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Earth Buffer

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Copyright@ Ashraf Moussa Mohamed, 2015
In public domain
Ashraf Moussa
Egypt, Cairo
ID (National identity number): 2 61 09 17 01 05613

Electric Energy Buffer

(1) Introduction

(1-a) Historical approach

(1-a-1) The early and first chemical-electrical source in the close recent history was called “battery”. It was based on pattern of Anode metal and different Cathode metal and acid solution in between. It is consumable meant the solution and the metals got depleted and should be replaced. Well, there is some confusion about this device in mind of public that survived until this very moment when it is considered as “electricity storage device”, I don’t call it mistake; I just call it confusion that should be cleared. It was not electricity storage device at all. It was “chemical energy to electric energy converter device”, exactly as same as, for example the diesel engine is “chemical energy to mechanical energy converter device”. The diesel engine is not considered “kinetic energy storage device” neither the “battery” should be considered “electricity storage device”. In fact both are engines and both are batteries, and both are not storage devices, they in general are energy form converter devices.

(1-a-2) The first ever electricity storage device was the “Rechargeable Battery”. It tells that the main difference between it and the energy form converters (Battery) is that the “energy form converter devices” have at their input and output different forms of energy of whatever, while the “Storage devices” have at their input and output the same type of energy form so they function as storage for that specific form of energy. Whenever you set a device that takes electricity and keeps it then you can retrieve electricity back, it is “electricity storage device”. The term “Rechargeable Battery” is confusing and misleading idiom; however it is historical approach issue rather than purely scientific logic issue.

(1-a-3) With such growing historical experience, bearing in mind that the scientific logic line is and will always lag behind the historic line, if I caught some new device hence the logic line is what I should follow and leave the history line alone, what happened is happened. What I am trying to make here is neither a battery nor rechargeable battery, I call it “Electric Energy Buffer”, for simplification let it be “Electric Buffer”. It is a third new generation where many devices may be managed within this category even if I personally failed to do it. Actually I find the concept is very similar to the function of the “Buffer” in the computer technology and the abstract principle is applied here to the electric energy industry.

The buffer in principal is such device that indirectly connects two or more channels of energy of same type with different incompatible behaviors through a middle storage container, whether that energy is intelligible or not. The input will drop its energy in the middle storage, and the output drains from the middle storage, they don’t connect directly because of the incompatibility while the storage is capable of treating each according to its behavior.

The simple storage has only one input-output channel so it works only on one mode of operation of either charging or discharging, it can’t function both simultaneously. While the Buffer as storage conditionally should have two separated channels to function the two modes of operation simultaneously and separately, charging and discharging; both.

(1-b) Industry of energy and the missing necessity

(1-b-1) All the electric power plants of all scales, from the scale of whole big country down to small single rural home, and the electric grids connected are designed such that to meet as possible as the requirements of the crest of consumption rate expected on that grid, not on the average consumption at all. This is gross inefficient investment and big waste because the average consumption rate is greatly lower than the consumption rate at the crest periods, while the “average” is what economically really counts. Very likely you may need only half the power plant size or generator to fulfill the requirements for a community of variant consumer types of behaviors if it is designed based on the average consumption rather than the crest consumption requirement. To achieve that you need to physically flatten the fluctuating relation curve between the power plant or generator and the consumer side, by means of some storage device based on the buffer principal, “Electric Buffer”.

At the lowest rates of consumptions still the generator will work on higher production rate which is the average rate and fill the storage besides covering the consumer need. At the crest consumption rate the generator still work on lower production rate which is the average rate and the storage will cover up the gap to crest rate from its store. The generator and the consumer application will not connect directly; they will connect only through the Electric Buffer. That is what is I call it “flattening the fluctuating relation curve” between the generator source and consumer.

(1-b-2) In reality my main target was not the Industry of Electric Energy in very general, though this work will benefit all sectors of this industry by covering a missing necessary, my mind mainly targeted the Renewable Energy Sector specifically. If the Electric Buffer is a “missing necessity” in the industry of electric energy in general, it is a very “lethal miss” in the renewable energy sector specifically. Any honest and serious engineer knows this deadly fact completely. In what we can call it today “traditional energy resources” like coal electricity generator plants, gas, petroleum and even the nuclear, at the least the source is almost fully controlled, you can control the production rate at any degree right at will against the fluctuating curve of consumption. But in the renewable energy sector in addition to the fluctuating consumption curve there is lethal vitriol to be add of no least control at the source of energy also, makes the problem lethally many times worse and many folds more difficult. I consider this the main cause in competition that drags the renewable energy sector very sluggishly behind all other conventional sources of energy allover the world of the energy industry. And it should be addressed and focused on in R&D to ultimate effort to eliminate this lethal obstacle, really and seriously not by fake commercials.

(1-b-3) Fair competition rules for success based on the 21st century civilization configurations:-

The petroleum barrel, at least it what the historical line calls. It is a container that stores liquid chemical energy and we can retrieve it back from. It fulfils the above definition of energy storage device like the rechargeable battery, instead of storing electricity it stores fuel liquid. Deadly cheap device that costs a tiny fraction of dollar per liter capacity, effective, long life service, flexible to design in any shape, very mobile, neither toxic nor pollutant, reliable; disposable and cheaply recyclable if made from iron for example. It is well known since the dawn of history for similar purposes for other liquids. Some were made from wood and some from pottery.

The rechargeable battery like the lithium rechargeable battery or the older lead rechargeable battery, at least it is what the historical line calls. It is a container that stores electric charge energy and we can retrieve it back from. It fulfils the above definition of energy storage device like the previous metal barrel, instead if storing petroleum it stores electric charge. Deadly expensive device that costs hundreds of dollar per liter size and if calculated in terms of equal energy measure of what one liter of petroleum it is disastrously bad, ineffective, short life service, bit rigor to design in various shapes, very heavy to mobilize, toxic and pollutant, unreliable, not disposable and the recyclability might be expensive in many cases. Yes very early versions were discovered in archeology in many ancient civilizations around including other similar purposes like the electroplating process. You know! Though the electronic and electricity technical activity in this contemporary era is more developed than in any other era of the new recorded history, the electric storage devices didn’t move forward on the same step up. We can see Oil Tankers traveling allover the world with great cheapness, mobility and flexibility beside the rigor oil pipe lines, we don’t see the same level of treatment for the electric energy.

Fore notice; bear in your mind that the main purpose I am treating here is the direction of reducing the costs to minimum, increasing the efficiency and the effectiveness to maximum, for the electricity storage and handling method, not the electricity itself. Though, it should reflect great reduction on the costs of the electricity at the end consumer; because it is involved hidden cost in the total bill. Treating the electricity production itself is another different important issue.

Earth Model-Model

(2) “Earth”; Electric Energy Buffer

(2-a) Concept: The medium is water, Iron Oxide and silicon oxide, all in “gel” formation, SiO2/Fe3O4. The Iron oxide and water are absorbed in the “Silica gel” (SiO2) in hydrated bonds within the gel porous medium. The concept is to break or analyze the neutrality of all these substances into Anions, Cations, Protons and Electrons. To separate and keep all the positive charges on one side and negative charges on the other side using the electrostatic and magnetic forces within such construction, hence we have an “electricity storage device” if we used the electricity as the input form of energy; otherwise it is a battery or energy form converter. Here it is not simple storage, it is a buffer because the input and output channels technically are behaving in their own without much influencing each other, which is a great tremendous advantage I am very proud of because it has multidimensional function you will discover through this report/paper beyond just simply being electricity buffer.

(2-b) Electric charges

Within this little humble application let us not delve much in this issue because its bottom never reached and is not known to mankind, all but theorems that supported by some observations and lab experiment and yet contradicted by others. Yet in the engineering middle floor still the “Negative electron and positive proton” charge carriers as a thought pattern is fairly good enough for explanations and calculations that lead to satisfactory practical designs in hand. The problem with charges is that that they repel each other of the same kind in high volume concentrations, and neutralize each other if they are of opposite kind that renders no electric polar activity, you can’t bring high concentrations of the charges of the same kind without adding the influence of other mass gravitational forces plus some electric-magnetic forces to compress and bind them in high concentrated volume.

>>> In my own please let me claim this unbreakable physical law:

“Absolutely in real nature there is no electric charge that can exist without some gravitational force involved in its being to exist, there is no such thing called free electric charges”

It is one of my personal scientific faiths.

So we find ourselves still stick to some degree to the classic Anions and Cations as electric charge binders if we aim practically a high concentration of electric charges per volume.

(2-b-1) Water; Though, the water works too as charge binder like the Cation Hydronium H3O(+) and the Anion hydroxide HO(-); or perhaps like the questionable possibility of Cation like H4O(2+). Yet the water is poor charge binder in terms of concentration per volume, all its Cation forms are either weak unstable or very hard to attain on first place, however it is excellent as conveyer mean of electric charges with the presence of other conditions and additive substances. Remember that gravitational forces are the life support for the electric charges in everything from its basic existence up to behaviors; the physicists are almost disastrously neglecters about, so the bigger molecules always tend to handle the electric charges stronger and better than the smaller.

(2-b-2) “Iron oxides – Negative Pole”, are of the best charge binders, depends on its oxidation state of how many oxygen atoms it holds (Fe3O4 is just one possibility from many like Fe2O3, FeO) as the chemists said, it might bind as anion from two negative charges up to six charges per one molecule. Hold in mind that specifically using the Iron oxides have a very “indispensable function” in addition to be charge binder; it is the main source of the magnetic force essentially needed in this device to hold the opposite charges apart  (cations and anions) which achieves the storage function, interactively beside the electrostatic force produced by the charges themselves, explained later. Actually this is not what happens in this device. What happens is because of the presence of water or specifically the hydroxyl anion HO(-), a higher complex molecule structures will rise like this Ferrihydrite (5Fe2O3. 9H2O), which is capable of holding as much as 9 charges per molecule after releasing one Hydrogen H(+) proton from each water molecule to the other side of the device. There are many possible molecule structures based on Iron oxides and the hydroxyl called “hydrated iron oxides” that is capable of dense charge binding. The gravitational attraction forces plus some electric-magnetic forces will balance the electrostatic repelling forces and one pole is capable of holding such high charge concentration in small volume of space. You can’t easily hold same dense quantity of negative charge electron particles within equal volume of vacuum. This is the negative pole of the buffer.

(2-b-3) “Iron oxides – Positive Pole”, since on the positive side the Hydrogen Cations (Protons) are in abundance, the hydrogen in ionic state is very active to reduce the Iron Oxides to water and Iron Cations as positive charge binder or carrier, Fe+3. One big molecule of many iron atoms holds many charges on the other side, many bit rather separated smaller iron molecules will hold as many charges here too, it will to tend to balance in all.

(2-b-4) “Silicon Oxide SiO2 ? Silica – Negative Pole”; it happens because the ionic electrolyte activity it is about the Silicic Acid formulas and their acidic behavioral easiness to give up the positive protons to be Anions, H4O4Si is just one example. It has such capability of holding high concentration of charges in the negative pole side.

(2-b-5) “Silicon Oxide SiO2 ? Silica ? Positive Pole”, actually because the Silicic Acid is the soluble chemically active form of the Silica, always the electric-chemical reactions will go through it, not directly the Silica itself. In the positive side, like the Iron oxides, the abundance of the Protons which is the Hydrogen Cations will reduce the Silicic Acid to Si+4.

(2-b-6) The explanation I have given something about the distribution of the electric charges throughout the device is just approximate rude elementary. In reality the mechanism of the electrical-chemical activity is much more complicated and capable of carrying variable actual and real representations on the same time. In medium of loose gel-solution one molecule could share many different bigger molecule compounds at the same time and the “Chemical Dynamic Balance” among is dominant behavioral factor.

(2-c) Electrostatic and magnetic polarity

Traditionally in such management “without” the electrostatic-magnetic forces, the electric charges internally will neutralize each other such that the device can be represented like no much more than a passive resistance that will consume the electric energy and gives heat and some radiations back, but will not behave as energy storage system at all.

