Manifesto inferno III, Subterranean Magma upheaval

1) Underneath of all, who said that self-awareness and social-awareness are the essential foundation of most common known civilizations and their centralization of culminated wealth and their iron control? Were they blossomed in some governance body of jurisprudence and legislations to maintain the coherence and balance of the so-called phony civilized society? Yes, of course, I know, don’t tell me, iron civilized control in form of man-made constitutions, mountain of laws; that any never exerted except on the average middle and little poor man that fed such civilization. And even when applied it is subject to the intentional loose soulless twisted interpretations just to artificially maintain the spurious surface floating like fragile thin crust of pretence on uncovered magma of truth. Contradictions and paradoxes provide no life sustainability except by weak superficiality, cheating, social treason and self-inflicted treason, but eventually it falls down in the bottomless hell as ever where it belongs. What sort of human-remains is what; if the human betrayed his very own self and destroy it, let alone the practical definition of the term civilization, it lost all animal sense and let alone the human sense, almost it is done away long time ago!! When it comes to the real men of oppressive control and enslavement power, like anyone else I thought before this writing that they are “above the law”, now I regretted that entire wrong claim, in fact they behave openly like there is no law for them to evade at all, they are “completely lawless out the domain of law they wrote themselves by their hands for the little man”, most of the civilizations in history considered them Gods, so is today. I had read this story when I was young; “the Queen of England once had ridden a public-bus, (imagine it supposing it happened truly), and the driver stopped close to her palace entrance where no official stop-station was marked, the supervisors had bureaucratically punished the driver for his illegal favoritism”, I wanted to giggle from all my chest indeed but my heart throttled my throat, I didn’t know if I am going to giggle or deadly rattle. What a hell creepy parasites are these creatures!! Live long Queen of Britain; live long the American lady of liberty; and live much longer the mentally-dead slaves, how long! Who eternally lived by end from all? None, they all went to the hell where they belong, and that’s their real eternal “live long”.

2) What difference does it make if the two heads of the vicious bloody monster, the venomous head and the explosives head, have gained a new grown little monstrous brother called “Tea-bag party”, treble head one carnivorous monster???? You feared the venom and dynamite; run and run, I am a monster surrounding you in every corner; I have for you, a third head spurts anesthetic saliva from my big coffin-tea-bag-mouth in which I chew you.

Washington divinely dictated “911 terrors story”. The anesthetic saliva from the coffin-bag-mouth of the third head replied to the scripture; “en nombre del padre esperitu santos “Wall Street”, del madre “Washington”, del hijo “Tea Party”; amen.” No investigation in the prayers intervened, it is sinful blasphemy; what Washington tells is absolute divine. The prayer is finished now let us have some Obama homosexual orgy on the altar of the American church or mosque or synagogue, on USAmerican soil they all are equally the Satanic sameness; USAemericans, whom are you kidding, I know that you are comedian? The spurted anesthetic saliva overrun the spinal cord up to the brain of every ill-lust-enthusiast intoxicated in paralysis to never pose the question, “how to rebel against the taxes while keeping any least sort of centric government still functional or any governmental public service, in other direct clearer words for the brain dead, how do you rebel the taxes while you support or promote some governmental political figures depended and will depend on that taxes you rebel against, mental contradiction and cheating?” Don’t even try to think about, it is too late; now you are chewed inside coffin-tea-bag-mouth of one of the many heads of the same one monster, confusion and distraction to nowhere mental death; chewed and accomplished, done.

USAmericans, how about four monstrous heads, how about five, how about more and more, where is the escape?? USAmericans; there is an escape; it doesn’t exist in the Satanic USAmerica.

3) Yes you can sue the government on illegal economical activity

We all know that the main admitted source of the inflation in the Fiat monetary system is issuing currency, electronic or printed is equal, without producing equivalent real physical wealth. If there is another opinion different than that, trust me, it is yet a matter of researches in the so called economic-science that is not yet admitted in the established academics, courts take only the established academic supposed facts and not that still will become, so forget about. The inflation percentage is allotted real wealth to the addition in the quantity of money extracted from the already existed public wealth. If that quantity of inflation-wealth has been written in the budget-entry as income to the government like and equal in nature to the Tax-income to be available for the governmental expenditures hence it took a legal path, it is unjust immoral because as some weird sort of tax mostly who pay it are the poor and middle class yet it is full legal, if not, hence it had been thieved openly and took illegitimate path and certainly can be criminalized in any just court, very direct-simple-plain and clear criminal act, too evidenced and signed by their own hand. Us one of these things M1, M2, M3, M4,,,,etc, as material evidence. It is embezzlement in governmental budget balance sheets.

No one central bank allover the world records the inflation percentage by the recent issued quantity of money as income into the governmental fiscal balance sheet to be consumed by the national expenditures for the public benefit legitimately and this way it is definitely illegitimate embezzlement. They issue the Fiat money exactly like taxes while they don’t record it as income entry in the sheets extracted from the public wealth, where it has gone and who did gain it!! They cover and compensate the deficit in the governmental budget by debts and treasury notes, not the recent issued money; in fact they never told how much money they printed like how they say how much collected taxes is.

Do they expend it in the national defense? No, because it is not an entry in the national budget balance sheet. Do they expend it in building schools, roads and bridges? No, because it is not an entry in the national budget balance sheet. Do they expend it by paying the governmental employees? No, because it is not an entry in the national budget balance sheet. And so on and so on, it is illegitimate budget embezzlement in huge national level, easy proved in court.

To be legitimate, it should be simple like this, “in Fiat Money we have printed one billion yen or dollar this year as income into the governmental save or budget like how the taxes is stated”. They don’t do or state that.

The central bank in almost all countries, thieved the issued money for not recording it as entry in the income. USA in specific is in worse illegitimate situation, because who issues the money is about twelve international private banks, they lend it to the USA government then get it back with interest of usury, so some private bank issue money on the account of the public wealth without their consent and keep it for ever, worse illegitimate theft and the legitimacy of the situation is the worst of the same because of the interest rate, the issued money is not recorded as income entry in the budge sheet.

If they defended that it is unintentional mistake that will be fixed, then the question is, through all these tens of years did the inflation-money evaporate in the air unintentionally too? Certainly some thieved it because it was not consumed in any national expenditure and such excuse is absolutely rejected. If the inflation-money is not recorded as entry in the national budget, how do they expend it? Suppose the government had decided last year to print one Billion of fiat currency units, where did they expend it if it is not recorded as an entry in the budget sheet? The second question is, in the tyrannical system, the oppression and injustice is direct and plain in full brutal manner, but in what so called representative-democracy, what sort of democratic system is this? Certainly this is completely out of any democracy sort, no, the democracy is not many sorts, the democracy is only one sort; the democracy is the individual citizen full control over his country and government. Definitely it is pure tyranny with highest-ever-treasonous-act under complete national black-up.

Go, you have a facile work in some court for this is a key violation of all laws and all constitutions in almost all countries “unrecorded national income in the governmental budget”; let us see their democracy and how far the first world is free to what they claim. Wherever you live and you don’t like your corrupt government, there is some national income entry that is not recorded in the governmental balance sheet and been thieved illegally by someone (Someone = Secret New World Order Organization and their UN league, under table paid in secret to the organization). You have a big problem to throw in face of these dirty corrupt parasite-politicians; a big, big, really big one like the size between my spread arms, um, may be little more. In great astonishment I wonder how I missed this direct very-subtle one in before!! (March 28, 2010)

Why pay taxes; when they can just print money?

Why? I believe it because there are two governments; one over-ground and one under-ground. So little you they let you know about the taxes from the over-ground Government, absolutely zero they let you know about the printed money and where it goes from the under-ground Government. The taxes are mostly paid by the middle class and rich class, but the printing fiat money criminal-extortion is almost paid by the middle class and the poor class, one of the differences taken in sight.

I lived enough to be aware of such alike, “even one little gentleman and one fine little lady that don’t fear being ignored in middle of the crowded street, can make a huge real difference like big army of strugglers”. And I lived enough to know that “The power of sincerity and honesty is stronger than all tyrannies supported by all masses of mercenaries, the truth live longer beyond all deceptions, truth is immortal and the deception is mortal”. (April 6, 2010)

Conclusion; if the official government stopped collecting taxes; while the printed money is completely out the budget and is not under the official governmental control because it is collected in benefit of other unofficial government, most official governments around the world will bankrupt. In simple words, “we are living in soaked world of full scale corruption, highest ultimate treason and unspoken stealthy 100% slavery by abduction and criminal governmental terrorism, direct and plain”.

I feel what is going in your devilish mind, you the reader, don’t think that I am stupid. You say, “Huh, what about your country; is it better?”. Listen, I am here to attack your government, leave mine alone, and to tease you more in jealousy, YEEEEH, my country Egypt is the best in the entire world, duh. My own sincere and patriot government doesn’t print money and put it entirely in there pocket completely outside the national budget like your dirty pickpocket politicians, simply because the Egyptian government doesn’t have any national budget you can audit, at all on first place, just like that. It happened, on the early days of the contemporary president “Mobarak/bless”, first few years of his presidential holy divine-highness in the late of the nineteen-eighties, suddenly (I don’t know why) the main theme in the Egyptian main press demanded announcing some budget on public because it never happened since the so called Egyptian revolution, or mental dissolution or deception, whatever you label. Technically it was a military coup, from the worse down to the ever worst inhuman dirt. I don’t care what you say, I love my government. In democratic response from the holy highness of the President “Holy Satanic Bless”, on public he had made a speech, “Budget, budget, budget! Everyone these days is asking about the budget, like it is rocket science (something on that speech theme), no, it is most easy issue. This quantity is assigned for education sector and that for infrastructure and so on, done”. Wait, wait, I have forgotten, he said that the national defense budget’s part is secret according to what I remember, I don’t know how in any least sane-rational sense to discuss the total of some budget if some part of it was secret; that is impossible unless there is no budget at all and it is all much lesser than childish unserious boondoggle, forget this point for argument sake like I have done, just accept this insanity as it is. That time I was not so naïve young, most of my friends were teachers in the governmental school system and recently that time I had finished my graduation and my forced military slavery. I had picked up only one item from his phony national budget, the education sector. He said it was assigned 1.5 billion Egyptian Pounds to the education sector. I had the full opportunity to collect the expenditure information needed about the education sector on ground of the very reality; the local annual assigned budge for the schools in average, the teachers salary and their approximate number, the costs of new schools, almost everything, that time of course. I found that if the Egyptian system was on the best standard of the most developed world, it was consuming about approximately only half billion Egyptian pounds, of course it was less than this, then where the rest of one more billion pounds had gone? The fact is Egypt doesn’t have any real known budget at all, big, big zero.

Don’t get me wrong, I am fully on side of my lovely Egyptian honest patriotic government. I just explain that they are not pickpockets like your governmental functionaries that steal openly the printed monetary out your official budget. The Egyptian politicians are honest clean of such shameful charge not only because there is no budget at all, simply I doubt if there is any regular governmental system of any sort on first place, it is just a bunch of scumbags, that is. I love my Egypt; yes I love it very hard and deadly, LIVE LONG Zionist Israel.

4) Look how far their democratic crust over the magma of truth is so thin and is so cracked fragility. If you understand the New World Order Organization closely enough or intimately deep, but yet you don’t belong to them, I mean your brain and mind still can think with some least bit of sanity and honesty while rubbing with them, certainly you understand that they are people of the total Paradoxical mind-frame, by paradox they live, by paradox they gain their power over you, and by paradox they die. Absolutely they never can build any governance system with truthful and rigid straight ideology and successfully stable methodology; they are completely aware that if this happened it certainly will work against their unjust and ill stink and empty supremacy. Their solutions always should lie in some paradox; that is their sort of logic. And that is still in my eye is their main weakness.

Do you know such things like “If I told you that I am liar, am I liar or honest?”? If you answered “you are liar” hence the response embedded in the question is “how it comes that I am liar if I told the sincere truth about myself hence I am honest”. Okay, you think again and say in yourself that this is right; then you remedy and restate it “you are honest” hence the response embedded in the question is “how it comes that I am honest if I admitted the reality about myself that I am always liar”. Only after few turns of spinning in then you start to feel that you have been caught in hopeless “linguistic logic quagmire”, lost inside the world of “Paradox and the new world order organization”.

In other words like the singers may use: “welcome for the spinning sinners to the hell of paradox, here you are our slave forever”.

In soon future; When I add this treatise “inferno III” in my future second edition of my book, I’ll replace the coming excerpt with link to the solution within the book that already previously I had solved. I condensed by little modification the aforementioned phony-logic statement to this “I always lie” then treated it (it is the exact same):

“If I told you that I am liar, am I liar or honest” = “if I am liar hence while I am stating that I am liar I lied”, do you think I am liar of honest = “I always lie” (omit the question part of the statement for its purpose is only to initiate the attention and the logic investigation) = “I always lie”.

<<<<<Excerpt from the book “unraveling the simplest”> Unraveling simplest universe system & PNIC> Information, experience, education and feedback accumulation> Brain thinking capabilities>:

28) Paradoxical thinking. It is about defects in different sorts of human languages. It is a method about how to use the defects in all sorts of language to destroy human knowledge and human mind for evil intentions, I don’t agree to consider it fit part of any sort of logic, don’t do paradoxes.

“I always lie” yes it is paradox and is a defect in logic language. In logic I need to tell the truth for at least the once I wanted to communicate and transmit a true fact, as “always” is equal to “all” hence by subtracting this “one” occasion from “all” occasions we find that the case “always” is a “lie”. This statement involves two transmitted pieces of information to test from two different entities, two separated cases not only one, “always” that expresses how many, and “lie” that expresses an action. Defects in the construction of languages are reflected in the defect to process or to communicate successfully, everyone when hear this statement his full brain attention would be directed at only the validity of the second piece of information “action” of the speaker which leads to how it comes that he always lies while at least he in this once he said the truth and this the language defect or defect disability. The revealing is to test the other piece of information “always” separately that everyone ignored to test separately, truly “I always lie” because even in this sole one occasion he lied by using “always”, he had should use “mostly” and it is the lie contained in the statement hence this statement is true statement that he always lies. The defect was that the logic language failed in sufficient accuracy to direct your inspecting eye to test the multiple subject cases in analytical isolation in this statement, the statement case was not if he lies or not in the general of the speaker entity, the real subject statement case was if it is “always” or “not always”, in this statement he too lied because it is not” always”, the truth is it “not always”. After revealing the defect in treating the language used in the statement you will find it simple and very easy clear; “I always lie” is logically true statement because “always” is the lie not the whole statement. In other words, the speaker lied while the statement itself didn’t; this is the defect where the logic couldn’t tell you that they are two entities, speaker and statement, so they are two cases, not one, one entity told you the truth and the other entity lied, treating them as one solid entity is the logic defect and is what produced the paradox that featured by contradiction. The logic failed to treat the language itself “statement” as entity and conceptual information or message content “speaker human” as a different entity in full separation, this failure defect and confusion of misdirection within the process of logic communication is the paradox. Logic is not concerned about the conceptual content; its capability is only limited to test the rational technicality of statement construction regardless of the concept content, “always” which meant “all”, in logic it meant limitedly that he must lied in this statement too because of “all”, and he did it truly, hence it is logic true statement and the speaker is liar.

I know, I know, the languages fastened its construction in the nerves of the brain, so it is nerve dazing to remedy some defect in there, and this is one of the ever worst. I’ll give it another way of representation to change to rather easier specific clearer view. The equal alternate word representation eases much of the nerve difficulties. The statement is exactly equal to this next case.

He told ten statements, which nine of them he conveyed lies, and then at the tenth statement he declared this, “In my all ten statements, I lied”, the tenth statement is true because too it contained a lie and the speaker lied because he stated that this tenth statement is untrue, in nine statements he conveyed lies and in the tenth he declared some true as untrue that equal to a lie, here we have true statement and “nine plus one” times liar speaker. So what! Are the other rest nine statements true too? They did not expose them to us, so we can’t judge it, whatever, perhaps if among them one statement like “yesterday I was in Japan” hence it is true logic statement while the speaker lied about the convoyed conceptual content in the statement for the speaker was in the dirty Cairo city, it is logic true statement and lair speaker, a statement very exactly like “In my all ten statements, I lied” that is logic true statement and a lair speaker. Logic is only about the rational validity of lingual construction not the conceptual validity, what is the concern of the logic to tell if really I was in Japan or in moral dirtiest Cairo, and so the concern of logic was only because of the lingual structural usage of “always-all” to test specifically if he lied in this subject statement or not and it happened that the statement involved a lie hence it is true statement and the speaker lied. And specifically one of the defects in logic, is that it confuses between informative lie and relational structural false statement, in our here statement for example it confused between the information credibility of the speaker and the relational structure validity of the statement itself and mixed them in compact one contradicting case. It is a very wrong perception that the liars need to say logic false statements to lie, in many occasions they make fully true logic statements, yet I agree that it is very logically difficult to lie. The defect in logic is the lack of its capability to analyze and differentiate among entities and concepts. Logic is extremely excellent useful and fully dead technique or thinking method and we expect from it more than what it is.

