no end to our walls”. If they freed him because of their upper hand of generosity, Julian will hate anything he believed in and disgrace the humanity, because we deserve it.

    4) Now treat the negative image of the same picture depicted in the previous point (3), turn the white to black and the black to white. Julian Assange is dirty intelligence agency operator and the entire Cablegate2010 is setup, in fact it contains no really valuable leaks anyway, some comedian embarrassments; that is all. They are shaping the public intelligence image like hammering the hot iron. They are setting an operator, playacting like freedom defender; they stage trivial harm to their selves, they balloon the trivial harm in the mainstream media and the exaggerated outcries of the targeted politician crooks, they pick their agent and slap him legally in public to spread the effect that they can do anything they want and the public can do nothing at all, the public even can’t gather behind one right cause. Curtains are closed; no happy end to the play this time. More disastrously sad end beyond any no happy end, the mysterious hero left suspended in the space of suspicions of being the other treacherous guy and even if he is not, he ended either way to self destroying failure without any least success to any positive result. The end turned to total frustration and total desperation is the reality of the audience. The Audience, go home and fear to sleep, either they will have nightmares or the more dangerous treacherous dreams. They will fear their beautiful dreams more than their nightmares. They should prefer the nightmares and live with that fact in absolution. Satan dominates over the human life in absolute slavery in hell; that is his own version of happy end he dreams of and he turns it reality more than any sort of dreams. Satan is not easy guy; he is very skillful bad boy, he knows very well how to corner his victims.

    5) Either you treat the texture of the play through the positive image or the contrary negative image, the entity before the camera or the eye is the same objective, complete frustration and desperation into complete mental slavery. Hence, if Assange is treacherous or not, should not be our focus too, the challenge of the frustration and desperation should be our objective as it is theirs.

    6) The western model of what is so called “freedom of speech”; is only about let talk and chit chat in environment of unseen surveillance, just to know what is in your mind, study and simulating social models that upon they react against, in thousands of ways. Don’t fear about your freedom of speech on the internet as it is today, the skilful slavers never wanted to destroy it, unless it got to some uncontrolled dangerous fathom, even if it is non-violent, if it got through uncontrolled fathom they will shut it way or another, there are hundreds of ways to do that, should not be always direct face method. That was the case all the time before and after the Cablegate. Don’t fear about your freedom of blabbing, they need it more than you yourself. Practicing freedom of speech, in fact to be successful, there is a burden of how to enjoy it and yet be capable to get it out of their control without being able to shut your mouth down, it needs from your side some management and planning skill, some hunting skills. All history of human intelligence, real freedom of speech never was an option offer, it was forest hunt for the rabbits, and the hunter himself is being hunted by the more skillful. Are you kidding me, Civilization? The Civilization of today is more savage barbarian millions of times than most rude tough wilderness. Your joke is not any funny; what world that might be more savage more than the world of the inhuman dead machines! The slaves in the past had live suffering hearts, the today slaves have no right to any sort of live hearts. Who is frightening the public by shutting the freedom of speech because of the Cableget, at best he understands it so little, that is my opinion, I let the worst for your imagination.

    7) If the Cablegate proved anything, it proved that we are the public are more oppressive than our oppressor slavers, then why do you complain or the freedom fight occur on first place? The Wikileaks is psycho-operation in its totality, yes it is clear. Is Assange an intelligence agent? I have not seen one enough reliable indication of that, in that world everything is suspicious more than reliable, in that world you might suspect that your mother was cheating you for you might one day discover that she was your male uncle.

    A) Objective one: you are cornered, whether Julian Assange treacherous or not, you should support and defend the “freedom of information”, the only way for that is supporting Julian Assange regardless of his reality. The reality of Assange is not the target; the freedom of information is the target. Some people want to scare you that this case is about “freedom of speech”, this is intentionally wrong for reason, this incident is about “freedom of information”, and they are different issues. The freedom of information is what scared the crooks, exactly like the incident of the “Climategate”, it was one of most perfect example of “freedom of information”, too, the wikileaks video of the American troops killing Iraqi civilians and reporters is another perfect example of the “freedom of information”. Assange introduces something, someone else tomorrow will introduce something even more serious, lose the right of freedom of information today, and you never get anything at all.

    B) Objective 2: Use the chance of this little cablegate leakage to utmost to crack the crooks.

    8) The entire operation of Cablegate2010; mainly carries a clear signature of the Israeli Mossad manipulation.

    December 16, 2010

  2. Ashraf Moussa says:

    I want to recalculate the situation little deeper. The CIA is not such idiots that the Pakistanis can cheat and play the double role on the back of the CIA. If we took this in our consideration; hence; the CIA agrees that or commanded that some definite narrow sector of the insurgency in Afghanistan should be promoted “selectively” and supported by the Pakistani government. Why does the CIA promote some sector of the Afghani insurgency on killing their own soldiers and perhaps the entire insurgency side wins the war, does it make any sense? Yes it does some sense, I tell you. Consider that they finally are convinced that this is definitely a lost war, hence it does all the sense if they promoted and pushed some implanted sector of the Afghani insurgency with loyalty to the CIA even on the account or on the neck and dead body of their own American gullible soldiers, for when they leave, they don’t leave before they have some afghani stooge leadership on the head of Afghanistan pretended as insurgency, so they win. Militarily it is a lost war anyway but on intelligence management it is still on the way. How dirt is the CIA and the Pakistani military and intelligence, altogether. So, it explains why the USA government is greatly upset on releasing their embassies cables and never took a real stance against the Pakistani government while they condemned Wikileaks for disturbing the global harmony. USA stopped supporting the Pakistani military by new weapons while the Viking Sweden jumped to substitute the lack with SAAB warplanes against USA directions? But the Viking Sweden is warring in Afghanistan on side of the USA and NATO? How Idiot gullible we are.

    By the way, it is not the first time that the CIA committed acts of treason by murdering their own soldiers on the fronts or wars they manufactured themselves. They are trained by the New World Order Organization; they war on all sides for themselves in a war they themselves manufactured on first place from nothing except unlimited greed. They planned such if the insurgency defeated hence their current stooge Karzai stays; if the insurgency prevailed hence it should be the sector they selectively promoted by means of the Pakistani military mercenaries and Karzai would be killed. Yet all the time, the paupers and the gullible American soldiers are murdered for the imperialism that doesn’t have any morals or loyalty except for the control and slavery on all sides without exception.

    I stand up and nod my head downwards in thankfulness for the revelation from Wikileaks.

    Ashraf Moussa
    January 14, 2011

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