While the input voltage is applied in the middle of the device, the polarity of the input electrodes will separate the charges and each electrode will attract the opposite charge that will determine the electrostatic polarity on both sides. While the charges are in motion since separation they are subject to the magnetic force exercise to shape their motion towards one magnetic pole side. Exactly at the moment the charge is settled still stationary at some position inside one magnetic pole, the magnetic force exercise will be zero and the electrostatic force exercise will be maximum to start to pull it into motion again, once the charge gains some speed again the magnetic force exercise will be maximum and return it back to its position. In brief or in other words, the electric charges in both poles will not be kept stationary by static forces; they will be kept in their place in simple harmonic motion swinging between two maximums and minimums of electrostatic force and magnetic force, like a pendulum.

Actually it is more complicated degrees of the analytical simplified harmonic motion in multidimensional space with many different types of forces. The molecule is swinging among many forces, electrostatic, magnetic, kinetic, and gravitational and more.

The main source of the magnetic field is the ferromagnetism of the Irion oxides and the iron suspended ions, and basically the harmonic motion of the charges themselves is source of permanent magnetism in the device. The source of the electric field is the ordered distribution of the electric charges throughout the device.

This device could work without the Silicon Oxide with less general performance. But the Silicon Oxide in gel form adds essential mechanical strength and resistance to the structure that makes it much less subject to mechanical agitations, that is definitely very good for the stability of the storage system and make it suitable for hard conditions applications. Never forget that the Silicon Oxide used in this device is in “gel” form not “sand crystal form”. Besides, the Silicon compositions are active with light, radiation and heat; which will serve in some wider applications more than being simple energy storage.

The voltage at the electrodes located outer or containing the inner electrodes of the device is always bigger than the voltage near the middle, it depends on the geometrical properties and the charges concentrations.

(2-d) Inner resistance

There are two pairs of electrodes, inner and outer. So is the same for the inside resistance; the inner resistance between the inner electrodes that always will be less than the inner resistance between the outer electrodes.  Of course there will be load of tons of researches about, the data, curves and equations that represent the behaviors of these two inner resistances and the relation between them and the factors that affect them, like the temperature just for example only.

(3) Commendations

(3-a) This device can be shaped in very wide variant geometrical structures up to your imagination according to every need. Its weight measure per one cell could be in few grams up or less to tens of tons or even thousands of tons per one cell. Many variant derivations based on same principal could be achieved too.

(3-b) Have you read all above! I confess I am a bad guy, I was cheating you all the time, actually the device in overall view basically is an evil simple magnet, more or less, I am sorry, Goddamn the sinners. In according to some environment, some conditions and size of the device, such strong magnetic field might be not favored, sometimes it could be hazardous. There are two solutions:

(3-b-1) The two ends of the device could be closed in a magnetic circuit using some alloy material with highest magnetic permeability possible to confine the magnetic field lines within closed path. Figure (B) in the illustrative drawing. So dramatically it reduces the spread of the magnetic field away the device effectively.

(3-b-2) You should design the device in double cells not singles. The two cells are packed such that the magnetic poles are set back to front in closed magnetic path. The magnetic field will not spread to the ambience but will be restrictedly directed into through the adjacent cell. Figure (A) in the illustrative drawing. Then you have two cells with many possible electric connections, series connection for double electric voltage or parallel connection for double electric current, according to needs.

(3-c) Whether in application the magnetic field is not hazardous or hazardous to the ambience conditions, in general wisdom closing the path of the magnetic field outside the cell increases the strength of the field and so the overall performance by reducing the internal resistance between the inner electrodes. I prefer to design the device in double packed unit than singles. Configuration in figure (A) is most favorable regardless of ambience conditions.

(3-d) Adding just little percentage of Sodium Hydroxide to the water will greatly smoothen and to more ease the chemical mechanism of reactions especially on the side of the Silicic Acid. It will enhance the total performance by reducing the internal electric resistance between the inner electrodes.

(4) Other Applications, which is not electric energy buffer.

(4-a) DC transformer

Until this line and moment, there is no such thing called DC transformer. Conventionally in the field of electric engineering, when we want to raise the DC voltage, first we convert it to AC voltage through some oscillator then use coiled AC transformer to raise the AC voltage then convert it back again to DC voltage by using rectifier of some sort. There is no straightforward easy mean to raise the DC voltage using some sort of transformer similar to the AC voltage through the conventional known AC transformer.

As the outer electrodes in this device produce higher DC voltage than the inner electrodes and the ratio can be determined by the device dimension design, thus, it is the first “straightforward DC transformer” ever in the electric engineering field, equal to the AC transformer.

(4-b) Heat and light energy converter to electric energy

It is very hard to categorize this device as “Photovoltaic Cell”, I don’t. Photovoltaic substances are mostly a crystal that directly grows electric charge on one face of its crystal structure than the opposite face. It is not exactly the case here. The photovoltaic substances depend on the polarization of the crystal on exposure to sunlight wavelengths, while this device depends on the ionization of the acids and alkali on exposure to heat and sunlight. I am not much fan of these crystal methods, because the crystals tend to grow crystal deficiencies and its crystal bonding lattice disintegrates, by usage and time. It is expensive which I consider suitable only for some specific luxurious expensive applications with low power consumption. On level of energy industry, from medium to big scales, I always have recommended the thermo-solar converters over the Photovoltaic converters for cost effectiveness and reliability, no doubt, even before I thought of this device.

It is very active ionizing substances inside this “Earth” device on exposure to heat and wide range of different radiations, I categorize it like some different sub-type of thermo-solar cell though it produces electricity directly without the need to the conventional electric coil-rotor generators. But it is not just producing electricity; it produces electricity and stores it within the same device of electro-chemical system itself without need to external storage except for the surplus excess. It is some type of compact-fully-self-sufficient thermo-solar cell.

But to very little extent it should be some derivation from the original device, just very little derivation. On that way, some vital point to bear in mind about the mechanism of this device, the inner electrodes has two functions, it is not one function, (1) activates and energizes the ionization process (2) displace and pushes the charge types so the electrostatic poles at the outer electrode terminals is constructed and functions as useful electricity source.

Though in this application as thermo-solar cell, the source of energy and activation for the ionization process itself is sought to be from the sun or some other thermal source, yet the second function of displacing the ions and constructing the poles is indispensable role other sources of energy can’t fulfill. The electric voltage should be applied to the inner electrodes as usual, to displace the charges into the right electrostatic poles.

Hence, some potion of the output electricity at the outer electrodes should be fed back to the inner electrodes to activate this function all the time. The device can’t start entirely from the scratch with zero stored charges or otherwise it might need some helping initiation from other ready electric source whatsoever. And consequently we understand that the device should never be drained by the loads to zero charge because it needs some stored charge inside to initiate every time without help from outsider electric source.

Any source of heat or radiation include the solar energy, may charge this device with electricity effectively in cost and great reliability. It is ultimately cheap device and low technology to manufacture, indeed.

(4-c) Nuclear energy converter to electricity

Right now at moment, there are three main technologies for the called peaceful nuclear energy.

(4-c-1) The fission technology that extensively has been used and applied but has proved its harmful effects, pollution and dangers are much bigger than their benefits. And it should be stopped, it is only very good in terrorizing and murdering people, especially civilians, fine.

(4-c-2) The hot fusion technology; in which they have implemented huge investments in “development and research” for decades; and no real success we got in close sight. And I greatly doubt that it will succeed for physics theory reasons and technical too.

If you asked me, I say the hope for this type of nuclear reaction to be some source of peaceful energy would be in “cold fusion” rather than in “hot fusion”. Actually both proved no success until this moment.

(4-c-3) The isotopic decay technology

The isotopic decay technology is the concern here if applied to this “Earth Buffer device”.

First of all, I don’t remember if it is couple of years ago or more or less before this paper, on the RT media I had read the news about some new Russian technology called “Nuclear Battery”. That time I was not much interested in following the technology achievement news about batteries, even I don’t remember what did they revealed about. These days while I am writing this paper just before I reach to this part of nuclear application, that piece of news just have surfaced again, and told that their battery is based on isotopic decay principal exactly like what I am thinking here, but again they didn’t give serious details about the technology, they kept it secret of theirs. Only the principle is mentioned. It is just plain coincidence of thinking of the same, between me and them. They didn’t inspire me of least of tiniest of anything to this technology. So no matter of what I introduce here as a “Nuclear Battery based in Isotopic Decay”, if mine agrees with their way or not, that is something I don’t know for they disclosed nothing about, I give the Credit for using that type of technology to the “Russian Nuclear Engineers”, their work preceded mine and is published twice on RT media before this paper. While in fact I am not nuclear engineer. All my intention is only eliminating all the obstacles on the way of the Renewable Energy Industry, and this nuclear application just comes on the side of the road, that is all.

But wait a moment; wait, wait, please wait, should I be hurry in giving the credit to the Russians!

It is all about the military stealth technologies whether in the military aviation or military submarines. Once upon a time, I feared that not equating the military technology ground between the “West and East” and under the current global tense Imperialistic aggressive trend on side of the West, definitely it will slip us into reckless adventure of third world war. The tope advantage the West has over the East, was the stealth technology, that technology was enough to encourage an aggression to third world war under the current circumstances, don’t mistaken it. I had revealed all I know that time about stealth technologies and how to counter it for good, to both sides eliminating any advantage any side might have over the other on that field.
The Russians before that event announced that they invented some coat/painting that if applied to the ballistic missiles it turns them invisible to radars to deter the Americans off their aggressive intentions. It happened that I believed them. After I revealed the secrets of that coating, I discovered that the Russians never had that coating stealth technology, it was the Americans who had the coating technology and they already had applied since the seventies of last century in their reconnaissance aircraft SR71 as disclosed later in documentaries after it became no secret any longer. Only it happened that the Russian intelligence agency had the information that the Americans have such technology and the Russians were bluffing that they have the same and they are equal. Now the Russians applied it in their last SU50 even developed it greatly more. Whatever, I helped deterring the danger and still I am happy for that.

The stealth technology in the submarines is dependent on two factors. One, Rubber plates adhered to the surface of the submarine so it reflects the minimum could be from the Sonar sound signals. Two, being as deep quiet as possible for the electronic listeners that searching for any underwater activities and there comes the deadly importance of application of the “isotopic decay battery technology”.

There are two types of submarines:

One, the Diesel-Electric engine submarines. When there is no danger they surface and using the diesel engines with ordinary electric coil-rotor generators they charge electric batteries then dive again, they use underwater very quiet electric motors powered by batteries. They are the most suitable type for stealth submarines because of their unique quality of quietness. The setback shortage is they have very short period of days to stay under water, and the over all range of operation is too short too.

Two, the Fission Nuclear powered submarines. They can stay under water many folds longer than the Diesel-Electric method, and the over all range of operation too is many folds longer. The setback shortage is the fission reactor is very heavy and complicated, and above all is very noisy; the steam turbine engine is very noisy. It is a pressured fast blowing steam that should hit the blades of the turbine violently is a principal, it is impossible to quiet it. Too much noise makes the Fission Nuclear power is the worst option for the stealth submarine. It is verily clear that the stealth submarine underwater should use battery and electric motor in the stealth mode.

When it comes to, “The isotopic decay battery technology”, things are completely different. It is a nuclear battery that holds all the features needed for stealth submarine, very long staying under water like the nuclear fission engines and similar over all long range of operation before refueling, and above all in the stealth operation mode it is ultimately quiet battery feeds quiet electric motor of some type.

In brief and conclusion, if the Russians really have such nuclear battery technology, they would not as recently announce some trivial breakthroughs in increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the diesel-electric stealthy submarines for longer operation range, unless truly they don’t have this technology and they are just bluffing exactly like the previous time. It is just their intelligence espionage inside USA informed them, that the Americans has such technology in their submarines, bad Russians, very bad, disgraceful. Thus, I disclaim the credit for such technology back from the Bad Russians and give it to its real owner, the USA military, though they never claimed they have it on first place. They just shrugged at the Russians in contempt; they know they are bluffing like the first time.