No, Mr. “the night of falling Baghdad” (Egyptian movie), it is almost true, the movie is true to fair degree and is not very fictional as you try to tint it, while you are always liar, always and all. May be some of the public are ignorant and stupid, I am not.

Perhaps you think that paradoxes are these stayed unsolved few puzzles in logic or math, you are wrong, today the paradoxes fill all human life corners in uncountable numbers like malicious viruses. Paradoxes have eaten the human life today mostly everywhere in different grades of course. Take it from me, you will never be able to fight the secret global government if you can’t comprehend their nature and handle strongly the paradoxical thinking, it is their main weapon in the core circle. Lot of people, really much people, are not fully aware of that they are serving international secret cabal for they only are gathered around the paradoxical thinking as enough cause and they don’t care for more, only very temporary gains and personal benefits if by wrong means is the rather favorable than the right. Right life costs much sweat, suffer and sincere humbleness. In the wide strip of the outer circle of international secret cabal, even the future of their very own flesh children doesn’t take from them any real rational thinking when their children live in full wrong unjust ambient society after fathers gone; this is the real life paradoxical thinking produced by decadent will, it is the very personal temporary easy life for them in fully unnatural selfish personality and unnatural extremist individuality while all the others pay all the price of their sins including their children. Watch it in the American Bush dynasty while it even happens within the life of their fathers, their last generation is fully lost before their eyes, before they gone. They see it and continue without any sense of life in them, sense of life is the sense of guilt, no; they are already dead. Here in Egypt, the children of the political figures are drug addicts and the very much worse. No, we must deadly struggle to last drop of blood. Study carefully the nature of simplest kind of paradoxes like here subject “I always lie” and tell yourself, how it feels while it blows in your brain in full destructive explosion, what value the bigger paradoxical life it deserves to live? Indeed this life sort is worthless then, and only returning to the right God in right way after death is rather much wealthier than this sort of life if we could not effectively change it.

In the full opposite to the Machiavelli gibberish, some anecdote and speech of the Messenger Mohamed was not much apart the sort of issue I talk about here, lies and paradoxes belongs to the same damn family of trickery and cheating (God brightened and cast peace upon Mohamed). Some man came to him and said, “all my life is full of much wrong sins, I want to fix myself, how can I do that or from where should I start?”; Mohamed replied, “I’ll ask you only one thing to do; never lie the least”, the man came later and said, “I could not do any wrong sin while I don’t lie any to myself and the others, it worked”. (Not exact translation; I transmitted only the sense of the anecdote yet much close)

I deadly hate paradoxes, when I reveal one of them I cheer myself and say “Bravo, so great feat, now we humans can claim full right to scratch and knock our chests like monkeys, I don’t know any other stupid creatures do paradoxes except mankind, give me back my lost rights, give me my tree and coconut, I love coconuts; is it to such extent the devils hate and kill the human!”, and you know what! I live in ever stupidest and dirtiest total paradox of society and government in history of existence called Egypt, which is a contradicting defect in entire human definition; perhaps is it why I hate paradoxes in very general. I don’t solve the paradoxes and you shouldn’t, just destroy them by revealing the defects wherever the language they dwell in, if you killed it in blood and flesh it would be much rather effective. Paradoxes are trivial nonsense fit only to garbage cans where its inventors and thinkers live in; only recently I have started in seriousness to hunt them down when they dared to touch the faith in God by the “omnipotent paradox”.

End of excerpt>>>>>

American government (white and black, both), you even couldn’t evolve to the rank of monkey on tree to spread the democracy anywhere, how about some logic you never comprehended in your rotten brains?

What is the point? The point is that the practice of the term “Representative democracy” that the western civilization forcing within themselves and murder the paupers, innocent babies; helpless women and the freedom fighters in masses to force spreading the insanity around the world, it is another dirty western Paradox fabrication. The “representative democracy” is not any different than “I always lie”; both belong to the same exact model and paradox replicating pattern, of course paradoxes have many different exemplary patterns ready for replication into variant issues with variant guises and shape transformations.

“Representative democracy” is “by your freewill you choose to surrender up your freewill to another individual freewill” or “by your free decision you choose another to make your decision; does it lead to that I am free or unfree?” If you answered “you are unfree”; hence the response embedded in the question is “How it comes that I am unfree if I have the free choice to be unfree!”. Okay, you think again and say in yourself that this is right; then you remedy and restate it “you are free” hence the response embedded in the question is “how it comes that I am free if I surrendered my freewill and free decision to another individual”. Only after few turns of spinning in then you start to feel that you have been caught in the same hopeless “linguistic logic quagmire of the paradox”; and yes and; “welcome for the spinning sinners to the hell of paradox, here you are our slave forever”.

Do I need to teach you again how to reveal and destroy this “representative democracy” paradox like the previous similar pattern? Well, I don’t think so, I trust your rationality more than the international criminal organization did (you know, umm, not so, so much trust, may be something of little less than so much and something bit bigger than so little, yet not any close to the middle but for fairness sake “fifty/fifty” is something should be never dismiss and for rationality sake truncate the excessive trust over 100% and lower than 0%, I very precisely trust you to this degree, you know, accuracy always needs lengthy sharp calculation).

Ladies and gentlemen; the “representative democracy” in full completeness is equal to say paradoxically “I always lie”.

(Is it the only once he stated the truth in his life, or, he never told the truth including this one? <Wink>, is any mind there to say “never mind”? I wonder!!)

5) People and Government, why? W, wha, why what? Why is there people and is there government on the level of the concept and practice; why they are two sided entities if not hostile opponents as most very likely happened? Very weird question (scratching his head with wary frightened and unfocused confused eyes), this is how the things are all the time, anyway what do you mean? I mean suppose on the extreme of the odd possibilities, suppose that there is no crime in the street, would be there centric governmental police? There would be not centric governmental police, and essential part of the centric government has gone. Suppose the people inclined to the rightness and just relations among themselves using their rationality and common sense, suppose they are almost inclined to social justice and human compassion, would be there centric governmental courts and legislators? There would be not centric governmental courts and would be there legislators neither, and another essential part of the centric government has gone. What if the public owned directly and ultimately control the infrastructure of their city, I mean every individual citizen regained his legal-mental-qualification to possess his properties, you know, like in courts when they investigate the mental qualification of the individual to accomplish business contracts and sane judgment that already in fact every citizen in the world had lost to the state (no one citizen outside the government has any mental qualification by default unless the government stated the else), to own in his own share from the city infrastructure that he controls ultimately and can’t sell in any way (for not falling in any monopolist trick or enslaving takeover) unless the citizen moved to another city, would be there centric state’s ownership and centric governmental management bureaus? There would be not centric state’s ownership and would be there governmental management bureaus neither, and another essential part of the centric government has gone. The frontier border between two countries is most likely defined and determined by the centric governments in both capital cities, rarely determined by the people who really lived close to the border, in fact in most cases all over the world you will find that the border line cut many families into halves and many intimate friends into mutual-exclusive opponents up to enemies, If the families and friends at the border never cut and united, would there be political territory for any centric government? There would be not political territory for any government and there would be border wars neither, and another essential part of the centric government has gone. If there is a real practical full extent democracy, I mean real not dirty paradoxical quagmire, without ideological trickery and cheating like in the western civilization; would there be any parliament or any sort of head of the state’s government to make the decision in behalf of the mentally-unqualified moronic public? There would be not parasite parliament or any sort of treasonous head of the state’s government and their behind scene factions will be gone with them, moreover in complete fact the real full extent democracy can’t be hijacked by any sort of espionage-penetration or sabotage from inside or outside, and the most essential and most insecure part of the centric government has gone. Perhaps, neither the Kennedies nor the Martin Luther would have been assassinated by the CIA (cancerous intelligence of amnesia); perhaps (who knows!), they would have lived the happiness of enjoying this here query while they entirely agree; very tired aged with many grand children I guess. Who knows, perhaps Nilsson Mandela would have been not imprisoned most of his life, perhaps there would have been no apartheid nor wrong-revenge against the Boers today. And it might goes on and on the same questioning theme, until you find that the centric government concept is one of the biggest empty bubbles in the history of mankind that even it doesn’t retain enough energy to make least ticking sound when it bursts to the nowhere of human ill delusions, its rationales based only on assuming by default that the public are legally morons and legally unqualified for any thing, then how the “repressive democracy” is elected by the moronic public on first place? Is it another sort of tyranny hidden in Paradox? Whatever, already I explained what the western “representative democracy” is in fact without the word trickery and cheating. That is about the concept yet very unfortunately the physical reality of the centric government is different issue, may be even worse than that. Now I see, is that all! Bullshit, wake up from your dream, your dream is the delusional Utopia, all assumptions you upon based your inquiry are negative that affirmed the necessity and essentiality of the Centric government, get lost of my face now and <moohaaa> let me sleep in mine, mooohaaa, unnnn, hnooo, my sleep desk-bed I love you, I worship you, <yawning>…….. <Snore; whistle, snore, whistle, khooo; wooOOooo, khooo, wooOOooo> .

You; ; ; ; ; ; yo. yo, you, pat, pat, I’ve not finished of you yet, push, tap, pinch, slap, wake up, I am not sleeping some delusional dream of Utopia, you and I are living in complete nightmare of dystopia, HOOOOO. WHAAAAT? Are you still there? Oops, yes still I’m here, look, you changed my mind entirely about Mr or Ms sleeping-beauty how they look like; I won’t tell how you look like, you won’t like it, whatever. Let me start it over again from earlier “phase” to where we are now. It is not just plain inevitable historical development, it is deeper than this, it is a cancerous fault in the dynamics of the human society whenever it grows and merging beyond some definite natural “size or number” unwisely and foolishly. Which already is the case almost allover the world. We the humans are in great global fatalist and fatal cancerous danger right now. For this I used the term “phase” rather than “time” or “era”, because it happens all the time without sufficient understanding. To diagnose the disease of the society, in conditional relational parallel you should understand the basics of human society’s nature and structure, we all agree.

Take the observation; watch it since the early sane phase before the disease phase, even in closest surrounding to you; it happens. In the districts, whether in village or suburbia or schools, you find the young and youth, in major they tend to gather in intimate gangs, psychological and character traits factor and cultural trend factor, both plays a great catalysts in connecting the gang. Ethnical and religious belonging sometimes got the dominance as reflexive influence from the mother society; it is in such circumstances where the gang could not be afford the chance to behave and move “freely” or in other occasions you may find “loosely” is fitter attribute than “freely”, whether it might be freely or loosely is not the point within any here. The complex combination of these factors and influences, beside other minor factors, aggregates the small society gang. The coherent strength of the gang depends on time and how small number is the gang, longer time strengthens the inner coherent relation and the larger number weakens it, further longer time weakens it and further fewer number weakens it (two friends is not social gang), optimization is a measure of the health strength of the social gang. Within adults some new sort of gang grows a social-function path beyond plain friendliness while the friendliness stays in parallel within or aside. The social function gang builds the civilization while the earlier phase of social friendliness gang protects it and continues this protection role in the society through the life of the individual if it goes right and sanely. Like these satanic brotherhood!! Don’t get me wrong that I may support the satanic brotherhood sorts like the illuminati or the freemasons, gradually you will understand, I am just plainly talking in very general sociological perspective. No way for the human society to behave any different way than this, it is natural force like the falling apple to the gravity of the ground from the tree. It is the NWO organization and their insane criminal nutters who are in vain to challenge the real natural forces of society, and they always end to be very low simplistic criminal mass murderers with indifferent indiscrimination and international ruthless thieves. They accomplish nothing beyond international criminal inhuman disasters they are accounted for while there is no such account that can estimate their global crimes except in God’s court.

Here, I am not treating the issue into deep further branching of social-psychology to describe the transformation process that push the formation path, here it is just about the end results of what it is like in plain observational sociology. Sociology is observatory and social-psychology is explanatory, like physics and math. There is some sort of mistake within the sociologists to some degree; they adopt the famous rule “full separation between the profession and the self” as full mandate in full generalization. I can’t fully agree or disagree with this rule, I say that it is right rule when the self influences negatively the professional process, and is wrong rule when the self influences positively the professional process, hence the full generalization is the wrong in practice; it greatly depends on the evaluation of the situation and direction of the self-intrusion in the professional process. I excuse them for in many instances it is recorded that the professionals return bad behavior from the self into their profession in negative manner, so they decided to end the case for last in the ruling generalization. It never ended the way they commanded or wished, and in many other instances, it is ended the way they wanted when it should not be applied and the self is much needed to promote the professional process to real success. It is a mess they never could manage decisively; we the humans are very dodging and elusive much worse than a drop of mercury while covering up our mistakes from weakness, negligence if not intentional felonies deserved to be discussed in courts than any academic hall of any sort, whether by intervening the self or by withdrawing the self, it is about the result evaluation rather than the self itself in wrong generalization. It is distracting to discuss this point in fullness while it would be discussed in extreme different ways among different professions; the reflection here is about, the socialists are deprived of being insider-selves as social observatories hence they miss a great invaluable observations mostly they can’t get as outsiders according to the rule of separation. Up to such so weird extent, that sometimes the violating researcher got not only reprehended but to full rejection for being involved in the sociological operation he is studying or recording his own personal experience within his own life. As it is stated in their rationales of the separation, personal involvement might lead to scientific miscalculation and misdirecting inclination of judgment, yes I believe myself it is sometimes true but in here situation for example sometimes it is gross wrong to miss invaluable insider observations. The professional sociologists that I don’t consider as same as socialists should be (note; in sense of studying the society, not in any sociopolitical sense like Marxism or communism), in huge violation of the procedures of science in general not in specific, recently they mainly tend to theorize the human society then in tiny scale sociological experiments like laboratory jars, they examine their theory, like saying “in the laboratory we know the universe” or like the mathematics exclude and reject the physics, or like some limited gas experiment in 100 CM Jar may judge what is the gaseous atmosphere around the earth that ended at the fiasco of the global criminality in the “climategate” scandal. And that is how most of the governments allover the world and in very specific the European NWO government (organization) disastrously failed to study themselves in first place as the main cancer illness of mankind. They greatly missed the pragmatic facts over fake baseless theories, pains only pains and human crimes of every sort and on all scale measures. Man come on, even on level of theory, their theories are not any complete even on statement or claim, tell me what sort of fake science is that?

My advantage here is I am earnest democratic hobbyist; I am not professional slave to staged magical nonsense out off any sincere science. In fact I find it a chance of most mirthful fun to tease the professional sociologists; “I am out of control off academics, disorder, mess, chaos, disaster, I love it, I love the chaos”, isn’t it what you want to hear from me? Well, not exactly, I mean not very exactly, you know, may be there some little subtle difference rather I like to call it “magma of truth and honesty”, we will see. Whether the societal gang is “function gang” or “friendliness gang”, they are graded among three distinctive qualities and inner structures, I can brief them to only two poles, still I can’t deny that clearly there are three distinctive spike/peak points on that chart, let it be three points for better accuracy and closer understanding. There is one more gang that is full controlled by shared ethnics. It is always the case within the entity called “humanity” whenever observed sincerely, the NWO organization believes delusively that they are above the human nature, they are dramatically wrong as ever very usual; in lowest evil form they are the very wrong evil side of the human nature.

5-1) “Normal positive gang”; sharing close hobbies and interests, they respect and like each other. To reasonable extent they are sharing their life resources. They are sharing fairly close values on wide spectrum of life concerns. Mostly close in age with few occasions of age mosaics not rare, the mosaic of ages get more wide colorful with the medium age of the gang grows up. So many features I can mention here, but the most important features I need to emphasize to reach some definite conclusion in the context of this treatise are two.

5-1-a) They don’t consider the outsider society as enemies, most likely they don’t think the others as outsiders at all, there is no gang rules that put a definite line between insider and outsider. It is only about the insider is who spends more time with them and their activities and the outsider doesn’t, that is all. Any one can share their activity for even one hour and go freely; they even more may invite and appreciate it in so many occasions. 5-1-a) The normal positive gang has a very vague porous border territory though they have some sharp definite societal private area.