What is this technology about?

Nothing much indeed, while I don’t know how the Americans do it, but I know how I do it. So simple, like I said above any sort of radiation and heat, can charge this device with electricity. Hence why does anyone need the barbarian fission nuclear reaction to produce energy with such massive huge expensive plants, and very dangerous and very lethal pollutant? There are two solutions. Either it is just a solution of any sort of radioactive isotope mixed with the water on condition that it doesn’t interfere with chemical mechanism within, and voila, in its decay from the unstable isotope to the stable isotope it produces heat and many sorts of radiations that would be absorbed into the ionization and then electricity. Or, the radioactive substance must be contained in a line tube that exactly passes though the longitudinal axis, the tube must be made of porous material that has barely enough holes size to permit the radiation particles whatever to pass but not permitting the isotope atoms themselves to prevent the interference with the mechanics of the chemical reactions of the device. That is all to have an “Isotopic decay battery” aka “Nuclear battery”. Don’t forget to feed back some of the electricity to the inner electrodes as described in the thermo-solar application for the same reasons. Any degree of radioactivity or any degree of concentration of the radioactive isotope is viable to work and will produce electricity. This Nuclear battery is even safer than any conventional battery existent in the market today. It is scalable from few grams to hundred of tons or more with no pollutant waste, it consumes the radioactive waste not producing it, simplest ever, cheapest ever and 100% fully safest nuclear reactor ever you may design for peace.

No longer, the Russians or the Chinese, or maybe North Korea; none need to bluff about this nuclear battery technology to deter the US-American Imperialism. Chinese people are people of word of honor, when it comes to bluff, they don’t. Now they can have the strongest ever stealth nuclear submarine they dreamt of; and they can modernize/upgrade their submarines already in service very easily, right at will. Simply replace the batteries and eliminate the Diesel-generator systems with their fuel tanks, you gain more space and gain more payload, many folds of operational range and full quietness.

Listen up, I have never known the activist “Sandra Bland”, I have no any connection with the American movement “Black lives matter”. Only I watch them on the internet with something in hand like one kilo of popcorn and say “wow, bravo”. But I fully understand the coward message conveyed by the low scum American government on “how” they murdered her in the police custody in Texas and for no crime at all, July 13, 2015. I was not much interested in introducing this isotopic application before her murdered by the American Cops.

Message fully received, and from my home “Africa”, I definitely respond to their dirty coward message:
“In dedication to “Sandra Bland” I specifically introduce this “Nuclear Isotope Decay Battery” for the peaceful usage of nuclear energy.

Don’t miss the fun;
Ashraf Moussa
July 27, 2015

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Vortex banner

Technology for Renewable energy and freshwater

 Based on Seawater and sea-waves


By Engineer;

Ashraf Moussa

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Propriety rights notice
Copyright © 2015, Ashraf Moussa Mohamed Moussa

As I am the sole proprietor of the rights to this invention “Vortex”, I put it entirely in the public domain. You don’t need to contact me for getting any sort of license; to reengineer it; or design it; or produce it; or develop it further. You can claim and hold your own Propriety Rights only specifically and limitedly to the “technical specification of your end user product”.
I claim the divine right of every human being on earth to access free right to clean fresh water and energy

Ashraf Moussa
Egypt, Cairo
ID (National identity number): 2 61 09 17 01 05613

Vortex Illustrative drawing

A) Function and aim

This device is renewable energy harvester like the windmills or the sun light cells. It purports specifically to convert the salted Seawater wave motion into contained vortex motion then you can extrude directly from the device either, clean drinkable water, electricity or/and flammable liquid fuel. You can achieve that at almost the cost of the seawater salt extraction and without any extra chemical additions more than the natural atmospheric air and the natural seawater, which both together contain the needed necessary components, with rare or nearly zero maintenance along the life span except accidents. The Device construction itself is very cheap and very simple to construct, you construct it once and forget for many decades or centuries as it depends on the quality of the used materials. The poor countries can produce it in their own because it is so simple and cheap, without needing serious technical assistance or loans, all they need is sea or ocean shores. Majority of the earth surface is covered by abundant seawater and the sea waves never stop day and night, all days of the year except in frozen waters.

The Vortex device is functional on seashore as stationary plant and could be mounted on ships as mobile. There could be watercraft designed and specifically purported to collect fuel liquids and fresh water from the seas and oceans and sell the yield internationally at seaports like the fishing boats. There could be offshore stationary plants that sell their yield internationally or for specific people on some shore.

Energy and fresh water are basic essential necessities for any civilization to flourish and recently through the 20th and 21st centuries these two elements became a tremendous focus of worry and source of unnecessary wars that dramatically jeopardize the peace and prosperity among humans on ultimately dangerous global challenge. Let alone the disgusting destructive imperialistic behaviors from some technically-developed nations while the under-developed countries too are hostile in this concern, it is a matter of life and death for some countries. Sick selfishness and primitive survival prevails the human being everywhere.

B) Concept and operation

Note: Numbers between brackets indicate parts and points on the illustrative drawing.

B-1) The wave motion on the surface of the sea or ocean pushes the salted Seawater upwards and downwards through the device. It is the source of the energy. The Seawater enters at entrance (12).

B-2) Toroid Magnets (8) & (11) at the seawater inlet will ionize the salted seawater and separate positive and negative ions while directing them towards the proper half unit. The complete unit (13) is composed of two very identical devices with one difference; each is initialized with the opposite polarity for the ferromagnetic core of the inlet/outlet magnets. One device has been set to treat with the positive ion solution only and negative ion air only, and the other device (other half) treats with the opposite charged ions of the seawater solution and air.

B-3) The Ionized seawater solution when pumped up and down by the force of the sea-wave motion through the core of the magnet, it will twirl into vortex motion because of the interaction of the electric charges with the vertical-axial magnetic-force field.

B-4) Exactly by the same theme through 2-a), 2-b) and 2-c), the atmospheric air will be sucked in by the seawater wave works as natural pump and will be ionized and twirl into air vortex inward/outward the device from the upper side. Yet as the vertical series of magnets throughout the device (3), (4), (8), (11) are managed in serial continuity of the magnetic field; the positive pole face of one magnet is set to the negative pole of the next. You start at the bottom on the seawater side with negative polarity face attracting the solution positive ions hence you end up on the air side with positive polarity attracting inwards the negative ions of the air. And the Air vortex will run in counter direction to the seawater vortex angular direction in clash inside for it is oppositely charged; that is more good catalyst mechanism to strengthen the chemical reaction probabilities.

B-5) The main chamber and main coil (5) is in the middle, where both the vortex of ionized solution and ionized air to induce electric current in the main middle coil (5). That electric current in return will increase and maximize the vortex formation and activity and add more magnetic strength to the primary ferromagnetic magnets at the upper and lower sides, so to boost their force. And it is the source of the useful generated electric power if the device is configured to drain electric current as useful energy. It is where the operation of conversion of Sea wave to electrically charged vortex then inducing useful electric current, takes place.

B-6) The mechanical centrifugal forces involved within the solution vortex is the force factor that separates the solution components according to their density differences. Then due to the inside pressures within the vortex fluid body all time and when the wave is in the downward direction. The variant densities of the fluid will pass through coaxial cylinders walls (6) according to their diameters. Each specific range of density is correspondent to a specific cylinder diameter. It is from where (7) you can drain fresh water and other synthesized chemical compounds separately like the useful flammable fuel liquid compounds that had been composed during the reaction.

B-7) Analyzing the air and seawater constituents by the ionization and separating them into two sections of identical devices, is what raises the probability of chemical interaction to compose a wide range of fuel compounds based on the Nitrogen, Carbon, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Sodium, and other minerals, gases and solutions. The positive solution ions with the negative air ions in one section on one hand, and, the negative solution ions with the positive air ions in the other section on the other hand. If the device is configured for draining “flammable fuel liquid” and not electricity, then the end terminals should be connected to the first spindle (2) and the last spindle; as shown in the illustrative drawing. That connection will pass electric current through the ionized air and ionized solution to greatly and dramatically increase the probability of the chemical reaction to compose a wide range of possible useful liquids like fuels. The electric current will push the ions of the air into the opposite charged ions of the seawater to react and compose new useful compounds. Then the vortex mechanical centrifugal forces will filter and separate the compounds according to their variant densities (6) & (7).

B-8) It is very recommended to have an initial stage of ferromagnetic core with coil (11) with a chamber (9) with outlets (10) to the outside to reject out the rigid substances coming in with the seawater. The centrifugal force of the initial vortex in the filter chamber will do the job. It is just a “filter stage” to reject out the unwanted rigid substances from the sea; that is all.

B-9) Many possible chemical compound liquids will be composed in this operation because of the interaction between the air-ions and seawater-ions and very dominantly because of the catalyst electric current passed through the spindles. The most important of them are synthetic flammable fuel liquids like, Methanol, Hydrazine, hydrogen peroxide, ammonium, Formic acid, Hydroxylamine and many other possible compound traces might be formed, it is not complicated chemical reaction yet it has wide possibilities. You may find many of these compounds existent in the Seawater naturally with low concentrations due to natural actions. The flammable fuel compounds that will be formed are elementary simple molecule structures known to be excellent combustion fuels and fantastically friendly to the environment in concern of pollution. Whatever elements had been taken from the nature to compose these fuels will return again without alteration, only they are temporary stores for the energy from the seawater mechanical wave.

C) Modes of operation

C-0) The device has three modes of operation and forth one which will tend to reduce the performance quality of the device so I ignored it here. Yet the forth mode is possible subject for future development and research. It is very sufficient for now to handle the basic three modes. The three modes can be managed through how is the connection of the “two end wire terminals” coming out from the coils. That could be managed by a simple switch without change to the design or the fixed rigid structure of the device.

C-1) Fresh water mode:- The “two” end wire terminals coming out of whole magnets will be short circuited. In this case a great electric current will pass through all the coils to maximum that in return will increase the angular vortex velocity. Little electricity will pass through the solution-air only from the less probable chemical interaction, and no useful electric energy could be drained from the device. This way the main produce will be fresh water with very high quality and little of other compounds like fuels. In this mode of operation, the main objective is fresh water with little of other useful compounds.

C-2) Electricity mode:- you will drain electricity from the end wire terminals as useful electric energy. No electricity will pass through the air-solution except from what happens while the chemical interaction between the opposite ions of the air and solution like the “fresh water mode”. Less fresh water quality and other compounds you will get, while the main objective in this mode is to produce useful electric energy.

C-3) Fuel-liquid mode:- The two end terminals of the coils will be connected to the first and last spindles to pass electricity through the air-solution ions in the main chamber (5) to enforce the chemical reaction. The main produce and objective of this mode is the composed chemical compounds which mainly will be the flammable liquid fuel and less fresh water, no useful electric energy will be drained out in this mood.

C-4) Everything mode:- In this mode, you will need extra circuitry devices to mange the distribution of the induced electric current from the main middle coil, between something to pass through the spindles to enforce the chemical reaction and something you can drain as useful electric energy. For now, I don’t much recommend this mode because it will reduce the performance of the device and unnecessarily complicate the design, while one of the most important success keys of this device is the extreme simplicity, extreme cheapness and the very long life service.

D) Toxicity

No body told you that the flammable alcohol is a very toxic substance, while you are drinking a goblet of wine as beverage? Truly I wonder! It seems they didn’t tell a lot of things and tell you a lot of other things, it is no wonder.

What I want to tell is. All the compounds that will form during the vortex operation are of the simplest molecular structures because the operation takes place in very short duration of seconds and through only one direct shot then drawn out, done. With full certainty it is not like the petroleum complicated molecular structure compounds that had formed underground under very high pressure and high temperature through long history. The compounds that will form here from the Vortex burns clean to its original elements and if some leaked to the ambience in very short duration of days it will decompose easily to its former status without pollution or alteration of the percentages in the environment in whole except using the energy sent to us upon the mechanical wave that the majority of it came from the sun energy. Oh no, thank you, don’t mention the nuclear monster energy for peace, Fukushima and Chernobyl are still heavily proving how peaceful it is. By the way, stop burying the nuclear waste from the very peaceful nuclear reactors in the lands of the poor third world, it is inhuman criminal behavior.