5-1-b) There might be some members inside who take temporarily some favorable location like leaders and sometimes they exchange it, according to their higher skills than others. Sometimes it reaches that every member is leader in some aspect because of his skill on that, it happens mostly when luckily they adopt many variant characters. It depends on the mutual respect and sincere devotion among their selves. Yet they never have a full commander rank for any member, ever they reject anyone who may acquire that rank by any mean even if ethic. 5-1-b) The “normal positive gang” never has any despotic commander but volatile favorable democratic many temporary leaders just on need.

5-2) “Boisterous gang, either rebellious or negative”; it the gang that doesn’t find a fit for themselves comfortably within the society, either because the society itself is ill cruel and contradictory so they behave in rebellious manner, or, because they are these dunces and a bit lazy to exercise the effort for positiveness so they cover it by the boisterousness; some ones decided to live on side of life. So this gang category involves in fact two critically different types that might on surface look closely the same but they are very distant, yet in very deeper depth there is something they share in common. The rebellious is mainly gathered around exploring and discovering different ways of life rebelling against the conformable society beyond just plain hobbies or interests, while, the negative is gathered around very plain entertaining and very superficial pleasures and boisterousness is just a way to protect their weakness and jealousy. Both types loves to make troubles that very likely doesn’t grow to serious crimes, minor disturbances very likely is their pleasurable compensation but not enough for substitution.

5-2-a) Either because of, the rebellious nature against the surrounding society, or, the negative unsolicited disturbance, some distinctive degree of border territory starts to take obvious form around this gang category with its two distanced subtypes. You can’t share any activity of these gangs simply like the normal gang except after exchanging with them some thoughts and on acceptance after little degree of checking. 5-2-a) The boisterous gang has a border of cautiousness and patronage been built by both the surrounding society and their little society cell, yet not full established border line on territory.

5-2-b) This category is gathered around some sort of unconformity with the outer surrounding society, either positive unconformity rebelling against the society, or, negative unconformity hence the society is rebelling against them; so this sort of boisterous two subtypes have one definite trait they gathered around “social rebellion”. Because of this definite singular abstractive trait always there will arise some sort of “spiritual leader” who has the best skill or knowledge about this specific trait of rebellion, these gangs are not gathered around wide scope of traits but single trait, yet he doesn’t ascend up to a full despotic commander. Both distanced subtypes I am taking about.

May be it is familiar to understand that some rebellious gang to have a spiritual leader but it is uncommon to understand that a negative boisterous gang composed of bunch of losers to be mixed with any spirituality. Well, well, wait, may be it depends on how the term “spirituality” sounds or rings in your frame/space of mind, or how far you are manipulated within your fraudulently social-engineered culture; or you are diverted from the fundamentals of free thinking and full capable-wide-scope analysis, may be you are not able to see what is this concept and what is that in its inner conceptual pure form. I say “may be”, don’t be so sure of yourself; take my sincere advice. The term “spirit” most likely in general is synonym replacement to “soul”, the term “soul” is used to express some pure form of life as hidden force that moves the obvious material carnation of life, soul is represented as abstractive entity in our intellectualism, we mostly detect its real physical existence by “abstractive-deduction conceptual and mental methods” because it is enough hard to detect it directly but not absolutely impossible. This how is the term “soul” in entire human minds everywhere and allover the history; regardless that some deny its existence or some others confirm it yet all of them debate about it on this sense (out of here issue). However, though the two terms are connected to extent of being considered synonyms, the concept of the term “spirit” through wide lingual usage developed its own very little distanced parallel semantic path to the concept of the term “soul” in very little distinction, if this little distance between the two conceptual parallel semantic lines considered too small to be ignored hence it becomes complete synonymity. The concept of the term “soul” stayed where it is and the concept of “spirit” became rather denoting the abstractive innermost sense, feeling or intelligence inside any entity of any sort with physical face or even materially-faceless intellectual entity, for this, in major you are familiar to hear “spirit of the nation” or “the spirit of the poem” or the “spirit of dark and the spirit of light”, “the warrior spirit”, “the cheering spirit has been spread over victory among the soldiers”, “the adventurous spirit dominates the pioneers and entrepreneurs”. Yes of course the duality of the usage of concept dwells in the two terms occasionally happens rightfully; yet statistically you can say the term “spirit” inclined to the “metaphor side” bit more than the term “soul”. So it comes to, it comessss toooo, it comes to what!!!! <khooo; wooOOooo, khooo, wooOOooo>

Clap, clap, clap, wake; wake up. WHAAAAT! The sky is falling, extraterrestrial alien invasion; THE American ghoul is eating the human babies, end of world, HAAAAAA? No, no, no, please, calm down, relax, relaaaaaxsss my baby, cup of water, this tragic part is not involved quite explicitly in the story I am narrating here. Whatever, may I ask you little question, where I’ve reached, where am I now? I see you here in the front of me; you are still here. <Slapping my forehead> Umm, okay; okay, that isn’t very bad.

It comes to the concept of “spirituality”. One may trace its concept from the terms “spirit and soul” through the aforementioned semantic path, “exploring the inner self of the human in abstractive contemplating effort to accomplish the comfort and happiness, rehabilitation with the self”. Regardless of the English semantic path with the concepts arisen through that might be not existent the exact same way in other languages, one may trace the exact same fundamental treatment in the religions of the land of thousands of religions, which is the Asian India, in which that mentioned fundamental of “spirituality” methodically practiced by pure self intuition” in soulless and without the necessity of divinity even if there are some invented legends about the divinity. And the same can be later traced in the Greek philosophy through debating, argument and dialogue; again soulless and without the necessity of divinity even if there are some invented legends about the divinity. You may call the ancient Indian (Buddhism is the most known one among thousands invented in India by “special intelligence guards” working for the slavery ruler class) and Greek, the “organized methodical spirituality”, while it is not any surprise that in both it well historically recorded that some “intelligence guards” (mercenaries) that are so-called “philosophers” nurtured it, all of them were fully supported by the ruler enslaving class. If you truly understand what they were doing, you will understand that their spirituality never meant learning the inner-self, in fact they meant trapping the psyche into the inner self so he is kept busy away the governance system, no real spirituality as meant or supposed, and the slavers/rulers are happier than the spiritualist practitioner themselves. However, everyone is happy, one is happy with full stomach and extravagance in his palace, the other one is very happy too but with empty stomach and austerity in his hut, I love it. I mean I personally I love my stomach, not so much, how about some piece of ice cream, I love that sort of cream spirituality, may the children are best spiritualists exploring the sense of life, of course I am not talking about the murdered children by the American mercenaries. May I ask you, just little question, if you understand really what the “organized methodical spirituality” is, why you find it so weird to say the “boisterous negative subtype gang” always have some sort of spiritual guidance, is it bad one? Is it even very bad one? I say it is not any worse than the very respectful organized methodical spirituality; Indian or Greek; it just makes troubles to the surrounding. I mean, if you could break the psychological barrier and get so close and you could let the member of the negative subtype gang to express himself freely with some intelligent indirect pressure and skillful planning and very delicate pursuing, yes like this chance few times I could attain with some good luck, you may find oddly that the negative subtype have some sort of so deep weird spirituality beyond you may ever expect or imagine, even if erroneous that needs to be discussed and remedy and yes it is possible sometimes to be remedied. It just the negative boisterous gang tells the organized methodic spiritualist “we found that your promised “universal purity” of the spirituality is not any universal; that is a lie”. In fact the Indian spiritually is not about any spirituality, it is just mental decoying in form of training to trap the individual inside the empty corner inside his space of psyche; yes I admit it as advisable good training if practiced as integrating body-physical sport but not any spirituality. In fact rather I see the negative boisterous spiritualist is more sincere in telling about his own self than the Indian slaver. In some weird way the negative boisterous gangs are another sort of unclear rebelliousness. Too, it happens that the boisterous negative gang transforms into rebellious or normal, it depends on many other complicated factors.

Okay, I admit it, I give up, this boisterous gangs are so really boisterous, they succeeded to distract me out the main line to the spirituality issue and pushed me to involve bit of socio-psychology, brought me uninvited headache. After penetrating investigation of this category of gangs I modify its label in the conclusion. 5-2-b) The “Boisterous gang, either positive rebellious or negative rebellious” has a specific spiritual leader that doesn’t rank up to despotic commander.

5-3) “Full-scale sociopath negative gang, societal Frankenstein-Vampire”; this type of social affiliation or gang, is the very specific one beside the “negative ethnic gang” that determinately for them I wrote all this full list and brief societal spectrum and inside comparison, it is the main aim that I want to point out and stress. This gang is like all the list exists within all ages since childhood to senility, in every society allover the world and history, it just happens to exist like the rest in the list. You may fast jump into guessing that this cruel criminal gang is gathered around money or any material in shortest cruel mean as first main interest; coming from very poor families. You are very wrong, some of these gangsters belonged to rich families and don’t need materials, at least not deadly necessitous, crime because of poverty or as reflection from social injustice circumstances (like American-African outlaw gang for example) is different issue. The issue of the crime arisen from poverty is never discussed or treated in any serious just or real human mercy hence it continued and never ended in fact it is increasing. Oh yeah, they are bunch of criminal losers, in the detentions we must isolate them out our schools, isn’t it what we should do? Once again you are wrong, they are not very clear losers to detect formally or any easily as you think and are not very stick to plain unlawful violence to catch them, no, most likely they are much socially skillful than that. I am not talking here about individual sick cruelty or very desperate necessitous you can catch alone; I am talking about clever social sickness that is able to sustain its presence through whatever societal level or area or activity and able to reach most position of success in the entire society, it is able to affirm its existence as loosely-accepted gang within the society allover the history of this social creature called mankind. It is the most dangerous gang in human society; I had seen and touched them since my childhood until this moment, whenever there is big spectrum of human society anywhere and anytime they exist in parallel with all other sorts. Though they are losers in certain way, always they are interested in being successful on social level yet in very negative manner and consequences. And one more NO, because I wrote before about the “Frankenstein and Vampire diseases” some sort of research that might inspire some sort of similarity, you may think that their individual members have that disease. Not exactly very similar in some way and exactly similar on some other way or sense, this is a gang that has some inwards self social affiliation and huge direct enmity against the outsiders and this is not a quality of the Vampire sickness. The Vampires and Frankenstein are not only sociopath but also are very antisocial to the extent that they completely lack the skillful ability to have a tight coherent gang in their own. Yes there is some confusion of the psychopath gang I am talking about here with the antisocial-psychopath vampires and Frankenstein as individuals; on some sense they are different issues. The here psychopath gang is rather socio-psychological disease and the other one (Dr. Fran & Mr. Vamp) are individual neuropsychological diseases, they may cooperate in touch on goal and purpose but not in full merging in intimate life while each have his very own big difference and distance. Very odd that the members of the sociopath gang individually don’t suffer the neurological Vampire disease at any rate but only on the social outcome level as social rigid unit of society they do, while the neurological on individualist base behaved the counter direction in concern of this Vampire characteristics, the neurological vampire doesn’t behave his characteristics if existed within a group and lost his own control so he doesn’t like to be obvious in group. The sociopath gang is so much intelligent socially to be much more powerful than Dr Fran and Mr Vamp in form of team-work than very individual activity, the psychopath gang always is exploiting “Dr. Fran & Mr. Vamp” in deceptive manner. One of the other main differences is that, the neurological Vampire disease is not any infectious, while the psychopath gang has a social disease that may really infect other parts of the society through some social complicated activity and culture texture. In the widest scope of the psychological ills, if any was infectious certainly it is likely the social-psychological ills. However, it is precise to call the psychopath gang as “the correspondent social form of the Vampire disease”, extraordinary precise but not very accurate, the comparison in between may hold enough similarities; both are sociopathic cruel against the surrounding society, both are parasitic dependent rather than producing, egotism, their social behaviors, etc. The secret societies for example are sociopathic gangs of “vampire social form” but the intimate members as individuals themselves are not “Dr. Fran & Mr. Vamp” even if they involved some mosaic elements of “Dr. Fran & Mr. Vamp” for occasional purpose and in temporary, when it happens the original members of sociopath gang always certainly have the upper hand of control on the Frankenstein/Vampire individuals. Each individual member of the sociopathic gang; alone, is neither Mr Vampire nor Dr Frankenstein, yet the entire group when work as one body team they are one societal Vampire and one societal Frankenstein. Frank and Vamp mostly likely harm other individuals but to some degree are lesser successful on bigger scale of society, in contrast the social “vamp and Frank” are able to harm on all levels of social scales but they focus on the bigger society above individuals, most likely. The core of the NWO organization is a Societal-Vampire-Frankenstein sociopathic gang in which its inner members themselves; are not individualistic neurological “Frank and Vamp”. Apply almost everything I wrote about the vampire characteristics on the here sociopath group except you shouldn’t apply it on its individuals. It is not any surprise that the directly closest level/shell/circle/perimeter next to the core of the NWO organization is composed of “Dr Frank & Mr Vamp” ill individual agents/soldiers, perfect match that can’t be merged in one core level because of some sociological, psychological and socio-psychological reasons can be understood through. What a mix, in the core lays some societal vampire gang then on the second layer a set of “couples” of individual neurological vampire and Frankenstein agents. It was historically national and regional social-catastrophes and total slavery of local societies; today it is global catastrophe in form of the “New world order organization” protruding from the inland of Europe.

I watched this sort of gang in the primary school and in the university and in open society. This gang is not gathered around intellectual or material interests or hobbies or some sort of social activity, for example they don’t aim basically to gain money itself as much as it deprives others of their property and rights, depriving others from their human and personal rights is what accomplish and turn their egotism into real superiority, they don’t get high rank except by getting the others down and their place becomes high in respect to the others. The only thing they are gathered around is pure ill egotism though is very empty in actuality; extreme ill grudging envy is second, there is no least real physical inciting cause for their feeling; this is all exactly what they really gathered around.

For example, this very specific psychopathic gang is who invented the misleading fictitious cover-up term and practice of “racial discrimination” (racism) and the most infectious horrendous and disgusting evil consequences came out. It is not about racial physical qualities, no, not all. I lived my life in the past like any naïve young else and the brainwash educational headlines forced into my neural-brain by the governance system, this Chinese race and that is black race, oh, yeah that is different Caucasian race; etc. For example, I thought even until recently, that certainly there are some real physical shape qualities define the Chinese race, until I gathered many pictorial faces at a glance of moment in the screen of inner memory from variant parts of China, I have gasped with sadness because of the oppression of the fake knowledge. I found no precise physical body qualities that gather in that wide area the so called Chinese race habitants, except only perhaps with sufficient vagueness the physical qualities picked up from the ancestry blood-line of the first emperor clan in very narrow area. So the racial discrimination in innocent harmless form or the evil negative form is in fact completely fictitious and recently is completely politically motivated and has a very little substantiality on land of facts. The Britons are not British, fact, though it is internationally perceived that the human race of the British island is defined by the ugly physical qualities of the British royal family; that is internationally disastrous perception, in fact, the British people are very diverse and has some more beautiful physical qualities than the Royal family, golden hair and black hairs. Some of that mentioned Royal family tried to enhance their ugly physical qualities through their descendants by marrying some outsider commoner, however, that outsider commoner couldn’t stand such sickness and let alone ugliness and preferred death. I think I may understand the feeling of that commoner how was, sickness over ugliness. The point is, even ugliness or beauty are very relative experience depended on extremely complicated psychological; social and geographical cultural conditions, in rather understanding I want to say that this royal family have should consider their sickness that might be the source of their ugliness before they consider their ugliness, just a thought, may be not very innocent-intentioned thought, I admit, yet a tossed thought of whatever. What about the African black race? This is the most ever ridiculous cheating sick trick I ever heard in my life, the situation in the African continent is much worse than any other continent. There is no such definite race at any measure or gauge in Africa, nope. Check this fact behind me, the African race physical qualities the way they selected as main physical identification, doesn’t represent within the African human spectrum nothing more than a very slim and narrow minority in the African continent, if you shifted the quality slice on the board of the African race spectrum in any direction, nose shape, skin color, tallness, hair, etc., you find yourself selecting another minority leaving the first one and still the criterion is oppressive wrong disaster; why? It because there is no such definite specific race so called black or African race. Once very long time ago, I was discussing with a friend of mine, “O Hisham, it comes to my mind that the Asian continent is the most wealthy continent of diverse races”; he replied after thinking a bit “I think you are wrong, look at Africa, I believe it might be much more wealthier diverse”. Then we projected and made comparison between Africa and Asia that led to the overwhelming wealthy evidences available to our youngness that time brought me to consent very easily and fast with no resistance on my side, today I reject entirely the fake human race classification. It is no of any science to classify the humans in races, if you tried in rather sincerity than how they are hence there might be many tens if not hundreds of thousands of human races on earth; each represents so narrow minority, which renders the methodical classification process senseless, irrational and useless except for egoistical oppression, but no science at all, you are destroying the scientific process in favor of ill human conscious. It is entirely the egotism illness that persists to contaminate the body of science specifically by hands of this infectious-sociopathic gang. The body physical traits of the human on earth is varying gradually and smoothly over geographical space and time space without deep distinctive interruption, as same as their culture colors. It is affected by terrain, seas and oceans by time, yet no way, the natural societal force has it always tended to be inlayed by immigration, trade movement, invasions, which reduce the tough influence of the separating terrain or waters, otherwise in all continents it varies smoothly without distinctive determination, that is all and the else off this is just infectious psychological illness should be fought and killed; if the cure didn’t work and it doesn’t work.

For example; they who invented the “financial racial discrimination”, yes it is completely true, believe me, don’t tell me you never saw it; yes there is financial racism. May be it is rather known as “socioeconomic classes”. Sometimes it happened in extreme formation “not exactly similar to” but “exactly into” racial discrimination. Always there are some grads of economic classes naturally that doesn’t grow to socioeconomic racism except by their oppressive pushing. Yep, allover the world there are who believe and reflect determinately in their social behavior that the millionaires belong to some definite (not specific) race by its own money regardless of the skin color and the paupers belong to some definite (not specific) race regardless of skin color. Companionship and marriage decisions are based on that while the mutual benefit is favorable in parallel. If the mutual benefit was only main cause then the disdain and haughty were not to be very brightly reflected in connection between the classes and social rank bequeathed in almost pure sense of “race discrimination”. The grandfather of that was rich and the grandfather of this was poor, the rich class keeps the family pictures that depict the wealth or ancient luxurious cars for example; to prove the socioeconomic racial descending rank and the paupers if got the fortune tries to hide his poverty origin or fake it, very exactly the same as the ill noble class, like human and subhuman, yes! Who knows! Do you know! May be I am right after all.

For example, they who inserted the psychological principle that fate of mankind is always end to slavery and societal serfdom controlled by strong free men like them, all history it is this specific sociopathic gang. Naa, don’t believe them; no body is such strong when the sword fall on his neck, they are strong just superficially because you believed so, I don’t say that they are weak to the extent that they will step down without sacrifices.

There are etceteras and etceteras of different sorts of empty egotism they invented and you believed, precisely rather I mean they produced and you are infected.

The organized crime specifically that practice the extortion crime and professional prostitution; the inner cell; most likely they belong to this type of sociopathic gang. While the other one specialized in illegal drug trade is not; they just criminal negative traffickers, hardly can be classified as negative function gang collected from diverse criminals, however they are fully controlled by the official centric governments in the secret underground. Drug trade organizations are not sort of societal gangs by themselves, mostly it is some gang of the here sociopathic gangs that produce them in secret as front cover agents.

Aaaand <khooo; wooOOooo, khooo, wooOOooo> Hopeless, just hopeless.

5-3-a) The “Full-scale sociopath negative gang”, has the most ever sharp and full exclusive border line on guarded territory, the outsiders need a temporary permission or being full-privilege member that owe their commander full loyalty and same insanity.

5-3-b) The “Full-scale sociopath negative gang” ever always has a full-functional despotic commander.

I have a vision, not very exactly vision indeed; it might be some realistic insight in flashback scene, what is it? Yes, what is it, good question; really; what is it; umm I don’t remember what is it; give me a break, so little calm break of spiritual intuition in my lovely peaceful tranquil sanctuary. “Slapping my forehead”, didn’t work; “hitting my head to the wall”, the neighbors toughly reprehended me for intruding into their territory, did work neither. Umm, I filled some bowl with ice cubes then poured very hot water in that immediately-after I soaked this thing over my shoulder in, spiritually I think it worked a bit better, now I remember.

In some habitable area of land some society started to grow, got bigger and bigger in peace, cooperating and respect each other. As a big gathering of society, all sorts of social gangs started to take definitive shapes and forms, all sorts with their positive and negative subtypes. The sociopathic gang starts to work out their own way on the unsuspected peaceful society and composed a criminal gang of extortion by coercion and of course expanded their utmost borderline they are capable to reach, hence they have their protected territory zone in which the peaceful society needed the protection against far another sociopathic gang of the same type otherwise they will pay double extortion not only one, however they will love the lesser greed of both of them. The other far people expectedly behaved the same.

Voila, , , , , simple, , , , we have; (a) despotic set of commanders called the ruling class under any superficial systematic mirage, (b) extortion in many coated ways, (c) protected territory by so many devious means and (d) wars of science, ideology, culture, religion, economics and military; the four fundamental and essential elements that the centric government needs to exist at all to devour the sheep. It is not war between one-society against another, it is war between almost all sociopath gangs on one side against all other human societies on the other side that don’t surrender to the blood suckers them. In brief words; the centric government is that societal dangerous sociopath sickness, whether it is Marxist or Smith capitalist or any other sort of whatever.

Like this; physical reality of the nationalism had been arisen; the elusive specter of patriotism had been conned. Unfortunately it is rare if any became a soul in a live body; it was always confused wandering specter departed from preyed bleeding flesh. What the concept of history is if it is not cemetery with wealthy civilization gates and gatekeepers of sociopath, if it is not, history stops, misery and pains stop, and one final day it will definitely stop. I don’t follow after the history but the history will follow after me and right there, , , , , , it will stop.

It doesn’t protect the society; it only protects its own property of extorted slaves and ready to sacrifice all these societal slaves to rescue itself at any moment while the patriotism specter is haunting lost to nowhere. The rest of almost all evil on earth is plain stupid repeated history recycling, fake or true, dishonest or honest. The very fact that the unsuspected humanity is not enough aware about; is; that only after the Noah-flood the humanity had separated into territories and enslavement governments warring each other and warring against their property of slaves, only because of this illness cause and nothing else. Whatever, the situation today is very optimistic better than yesterday; it became one unified octopus gargantuan global government on one side warring against almost entire mankind on their very same side and against few struggling remnants on the other side.

There is neither one sociologist nor one geologist will tell this truth because all of them are mercenaries working for the centric government itself.

Yeah, yeah; oath of the scout gang with two tight fingers on heart: “I say nothing but the truth; I respect the snails in the forest by the merciful death, amen”; <khooo; wooOOooo, khooo, wooOOooo> hopeless, just hopeless.

The society became big and the sociopathic gang got bigger, hence the criminal gangster with his criminal fellows practicing the extortion and evil encroaching became “king and lawful army”, some kings succeeded to get more power and forced authority above other sociopathic gangs, they became “emperors”. Their families became “princes, princesses and the elitists of their sociopathic gang became “Noble class”. Is it a delusional theoretical vision, or, is it a realistic insight from the history lessons we had forgotten? Please, come and tell me that I am wrong, teach me!

The long run oppression has awakened the societies than killed them, the societies got bigger and bigger, and more effectively communicated, authentic divine Abrahamic-religions taught the people about their human right and inspired the resistance played some catalyst role, hence the new invented systematic magic cloak of the criminal sociopathic gang is “I always lie”. And that is true; he is always liar because even this one-line of truth statement itself is not a lie as he stated falsely and that is the ultimate lie that tightens the destructive paradox twister. Let me kill this paradox, “he always lies” is not any paradox, this statement is true in whole and in every part, straight and direct, just replace “I” by “he”. And let me straighten the other paradox of the same pattern, “representative despotism by despotic dictation”, that mostly if the cloak is uncovered 100% certainly they always resort to the plain brutal coercion, the dirty classical historical ruthless recycle of slavery.

Even in best ever innocent and sincere intentions, this social sociopath disease is really pandemic infectious. Look at the assassinated USA President John F. Kennedy, while in his historical speech was loudly in full clearness condemning the secret societies that will destroy his nation and republic that he committed to serve and salve, was he formally enough aware that the “representative democracy” structure of the republic system is the most inner core of the disease that he wanted to fight and he had been assassinated in that fight? The only real American political Hero “John F. Kennedy” sacrificed his life to save the same disease that murdered him (that is the paradox, yes paradoxes kill the men twice), “the centric governance system”, in other words, he himself was infected by the disease he fights in the others; he had been murdered twice. There are two kinds of heroes. Intelligent hero dies once for the right cause, he dies and his right cause lived. Idiot hero dies once for the wrong cause, he dies and the right cause dies with him, he dies twice, who sacrifices his life for nothing or the wrong cause he dies twice, very dramatic sad poem indeed. Look at President Chavez of the republic Venezuela, I adore this leader, he is sincere man, he is not formally aware of the danger dwelled in his system fundaments, who does!! What, what if the attempt coups by the CIA succeeded, hence, isn’t the future of the Venezuelan people would be entirely lost and consumed again in the recycle of the cloaked American colonization, another Kennedy? Same thing is about Iranian Ahmedenjad, what if the Iranian CIA agents succeeded as they tried to take over the Iranian system, another cloaked American Shah would return and the slavery recycle resurrected to stay? All should be aware that this is infectious social disease dwell inside the core of the centric government fundamentals, extended deep in history until no one is full aware of its origin and its future, its social chemicals. Certainly its so close future if not fought deadly it will be the end of mankind, at ultra-optimistic least possibility it will be entire global unbearable misery committed by our infectious insanity. If this very specific disease terminated; greatest part of human misery and dangers will be terminated for one day light, I wish we enjoy one day light before the last night and real end of time to come.

Dangerously-Moronic and ultimate criminal American government, Mr rusty-ruthless-machine; please, teach the barbarian me the real civilized democracy that you never practiced in your entire little childish history? Teach me; teach me what you never understood, you “mother-whatever” (you know what I meant by mother-whatever). What you think, no, don’t unfairly get me wrong, I only meant “mother of evil”. Shouting opponent jealous listener: “don’t believe the author of this gibberish treatise, I am sure he meant the other obscene word”. Nooo, don’t Listen to him for I meant only “mother of evil”, I am courteous character. <Whisper> Bodyguards; shut the mouth of that mother-whatever down; toss him out <end of whisper>, <loud> ahem; where were we!!

Though this specific sociopath gang can be noticed slightly and growing gradually as early as may be five years age (even earlier), but I focus here on its most crest success on global figure and top historical rate in form of the NWO government and its client sub-governments around the world. The six-centuries-age NWO government never do anything clear-over-surface directly except through some client government and some outsider layers of agents, until now they very themselves keep the quietest and lowest profile on entire Earth.

I had read from some forum member once, he posted that the governments are responsible of murdering about two hundred millions of earth people through the last 20th century. Of course I agree with him around the principle, but I don’t agree about the estimation, he fell too short from the right figure. Perhaps he very limited his estimation to the losses of the two world wars and the big known wars. He didn’t count for example how many murdered within the Chinese civilian war and after on hand of the NWO agent Mao Tsetung. How many murdered in many Asian regions including Russia itself on the hand of the NWO agent Joseph Stalin who was not Russian (he was Georgian), even only since year 1990 up to 2000 Russia has lost about 40 million in starvation alone after the disintegration of the Soviet Union on hands of the NWO Bolshevik agents, someone at this moment still living as strong political man in Russia should be questioned about because it happened while his watch, I just mentioned it to imagine how many haven’t come to the mind fitly to imagine the scale of the earth disaster inflicted by the NWO government and its client governments and agents. How many massacres the Eastern European client governments had committed, how many murders the Latin American dictators had committed under control of client American CIA, how many murdered in Africa by starvation or civilian wars managed by western corporations under control of the NWO government, how many murdered in the Middle East by the European occupation forces in time of the clear colonization and in after by the local stooge-agent governments in this contemporary era of cloaked colonization. My estimation leads to very rough figure certainly greatly exceeds one billion human beings had been murdered, I don’t know how far it surpassed the one-billion-figure in all continents; could it be around two billions, just I don’t know how far at all, it could be even more, and the misery almost everywhere is unimaginable and it continues and it grows. It all came secretly from Europe.

Take for example very today just to get so little close to the reality of the international theater, both the current Pakistani and Indian governments are client countries to the NWO and at least one of them fully controlled by USA and the other is ally to USA. Both are nuclear armed by the NWO organization too, way or another, for this you find USA is very calmly accepting both of them being nuclear while deadly don’t accept even the least possibility about Iran. In both Pakistan and India there are many undercover agents to the NWO, indirectly through USA like in Pakistan or directly like in India. The NWO agents in both sides are capable to ignite a nuclear war in between, to burn both people and the whole area while if it is not safe for the insider agents meanwhile, they managed previously some escape means to some other safe place prepared by the NWO organization and together as very one team they will celebrate and cheer with most luxurious champagne bottles in the world they specially kept cold in the refrigerator for such success occasion and live happy as millionaires. This is not a possibility I imagine in my own, in fact, it is one scenario or card put on table, that I very personally had been threatened by one of the agents of the NWO organization, if I didn’t surrender in the American war in Iraq and Afghanistan; they threatened me by burning both Pakistan and India; I am talking about India the ultimately sincere ally to USA, and the other one is obvious colony.

May be I am schizophrenic, or may be I was superficial gullible to be taken by every drunken I meet. Okay, let me calculate it again before your eyes, if you told me that I am wrong, without discussion I’ll consent. (a) Pakistani government is not any least caring about the Islam religion though they kept some trivial pretenses; neither its own people at any rate. They never cared about solving the tough wide spread poverty problem while there are sufficient academic knowledge about the economics and technology and all needed sufficient knowledge to raise the people conditions for goodness, treasonous sabotage, what? Is Pakistan pro-western government only on level of military cooperation but it is anti-western government on level of economics? Already we had seen the Pakistani government come from under-cover to cooperate with the American army against its very own people. Financial assistance with insider treasonous sabotage agents; equal to elimination to continuous unsolved poverty, is one of the main games of NWO against the entire third world. (b) Mahatma Gandhi, who was warring on side of the British Empire in South Africa, repented and returned to India to sacrifice the blood of his own people in favor of the British soldiers in so called peaceful revolution, that man gained the freedom of India by the peaceful blood shed of his own people? Okay, man, okay, okay, ha ha ha, whatever you say, I can’t stop giggling, forgive me, okay, man, whatever you say; especially I loved this one, but forgive me whenever it brought to sound in my ear I burst in laughing without control. Certainly it was peaceful revolution in such a way no one British blood drop had been shed. There is one problem in the way, India had a diverse religions in a way conflicting the people lives, mainly thousand related religions on one side and Islamic religion on the other side, okay, divide it into two countries for peace sake, so far so good. India is like Pakistan, only isolated rich class and the greatest majority is lucky if they found the food of one day in a week, the government never cared about raising the people lives conditions. (c) Oh no, we are sorry; we have forgotten one little area called Kashmir caused big dispute between Pakistan and India. The very destitute Kashmiri people that the Pakistani government never cared about its own destitute people to be caring to add more unneeded Kashmiri paupers to the already murdered Pakistani people themselves. Kashmir that has no serious economical value to neither India nor Pakistan, at least it is clear that until today after many tens of years of dispute India never exploited that so deep mysterious secret economical value and the zone is still poor like hell, besides its people are mainly Muslims that are not welcomed very lovely in India the least to say. You know, even until today after tens of years India never really adopted Kashmir seriously in the political-economical administration of the government like other areas, for India Kashmir is nothing beyond a big detention camp for no any ethic or national security cause. There is more to say, the Indian government isn’t really on land of facts able to extend its authority or any governmental control on all Indian areas and zones, let the Kashmir dispute aside, it has much tougher insider political authority problems in other areas. (d) Hence what is it all about, these pretences of the Indian governmental show of patriotism or nationalism which is fabricating fakery on one side, and, the Pakistani religious feeling towards the Muslims of Kashmir that if the Kashmiri added themselves to the current type of the Pakistani government they would become in deeper misery than what already they have, on the other side? In fact Kashmir has no critical value of any sort to either centric government while both have so deep western affiliation under surface and obvious over surface. It is rather fair to say if Kashmir got its independence under the current evil circumstances from both governments, certainly Kashmir would be better; at least they will live in peace and dignity. The usual is the territory disputes may arise between long lived centric governments, but area that was one country under the control of one centric government before Gandhi, recently disintegrated arbitrarily; then arbitrarily the two new centric governments create a new arbitrary dispute about some area that has no value to both while each of them is much worse than the other, , , , , is the unusual. How about letting the people living in that area in form of human right to decide their own future, no, of course no, why, because it is not about the human right of the habitants of that area of dispute, it is not about its economical value, it is about two centric governments in secret dirty agreement around to burn both people of the two sides, ready on receiving the command from Europe. The answer is nothing more than some NWO agents in both governments, forming one secret team, fabricated the hot spot from nowhere that can be taken as cause igniter to burn both people on both sides, ready on demand from Europe; that is all, and is very clear like the sun. And the CIA kept saying that the nuclear weapons in Pakistan are in safe hands; theirs of course. The question that stands itself logically is, are the American nuclear weapon itself really in safe hands? Well, I don’t think so, either. Both President George W. Bush and his successor Obama; both have proved the entire contrary doubtlessly. One had used it in small scale and the successor (Obama) is threatening to use it on big scale beside using it in every battle in small-scale, without serious necessity except pure human crime.