In worst ever conditions or circumstances, yes it is pollutant device not of any more than the wine glass you drink everyday. And trust me on this, it is much less pollutant than majority of the antibiotics you take to cure some disease, a disease which in our case this days could be nuclear global war or peaceful nuclear plant accident.

In typical normal conditions, the section number (6) in the illustrative drawing is the coaxial cylinders that in interaction of the rotation of the vortex, will separate the different types of solutions and if designed well and optimized according to the expected angular speeds of the vortex, from minimum to maximum, the leak of the formed synthetic solutions can be dramatically reduced to degree safely much under the clean degrees. Section number (6) is very vital and basic essential part of the device to work and serves within the centrifugal filter action on first place; which is a common technique to clean and purify the air and waters in pollutant industries while here it is a basic part. So no fear of pollution; because of the basic concept of the design itself doesn’t permit the leak and pollution to happen as is very essential normal action of the device, no more necessary cautions needed to be done at all, very safe.

E) Praise is only for God, not for me, not for you, not for whosoever named human. Say goodbye to the “Petroleum-Nuclear Age” and its unjust wars and say welcome to the “Vortex Age” and its peace and prosperity for all mankind equally.

Justice for all;
Ashraf Moussa Mohamed Moussa.
April 25, 2015
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Vote and Scotland

There are definitely “three” types of vote. Of course sorting and categorization depends on the feature or quality by which you investigate a quantity of ideas, concepts or material items or entities. They may be sorted in different ways according to chosen defined features.

1) Secret vote:-   In which the identity of the voter is supposed to be ultimate secret, by disconnecting and isolating the identity of the voter from his vote share count, for protecting the voter against sorts of pressures on his free will to vote. The setback point in this type is that there is no 100% procedure to grant honesty and clean vote result without rigging, which reduce the quality of the vote operation in total.

2) Open Vote:- In which the counter of vote shares is supposed to be most obvious open for ultimate honesty, by connecting the identity of the voter with his vote share count, for protecting the entire vote operation itself against rigging and cheating. The setback point in this type is that there is no 100% procedure or measures to grant no pressure sorts taking place against the voter will, which reduce the quality of the vote operation in total.

Which sort is better to apply? There is no “which sort is better to apply”. It is optimization evaluation in which the decision maker whoever he is or they are to weigh according to the circumstances of the vote operation the “danger factor” against the “honesty factor” and decide which one should be applied in each specific situation to reach most optimized results and then it is the most best possible. Unfortunately, the concept if “optimization” is not well comprehended outside the engineering field of practice. In so many situations in real world, there is no “ever best”, there is “optimization”. One of the two sorts will accomplish better optimization than the other for each specific application.

Whatever type of vote process and any degree in between; you should understand that there are two factors that work against each other. (a) The “Honest factor” which meant how far the vote technically is clean without rigging. (b) The “danger factor” which meant the practice of any coercive force and pressures to shut down the freedom of the voter. And you should technically optimize between these two main factors to get the maximum good quality from the vote process.

I love it when all governments allover the world pretend like idiots and ignorant, it is hilarious satire, they are mocking the ignorant public indeed. We will see how the humanity is idiot creatures. Idiocy pays money more than wisdom? It doesn’t when it comes to life decision.

In the so called parliaments as representative of the publics, where one member vote share counts for or represents hundreds of thousands or may be millions of individual vote shares, his vote share value is very expensive inside the parliament. The members in one parliament around the world are used to be somewhere between hundred and five hundreds, (a) they are very few, (b) they are subject to big danger matched to the value of the vote about the fate of the country. Any parliament member is subject to different pressures against his will or against the interest of the people he is representing, varying from bribery to threatening the life of his family and himself passing by staged scandals on the way, only they need to identify the member in connection with the vote inside the parliament, for they are few in number it is an easy task to manage by spies or local political organized crime. The danger factor is tremendous to eliminate any granted good vote quality in the parliament if not given serious care. Taken in consideration, that because the number is few contained in one place, it is very easy secure to set an honest vote without rigging in just few minutes through either sort, with such few number it is almost impossible to rig the vote either way, open vote or secret vote, it is equal. Honest vote that meant no rigging in is not a factor to care about here because it is very easy to manage either way; it is the “danger factor” is the determinant evaluation in this situation. So which one of the two vote sorts you think should be applied in the parliament? 0 with such very few number of voters the honest vote is secured with no problem, the secrecy of the identity of the voter to great extent will reduce the danger factor that may affect the will of the voter to vote for what he thinks is right. But it is not what happens around the world. To what I know and noticed the main and major method of voting inside the parliaments is the “open vote”, why is it going in contrary to the rationality and good will? The parliament is designed in this way such that let a backdoor to control all parliament vote results, the parliament no matter who the public will choose as representatives, the parliament is fake institution. Like it is not enough the representative democracy is already fake democracy on first place; no it is not enough; if any of the representatives of the public thought for a once to play otherwise outside the script lines, he can’t hide his attempt then he is dead way or another. Everything is fully under control, don’t think otherwise. And in the land of seductive bitch, yeah, yeah that very tall woman of dead stone and lighter in hand to torch the earth, and book record of murders on the other hand, perhaps the story of standard price list for selling the votes inside the parliament is just a rumor or conspiracy theory, but what is called influential and pressure groups and organizations to affect the vote inside the parliament is well known, man come on, some of them is officially registered. How that could be possible? It is possible because of the parliament open vote and by treating each member, one by one. And the American dollar is not American at all, imagine that! Some facts are stranger than any imagination in mind of the mentally blind. Government is organized crime.

Now in concern of the public votes, the number of voters is so huge such that the security of the single voter is no issue of worry to affect the vote quality in much negative way, no one will succeed to empty the sea or the river by cup so he will not try it. Yet such tremendous number of voters is a wide door on full open for dishonest vote operation by rigging and there ever lays the source of all worry and headache in public votes. Forget about picking some individual voter among thousands or millions and threatening his life to alter his free will, the worst thing to happen is bribing and it what happens on land of practical experience. First to consider is, bribing in case of the parliament member voter is a crime because his vote inside the parliament is not his own right or his own personal benefit for his vote is representative vote. Meanwhile the paying for the very individual street voter though it could be fatal wrong mistake he should not accept, still the basic fact is that his vote is his property and his right and he can do whatever he wants to do with it. In most cases the street voter will evaluate the gain which is more beneficial to himself and his society. For example, though it is simplistic limited example, there is a vote for increasing the social security budget, the briber should pay in total what is equal to or more than the cost of the increasing security budget itself, bribing here is meaningless, and even if less still the voter gained something certain better than nothing as probable compensation. In worst possibilities in concern of the danger factor, yet still it is contained within the control of the voter and his rights. So which one of the two vote sorts you think should be applied in the public vote process? It is direct obvious that the optimized option that should be applied for public vote is the “open vote”, with such huge number of voters the danger factor is almost null, and the open vote meant to eliminate or to reduce the rigging capability to minimum possibilities or meant to enhance the honesty factor, that is. But it is not what happens around the world. It is completely known that the only method of voting in the public votes is the “secrete vote”, why is it going in contrary to the rationality and good will? The public vote process intentionally is designed in this way such that let a backdoor to control all public vote results, if the political propaganda failed and polls or other means to probe the public opinions showed uncertain results hence the rigging is the solution through the backdoor, it is the exact same situation allover the world, the public vote as whole process is fake. Like it is not enough the representative democracy is already fake democracy on first place; no it is not enough; if any of the public street voters thought for a once to play otherwise outside the script lines, he will not hide his attempt in the various public opinion probes, then it is rigged way or another. Everything is fully under control, don’t think otherwise. Oh yeah and the seductive bitch will teach you the democracy or kill you, have fun. Some facts are stranger than any imagination in mind of the mentally blind. Government is organized crime.

Are you surprised that the Scotland independence vote, September 18, 2014, has been rigged? I wonder!

I wish this dirty treason of rigging the vote deepens the understanding of the meaning of independence concept and practice more than just plain separatism; is it not why and how William Wallace had been betrayed? North America one time with some few undisciplined revolutionaries under-equipped and poor they could gain their separatism from the strongest empire on earth that time; exactly on that same place today the United States of America with biggest, strong and most advanced army on earth is not able of the least to gain its independence. It is much more than that; ; ; and it neeeeeds more than that. Truth is independence. Revoke and try the vote again correctly; it is not over <wink>.


Ashraf Moussa

September 21, 2014

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Manifesto inferno V, some warm blood in veins of mankind

Vote “NO” to independence?

1) Who said that there is even one least nation, country, people, tribe or individual, who is independent and free in human dignity today on this bloody miserable earth? It is bloody miserable because of us humans of course. I asked the Chinese, he answered calmly “read art of war”, I don’t ask about war I ask about independence, he replied “hence it is all nothing but deception of wars”, he saddened me, disappointed me and I left. I asked the Russian, he replied “If God doesn’t exist everything is permissible”, I replied “man, come on, they tortured and killed God on the Cross, even he was not God nor the story was true, but they killed God inside their selves, and it didn’t free the slaves in America or rescued the native Indians, it didn’t set you free from czars of Russia or the Bolshevik, practically it seems like if God doesn’t exist nothing is permissible at all”, he looked in my eye while his eye glittered the bitter of history and painful deep despair then left me. I asked the Scottish, “Imagination is free and independent, you see that unicorn it is our legendary way to freedom and independence”, I replied “I am not talking in legends, I am talking in facts, reality mind perception and the horizon of truth”, he boggled for a moment and replied “I love you man, I love you”, then run away in split of second. I asked, I asked, I asked everywhere, even I asked the American militia of the constitution, he looked at me in quiet suspicion and put his hand on his gun with steady look in my eyes, by telepathy I perceived the answer, in slow motion I very voluntarily upped my hand in the air and quietly and very smoothly walked away. Then I found an old man smoking his pipe setting alone at some corner serenely watching and deeply thinking, he seems wise peaceful man, I got close in caution through the cloud and, cough, cough, I asked, he replied in clear audible “listen my son, Government is organized crime”, I shockingly got in panic and glanced around if there any FBI around or Egyptian state guard in close, then I run in split of split of second faster than that Scottish unicorn, before none will not find myself in some American government laboratory where they slice the brain tissues in jars to discover the defect gene that is responsible for the “problem with authority disorder”. I missed the chance to tell back to the unicorn “I love you too”, now I understand why they imagined some legendary horse with horn on his head to aerodynamically penetrate the wind and the clouds. <Scratching my head>, what is WROOONG with these guys?

Run unicorn run, pierce with your horn on the brave run. Almost through all history it is almost the same case, some cases are worse or better than other cases; except in few occasions for short whiles where there was a real independence.

2) In social political human perception, theoretical conception, and practical experience through history, the concept of “independence” has some common sense, common logic and rationales, some desirable social relations in life among mankind. Something has spread a very positive value marks everywhere through nature intelligence not specific only to man consciousness. Some humans are ready to die for it, some say it is for dignity and some others say it is for fairness, and it is more than all what they said, it is life value. One of the very basic definitions of what life form in “biology” is, the “contained capability of being surviving independent cell”; Check it behind me if I am wrong or perhaps I am fabricating falsehood about science in academics, it is a theme. So it is more than just dignity and fairness merely, it is living to be conscious decision maker, the main difference between life form and non-life form, is the contained intelligence capability. The non-life form absolutely instantaneously reacts to the present. The life form calculates intelligently then reacts to the future; that is independence. The non-life feed and give absolutely in the present; while the life form feed in the past and give in the future bypassing the non-life form of the present. When the scientists searched for the “soul” they searched in the present, they searched in the wrong place. The life form is like a room full of materials, the scientists crack the walls to find the soul inside the room; the fact is the soul is the walls of past and future that contain the present non-life materials, there is no live soul inside the room, they searched in the wrong place. You don’t have enough knowledge to know what the “soul” is; do I neither, I am just scratching the walls without cracking it. Might be decisive righteousness or lost wrongness in the wilderness? It is a grievous lethal responsibility counted on your neck more than counted for your entertainment. Who dare to take it is who dare to live. It might kill you, but without it you are already dead.