Though I knew that the scenario threat was full serious came from a person who understands the issue and his commanders are confident of full control, I decided to not surrender. The fact is, most centric governments allover the world, first world or second or third (not very all of them) don’t evaluate its own people for more than some pieces of shit they likely or occasionally think it is better if they got the ride of them, we are all equal. Not very equal indeed; the wicked degree of criminal sociopath governance in the first world is much greater than how it is in the third world, that is their way of life. They very only dream of the pure ancient form of slavery with fact physical chains to the necks and legs while the whips lashing the backs.

What do you know about anything? I had chosen to NOT surrender as a result of very complicated calculations out the issue here, and for personal religious reasons I absolutely trusted. Then it comes to the already recent open-mouth nuclear threat from the client USA against Iran, this is another story concerned with the inside deteriorated socioeconomic and plain economical conditions inside USA itself and it is not about Iran at all, I call this story the “Hutaree story”. As recently for the second time, I send a message to the innermost core of the exclusively-European NWO organization: your own security and capability is mainly based on ultimate secrecy, you are not any longer least secure, take care in your future adventures, one day, you may pay the same price you forced the others to pay. Bravo, your evasive low profile was very successful for many centuries, not any longer unfortunately. Don’t worry; calm down; relax; I am myself!! I do not worry one iota; because I am certain that I can manage you pay the same price, may be worse or much worse, by very, very individually me. I don’t depend on any except God himself.

You are blatantly confusing all completely different sorts in big mingled unsorted confusion. We here the western civilization, we have developed nations with developed governments concerned and sincere; above all democratically chosen representatives caring for us, I don’t care about your distorted views. Pakistan and India are third undeveloped world, let them burn each other, even if our western governments have role in that Holocaust management for those useless paupers, they are protecting our interests and wealth aboard at any cost for us, we are winners.

Are you sure? Hence let me tell you about the “Hutaree story” in the most prideful exemplary in the so called developed countries of the western civilizations, United State of America. This story is complicated much beyond you ever may expect from a very small local incident like that. Don’t expect that I’ll tell all of it, just part of it that you need here, I’ll use here the common known procedure called “need to know”; still some corners of the story are reacting until this moment outside USA so it is not of your concern to know.

<<<<<The Hutaree story:


Suddenly the FBI arrested some American Militia called their selves the “Hutaree”. Why? The FBI arrested them because (a) the Hutaree had angry motive against the American government, (b) premeditation of killing some policemen, and (c) possessed some weapons and (d) they had shown in their Web-Site the determination to use it; according to the official story. The FBI had some infiltrating informant within the Militia cell.

First level analysis:

(a) Greatest majority of the humanity on earth including the American people themselves, including some of the American senators against their selves, have an angry motive against the insane criminal American government, the American government is clear insane face of evil on earth right now and they are happy and proud of this. This is true except on the front pages of the main stream media that is controlled by the elements affiliated at the American government itself. When some motive spread to such extent, it is on first place completely wrong to call it motive, motive is something differentiate individual from the others to take some distinctive direction, gross misusage and shoddy usage of terminology in the technicality of the law practice. “It is a general public-social trend and it is not any motive”.

This is intentional technical error from the professional FBI that supposed to be the top on the world in their field. How they will receive that obvious unprofessional technical error in the American justice, how they never least seriously investigated the 911 events to find that the American government itself is who committed the 911 crime and the FBI covered on it as accomplice.

It is a trend and is not a motive:

((((((Updated March 23, 2010

Fox News Poll: 79% Say U.S. Economy Could Collapse

By Dana Blanton


The latest Fox News poll finds that 79 percent of voters think it’s possible the economy could collapse, including large majorities of Democrats (72 percent), Republicans (84 percent) and independents (80 percent).)))))))

It is entire and complete systematic rotten corruption, injustice, many countries of the third world don’t do such barbarian systematic savage. Western civilization, is it really? In contrary to how you may guess my answer, I don’t say it is not really, I say yes really that how the western so called civilization is, sociopath civilizations.

(b) In the technicality of law all over the earth, it seems except very, very, again very only the United States of America, which is the shame of all the western countries for how they deal it as their top powerful leader, the premeditation has no value in any way in any court except if followed by physical real act. Show one precedent legal suit, just only one from anywhere in the world that the suspect had been charged by the premeditation only, in courts it is always said “murder with premeditation” or “failed at last moment assault with premeditation”, never it said “premeditation of murder that never even tried”, am I speaking English here, you barbarian savages? Certainly it records an unprecedented incident in recorded history of barbarianism. Even in the most ever known complete totalitarian governance systems they jump over such stupid technical savages, they plainly say “we don’t stupidly defend that we are not totalitarian, we are totalitarian, shoot the dissent”. (Almost everyone wish the American government dead)

This is second intentional technical error from the professional FBI that supposed to be the top on the world in their field. How they will receive that obvious unprofessional technical error in the American justice, how they never least seriously investigated the 911 events to find that the American government itself is who committed the 911 crime and the FBI covered on it as accomplice.

It is many folds bigger technical error than the previous.

(c) Possessing weapons is completely legal in USA, very especially the American militia; it is their historical lawful trophy. Why it is very especially and very specifically the American Militia above the other individual citizens? You should study this why from historical perspective. Originally, the American Militias are who defended the early colonies of the known now as USA against the British Imperialism; they accomplished the American Independence Day; doubtlessly that is their inheritance. The great founding fathers of the free USA when they wrote the best constitution on history of mankind commanded the freedom of the free American to possess weapons as right should not be infringed, definitely because of this cause. It is not for some drunk riding on horse while shooting his weapon in every direction and shouting “yeeeeeee hooooo”, this how the sociopath gangs of Hollywood wanted to smear and distort the image of the American constitution and the great American people and their great founding fathers in eyes of the world. Then later the decadent politicians came in easiness and opportunism to tread on the shoulders of the hero Militias and spit on shoulders of expensive suits of the military to be the rank of generals to rape the American lady of freedom; such beautiful innocent lady of light and justice. Oppressed misunderstood poor America; who will defend the American freedom any longer? (Very sad sigh)

This is third intentional technical error from the professional FBI that supposed to be the top on the world in their field. How they will receive that obvious unprofessional technical error in the American justice, how they never least seriously investigated the 911 events to find that the American government itself is who committed the 911 crime and the FBI covered on it as accomplice.

It is many folds bigger technical error than the previous and many folds above many folds bigger than the previous to the previous.

(d) Why do people possess weapons? The FBI is stating that people normally possess the weapons legally to brush their teeth and to wipe their buttons in the toilet, except the Hutaree militia group they possessed weapons to kill, this one of the causes they selected them and arrested out the normal people, for intending to use the weapons in different way than should be like in the toilet. Well, what, who, my name is, I don’t remember my name, where is my identity card, mirror please, I don’t remember that face, is it my face, the last thing I remember is that was there, where is “there”, I don’t know, but I think I am here, where is here, here is there, oh that is good. May I ask question, are these FBI agents molested by their parents in their childhood; I am just asking because it is not uncommon practice in USA? Does the FBI exercises psychological tests on their recruits? I doubt, it sounds there like some very nasty mental FBI disorder. Ever all human beings on earth and animals possess weapons to inflict harm or to kill and the Hutaree are not different from other biological creatures including the FBI subordinate creatures down the level of the worms kingdom.

This is fourth error as unintentional mental disorder from the professional FBI that supposed to be the top on the world in their field. How they will receive that obvious unprofessional technical error in the American justice, how they never least seriously investigated the 911 events to find that the American government itself is who committed the 911 crime and the FBI covered on it as accomplice.

This is not intentional technical error, it is unintentional mental disorder; I don’t push charges against the miserable mentally ill like the FBI agents.

Conclusion (1): Hence; where is the lawsuit? There is no legitimate lawsuit, zero.

Conclusion (2): Hence; what did push the FBI to fabricate this professionally-disaster empty lawsuit endangering the entire American justice system, and what pushed them challenging an insider independent huge army of militia jeopardizing the stability of the entire USA system into civil war, what is the real story? What happened; is the American system swirling down to the cesspool of a new measure of fifth world down to the unique Egyptian system of its kind in its fourth world rank solitude? Is “Barak Obama” worse than “Mobarak”? Certainly the Egyptian president Mobarak is happy now, whatever, congratulation to my adored Mother-whatever president Mobarak, I am proud of this Mobarak abomination creature and his fellows. These questions posed themselves on surface.

The real story of the Hutaree incident:

Observations of circumstances must be hold in sight at the same time and surrounded the Hutaree-FBI clash incident, to know the real story:

(1) In terms of economic activity; the debt is meant to raising the ability to produce and pay by way or another, the quantity of the debt, if failed within the tolerated period to pay, from the point you wherever reached at the end of the period you will pay the debt in first priority downwards into your original capital that you started by, the loss will be taken from your original capital if there is, no ethical crisis until now. The debt should be paid unless the creditor allowed it as charity, this is another story. The debtor borrows the debt to induce some profit compatible with the quantity of the debt that might help him to expand his economical and personal activity, understood. The term profit in general happened to take a common medium profit throughout the entire market activities; in very rare peculiar especial cases it might greatly exceed or lag that medium, well known, well understood. When it comes to the borrowing as form of business and sort of trade, which is the infamous forbidden usury by the Abrahamic religions that almost all centric governments hate and fight as their enemy, the interest is based on the common medium profit of the market because it is business that is expected to gain the same estimated medium profit of other sorts of business like factories, construction field or agriculture. Naturally away trivial empty theories, the natural economics greatly force with the dynamics of nature to level evenly the common profit throughout the market, wherever there is a temporary spike profit the movements from the lower areas will jump in fast to get the advantage then it levels out, natural, the otherwise here or there is just temporary. What is missed in mind is that if the creditor with his gain of the interest had overtaken the entire profit returned from the quantity of the debt according to the medium-market-profit, what did the debtor gain? The debtor returned the debt quantity and the profit, and gained nothing, that what was entirely missed from the brain of the debtors. It doesn’t work like this; they work it out many folds worse and eviler than this, this is just simplistic idiot explanation to bring back to your brain primarily what was missed in your mind. They exaggerate in the interest rate above the medium market profit to ensure the return of the capital as fast as possible before you bankrupt, one time I was watching the market fifteen years ago at a some period of pretentious tranquility, I found that the market medium profit was about 10-12% while the debts interest rate was about 25%, which lead to that the debtor doesn’t only pay the entire profit returned from working that debt but he paid too the profit returned from some equal quantity to the debt from his original capital before the debt, double the medium profit. The debt is not helping him at all; it is encroaching into his original capital even if he is most successful, no way. I am sorry, it is not worse enough, there is assistance from the complexity of composed interest rate that ensure much more that the exaggeration to survive the inflation the bankers themselves managed and continuously illegally thieving in daylight. I calculated that if the annual simple interest rate is 1%, the complex composed-interest rate is multiplied many folds depends on how many installments the total debt plus interests would be divided. For example, if you pay monthly installments, hence the real hidden annual rate is six folds of that one percent in annual average. There it is risen the definition of the subprime mortgage. It is not who already have equal capital of the debt, no, if I have nothing and got a debt I purchase a house or some materials for my production line, I pay interests with installments until I bankrupted hence the creditor takes back the rest of the debt from confiscating what I had purchased by the debt, the creditor in fact lost nothing, no, this is economical cheating and deception, on any direction he is winner and the debt is paid certainly. They don’t fear the no returning of their debt, they get it back in many ways, and from the beginning they manage and plan that. Their real definition of the subprime-mortgage debtor is who with working debt there is a possibility that he can’t pay the many folds of the market medium profit required by the interest plus the basic installment, only one may pass that level, one whose income in whole is bigger than the debt interests plus the installments. Which means; almost all the middle class is subprime-mortgage-debtors in case if they sought debt, by default. Only the debtor who borrows very little percentage of his own capital who survive the slavery twirling-sucking down cycle of USURY, and he doesn’t do it for growing his business but only because he passes the classical necessity for some very critical temporary shortage. It leads to that the proclaimed western philosophy of “the credit tool is evolutionary implement to grow and create economical energetic growth”, is one of the most disastrous cheating and deception ever forced forward by the global economics in hands of the New World Order Organization and their clients and treasonous puppets, specifically the Western Civilization. The usury economics is only a tool for constant slavery, pure and simple. I don’t know one businessman or in bigger scale one country that could gain its freedom back from the unbroken chains of the usury, if you know one of them please inform me, each country caught in that chain remains forever in that chain until it rebels and get out, otherwise. Otherwise it will forever pay its entire income to the creditor until the country sucked dry, then may be the creditor consider rescheduling the debt or lending him more chains for only one thing, ensuring that the country will not break free, while he or the country might had paid the basic capital of debt many times. Rare of the economists understand this, the usury had been invented in history of mankind and had been designed and practiced in such management for only one purpose, one purpose that “it should not be paid”, the creditor is not happy by paying back the debt fast but he lose if it is paid back, and it ends only by the death of the miserable idiot unless he has sold his children out before his death or in his written will which is more likely and the country is the same for they sold their coming generations out in the global slavery market, direct or indirect slavery. Any other idea you have in your mind, forgive me if I doubted that you have mind at all, or perhaps you are one of their propaganda machines.

It comes to the mind of no one that the crisis of unemployment never start to be sensed or noticed clearly until it reaches the level of one in five, before that level it is not seriously sensed. Forget about the percentages they publicize, it is all lies; it had surpassed the 20% of the total count of the labor hand to unknown dramatic extent, it has surpassed that level for more than a year right now. Corporation’s revenue losses (who of them that used to pay taxes, some have the privilege to not pay at all), with big unemployment, explosive costs of war is already consuming much more than half the entire national “product and income” and composed something around 80% of the entire national economic activity, devaluation of the unstable dollars, low tax revenue, relentless hemorrhage because of governmental financial mismanagement, relentless hemorrhage because of governmental financial direct corruption, relentless continuous natural disasters of different sorts (forest fires, draughts, floods, killer frozen winter, killer hot summer, hurricanes, and lastly while I am writing this, the biggest oil leakage in history in the Mexican gulf (underwater oil volcano as some describe it), but not the last for there are more to come and may be worse if this one didn’t convince you), the private international bankers who owns the FED are deporting their wealth overseas while giving USA ink on paper called dollar only supported by the military activity (Imperial economics) with interest rate, the fatally uncontrolled war machine (military army cultured with war and fatal adventurous risks and not defense), ultra-complex unrecorded set of out-of-control war intelligence communities “known official and unknown non-official” to the extent each of them doesn’t know if itself is patriot or treasonous, each half of both the FBI’s two halves is certain that the other half is treasonous and has shocking rigid evidences to that claim, not all bad news, CIA is rather stable than the FBI for they are entirely one unit piece of highest treason thankfully to the Nazi Hitler, Hitler won the WWII in contrary to how all perceived the outcome, Operation Paperclip, he sacrificed his army in the battlefield for the Gestapo to win on strategic global level, do you want me to continue counting, it is fun to me, it is not fun for you. The American government is only afloat by only one thing, borrowing and borrowing, while maintaining the global oppressive police power duties to only the benefit of the NWO organization. The entire ruling class the open and the secret, of USA, are full aware of the deadly exhaustive twirling down cycle and in their eyes they focus on every fraction of second. Right now, the American national debit exceeds twelve trillions and no way, no way except it must grow indefinitely out of any boondoggle of control; initially at about rate of three trillions annually in simplistic estimation and the more probable exponential estimation because of inflation and increasing counter military expenditure and economic senility is unexpected, total American national citizenry debt exceeds fifty trillion dollars (some said it exceeds one hundred trillion dollars, I don’t know myself, it is dispersed among bank sheets and its estimation publicly is unknown) and whatever it is it almost reached standoff that the citizens will not pay it or its interests and they can’t reach to means of life and work because of it and any mean to hail this public situation will increase the debt or annulling it by recording unbearable gross loss in other sides in the economic structure that will destroy the entire system more beyond the market crisis.

Today the entire earth is fully connected by financial dependent and trade dependent global transporting/communicative tools. Global debit already exceeded one quadrillion dollars (thousand trillion), plain and exponential debts that automatically grow by its own complex interests and complicatedly nesting in complications; in physics known as “destructive butterfly effect” or as known in engineering experience by “unstable positive feedback system”, in other simpler words it is self pushing. For example, add to that quantity the recent 140 billion dollars bailout to Greece to not default in its already existent sovereign debt. It is impossible in anyway to pay back the Greece’s debt at any time in any future unless the creditor’s economics itself shrunk or Greece’s sovereignty itself disappear and still-after the Greek public will owe to strip their clothes that value nothing, either way if happened it would be only a matter of evaluation of the floating Fiat currencies in economical bases, all the time the Fiat money is unreal game. Otherwise if the Greek politicians are not treasonous like almost all the politicians then still the national bankruptcy is the only way out, of course they are treasonous; we are on the poor miserable earth plagued by the politicians of mankind, and the riot-police occupation forces.

The brief fact is. It is not only the USA is bankrupted and only continues afloat by more borrowing exactly like Greece, even before Greece; the debt that it will never be able to pay, impossible in any except by the defaulting, even the most unethical ways to evade paying the debt is not feasible. Nope, almost the entire world is bankrupted; the entire world can’t any longer pay the installments with interests while paying for their very basic needs, which is only solved by more borrowing; on level of the individual citizen and on the level of the state itself. Who is the creditor? The global economical branch of the NWO organization commonly known on the surface as the transnational bankers, of course I suppose you understand that the organization has many complicated branches, yes, yes, they have their own something like education-ministry, every branch in the organization is not like the ordinary, each branch is about how to destroy the correspondent branch of ordinary human world and infect it by theirs, like this. The organization has no purpose except enslaving the sweat of mankind to them and determinately to destroy and kill the useless to them, otherwise kill them all, absolutely there is no other purpose for them on this earth.

It is pathetic to hear some people worrying that USA might reach to the situation of Greece, while it is in situation of Greece for about ten years right now and its debt is accumulating; the only difference is that USA borrows unrestrictedly without seriously inspecting its financial situation because it is the useful power for the organization at the moment. And it is not easy to dismantle such program named USA like shutting down home computer; it is about many programs connected to many other programs. While Greece is not such important hence it is easily busted. This is the only economical and financial situation difference between USA and Greece.

Each and everyone including very me myself without least exception, before that last revelation of the Fiat money ownership I stated above, all and I thought that the political governments allover the world owns the real authority to print the Fiat money, so they will resort to this dirty tool at least to ease their fund resource crisis. Very recently that eye gloom has been vanished at some moment to uncover that almost allover the world the political governments don’t own the authority of printing their national currency. Astonishing and mysterious fact indefinitely worse than any hell, it is a fact anyway. Each local governmental functionary sector belonged and assigned by the New World Order Organization is who own that right, they print the money, take it and put it in pockets and go away, such plain simple. The “taxes; borrowing and the treasury notes” are the very mere financial resources of fund for the surface political government known in open to the public, the “printing of Fiat Money” is the financial resource of fund for the NWO organization. It is secret agreement between both, the NWO receive it as a tribute of protection and bringing the peace to the world through their secret network of spies and sabotage agents. And for the government that refuses, there are many options, local fabricated public revolution after pushing the suitable conditions by their secret sabotage agents and the government is replaced, assassination of the few political figures that composed a resistance front and they replaced by more loyal ones, military war waged by another client country belonged to them, or international economical blockade etc. etc. etc. The most surprising astonishment in this issue is not the revelation itself, but for how long time this illegal budget embezzlement completely clear in sight of everyone, not hidden of the least, check the national governmental budget sheet in France for example, there is no income-entry for Fiat money or Germany or Russia or, or, or, almost everywhere except may be few. The astonishment is that it is secret, clear in daylight and open sight and is secret, unbelievable, I myself did not believe my mouth at the beginning of this fact revealing to me. The point is the economy-analyst who thinks that the printing of Fiat money is the evil tool that the political government may use to delay the crisis is saying gross errors; the political governments can’t use this tool because it is not within their authorities according to the secret agreement, the political governments can only increase taxes or borrow or exercise governmental and public austerity, etc. One thing is certain; the political government can’t print Fiat money of their own because of the commitment to the secret agreement. I mean the governments that are clients to the NWO organization of course including USA itself in which you see the debt of the political government increasing indefinitely while there are Fiat money keeps following outside their authority. On another dimensional view, the labor hands that their all capital is periodical wages and little cash saves had been sold by their own governments in servitude and slavery to that global organization, deal with this fact. We may imagine “If the situation is so, why the political government and the global organization temporarily disengaged in time of crisis and national government prints money instead of debt?”. The answer is, imagine some ordinary government like the French, or American or Russian, give up its entire financial and economical ministries or departments or branches with their fund resources, how they would pay their different sorts of functionaries, like the treasonous intelligence agency CIA or the organized-crime FBI or the ill-performed Medicaid or the stupid failed military baby-killers Pentagon, you are equally like saying “dismantle the government completely”, same thing is applied to the New World order Government for it is a government like any other government, take the Evil Fiat Money form their open authorized domain within each political government and they are dismantled and gone with the wind that which is not accepted. It will lead to direct confrontation in so many ways, if you tried this better you should be ready for that confrontation, because the first confrontation option they prefer before any will be internal confrontation by their secret agents that might be the president himself or some of the Senators or some generals in the Army, that is. Mostly the procedure that is used is, the legal open government borrows to cover deficits, the secret government print Fiat money and loans and devaluate the currency by inflation so it consequently ease it for the open government, both government live side by side. Both governments are unethical corrupt of course and are definitely insane sociopath, so it reaches occasionally to uncontrolled crises besides what they used to manage intentionally; so both the open and secret sociopath suffer great insider and outsider shaking. Then you see total government cabinet falls and new one took its place like playing the cheating three card game, big Imperial powers falls and disintegrate and another powers stands in its place and it might be pushed to global war, whatever extent the NWO organization forced in their calculations to manage or to face in attempt to hold the situation under their constant control. But they don’t control it completely like gods as they may try make you believe, in such situations they just react, and it is totally up to God will.

The current situation had started since the eighties of the twentieth century or bit earlier, and they delayed it by more borrowing hence it got bigger, release part from the accumulating debts in the accounts into the street in form of inflation, then the crisis boils again then they do the same procedure. Exponential acceleration is what they are facing now, in terms of engineering technology nothing ever harder than facing “exponential acceleration”, not only the quantity of debt or quantity of release in form of inflation is the problem, the acceleration and more the differential of the acceleration started to be significant danger. They can’t balance it with the global economic limited dynamic needs and worsened by atmosphere of war of every sort, economic and military. The recessions and depressions are economical conditions they manage and control to purchase back at low price what they sold at high price, in the infamous capitalist cycle called “boom and bust”. This one I am talking about is different; it is entire governance systematic collapse. Is it the problem of Greece, is it they need more money as bailout, or, the problem is it can’t pay the debt? Try this question and you will understand that they only trying to more delay it. Greece doesn’t need the bailout money, it just can’t pay the debt they already have, hence; what the bailout meant? The bailout meant they don’t reschedule the debt for free but for more debt as cost, very expensive one.

(a) The obvious observation here is, USA is real bankrupted than any least country in the third world that living on borrowing and even the borrowing is not satisfying; it is facing a systematic collapse. There are only two solutions. One; avoiding social disorder, shrink the governmental unsustainable expenditure, the public will not accept the shrink in the public services like education or Medicaid or aged infrastructure in exchange for Imperial success they don’t need on first place, it remains only the military expenditure and giving up global military dominance, it is the rather favorable option to the public than the other. The other solution available, send the public to hell; it is continuing the global military dominance and serving the NWO war machine hence it is impossible to do so without systematic collapse within this current crisis circumstances except by direct-face and full clear fascist socialism protruding from undercover and hurry resort to martial laws that already Dubya had started. Hence to avoid early the collapse, they need some faster managed catalyst earlier than the systematic economical collapse to happen, why not if they in early phase the committed 911 events by their hands. Now definitely USA is taking the active role of the similar Nazi program in full form and clear open behavior internally and internationally and same old Nazi dreams and propaganda machines. The NWO government and the local surface American Government is clearly taking the second Nazi-soviet option, decision had been made and it was “Obama Change”. The “Fascist-Socialist form of state” never was any new in history, this is not any least invented by EX-USSSR or Nazi Germany or the contemporary USA, these are just wrapping guise labels to gloom the minds of the ordinary uneducated public giving the pretense of some high philosophy terminology and high academic education. All history for so many thousands of years; that oppressive mother-whatever king was the Fascist ruler of the state; and assigning by command the rations for his public commoners while taking over all the rest of the sovereignty wealth whether natural resource or labor product is the Marxist socialist economy. It is all word trickery. The smith-capitalism is not the antitheses of the Marx-communism, it is another lie and deception, both are full exactly the same with different superficial magic trickery and manipulation; you don’t understand what are the theses and antitheses. The Marx way is to chain the prisoner to the wall in a big prison room, and the Smith way is to put the prisoner in jail of such tight small size that he can’t rest for one second but only standing upright forever like being chained to the wall without chains, that is the difference between USA and EX-USSR. You are free to move as you like in the tight and narrowly restricting room of “usurious debt; taxes, monopoly of all market factors”; and the other one is restricted by the “usurious debt; taxes, monopoly of all market factors” all in one form of government to the wall in wide room free from all the “usurious debt; taxes, monopoly of all market factors” of the capitalism. These are not “theses and antitheses”, very wrong, the tricksters are using such terminology only to pretend of belonging to high philosophy while the listener is not really educated, either I think they are not too. These Marx and Smith are the exact same and the difference is illusive magic trickery. Yet to be accurate, there is some very important difference; the Smith-capitalism way is subtle delicate hidden way to fascist-socialism, things take much manipulation and dodging around steps to reach some definite result or to execute a decision for not being clearly seen or uncovered, while the Marx-communism is faster decisive and direct clear without dodging way; so when we talk about Obama is transforming to Fascist-socialism, it all the time was Fascist-socialism, but it meant the direct faster way without wasting the time in dodging and illusive misdirection, brutal direct punch to the eye is what needed in tough crisis, blowing up the cover in urgencies.

(b) Behavior of Obama is such very determinant consciously at stirring and torturing the citizen sense constantly and persistently, in very clear way, like the Healthcare charade, looks to me he is pushing the public angry to edge intentionally on the way for needed Catalyst, all his behaviors are intentionally mockery like Cartoon Character. All the time I wondered like I never done in my life, why the local branch of the organization behaved like they fall short of finding some political loyal actor loyal to them while is fully American nationality compliant to the American constitution, certainly they had hundreds that could be prepared and trained for the president chair? And homosexual and belong to the black minority; ha ha ha, why? I never could solve this puzzle, but I think they did this for at some point it helps them to stir the American Public in disorder against the government, they are managing the environment into some direction, I had so many experiences in how they manage the political, social, economical environment into definite directions, there is no other possible rational explanation. The handlers of the Obama program themselves, are who divulged the information leakage of his disputed nationality and his homosexuality, I am myself should hate him and if I am American I would not waste any chance to fight him, very unavoidable successful management. In fact the organization might be willing for something much more devious than fascist-socialism and total martial laws.

(c) Come on man; I mean look at the USA presidential election 2008. One option which was the republican McCain, promising the unlimited extent of time and ultimate scale of pursuing the military program in the Middle East and Asia, promoting the same martial laws of Bush program, in open condemning the opinion of the American public and hence condemning the democracy process in total, ignoring completely the economical crisis conditions that certainly would lead in short while to the systematic collapse. The other option was a homosexual half-American option insulting the American citizen like morons while continuing the same program but only faster? The second option was a black president that succeeded to revive the American ethnic constant instability that added a fuel to the fire than calmed it, at a critical bad time, isn’t it the wrong time? If it is the right time to give hope in justice by introducing Black president; should have they chosen him homosexual and half American incompatible to the constitution? Do you seek the justice and compensation for the African-American ethnic or the embarrassment and shame, which intention you sought? The Tea Party itself is part of the disintegration program. What is the real management deal they prepare? You will know.

(d) Many state governors and local state political figures in some states started to push forward the card of separatism, in open and claims and admonishments, even some states started to issue their own currency, in other words the disintegration of the USA. They don’t let things get out their control, if USA is going systemically collapse hence they are forced to disintegrate it by their hands earlier so things don’t get out their control, which better, “controlled demolition” or “unsafe and unexpected collapse”? Nationalism, borders and flags are games; they are clever at these empty games. Germany had annexed Austria, it is Bavarian right, Germany had been divided into West and East Germany, it is ideology right, Germany had been reunified, it is one people territory right and Austria is called Austria so it is not Germany though both speaks the same language and of close ancestral inheritance not different than West and East Germany. Don’t worry, they can set USA back again as federation of baby-killers in the future, when they needed, now USA is exhausted and it is time for some fresh war machine replacement should take place, another fresh baby killer monoester should be fed.

(e) Back to when I was young in the primary school around the nineteen seventies, I remember very well many predictions came out from western geopolitical experts predicted the disintegration of the Soviet Union, when I grew up I had seen it, when I grew up more I learnt that the organization by means of American-Russian Bolshevik agents had managed it through Afghanistan war and losing control on economic. Today I have read the same predictions from outside USA the same way but it is about USA this time, today I am sure it is the same organization is disintegrating USA, it is stable gestures from them. Do you recall here in Motion-Picture’s culture when the Vampire on verge of real defeat he falls to a swarm of rats or bats and disappear for the moment so the enemy can’t pursue; and then later he reconstruct again into full Vampire again! It is same thing recalled here.

(f) There are many possible big global powers right now competing to take the place of the USA in case of its Vampire-style disintegrated into swarm of rats, and all of them are tightly serving the Satanic NWO organization and even much more willing to serve in much deeper sincerity. These governments already are sharpening their canines. They historically were Vampires too earnest for ultimate ill inhuman brutal global dictatorship more than the organization itself may dream. Though the organization is firstly exclusive European and secondly western, yet the organization may exploit one of them for a short while then destroy it.

(g) While I was watching that movie of drunken cowboy on the back of horse is shooting and shouting “yeeeeeee hooooo”, I got really bored so I switched to another channel; “Serial killer”, miserable man, no, switch again, “perfect murder-crime”, yes I know, the ice-knife dissolved and the ice-man murderer himself dissolved after his crime so no trace left except the water, no, it happened that I caught a picture of him before he got dissolved, if you don’t believe me read this here treatise from the beginning again, piece of disturbing agonizing idiotism stylized in more nervous boredom, switch again, “weird Rugby players in match with broken bones and empty skulls with helpless referee in middle of violent disputes because he doesn’t wear iron cabinet like them”, no it is unfair for the vulnerable referee, I don’t like unfairness, switch again, “the human centipede”, yeah I see this abomination program in the international political relations and allies, isn’t enough disgusting, switch it, “the monster fetus that found his way out by cutting the abdomen of his mother by his claws”, had seen that real story thousand times in life, you don’t want me to count them, the Egyptian Coupe 1952 was one of them, The French revolution 1789-1799 is another example, don’t mention the Bolshevik they already hate me deadly, I haven’t need that educational documentary movie about something I lived, very boring, no, switch again, “star wars”; umm in real life certainly I take a completely different path away from the brainwashing fiction, sorry, I’ll kill my very own queen first and above all, then the Imperial invaders, both are ultimate criminal slavers and no tiniest difference, king, queen, emperor, empress, all the complete exact same thing, kill them all, no, switch this BS again, “beauty and the beast”, psychological hypnotizing brainwash dictated to the childhood, thank you I think I am adult for longer, the real life story is gullible and the never changed noble class beasts with a reviving-cheating lethal-poisonous flower, no, switch again, “the human is evolved worm”, no, I believe that some Vampire societies haven’t evolved yet to the rank of worms and the most evolution setback failure of them all is Darwin himself, switch this garbage, switch, “the bravery of the American single mothers”, social engineering, no, switch again, “the black widow spider eating her lovers and American human version is eating her kids too”; more triumphant social engineering but not successful, no, switch again; “homosexuality is human nature”, successful engineered social demolition of the same type of the falling of the world trade towers in new York by their insider hands as ever, the absolute corruption is eating itself, nooooo, hurry, hurry, switch. Stop, let this one; it’s okay, seems peaceful and romantic one before I sleep and you know yaa “sweet dreams”. It was broadcasting some movie about the organized crime of the American mafia, one of those that serving the notorious FBI, oh good; some change has broken the boredom. The very well known fact is that, it had been investigated once, the FBI in constant practice all time is fully merged into the dirtiest texture of the organized crime in USA (Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and others) replacing one criminal gang by another loyal criminal one to the so called governmental security communities, the American sociopath governmental gang and the sociopath organized crime gangs are one thing and openly much more. It seems for the American mother-whatever and their master organization there are two ways to kill children, the fast way like in Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq, and there is the slow way for their own evil kind.