3) Independence is not a nationalistic requisite. Independence is social-individual-human patriotic requisite. No political nationalistic social pattern is for accomplishing any independence for its own enslaved societies. In fact the nationalism is the falsehood of independence; while patriotism is the “sincerity” to the society you belong to, not to the centralized political machine by the basic definition away off the parasite politicians’ lingual deception dictionaries. Did I? Did I say “sincerity”? Yes, I didn’t say “loyalty”, because “sincerity” is much stronger virtue in social relations than negligent loyalty which is insincerity that might lead to the destruction of the society that I suppose to protect because of the blind loyalty. Sincerity conditionally involves positive loyalty, while there is no tight condition for the loyalty to involve sincerity. Some would like to express it in other way from different approach, like “blind loyalty versus reasonable loyalty”, no problem at all. You welcome, for it is nearly the same with different approaches from different directions. However, did you not see? The loyalty needs some subjective to be more definitive while sincerity is strong enough to be sensed alone. Patriotic independence is fakery without social sincerity, and the nationalistic independence goes very well with insincerity and blind loyalty.

4) Perhaps man may fight deadly for independence, some entire societies and peoples many where on the planet had accepted to entirely being extinct for independence, they felt it rightfully. An issue of “life or death” is better issue of chances than issue of “death” only without chances. Life is the ultimate joy of “chances” and the “next”. It is all about hope. Is it hope or deluding promise? Tell me about stories of success and failure; tell me about planning, technicality; procedures and protocols. Hope and work, is very the same exact thing like, soul and body, the body will decompose and rot so fast without a soul or hope, and the soul can’t thrive one iota without a material body and work. Tell me the story of the French revolution on the criminal noble class and had decomposed to the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. France very today is notorious empire though on fake surface look like democratic republic in pretense, the Roman Empire was republic sometimes too in its chronicles. Tell me the story of the American united states; their armed revolution on the British Empire, decomposed into Israel/Palestine, north and south Korea, destruction of Latin America, Vietnam and Afghanistan, etc. I admit and confess that the British Empire was less harmful than the today USA Empire, and the Nazi was even better than both. Or, tell me the story of the Muslims when they killed the hope of the Islam in them, then their body had completely decomposed into the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Empire was one of the evilest ever Empires in History. Do you know that I personally toppled the Muslim Brotherhood entirely out of the governance of Egypt 2013, only because I had seen them taking the entire region back into resurrection of the Ottoman Empire again in today Turkey? I would not accept more decomposition into evil empires in the Middle East under any fake label, dirty most evil conspiracy it was. Do you believe that the original Eastern Roman Empire demon is still living secretly between the corners of turkey until this moment? Had Byzantine cloaked in Ottoman? The Muslim Brotherhood are not Muslims, they are Byzantine spies undercover, illuminati in other words. That is why I toppled the Illuminati Muslim Brotherhood and crashed them to the Egyptian Masonic order wall in Egypt 2013, to inferno both of them. Tell me about revolution and independence, I tell you about sincerity heading over loyalty. And the dead don’t listen.

5) The answer to sincere independence is the direct democracy, the representative democracy is fakery. While the real complete direct democracy as full package of governance management is ultimately “dense, immense and interactive complex” scientific-socio-economic-political expertise, I have it but delay it a little bit for diverse reasons and causes for now. At least we should not accept less than a strong healthy starting step on the right direction. I bring the issue here again, without it there is no sincerity, and there is no independence. This is it:-

>> Constitution amendment or first chapter – Public top authority:-

5-1) The right of public petition to demand a public vote on some decision of highest authority order. It permits the public to demand highest decision authorizing capability exists within the territory of the society and is above any political authority or any functionary rank in the government of all sorts, it includes for example the right to change any term in the local constitution or legislation or firing the president or even charging him of high treason or exonerating a citizen from wrong unjust charge, anything you as public may find it just and fair.

5-2) The demands should be written in such clear-direct-simplest lingual logical-expression such that it asks the Answer “Yes” to be winner and legally enforced into effectiveness; and the answer “No” from the voters meant that the demands of the petition is refused and no consequent effect to happen. This is lingual agreement to eliminate the possible confusion and ambiguity among the public seeking to unify the procedure of the petition. The petitions will always ask the public the answer “yes” to win the written clear demands to be in forced effect pending, and “No” equal to no effect. Don’t burden the public from ivory tower; the public are humble simple in their needs.

5-3) In case the country is living in peaceful fair harmony with the authorities, it is not any mandate but is advisable and recommended to register officially the initiation of petition procedure. It is recommended to register the identification of the petition managers, whether it is certain political party or religion group, or just free activism group or some ideological movement group for two specific rights. The first is the petition managers should acquire the right of security protection from any or all the governmental security apparatus, through cooperation and management. The second is the right of financial reward. Such activity costs great effort, money and time that should be compensated and appreciated, and it exposes to great dangers. If the country lives in conditions of uncertainty and unease relations with the authority, the registration is not any mandate and might be executed in secrecy until it is done.

5-4) It is not right to set any sort of requirement which is the subject of the petition; that contradicts any term in the constitution or the legislations; unless you require the modification of the legal terms that contradicts your requirements first in separate petition or within the same petition. In possible certain circumstances, you can only temporally demand the suspension of the contradicting terms to your requirements for a specific period of time; automatically the original terms will be active again on passing the specific period and the petition requirements will be halted if its conditions are still on.

5-5) It is not right to set a second petition, which is exactly the same as previous one that the public vetoed, before passing three months period. The period between the second to the third is six months. After the third that it happened to be vetoed again, the period that should pass for the same exact petition to take place is whole twelve months. The first at any time, the second after three months, the third after six months, the forth and above after passing periods of complete one year, sun or moon calendar it depends on the country.

5-6) It is not right to gather many requirements that are not conditionally related or connected in one single vote item. However the Petition could contain many vote requirements on many blocks that each single block contains many very connected items, so it is considered in this case as many votes for many blocks in one entire operation. The blocks of requirements should be unrelated and doesn’t influence each other. In one overall ballot process or procedure it may be voted on many different block.

5-7) The ultimatum date for the vote is three weeks, counted from the day of fulfillment of petition and introducing it to the concerned authorities or publicizing its completeness in more than one media available to the public. The government may investigate some sample for the validity of the signatures within the period. The president should resign if he failed to execute the petition-vote procedure unless there is a very strong obstacle on national level like huge natural disaster. After the dilution of the Obstacle cause, the president is committed to execute the vote procedure unless the managers of the petition drew it back.

5-8) In concern of a vote against some decisions or personnel or governmental functionary, which may inflict some economic damage or security harm or life-threatening of the individual or the society, any serious loss in general that can’t be waited before the period of the three weeks and the counting of the vote, it includes the war outside the territory. The subject of the vote should be suspended from any activity by all means on the same day of completion of petition by the command of some court without delay on the same day, until the entire vote process is finished and it is finally decided, yes or no.

5-9) The number of the participants or signers on the petition to be legally correct and fit or legitimately bending to proceed for vote, should be 1.5% (one point five percent) of the last number of the voters that very actually participated in the last public vote whatever happened like presidency election or parliamentary election or other sort, and it doesn’t include the votes that rendered out from the petitions. The counting of petition and voter numbers, might be confined within the geographical district, city, town or even whatever smaller administrative division of some city. It is the influenced area by the subject of the petition whether it is part area of the country or the entire country.

5-10) In concern of war declaration definitely, a war against a foreign country that didn’t commit any war act against my country or its own people, there is no urgency for the decision in fact. The declaration of war should be automatically suspended for six days to give the chance for collecting 0.75% not the usual 1.5% for a correct petition for vetting the war decision. If they could collect only 0.75% or more in six days, the suspension period will extend for more four days to collect the remained 0.75% to the full needed 1.5% for the petition to be effective. Otherwise after ten days without correct petition, the war declaration will go effective in parallel with the petitioners’ effort to continue to construct a correct legal petition; in this case the petition would be to stop the war if the foreign country agreed also. The president of the country should be tried for high treason if he committed any obstruction to the petition procedure or too any governmental personnel.

5-11) In case some or all the requirement blocks have gained “Simple Majority Yes” in the vote, the petition managers should be financially rewarded as following. The wage of one month of the parliamentary personnel, the personnel that the petition subject lays within their authority to represent whether it is part of the parliament or the entire, will be cut and transformed instead to the petition managers, unless the parliament personnel are who pushed and managed the petition. The wage of the parliament members in each month will be transmitted to the first successful petitioners only in that month, the rest petitions will be rewarded only as next. The real deal, in addition to what had been taken from the parliament personnel wages and transformed to the petition managers, the government should pay the petition managers “half the cost of one voter” multiplied by the number of “Yes” votes of the successful demands only, as financial reward for their efforts, they will not be rewarded for the minor “Yes” of the vetoed demands. The real effort is not collecting the signatures of the petition but the real effort is to convince the public to vote “yes” for their cause or they plainly stand by the public need.

5-12) If less than 15% from the last voters’ number actually participated last official vote excluding petition votes, have participated the vote on petition vote, the managers of the petition (activists) should be charged for half the costs of the vote. Yet the vote should be declared invalid regardless of the result if the participation number is less than 30% of the last official vote excluding the petition votes, in the influenced area by the subject demands of the petition, in this case if it is proved some obstacle as failure cause in some court, the vote may take uncounted exceptionally one more chance to repeat within two weeks. If more than 15% participated actually hence the government should pay the entire costs of the vote. The government should periodically announce the costs of the vote per voter. If the activists or managers of petitions see anything wrong concerning the costs of the vote or any criminal obstruction to the petition procedure they should set a lawsuit in court, to eliminate the obstacles and fire and or fine the responsible governmental functionary, the president of the country is no exemption.

6) Whether it is direct crude barter, metal coin or printed paper. Whether it is royal system or republic or crude tribal, whether it is capitalist or communism. Whether it happened ten thousand years ago; or; yet going to happen after ten thousand years. Whether it is primitive community of hunters and farmers; or; it is community of the ultra high information age and modern technology. Communists only exchanged the lingual idiom of “money” for the technical idiom of “coupons”, but it was money anyway. The exchange mean which called money, as natural physical law is the communication nerve of the economy, one of the very main essential axes of any economy of any sort. There is economy hence there is money in any form or under any label. There is no money there is no economics, except in very emergency disasters for short whiles where the money is only pure compassion and vital rescue, so even in these unusual circumstances there is money but you don’t understand, the money in this case is life and death, rescue someone for someone else to rescue you next day, it is abstractly life for life barter, it is a form of money. It is just you don’t understand the abstract conception of the existence, laws of existence. You manage your money policy well, fair and just, you have set your ground healthy for development and much more than that, creativity, social security and love, consolidating and consorting the social texture.

7) Here I am not going to discuss the big picture or the details of what the economics is, like the first economic system on earth in fact was natural socialism, family is the basic form of natural socialism, not the deception of Marxism I am talking about. It was Adam and his family that was the start of all humanity on this miserable earth. Then when rather far distant families had formed eventually the natural capitalism or in a bit more semantic idiom accuracy “merchantability” had naturally arisen, not Smith capitalism I am talking about. Yet as same as Adam, every new born infant his very close economic environment is socialized by family natural construction then eventually engaged in merchant activity outside his roots. Then the fake complex eventual slavery took place, up today with alarming screams “THE COMMI ARE COMING, THE COMMI ARE COMING, and on the other side of the fence, THE PIG CAPS ARE COMING, THE PIG CAPS ARE COMING”. No, no, this is long story of human struggle and oppression not outside the issue here yet it is out the focus. Here I only focus on the money regardless of the type of deceptive slavery me and you live in, we all live in global bullshit everywhere. Like the full package of direct democracy is advanced complex for now, to some degree the full package of real sincere physical money could be complex for now. The real sincere full package of money solution should pass three processes in one structure, (a) Physical Standardization; (b) Physical Evaluation; then (c) virtual Liquidation (paper money), it is a bit advanced complex system to comprehend what the real honest money is. Yet moving steps on the right way to the full package of independent-free-sincere money will achieve great benefits and greatly reduce the pains and economic mistakes. Here in approximation operation I melted the standardization process and evaluation process in one process for fast urgency, yet in the full package the two processes should be separated in some way, the standardization in its own process and the evaluation process should be greatly widened more than I introduce here, but it is very good for now, good enough for start.