Plot of the American Mafia movie:

Gangster: Boss; they refused to pay the protection.

Boss: Send them soft message, choose someone remote in relation to them and of little importance, kill him and leave our identity card on his body.

Later ;

Gangster: We have executed your command exactly, but they declared the war instead of bending, we are in street gangs-war for authority, what is next?

Boss: kill whoever comes into your face.

And a state of random street war took place; that weakened both gangs that led to the remnant from both disintegrated into separate weak hoodlums while the bosses escaped seeking their own safety.

End of the plot

The hutaree Militia had been caught by the FBI for nothing more than setting the USA in armed random riot by the American Militia forces, according to the above script taking into consideration the entire circumstances. For this I called this entire story, “The Hutaree story”, the Hutaree in fact had done nothing beyond they are very plain scapegoats. The American Militias surprisingly didn’t react as expected definitely for two reasons, one good reason that some of them could understand the above Mafia script so they didn’t fulfill it, and another some for treasonous reason.

(h) Look, I am Egyptian. There is some method the Egyptian government used constantly they learnt from the NWO Organization advice. The people are fiercely angry, so the logic thinking tells that among people angry at their government there will be ever some fraction that is willing to carry the weapon against the oppression, for these certainly some leader will arise and take it forward. Before that real public leader arises in his will, out of control; the government set up a fake leader that is trained to attract and compel the public fraction that is willing to carry the armed fight against the government. That fake leader after gathering what he could and deliver them the arms, he constructs the insurgency under the full sight of the government and let loose enough intentionally; at some moment he pushes his followers into ambush after ambush, into defeat after defeat, until they all are killed or caught and executed or got life sentence, the leader most likely not uncovered and continue his rule, the government defeats the resistance before it starts. In one of these operations, around the nineteen nineties in Egypt it reached to big scale total Civilian war in south of Egypt under full control of the government, of course as usual the media downplayed the scale of the fight, but it was wide scale Civilian War with all possible sense that they reached to control south Egypt, the south of Egypt was on the verge of separation into another state. They had been defeated very mainly because of the treason of their leaders, set up. I tell you two incidents I experienced personally to understand it. Once long time ago about that time, I spent the night in some big police station that is used as big transient jail between directions in Cairo, (I swear for trivial reason) in the custody there was one of these insurgency leaders with few of his followers, imagine it, he was recruiting new followers inside the custody in open under sight and permission of the police officers without least intervention, so loose and freely, what was that? The other occasion, I knew of someone in the family of one friend, who was just plain loser, had many illegal activities, among them smuggling drugs. He had connections to the Egyptian intelligence agency in certain way I knew. Around the same period, suddenly he repented and became straight (on surface only) and he became that insurgent patriot who was active in delivering the real insurgency with the needed weapons that had been facilitated to be smuggled by the government itself, all the time he had that connection to the Egyptian intelligence.

Another one, couple of years ago, someone was recruiting insurgents in the Azhar university, he could collect about five hundred youth about the age of 19-21 years, trained them in some so secret camp, so secret camp to the extent that every move he did was fully observed and let loose by the Egyptian government by the admission of the government itself to show how clever they are. Then that leader used these children to make a show of power in one main street in open day, you can say open military show like that of the regular army, one thing remained to mention, instead of real weapons it was sticks of wood that imitated the real weapons. You know, it was just tough warning to the government to get straight, yet peaceful. What do you expect? The government had arrested them all in the street location like gathering sheep or less and put them in indefinite detention, and never heard of them again, without any degree of resistance, they are children. That insurgency leader is free in the street until very now without least legal persecution and sometimes is still talking to the local media, of course with disdain from the media for such criminal outlaw.

The NWO organization used and advised this method for many centuries as one of the modified variances of the “preemption war methodology”. I don’t narrate this for the resistance against any tyranny to fear and doubt everything, no, if you fear don’t think of touching a weapon, but if you gathered you mind and decided then you should learn to fight the good fight and real fight, with the most important which is the right and just cause, you should learn how to resist the treason on second place, how to fight your own idiocy on first place, that is.

What I want to say is, when I look at the American FEMA of how it is; I don’t see a government that expect real well managed and strong resistance that they really fear. I see a sort of government that expects plain massacre and easy slaughter. When I have seen how the majority of the American militia had dealt the Hutaree incident, I haven’t seen just cautious and intelligent reaction while disrupting the “set up” treasonous FBI-mafia script; no, in fact I have seen coward senseless campaign of smearing against one fellow had fallen, I have seen treason on both sides, the FBI and the Militias themselves. When the two views collected in mind, I started to have a view of what the American Militia is, at least a considerable part of it, just another governmental set up, ummm like the “Tea Party”, with big mouth and fake propaganda, preparing the easy idiots for slaughter.

When it comes to wars, let me tell the historically most common reasons behind losing wars, “corruption of any sort and the worse yet is the treason”. The treason alone may bring down the most prepared and trained army to zero especially if it is on the high ranks. The European NWO organization is very well aware of these two dirty weapons, and they are their main and major weapons, all the wars on any side they gained to their wish completely depended on those two weapons together.

(h) When NWO treasonous president Obama has seen the treasonous FBI-mafia script failed and didn’t work as supposed, he resorted to another possible direction, which is threatening Iran with Nuclear war, which is the disparate utmost dangerous route to disintegrate the USAmerican Vampire and give the chance for another fresh Vampire hungry for blood. This is another very long story out of issue, and it will not disintegrate USA only, it will disintegrate many other powers with it, the death on earth may be brought to many billions on all continents. Perhaps the organization might love this alternative nuclear plane more than USA, it is their intention to reduce the planet population all the time and they are doing it, but if it happened they should be certain, time changed, the source of suffer of the humanity for the last six centuries now is known, their very own entire homeland Europe will not survive it too. Yet the most that puzzles me myself is that the organization hates Europe more than the colonies of Europe, they already had been the main cause (but not the causer) in that Europe burning operation twice before, I don’t know how a third burning will frighten them, greatly I doubt it even if this one would be complete destruction. But me too, nothing frightens me except my God, this what they are seeking, I am exhausting all me to avoid it, they don’t, until when can I keep that? The entire WWII was childish trivia. I am talking about myself personally, I don’t represent anybody and no body represents me. I am standalone.

The fact that you don’t know is, the first Vampire when his body disintegrates into fifty rats, he the same of himself resurrect into the second Vampire in another geopolitical area, the same NWO organization. I am not much interested in the rats, they are rats after all, who deserved to be rats; you know; I am interested in the spirits of the Vampires. In the concern of “USA disintegration operation”, there is another one more reason for the Organization has taken that decision, but I admitted from the beginning that I’ll not tell everything about this concern and I’ve not explained everything, perhaps they had studied the possibility of this decision even much earlier before the events of 911. Or why they were preparing spare competing big powers in another areas, to resist the PNAC! If this will happen or not; I don’t know if I could enough disrupt the wrong direction or not, it is complicated, yes! Ask president Obama about; or perhaps you should ask the Tea Party Masters. Naaa, I am kidding, these are nothing more than trained bums for picking the Microphone and tell gibberish themselves don’t understand, as long as you kept ignorant like moronic themselves they did their job good and get paid. You have no least obligation on me, leave your treasonous homosexual Obama and sue me.

End of “The Hutaree story”; the script failed, what is next! Is it nuclear war? I don’t fear Nuclear war because of very certain personal causes of very myself and I don’t represent anyone and none represents me, you will not dominate it. You don’t know what I know. Gross disastrous miscalculation in your side as ever, moving from mistake to ultimately bigger mistakes; it seems that the stupid scumbag emperor is locked in impasse where he lost his clothes and want to escape to another ultimate worst impasse where he will lose his entire body and life; what is the value of the emperor without his clothes anyway, go ahead. >>>>>

<<<<<<Another interesting story, I call it “Toyota- Cheonan story” because the hot moves started at Toyota Corporation then the warship Cheonan; like the Hutaree then nuclear threatening Iran.

While we talk about the relation between the governments in the so called first world and their people, it comes to mention Japan and South Korea as another example. I doubt that the fishes yet finished the bodies of South Korean navy-men as I speak, and the tears of their relatives yet not dried; the recent accident of sinking the South Korean navy warship “Cheonan” by some torpedo of unknown identity as USA claimed. If I am government and I want to wage a war against some other nearby government, I’ll not hit some target then stop still without continuing, I’ll not deny it, I’ll claim it to impose my authority and challenge and claim my causes by force. This is the normal proceeding of traditional wars; otherwise is completely illogic and makes no sense and serve nothing beyond complicating the theater without military aim or goal. It is obvious dangerous useless waste of energy for any moron to not do, even if the North Koreans are morons they will not do this. The division of the Korean peninsula historically didn’t come as a result from public rebellion seeking different governance ideology, whether political or economical, we all know that it came as a result from outsider aggression and invasion. Namely USAmerican invasion that was not directed to generate a public rebellion but to contain public trend towards communism as it had been claimed, which make one may sometimes wonder why ex-USSR did support the American invasion by silence, were they exchanging conquered territories between themselves in secret agreement? Until this moment it is illegitimate because it had been not decided by people of the Korean peninsula themselves but by outsider invasion, neither by internal civilian war nor peaceful vote. All what the North Korea is doing is defending the ruminant of their freedom of self determination; I agree that, they are not clever enough to keep the state of war while preserving the human right of full democracy; who does?? United States of America? Blah, USA never had democracy in any peace, let alone state of war on their soil. The living standard in South Korea under USA umbrella is better than in North! The North is living in continuous economical blockade and in continual state of war, and the South Korea is supported by the west like how Italy was too supported during the Cold War and reached to the top of international economics but when the Cold War finished Italy lost its position permanently and paid the price of all the immoral gains in constant uninterrupted economical crisis never could get out of it until this moment, it was a common manipulation program and Italy today lost its political value. I don’t support deteriorating the democracy within state of war; I just observe how the entire world is today. North Korea is not worse than any other country on earth. The very obvious fact is, if North Korea invaded South Korea, they the only side that has the full real legitimate right to do it to free their South from foreign occupation and treason, while there is nothing to shame about sinking the South Korean warship if they did it really, but they denied the act, hence they told the truth. The intentional negligence and forced rejection from the western main stream media of these obvious facts turns them to pieces of imperialistic war-propaganda machines and it turns the basic practices of the phony democracy in the west to the fiction, but you know, they are very concerned about the democracy and human rights in North Korea. Still I insist as ever; democracy and justice never mixed with imperialism; absolutely impossible, only the mentally retarded that think otherwise, you can’t accomplish both on same time, absolutely impossible. Soooo, it comesss toooo ask, what isss the real stoooory?

The real story had been started calmly by the street Japanese people themselves; they strongly wanted the American military bases out of their islands, though that issue had been perused many times before and this is not the first time, this time the Japanese people in the street are determinant. While the Japanese politicians are embarrassed between their people’s wish and the American pressures to ignore it, which on the long run will turn into sociopolitical clash inside Japan. The American pressure has started by little ear pinch, some mechanical component failure in some Toyota Car on the American soil that never proven on serious investigation, even if true it happens everyday with all types of technology everyday and every moment allover the world, fabricated accident and exaggerated to the extent of jeopardizing the entire future of Toyota for no least real cause on the surface. I myself once observed very closely one of the around 2000 Toyota models of “Corolla”, I reached to that the mentality of that designer is dedicated to extreme rigor safety factors I have never seen in any other car of its class from any other type on that time. Have you seen some car in the class of the Corolla model that some of its skeleton segments are reinforced in double layer? I don’t know, I never seen it except in that car, may be I am wrong, but certainly the designer is extremely dedicated to unusual degrees of safety factors. The designers of Toyota are insanely obsessed about the safety factors, exactly like the designers of the New York world trade skyscrapers that the American government couldn’t take them down except by direct controlled demolition. Don’t come and tell me that the fabrication and exaggeration of the Toyota accident were not for political causes. After that little ear pinch, the Japanese people insisted on their stance constant, then it came the sinking of the South Korean warship, suddenly you hear the Japanese politicians announce that this accident proves the necessity of the American troop presence to keep balance for peace sake in the eastern area in Asia. And you want me not to think primarily that the accident is not a conspiracy plotted and committed by, the American stooges in the South Korean government; the treasonous stooges of the Japanese government and of course their American master? You are kidding, you are not any least serious, I am kidding most of the time, but I never was unserious and that what made my jokes sad more than funny. It is completely ironical hilarious contradicting every known fact to everyone that the conspirators themselves can’t deny at any least rate, to defend the presence of the American Imperial troops in Asia in whole as the balance power that keeps the peace. While the historical facts known to everyone that USA is who initiated all the aggression acts in Asia through last century, Korean war the USA is the aggressor; Vietnam Cambodia and Laos and the indochina war in whole in which USA was the aggressor, Iraq and Afghanistan in which USA is the aggressor, the Chinese-Taiwanese dispute in which USA is the inciter aggressor, the Pakistani Indian tension in which USA is the behind scene inciter and motor, the tension and enmity between Russia and all surrounding republics in which USA is the inciter and motor, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Lebanon, etc, in thousands of occasions and dirt military black-up operations on all scales and grades in which USA is the major disturbance of any just peace in Asia. Except one concern, the Japanese imperialism that USA had broken but not for any good; it happened only to take the position of earlier imperialism of France and Britain in the continent in evil continuum. Perhaps this is what the mother-whatever Japanese politicians meant by the peaceful purpose of the American presence in Asia and that what they couldn’t explain to the unsuspected Japanese people who thought that the structure of their governance had been changed for any good, yet this is how the Americans explain the necessity of the their presence in Asia to China, to contain the Japanese Imperialistic trend, however, they didn’t explain their own Imperialistic constant fact, contradiction. My condolences for the respectful Japanese people, the entire situation is melancholically depressing much more than sad, if there is a change to take place, it is the public in the street who should impose that change by all means without exclusion. Yes I said that the Toyota corporation produces designs of most safest cars in the world, whatever, it is an corporation like the majority that find the living under the umbrella of whatever empire sort is much more easily profiting than any freedom and justice, it seems like no one like the sincere moral competition. The Atomic bomb only had swapped the flags of the Empires. Each year you see the Japanese people in memorial of the WWII nuclear holocaust calling for the international peace and justice, hence the lesson from the atomic bomb should be practical question more than empty words, because of the Atomic bomb should we swap the empire flags or should we end all forms of Imperialism, in the past it was Japanese and today it is American and in between you learnt nothing but intimidation and bereavement in celebrations? Empires are built by total intimidation and ended by the bravery of the free men. I was not boondoggling when I said in “Manifesto Inferno I” that inside Japan the disease of imperialism didn’t vanish. Only the Japanese Imperial flag had been swapped for the American Imperial flag. All history the territories of Imperialism is virtual movable and the emperor himself is consumable like toilet tissue handkerchief as same as the “I always lie” president even if the flesh of the emperor lived much longer, yet the main constant performance that the evil profit is real fixed drain of blood the sociopath are perpetually hungry to suck. From their own people or others, we are equal victims whether in the first world or tenth world. Come down a bit from your arrogance of the so called first world, you don’t know what massacre your government is preparing for you today that will unravel tomorrow, and you don’t know if you are electing by your hand your own top fatal enemy as the head of the state using the biotechnological “I always lie” implement. Your time and turn always comes way or another, you will pay for the BLOOD SUCKEEEEEEEERS <Vampire Laughter echoed within halls of the palace>.