>> 7-a) Standardization plus Evaluation in one urgent approximate process:

I wrote this before in form of struggle manifest, but let me cut and past here without lingual transformation to very suit here, for any state seeks sincere independence, as it is:-

7-a-1) So let me put it forward as it is, I make you offer, banner, solution, you take it ultimately, you may survive decently and return the fire ball on the evil mass-murderous them, you reject it you are their valueless rejected helpless carnage. Fight for it; fight on side of your kindest survival for best of your own human dignity, there is no other option, that is. Wasting the time is not any least good factor on your side; every moment passed now is closing on you from every direction, at some point of time it is finished and is useless if you didn’t start it now.

7-a-2) The solution is to resist, to annul and to balance their unjust destructive printing money; prevent as most as we can the injustice of inflation and deflation, both. Hence we reach a just market evaluation and stability out of the governmental control. The control should return to the right owner, the plain society, not the narrow ruling enslavement class. Don’t depend on the government to reach any right decision to the benefit of the people; most governments in the world are the main fatal enemy to mankind, I believe we had and have seen much beyond enough. We are saturated of unchecked lethal injustice on brink of global massacre.

7-a-3) It is about establishing a standard physical financial unit, based on agreed variant commodity index of prices. We don’t need to issue any monetary paper for it. We don’t need to challenge any law to establish it. We don’t need any legal permission to use of any sort from anyone whoever. All we need is to demand our face to face partners that our wages, salaries, expenditures, trade dealings, local and international, to be estimated based on that “standard physical financial unit”; that is all, and when liquidated it will be liquidated conventionally by any sort of official governmental currency according to the daily market prices. You accept the net of your income generally if lowered or raised in terms of the fake numbers on the face of the Fiat money papers; practically the real physical value of your income will not be affected either way, neither inflation nor deflation will affect your income and your life in general except so little, it depends on how far we could force applying this financial principal in the market. Practically no currency collapse to complete zero unless the country is occupied by foreign forces that canceled its currency by force, so by applying this standard financial principal it will save your life as long as your government still there is boondoggling about something as ever they do, no matter how much currency they print and no matter how it is cheapened in value, you will not be effected. That principal will reduce the bankers’ ability to thieve us using the Fiat Money tool, and lead to market stability on side of the middle class. Kill the parasites of the politicians and the ultra-rich from the theft money. Pushing this principal will shield safely the Middle class in case of global financial collapse and expose the criminals to the damage of their hand.

7-a-4) Suppose I’ll work for you for a month in your office. I’ll not ask for a hundred pounds as wage for example, I’ll ask for fifty standard units in the work contract. By the end of the month, we both accept to calculate the value of the standard unit in market values in terms of the governmental currency, like pounds if it is or Rial or Yen, you pay my wage in conventional currency after transformation of values, it could be 120 pounds, I accept, it could be 50 pounds, I accept. There is no standard unit currency printed on paper handled between hands, it is like they used to say, “let us draw the carpet from under their feet”. If inflation happened, it will translate into much conventional money that exactly compensates the damage of the inflation on the employee, if deflation happened it will translate into little conventional money that exactly compensates the damage of the deflation on the employer, neither oppresses the other, this is justice between the employer and the employee, and it reflects into market stability.

7-a-5) I go to some restaurant or coffee shop, I expect the price list in standard units and the check is in standard units too, at the casher I see a clear board stated the known daily price of the standard units in common used conventional currencies in that geographic area, I and the casher calculate the conversion, I pay, every one is happy except the government, I guess so!

7-a-6) If I have some factory that produce some end product, finished or semi-finished or other, why not I attach the price to that product in financial standard unit, and pay the wages of my workers in same way, and purchase the production feeding materials and spare parts in the standard units, everything will be just and stable, neither I am oppressed nor my workers; nor my customers; will everyone pay his bills as expected and promised without cheating regardless of the mess in the market inflicted by the government and the bankers.

7-a-7) It is ultimately advisable if you could to manage some banks that can manage personal accounts that permit you store an economical value in terms of this standard financial unit; and permits you issue explicit check promise in terms of this standard unit. Yet this specific sort of bank receives from you or others, and you or others draw from it, only in cash terms of the conventional official currency like dollars, yen or sterling etc after calculation and conversion based on daily market prices. These Banks very only stores very specifically in physical/real-state commodity indices, absolutely nothing else. These banks should not give you interest rates on you accounts; they will cut some reasonable rate to cover the cost of the service. You want to invest, invest in something else away this specific sort of accounts, don’t spoil or corrupt it, or deviate it from its purpose, it is completely not recommended under any circumstances or conditions.

7-a-8) Perhaps some just honored government that doesn’t will to thieve its citizens, may apply this principle in all sectors of the government and enforce it, locally and in its international economic operations and affairs. The governmental role then, will be only replacing the depleted currency papers, and the only chance for the just government to issue more addition of liquid cash quantization only when the market reflects deflation, even in this case, the only class that pays that additional cash quantization is the poor class first then the middle class second, hence it is an obligation in case you needed to issue more quantization is to give it free to the poor class in cash like Medicaid and social insurance for the paupers. This is not the ideal method I aim at, but closing step forwarded, not bad. Perhaps there is a government still rational to behave that way temporarily, may be one day we reach the best possible way I aim. Isn’t this sort of governmental behavior close to the direct democracy reflected in market behaviors, if it is followed? Who knows, perhaps all return to mental sanity, and it becomes the international reserve currency? Who knows, eh? I don’t believe much in this.

7-a-9) In brief, this sort of financial standard unit as “fence” will force the clear separation between two economical zones of economical activity, and transaction to pass among. One safe zone is liberated for the real honest and sane economic activators; and the other zone of sociopath monsters devouring each other for the lack of preys from the other safe side, and the unlucky or stupid that got lost to them.

7-a-10) I keep conserved note about what the ideal and ethical money is. I had detailed this issue of monetary ethics in my book “unraveling the simplest”, you go and read it there in detail. The gold and silver are not compliant with ethics of the ideal-ethical currency, because its real physical need is much lesser than its availability and storage, their importance is rather cultural-psychological manipulation than real physical need, so their prices are historically subject to fraud of the monopoly and manipulation, likely the rare gems are the same. Here I insisted to reduce their sharing presence to minimum to render the standard financial unit rather fair as most possible, I would love to cancel them completely but to some degree they impose their selves.

7-a-11) I want to narrate to you some real painful story from history of Egypt, from the era of the Mameluke. One of their common methods of governance and wealth, in other words to build a civilization, was the direct serfdom. The labors were held in something like concentration camps called “Harah”. They work all day and by end of the day, they toss to them some bread loafs and salt and humiliating them saying “take to live and there is some salt”. For this until today in Egypt we don’t call the bread as “bread in standard Arabic vocabulary”, we call the bread loaf as “live”. The serfdom and slavery are the very common source of wealth for almost all the wealthy civilization, Pharaoh, Greek, Persian empire, Roman empire, Outman empire, Aztec, Soviet nation union, etc, etc, do you want me to count the real cost of the American space shuttle in terms of skull currency and impoverishment allover the world? Oh no, of course, the pride of the liberty lady will be hurt on hearing that horrendous inhuman account, don’t upset the fine lady, be gentleman to the lady of all serial killers. Until today, the Egyptian people used to remind among each other of the brotherhood and friendship in slogan of “we ate together the live and salt”, reminding of the oppressive hard times they passed together. Though that slogan of “live and salt” may inspire some code of ethical justice, but in practice it didn’t mean in fact much more than instigation for solidarity much rather than any ethics. In better precision I could to describe the situation of the humanity, few strong characters with intense evil trend are ever in fight, against, few strong characters with intense goodness trend, among them the average character as majority. The average character is weaker that tends to swim with the river current, if the good won the average character will follow the good, if the evil won he will follow the evil, if left alone without the influence of either likely in average he will be a bit good just due to the individual natural instincts and societal human nature. It was all the times this way. The average character is not bad as much as weak. To be weak or strong; is personal decision in first hand that has an expensive price that most of the humans likely don’t wish to pay or not interested to pay. He ignores that the cheaper choices returns expensive consequences whether in this world or after life that you will pay unwillingly. For this all, I insist that we call this standard financial unit the “salt unit”, and its “hundredth fraction” called “salt grain”, as reminding of the solidarity and perhaps it inspires of some good ethics regardless of how the Egyptians exercise that slogan. I am not talking about the unusual of the January 25 revolution; I am talking about the usual of else. Solidarity without kind ethics is one of the general definitions of organized crime.

7-a-12) One “salt unit” is equal to the price of the next list of ten goods divided by hundred, cashed in any whatever conventional official paper currency allover the world, on daily bases:-

01) Sugar —————- > 100 kg

02) Rice —————- > 100 kg

03) Wheat —————- > 150 kg

04) Corn / maize —————- > 150 kg

05) Barley —————- > 250 kg

06) Gold —————- > 0.5 gm

07) Silver —————- > 25 gm

08) Copper —————- > 5 kg

09) Aluminum —————- > 20 kg

10) Steel ————— > 100 kg

Estimate the net price of the aforementioned list, divide it by hundred and you get “one Salt unit”. The salt unit is equal to “100 Salt Grain”, like the dollar is equal to 100 Cents. You can start this standard finance method immediately; it costs nothing and needs nothing to initiate it, only it needs your mind to work a little while this is the bad news about it. Some approximation and tolerance will not hurt in the operations that much if any, that approximation always happens but you didn’t notice or they hide it. Don’t keep the conventional Fiat currency in your hand except for very short run needs and don’t store in them. Yes, don’t store in Gold or silver, variant commodity indices are the best physical values store.

An offer you can’t refuse;

August 7, 2011

>> 8) Virtual Liquidation (paper money):

8-1) The head rule is, “there is a source of service, there is a source of liquidation”.

8-2) Is there anyone noticed that the crude materials in nature, starting from produce in fields down to metals in mines and up to the sky in rains, and rivers in plain, all are for free? In fact God is all the infinite richness in existence and he doesn’t ask you for pay because he is the infinite generosity. Hence what is economics, why there is some pay way or another among us humans? There are many approaches in multiple dimensions to say what the just fair economics is, the here focused dimension is to say that economics is the effort services we human make on our side to make the material usable and useful, that is, the economics in one dimension among many others is “services”. The economics is people are selling services to each other. Then, why when I standardized and evaluated the money, I used materials? In fact you don’t pay for the materials themselves, you pay for bringing the material from its place wherever it is to you in its crude form or in product, and this the service you pay for not the materials. God doesn’t ask you for pay.

8-3) That is it, in ideal independent state, the government whatever its form in whatever system form is a body apparatus of functionary employees assigned by the employer public that sell services to the public, actually in current world we live in it works in counteroffensive, but it what should be ideally. Real honest money is promissory note that should honor what it promised. No one has the ethic right to issue currency without definite service promise to pay back for that money, for this Fiat money is crime, it works only by oppressive coercion not by real honor. The ideal government has services to sell, and there lies one of sources of Liquidation through the fees of the governmental services. For example, the drive license is service that has a fee to be paid, it is evaluated and written how much in the application for it is not for free, but the government will not collect the fee from the applicant directly, rather the government will issue some quantity of money for the fee and give the license for the applicant without directly pay because already the government has printed the pay in its own; the government will pay the salary of its employees from that Liquidated recent money, that is, there is a sort of service hence there is a source of currency liquidation. Don’t apply this to sort of services that can be misused like the mail-service, I can send tens of empty mails in spam for people don’t need it but I get only one drive license needed seriously, the fees of the mail should be paid directly as example. The costs of the drive license for the rich owner of the car will be distributed among the public who has no concern with his needs and this is unfair? You are wrong, the drive license is not the need of the driver only; it is bit rather the need of the footer for his own safety against unskillful or foolish driver, it is not very unfair for both to share the pay of fees. The government employees will circulate the liquidation in the market for their needs. When the government see that there is enough cash circulating in the market and there is no need for liquidation, that then the government will collect the fees written on the application directly from the applicants and will not liquidate more, just circulating the existent cash in the market.