Sooo, almighty USA investigators, in extraordinary move recovered the Korean sunk warship and found a piece of debris from the torpedo that proves the North Korea involvement? Is that right? Like the Lockerby accident when they recovered tiny debris from electronic chip (less than one centimeter) within area of tens of square kilometers, commonly used in hundred of applications, from what, from the bomb, and they could trace it to the shop that sold it in the European continent, and. the seller could remember and identify the buyer from many months before the accident, for all to discover later that the CIA was who committed the atrocity? Yes, later some British investigator testified against the CIA and FBI about their brutal and illegal forcing the investigation towards one direction they designed, his testimony had been rejected because it came late, so what? The official story continued. All this while, they ignored tens of completely liable American witnesses, some of them are firefighters and others are citizens were in the building itself, that the trade towers had been taken down by inside set bombs for controlled demolition. Even samples from the dust collected from the area, proved the traces of some sophisticated type of explosive Thermit material. The big question that bothered me truly above any other, and I can’t sleep because of it. What trademark of box-cutters the hideous Arabian terrorists had used to hijack the airplanes, you know; these evil mother-whatever terrorists, which manufactory in our Galaxy had produced it, may these cutters had been purchased from Mars for example, which specific Martian seller had sold them. Give me the date of purchasing in format of “dd mm yy” and time format of hour: minute: second: milisecond: microsecond: photonsecond measured by reliable gauge like atomic-clock in Greenwich standard. And I’ll live in peace the rest of my life, secure because of the humanitarian God USA.

A torpedo with warhead of 250 kilograms is not any close enough to cut a warship of about 1200 tones of steel into two pieces on immediate hit, I have no knowledge that specifically the Korean warships are made of gum. The most such torpedo capable to do is making a hole and the warship likely will made it out, because all modern warships are designed such that to isolate the submerged rooms, taking in consideration very especially that this a modern warship not civilian. Sometimes, the warship doesn’t survive as it depends on where the torpedo hit with very bad luck; the least to say it will float for enough duration for the navy-crew to jump in the rescue-boats or jump in the water with the rescue Jackets. The crew even hadn’t chance to jump in water, it seems that the 1200 tons of steel jumped in the air because of the blow, how is that? Is that the effect of 250 kilograms of conventional explosives? Unless; the explosive charge in whatever weapon is incredibly many folds of power more than this, some very sophisticated type, most probably it is tactical small-scale atomic bomb to produce that effect, the tactical-small atomic bombs that USA recently had adopted very extensively in every weapon and had used intensively in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

And you think that the Americans are so naive to not use a torpedo closer in qualities to what the North Korean navy use to make their conspiracy full neat, what a mess you are talking about? The conventional-charged torpedo will let the warship float for some time or let so many of sailors alive, it will let open many possibilities enough to complicate the operation without clean result, a pursuing procedure may take place by navy Helicopters for example and the attacker at least may be identified, an attacker submarine needs more than couple of days to be in safety away the accident coordination, especially that the accident has not happened greatly far from the inland of South Korea. Such black-up conspiratorial operations need a clean hit with left blindness effect in behind, the blindness is the utmost important factor of success in any conspiracy, which let the theater freely open for the American government to blame any other government they targeted as purpose of the operation on first place. Only a small-scale atomic bomb which since many years became very available to every weaponry system in USA; is the only capable of sinking the warship immediately on hit and killing great number of its crew on immediate hit and leave the area safely without pursuing if it was submarine or another weapon. No, the Americans are not any naïve to use a conventional-explosives torpedo like the North Korea usually use; no way, they must implement small-scale atomic bomb, the treasonous high rank generals and the bribed politicians will handle the rest of the fictitious story lines on the newspapers and media. Fun is good.

United States of America is the land of pure formula of evil in ugly cartoon movie; that is their mentality, every day they don’t do anything except gaining more reasonable hatred and disgrace; and shame. And their homosexual Obama is a laureate of Noble peace prize; I love it, what is the opinion of the anesthetic-tea-party about this? Oh yes, don’t say it, I know, I know, hilarious conspiracy theory, yet the key point is 250 kilograms of conventional explosives don’t cut 1200 tones of steel structure into halves and sink it immediately and kills nearly half of its sailors, only small-scale atomic bomb can achieve that. Their story is only good for cartoon movies; more of the same of 911. The international theater is ugly mockery, a constant continuous chain of conspiracies of all sorts; USA everyday will invent a new type of conspiracies. Have fun.

End of “Toyota- Cheonan story”; Japan is direct American colony, more than this, it is effective part in the American Empire>>>>>>

This sociopath gang took bit lengthy focus because it is one major source of misery on Earth. It remained the next sort of social gangs, the ethnic one.

Before I continue, Please, please, I beg you, one more time, let me check one last time my ancient Noah-flood friend under the dirt of history <khooo; wooOOooo, khooo, wooOOooo> Cough, cough, too much dust; huff, huff, negative, cough, my GOD you are the only absolution of rightness and judgment, I ask your mercy and forgiveness, he is hopeless, just hopeless.

(5-4) “Tribe gang, either positive or negative”; allover the world there are only two tribe types, the Negative African-European tribe type and the Positive Asian-“Latin American” tribe type. North America and Australia mainly belonged to the negative African-European type if we excluded the native Indians who some belonged to the positive Asian type and some others belonged to negative type according their culture activity. I myself belong to Africa so I belong to the negative type, Africans, don’t take offense for we are on the same negative boat; I am not on ivory tower. Europeans, take the offense as long as you want, I don’t care. However, I am not here about offense.

(5-4-a) The Negative African-European tribe is, when a group of families closely lived together, not very necessarily very related, but only one narrow family from them holds through its ancestry the right of governance, in other words from that line of ancestry always the king is chosen. In very general sense, the first time one bloodline got the position; it comes from the first warrior/hunter/gangster who won all the battle-challenges that have been arisen in face of him in seeking the governance position. His family stays in the position unless another warrior/gangster challenges him or one of his heirs. Until very today in both continents the exact same negative type is persistent very mainly. The negative African-European tribe is to great extent related and very similar to the aforementioned Sociopath Gang, to the degree I don’t need to repeat it here again. The only difference, the African-European tribe comes basically from a background culture of hunting or conquering, while the sociopath gang phenomenon might happen in both the two main sorts of cultures anywhere in the world, agrarian culture and hunter culture. The sociopath gang may transform into Negative African-European tribe like the European royal systems or into republican dictatorship system like recently common allover the world, all the republican systems without exception is dictatorship at least on level of basis, though it might happen that some individual politicians don’t very work on form of dictatorship, yet the basis of the system is based on “I always lie” and fully permitted that trend even if that politician is not aware of this, a bad politician certainly will come and the worse when the system is hacked by foreign spy on the head of the state, no exception.

(5-4-b) The positive Asian-“Latin American” tripe is, when a group of families closely lived together, not very necessarily very related; there is no such absolute mother-whatever king or scumbag prince or scum without bag in form of “I always lie” president, the decision making takes place by agreement among the elders of all families while listening to the opinions of the middle age men every night in the tribe council and traditional celebrations. I don’t say it is perfect system, though that system is primitive, but let me surprise you, allover the world, most ever developed modern countries today, or developing or undeveloped, yet until this very moment, the Asian-“Latin American” tribe governance system is the best and most just and most developed system the entire humanity had introduced since the dawn of history until now, yes until this moment. All what it needed is to be highly refined, developed and expanded while keeping its essence, and this what I have don in my research book “unraveling the simplest”. Europe and USA until this very moment belonged to the Stone Age social mentality with technology and much conquered wealth. They only replaced the stone with laser-guided bomb while they kept the same undeveloped hunter mind, not very exactly, bottomless ethically dirtier and in deeper human deterioration in general paganism. The positive Asian-“Latin American” tribe is to great extent related and very similar to the aforementioned Normal Gang, to the degree I don’t need to repeat it here again. The only difference is, the Asian-“Latin American” tribe comes basically from a background culture of agriculture and animal herding, while the Normal Gang phenomenon might happen in both the two main sorts of cultures anywhere in the world, agrarian culture and hunter culture. There is no relation between the Asian tribe and any of the common governance systems already exists in the world, that type once a tribe hold it never give it up unless it is entirely destroyed, they resist to death, Afghanistan historically even before they adopted the Islam religion is best ever example of this, “the cemetery of empires”, Iran the same thing, no imperialistic foreign power could stay in Iran; Russia, Britain, France and USA, all tried and are still trying, Iran is another strong example. The Muslims defeated the Persian emperor, yes, but they didn’t defeat the Persian people themselves, the Persian people accepted the religion and for this reason it was not such difficult to defeat the Imperial system because the Persian people wanted and facilitated that path. African Egypt in parallel historical and chronological path to Iran, until this moment the hunter culture is innermost dwelled deeply in the bone of the Egyptian society, one of the most ever dirtiest and evilest countries in the entire recorded history, The Muslims failed to change anything of that and today the worst enemy to the Islam religion is Egypt. I am Egyptian and I know very exactly what I am talking about. The recent Iranian system today in fact is fairly close to the classical Asian-“Latin American” tribe system. USA and European peoples are still controlled by systematic human hunters and conquerors, but I admit that no other society in the world can compete against the Egyptian society to the bottom on this Vampire path.

(6) NWO intellectuals, you are not only using paradoxes to paralyze the humanity. If your big weakness is that you don’t introduce any except insane paradoxes, the ever biggest weakness that will ever stand as obstacle to achieve the final goal that you never could define is your own foundation and construction are practical paradox in its own. The paradox is not any physical natural phenomenon; however, you succeeded to make it human ill-intelligence-mind phenomenon. You never solved even one paradox you use, never, in fact there is no one paradox had been solved in thousands of years by entire mankind, in hard science they only learnt to ignore the paradoxes and turning around its location, that is all. You stand still at in paralysis like your victims, no better. I taught you how to reveal them, before that you were plain ignoramuses, less than zero intellectuals, morons like the morons you enslaved and not much higher to any degree you think of yourselves. I made it certain that no more primary paradoxes are workable against the humanity to the end of time, no more primary paradoxes, except by classical physical coercion of course as six-centuries-setback. Now I send the ball in your side, or you think that I revealed the paradox-illness for your evil to be stronger multiplied? Let us raise the bit; I am serious about, nothing or all. How about, higher second order paradox; yes I know of course you never heard of such term sounded “second order paradox” though its type might flashed in your sight occasionally. While you could not deal with the earlier, can you recognize the next level of it? It is just more little challenge? The literalness of this second-order-paradox is of ultimate accuracy and importance. Come enslave me personally and you gain everything. Me? I don’t want to enslave anyone, I won only myself.

If I am the full absolute dictator of myself, is him free?

There are third and fourth order paradoxes and may be more, there is hyper paradoxes? who needs more!! I killed for you and all the primitive first order paradox. Now we all up to the second level; and you will not finish it too, you have not finished the first one. Someday will not come, I may take you to the third level if I still live to the not coming day in this lower life. I don’t wish for that day to come at all.

Where is your factorizing artificial-intelligence of epistemology to help you when needed; is the classical way still the most effective, may both be not enough either? The slaver is chained to the slave more than the slave is chained to the slaver, who is freer!! It is not about slavery, it is about the challenge of power, power is never real power without challenge and triumph or loss, otherwise it is nothing, power is not stagnancy; existence in whole and in detail is dynamics and the climax of all dynamics, , , is, , , revolution. You know, you always misunderstand me; pathetic is me, always misunderstood <tear and cry>; in the dearest of the big, big heart in this very little, little man, I wish you win this little challenge, basically I am for the revolution and struggle, before and after all. Viva Revolucion, viva Zapata, Viva los hermanos, ayayayayayayayaya, viva la pueblo, Viva la guerra, boom, boom, viva el vino, ayayay, ayayay, boom, boom.

The only difference after basics between you and me, you made all your revolutions fake by end; I make it real all the way along. I told you, I don’t need fake cinematic effects while I play my role before the Camera up to the most bloody scenes, I am real courageous art-martyr, Mel Gibson use make-up, use onion juice for tears; tomato juice for blood, no, no, I am not of that type. Imagine me on the big panorama screen; I bring the king of England on the table with five horses and one dog (“Cairn Terrier”; is one good suggestion), all stretching him apart, “what is your last word before I tear your body?” He screams “Slaaaveraaaaay”; and the Audience “WOW, is that real!! WOW”. Ummmm, I am unfortunate buried talent actor, cost almost nothing, and Hollywood hates me because I am real<cry>. The Hollywood likes the people saying “WOW, how miraculous the superficial fiction is entertaining more than any reality” so they end to worshiping Hollywood itself and reject real life, there comes the control. They had been enslaved inside bubble of delusion hung on nowhere of Hollywood make-up and magician hand trickery, in this case I myself who say “WOW” for the magic of slavery.

(7) Ghosts of mirrors

I see a lot of people and one mirror reflected me; I see a lot of mirrors and me; which is real the mirror or I? Tough! Amongst people I found me evaporated ghost; through me I found lot of ghosts; what is the fact, am I ghost or solely the flesh? Tougher! I broke all mirrors and frighteningly pushed all ghosts away, so what?

I look into uncovered empty, thoughtless brains and either webbing fakery. Wait and deem, on fog surface was it slippery? Even tougher and tougher! I look into bottomless space; helpless legs neither I grew wings. Hurry and answer, to decay was it race? It is the ever toughest.

It was the ever toughest, so I turned to the beginning and looked at some lake surface, me reflected. “No, is it the mirror and ghost, again!” I was heartily tired; I blew it with all power. Back it waved in mockery and splashed my face wetly with what waked me witty. I am astonished if it magically lived or it I was living. However, it is looked further reality I couldn’t break; I predict it wasn’t trick.

Even is transparent than ever that through I saw fishes of depth. I stepped into water of realer to cleanse my waste filth. How lovely fishes of depth was me calling to the deep length. We were enjoying and flying in water of reality even wingless. For the loss of spuriousness, ghosts of mirrors got in hunting my fishes of depth in relentlessness. In warring for my realities I got out my sleep deepness; ramping on broken mirrors; beaten by vanishing ghosts. I punch, I kick, I blow, I thrust, I gash, only I see my blood. I run, I turn, I ramp, I jump; I leap; only I feel my torn feet. I am on broken mirrors fighting vanishing ghosts; human is I. I’ll fight to the end of time with my refractive waters of realities against reflective mirrors of lies.

November 29, 2001

(8) Naaa, this is just hobbyist exploitation of the human right of freedom of self-destructing about “human nihilism”. Perhaps because I am not professional I find myself can’t explain “nihilism” better than it is “philosophical revolutionary creative terrorism”; yet practically is very legal until this now if you don’t actually resist the murderers of the weak paupers, innocent children and their mothers and their fathers and their dogs and their rats indifferently around the world like in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan or inside China; if you don’t resist the conquerors of your entire life, while I am destroying incredibly much worse savage western global mass social slavery for entire mankind never named. One day, if the current spiral-down historical devolution episode turned to the “absolute freedom” of the American faction success side, it would be totally illegal exactly like the human right to actuate his mental sanity, the good of his people and the healthful existence of human society is illegal very today, though allover history the situation was not much better except for little durations only by means of armed revolutions. No, I am not pessimistic; don’t get me wrong; I believe if it happened they might let some of it for nihilistic evolution needs and literature deceptive ugly ornaments no much less than what they do today, only free living will be abolished, it was no important life anyway. Yet I am not pessimistic, if it would be illegal doesn’t mean it will not be practiced illegally in terrorism, you know, it happens all time. Mother-whatever rulers of the world are irrationally and insanely over optimistic about the soon future. The Geologist in role has no right of optimism or pessimism even if hobbyist for he just is neutral observer of the dead human society above their underground graves full of magma, for this I said I am not pessimistic and this is what I play here unless I change my role to something else. Cheating and deceptions, tell me something new, cheating and deception are not new; they are faulty unpredictable behaviors of man all time that within I never seen any evolution. Have fun.

Manifesto inferno of subterranean magma rising over the head of every criminal injustice and the useless UN trivial fragile crust.

All human being individuals on this planet Earth without little exceptions are equal decision makers at least by weakness, cowardice, negligence, ignorance, stupidity, vanity, covetousness, greed, cheating or shameful disgrace; in world of today openly those are uttered virtues as it doesn’t seem; decreeing the decision is only about the slavers and substantiating the decision is about the slavers and the slaves, this clear over-surface fact never was subterranean at any time.

I hate geological sociology; I don’t know why someone waste his time in some hobby he hates, almost all time you observe the same upheaval movements of the magma under feet of the “stupid and the scumbag”; isn’t “beauty and the beast” much better, oops, well, I don’t think it that much either.

Magma uprisen for very innocent fun by;

Ashraf Moussa

May 25, 2010
—————————————– —————————————–

You can download the file in pdf from the following links:

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