8-4) If you live in some counter where the people agree that they all share all the natural raw resources like mine fields of iron or petroleum or others, it is a source of currency liquidation and these products should be purchased in its own currency that the government liquidated in behalf of the public.

8-5) Any economical entity in and shape, individual or body of individuals, local, native or foreigners or foreign government, can cooperate with the government for liquidating some of its services, and the local government would the observer, manger and grantor of the honor of this quantity of money, this a great source of liquidation and pushing the market against any stagflation. The local government should mange the legal control and physical possession to honor its money.

8-6) Mistakes happen, wither intentional or unintentional it is not my issue here. If the government issued improbable more cash than needed or less than should be for the services it sells, it will not affect the market in any way like inflation or deflation, or stagnation, because the “standardization plus evaluation” process mentioned above, it will adjust and correct the economical environment automatically and nearly on instance.

9) I believe that it is recommended and very advisable that the fund of security should be paid reasonably by separate taxes on the rich. The term security means, the army, police and intelligence agencies, and the “social security” and the “strategically scientific and technological security” are not any different as a matter of fact from the military army, they all are strategic security governmental items should be given special care, should never be let reduced under certain level.

10) The above is a dilute version of how an independent state should be. And there is none who ethically do it; hence there is no even one independent state in the entire world, all without exception are deceptive. Separatism and unification is one issue while independence is another issue.

Dug by;

Ashraf Moussa

September 16, 2014

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Manifesto Inferno II; Lava.


a) Long time ago, many years, some youth in my family, Asked me, “what is the difference between the USAmerican “democratic party” and the “republican party”, I replied in exact words, “the American democrat is few seconds lethal synthetic poison and the American republican is dynamite set to few seconds detonator timer, it is your democratic choice and your freewill, pick up your flavor”.  Poison party and dynamite party, the American way is all about. For example, the Iraqi people refused the American republican dynamite of military Bush surge and accepted the American democrat lethal poison of the 16-month withdrawal time table whereas the American people themselves all time are confused and worried about the death itself no matter the American ways. I believe that such choice is easiest ever, pick up any cactus stem as seems only available around and start betting by tearing the thorns off like those heroes in the Romeo romance novels, “she loves me, she doesn’t, she does, doesn’t, does” while the Aristocratic Juliet in fact totally between arms of another super-rich guy and I am super-poor can’t find my food, unfortunately in real life because I am less brilliant than novels my cactus stem was much bigger and long before the cactus-end I found myself end to screaming instead of “does and doesn’t”, aawoo, oh, ammm, annnnnnn and my hand is bleeding. American people have lovable taste of humor and adorable sense of comedy, you know that! Laughable tragedy or fatal comedy? I confess, I don’t know, neither the Americans do. Regardless of whatever an answer might be there and not found; the no-answer itself is unbearable painful question kills the original question on the surface insight and replace itself instead in bleeding heart in chest. But this is another long quest story of entire mankind me and you, black, white, brown, red and yellow, yet the only one thing common among all is killer pain if survived, if survived from the bled hand to the deadly bled heart. I am greatly fond of the “swan lake” much more than any “Romeo novel”, though neither prince I am nor anyone likes the bleeding thorns; yet nor everyone loves the evil witches or the evil sorcerers like most of the Americans do. Damn the spell of evil, damn the evil of the cursed spirits, burn them in the lava of hell; we are mankind how God created us and we will return to him, he is the only absolute king of life and death and the resurrection to justice.

b) Very personally, one of my favorite music masterpieces I ever loved is the fourth symphony for Dmitri Shostakovish (1906-1975); I loved his fifth too and I didn’t hear all his works. Stop shouting in my ear the objection, my ear is hurt damaged, what, why everything quieted suddenly while their lips blasting! Give me a break, I know, please step down my ears. He is one of those music composers belonged to the strange-radical school in the modern era of the classical-music. Sadly, I had a poor record for it twenty years ago and lost and I had since not afforded the chance to get some record for it again, very hardly I remember it. Frankly I don’t know if I heard it again today whether I would enjoy like I did in past or wouldn’t. I tell you from my humble experience, the music that attract your ear and you understand it from the first glance, you get bored with it very fast and may ask for it less frequently though successful fast effective and you will seek it after long years again, but the music that hard to grasp its complicated texture and need more time to taste is much less likely you got bored of it so fast, vivid lesser on the beginning but on long run it got stronger and later every time you hear you feel it like new. This symphony for example, is radical innovation in the melodic tonal pace meanwhile strongly instrumental in concern of sound definition with much care, the musical concept is not near to where you stay, rather it calls from distance stirring you for long mental activity prized by imaginative emotion by end and long distance of feeling development to new experience, this is real serious modern radical music from generous altruist musician. Big majority of the most successful music in the world, contains basically few musical concepts, mostly one concept no more, in fewer achievements from the international historical classical composers it might reach at most to five-six musical concepts and the rest of the music body is technically and routinely serving these concepts like developing and fading and varying into some technical melodic formal variations, or flowing in different technical molds like variant tempos or the related scales, different harmonic accompany patterns or instrumental sound flavors. The historical classical composers don’t risk by crowding the head of the audience by so many musical concepts as one reason. The variant material of the musical concepts is ultra-expensive and scarce as a matter of fact, is another reason.  On the level of physiology of the brain nerves responsible of hearing sense and its mental impressed sensational effect, it needs a special care in repeating and developing and fading the musical concept to implant the musical concept for it is a slow physiological hormone-mental process and it takes some careful deal of  time consuming the work space to service it; is entirely more third reason, which is fatal risky for any music composer to neglect or to exaggerate over what needed, though a very strong musical concept it might pass fast before it grows its impression on the brain nerve and lost, or be overdone and scatter its strength in dilute waste, this mistake happens a lot of negligence and ignorance;  it is one of  the important measures of the ultra professional skills of the composers over plain musical knowledge. The “musical concept” itself is unlimited issue entirely and completely out my issue here, practically it is only cut at the composer imagination, sensation and feeling capabilities, and, the similar capability cuts at the audience receptors, greatly affected by the “conformist-familiar” inherited traditions with the culture frames of both sides in the live communication medium of the “self/psyche” and the “outside-self/society”. Biggest deal of the modern western popular music is mostly plagiarism and the western culture got bankrupted everyday for profiting cheap entertainment in purpose to dump down the slaves, you know. This Shostakovish forth symphony is very exceptional in this regard and consideration of how many musical concepts, Shostakovich was very proud of his capability of producing myriad of musical concepts and strangely risked without failure the concern of hear-brain-nerve precaution, this fourth symphony specifically is peculiar exhaustive continuous unexpected sensational experience at every passage along its full length of about one long hour to what I remember; according to my limited experience I never heard any closer on this concern from any other composer in the international classical music, may be in entire music world in whole. They perform it rarely because it is one of the most ever expensive orchestral investments and the return is little that doesn’t reduce its precious profound value as one among biggest impressive remarks in world of classical music. What I want to say, I am honest as I think of myself to warn the Russians that I am like radical and dire risky like Shostakovich, and I may try to exceed him. I like the extreme radical dodicaphonic scale Shostakovish was fearfully cautious to get much closer to and I am not limited at the quarter tone either in my thinking pace, I have the right to try, why not, the human right permits any human why not to go, I pay the price of my risks from my own, I always do. What I want to say: you are honest you get me giving you one last chance, I support the honest to rank what he deserved of respect no-more-no-less; you are dishonest I get you killed. The “Swan Lake” of Tchaikovsky takes the music to the beautiful definition of the human compassion, Tchaikovsky to me is the strongest violent ever passionate-melody terrorist-producer in music world, that dude certainly had no mercy towards his audience nor himself. I am very aware of the Russian culture through last couple of centuries as one of the wealthiest of all at least in quantity and much more than this; basically and mainly qualified by burning and earnest passion towards human ethic values and delicately sensitive compassion, than the always savage western presumption, greed, lust, dirty-conspiring cheating and slavery to entire mankind everywhere that you can’t find one corner on earth that didn’t suffer from the western barbarity starting by and including the western people themselves. Too the Russian scientific devotions, when I was younger if I learnt something serious in mathematic I had learnt it from Russian scientific books (Mir publishers – Moscow; in English) and they were sincere pieces of education available to my hand humbly in very cheap price from them without arrogance or haughty, they still in my library. Through the last centuries all others may compete the Russian civilization, not haughty but the devotions, hardly less than larger vain, I might try my vain too, you know, vain is cheap and easy to try.:-) Welcome the new born of Russian federation and FRC, I wish it if transient initial start for much further better justice for the wellbeing of the people in and around. And by the sideway, among the highest professional chess champions, only by the first ten-fifteen moves reached hence the winner is clear and the rest of  match is desperate dependence on the accidental faults even if so tiny of the other opponent. Mistakes in chess are irrecoverable except by the bigger mistakes of the opponent. The chess is not such big intellectual game to be endless. I won’t start talking about Russian literature; it might consume the place here and I am not clever in literature, and Russian figurative arts are even much more than fair.

c-1) ((And the Pravda on 19/05/2008 published this after the Wikipedia internet encyclopedia deleted the original article; I have read excerpts in Pravda recently just before I have started this here treatise: Russian researcher “Boris Borisov” estimation about the USA Great Depression of 1932-1933:  According to the US national demographical statistics, the US lost about seven million people from 1931 to 1940 in Famine. And the conditions, under which people were working for food under the American Public Works Administration (PWA), could be compared to Stalin’s GULAG camp.)) Okay according to so many information dots I had known, read and learnt from extreme diverse sources including American sources, through the last twenty years of my life, I found this estimation from Mr. Borisov is very agreeable to what I know and it didn’t surprise me of any least. It is very true, and the research techniques and practical methods he used are very fair and reasonable, too I was very informed about that American Gulag resemblance and its inhuman servitude that had led to the death of so many workers for the super-rich class benefit thing. The researcher didn’t fabricate anything and was not any unfairly biased; everything he said was right and the general inhuman treatment in USA that time was much worse than what he conservatively said. Today it is not such much different better; we see it again in lesser magnitude just because today it became extremely difficult to hide anything about the governments and the awareness of entire humanity much improved. I am not Russian and I don’t hate USA that much you might think, mainstream USAmerican culture and mindset hates the entire humanity including their selves; they left no room for anyone. Excellent work from a serious researcher breaks in more dirty western hypocrisy in definitely critical time. I understand what tough effort it needed to accomplish such research; much thanks to Mr. “Boris Borisov”. So, no wonder that the USAmerican people surrendered to their president Bush’s human crimes in the trade towers, Iraq and Afghanistan; they fear that they themselves might be treated even worse. One thing I believe that Mr. Borisov is not enough aware of, “The Stalin’s Gulag in EX-USSR was not Russian act as most Russians believe; it was “British, French, USAmerican” dirty cheating conspiracy and the Stalin alike were western agents, so was Gorbachev and his successor Boris Yeltsin and Lenin had been no less, all of them in the past, indeed. I believe that the new born of Russia needs to officially divulge this painful secret information for it is the right of the public to be correctly informed about their history and let them decide their future or it is all plainly new deception again in new cycle. The Russian people have the all right to know that such human crime didn’t belong to their culture and their endeavor, to retain their human dignity, human dignity is not only lost on side of the victim, it is lost too on side of the criminal who makes victims. The Russians should understand the treasonous intruding hands in their history and culture and a much more other things, this is just one of least lies and dirtiest cheating in this darkest era in entire human history, you are not with me in is, hence you are dishonest, tell all the truth, all. Don’t underestimate the strength of the Russian Public and don’t reduce their sane human right on your own as government, you don’t have such right, don’t do that. I believe they will stand over the graveness unbroken with more future self-confidence because of the serious and honest bravery of their leaders. It will help other countries to trust you more and sharing each other the mutual compassion rather than animosity because we all had been damaged by such secret international organization and many harmed each other for no real reason except the interests of that satanic organization. Trust me that you will rise stronger and much more sane healthier if you seriously care. Whatever, it is your decision, after all 🙂 Otherwise, I’ll consider Russia still under western occupation and you are not free country as you pretend to your public. May be I am the gullible that I haven’t think of myself and expect more than what you are, another cycle of cheating, after all, you know, this time it would be more precise to say “before all”.

c-2) One of the considerations that make me ponder at the Russians in some respect is that through the last centuries and specifically last decades they did not much share the charades of science dirty frauds committed by the western civilization on unbelievable huge insane scales; continuous unrelenting series of war deceptions against entire mankind without exception. They were victims. Tell the truth, Russians, you didn’t put a man on moon not because you were not interested or were not on level of competence to do it, it because was and still until this moment is impossible to happen. The Americans did not put a man on moon; it was entire fraud Hollywood movie not of any real. The first glance from any serious engineer at their Apollo capsule tells the entire story, it had no enough fuel to reach the escape-edge from the Moon gravity field to return safely to earth, at least it needed sixth the quantity it needed to escape the earth gravity on launching, the moon is sixth the earth weight, the sixth quantity is visible bigger many times than its size in photos, and nearly half what it contained of fuel as appeared in the photos was already had been consumed in braking for landing on moon, no air there to brake it safely. And if it did make it to the earth, in very fact, without great engine braking force which was not enough available, the resistance of the earthy atmospheric air was enough to burn the capsule rather than reduce its speed safely definitely according to the geometric design shown on photos. The very main key factor of impossibility was two ratios between four factors, “the whole fuel weight to chemical energy stored per fuel weight unit”, and, “whole vehicle weight to the engine efficient power”. These are not simple key problem, these are exponential obstacles. These factors are ever the top challenges for all aircraft and rocket engineers; they will be always that, until this very moment I tend to think that we humans have no enough developed technology to send a life to the moon and return it safely to earth, few close rounds around the earth is not bad for man to land safely on earth not the moon.  Any look at the Apollo different mechanical pieces, it tells a big fictitious mess good enough for comic magazines for children at three-four years old, for growing up a child seriously above that age it is deadly poisonous education I don’t recommend it. Beside the myriad of rigid right reasons available on conspiracy theory internet sites, it is not conspiracy theorem; the real fact is they didn’t do it. It seems that USA is not empty bubble because it is full of frauds and human crimes of all sorts.

(((I simplify the moon-landing fraud like this to be conceived rightly:

Suppose we want to design a vehicle (a car for example) such that to cut the longest possible distance on earth without refueling as condition. Suppose you started your design by some quantity of fuel and some engine. Then you doubled the fuel quantity to cut double the distance as you think, but when you doubled the fuel quantity you too doubled the weight and many other factors that considerable part of the fuel addition will be consumed to pushing the new weight addition. The result is that the vehicle will not cut double the distance as supposed to happen but considerably lesser because of the weight addition of the fuel. Keep adding more fuel and you will need bigger engine and bigger weight of the mechanical body of the vehicle to carry your huge quantity of fuel and heavy engines, as long as you escalate inflating your design specification, as your returning gained distance for the same quantity of fuel getting less and reduced, until you reach some saturation point at which within the qualifications of the technology available in your hands, any addition of fuel will not cut any father distance more than before it had not been added, even with advanced engines reached the top efficiency ceiling required by the thermodynamic laws. And I tell you this, in September 2008 while I am writing these lines, today, the technology of propellant fuels and rocket engines known and available in hands of entire humans had reached the saturation level long time ago, the available technology today don’t permit to send a human to Moon and return him to earth safe without “impractical massive refueling” with costs can’t even gathered by impoverishing half the humanity and murdering them like USA-beast is ever doing; to “touch the face of God” as they in great blasphemy had announced openly when they fist time had got out to outer space with full hubristic criminal insanity. The next point to you is not adding more useless fuel; it is pushing the saturation point of the entire technology present in hand, this well known, I said nothing new about. All the American successive governments are big mouths and liars, fraudsters and cheaters, gougers, mass murderers; too this well known, I said nothing new about. This NASA thing is piece of inhuman immoral garbage, indeed. Moreover, there is another sort of obstacles stands against the human to get freely out to space and return alive, but it is fully metaphysical this time much rather than scientific, I mean divine reasons out the issue here. Take it from me, even when the human reach higher saturation point of technology in the future than what we have today, the human will not in flesh get out freely and totally from the Earth gravity to the outer space and return alive, though the Moon realm yet is rightfully considered constrained in the realm of Earth gravity (and both lay in sun gravity realm) if you ignored the gibberish of the mercenary scientists. Only few will be permitted this freedom after doomsday by permission and direct command of God.)))

I remember very well, Russia said that they were NOT interested in any moon-man-landing program; the Americans replied that the Russians just were shying of their failure to catch the American space pace and accused the Russians of lying. And I witnessed that the Russians didn’t look for seriously much beyond the scientific value and benefit of the space-research program for their people and in general for mankind. They determined their tasks within this boundary, though in little occasions they had broken it too, but always had waken up and returned fast into the wise earthy boundary to murder the man on wild earth ground cheaper than killing him expensively in wild space openness, this certainly is wiser (sorry, sorry, I am trying hard to help the Russians to look much kinder, I try, I try hard to swallow, but they have to do much too on the way). I remember all this very carefully. So it is today, China has promised to put a Chinese astronaut on Moon, this quite interesting amusement I love to see. And how many Chinese or others will suffer the poverty for the Chinese government to accomplish their bright barbarian glory! It became a race for the criminal governments to claim the empty glory ignoring the wellbeing of their poor simple people, race for presumptuous glory at the expense of the dignity of mankind. Yes, of course, what is the value of the poor man compared to a piece of dead rock from the moon, go ahead, hail the glory of the Great China! You will be the first real who put a man on moon, on one condition, please return him alive to Earth and don’t make another Hollywood movie; already we have one from another criminal. One more criminal fiction from one more real criminal will not negatively add any; already we swallowed negatives much more than our hungry.

Oh yes sire, the Americans have a big bridge in Brooklyn for sell as cheap as few hundreds of bucks, anyone? Yes, the Chinese government had bought it many times though yet it is very American ownership. I don’t know why while the pyramid graves here where I live they sell as many times as anyone wants, a great pyramid or a rotten bridge, consider which, think twice! Too I don’t know why some stupid built a pyramid full of dead sand or why the dust from the moon might be better, I think for some idiot to buy the dead dust though it seems pyramid, how interesting. I am kidding in full seriousness, but it is no least kidding that seriously the USA and Europe are selling holes in the sky and the sky is no longer any blue for the poets and painters who turned to sell decomposed-Hamburger-culture around rotten Brooklyn Bridge.

Tell the truth, if the chlorine gaseous element in the chlorofluorocarbon compound used as refrigerant and aerosol sprays, as element was mainly responsible for the depletion of the Ozone, why it had not been banned in other much wider applications where it is used in much bigger quantities like bleaching agent and to kill infective microorganisms in the drinkable water (water purification process) and bleaching the paper pulp in its production though meanwhile especially as drinkable water addition it freed to the atmosphere in big quantities than any refrigerants? The Ozone hole (loss of Ozone concentration to low levels) happened above the south Antarctica continent and the northern arctic zone, because the natural absence or lack of natural sunlight on these zones only within specific season through the year. Sunlight is the mainly responsible of ionizing then merging the normal Oxygen O2 atoms into allotropic-three-atom molecule O3 named “Ozone”, (“3 O2” –> “2 O3”), while the oxygen is ionized and merged it absorbed big deal of the harmful radiation (I don’t believe the for-purpose-exaggerated importance of this called Ozone layer function on first place, because the much bigger ionosphere layer already had finished this job above the Ozone layer and before it, very especially in concerning of the Ultraviolet radiation, some very specialist should explain in honesty this clear contradictory, maybe I am wrong, everyone mostly is fearing about his Academic prestige and money than any least degree of honesty, another mercenaries). The natural hole or the concentration loss was there all time and it will be there all time wherever there are arctic zones receives lesser light seasonally. The normal concentration of Ozone through this layer according to what they say, 10 parts per million in average around the entire Earth, very dilute in fact, moreover, over the night anywhere on earth it is very expected that the ozone get reduced to even lower levels normally then grow through day and reached its maximum concentration level after noon. What I want to say, in very contrary to all what propagandized in the corporate and mercenary mainstream media to thieve the public in fraud, the oxygen-allotrope named “Ozone” doesn’t absorb the light or any harmful radiation, very wrong propagandized “twist-by-confusion-among” dirty disinformation war, it is the normal diatomic oxygen O2 in the air that absorb some of the sunlight and due to this energy absorption and as a result the Oxygen turned to free “charged ions” and part of that extreme-active free Oxygen ions in random motion they meet to join into the allotrope Ozone O3, the Ozone O3 sink because it got heavier weight and decomposed at lower altitude to normal oxygen O2 because O3 is lesser stable allotrope than O2 and stronger active oxidizing agent, replaced at higher altitudes by another normal Oxygen O2 that will absorb the sun light, and the cycle continue. They never mentioned a big urgent problem concerning the normal oxygen O2 that is available from the ground-zero up to even above the Ozone layer in declining gradual concentrations, normal allotrope O2 which is the responsible of the assumed protection function not the “Ozone O3”? they concentrated at a problem concerning the O3 that is not responsible of absorbing the sunlight which is the fraud, if something supposed remained harmful after the much higher and much bigger ionosphere layer in above that in fact does the major function of protection not the moral hole in their intellectual brains. If there is a problem concerning the concentration of normal oxygen diatomic allotrope O2 at that altitude of 19 up 48 kilometers which is the Ozone layer, the Ozone phenomenon will take place at little lower altitudes, if there is a problem it will happen at altitude of 18 kilometer or 17 or 16, but no holes where the concentrations of O2 is still enough to support the process, no, no problematic holes, whenever there are sunlight and normal oxygen O2 hence there is sunlight-absorbing conversion process to Ozone. As a matter of fact, some scientific sources determine the starting altitude of the Ozone layer at 10 kilometers altitude not “19 KM” as I stated before, the vast discrepancy and disagreement about the altitude boundaries of this problematic layer indicates strongly the validity of what I am talking about. They are liars; if there is a normal-oxygen-problem just the Ozone layer will move down to lower altitude and will not make holes, the hole above Antarctica is natural for the absence of sunlight for long periods; the holes in the western intellectual brains are full of unnatural dirt all the time. What is that dirty western bullshit? And the previous chloro-fluoro-carbon is not much diverse to the much rather expensive Hydro-chloro-fluoro-carbon in control hand of the corporations and monopoly! Are these two chemical compounds such greatly different to introduce honest serious solution if there were a real problem on fist place? Yet the western corporations involved in such international dirty sham made such different profits in so many tens of milliards of dollars, may be hundreds and more. No wonder or surprise at all that the criminal father in the bloody criminal family of Bush (George Bush, the father) who internationally endorsed the move (1990) and forced it on hundred countries with assistance of Europe, that father produced this son, sick blood sucker family, their supposed power is not built on anything except the dirt bloody cheating in the bottomless lowness of any moral conduct may be defined in anyway, American way or another. The entire story is disastrously fragile fabrication lack any serious scientific investigation and rationality, forget about anything called honesty.

(((I brief it simpler this way to grasp the fraud:

A + sunlight = B – – – then “B” decompose through many complicated nature activity processes to “A” again.

“B” presence is a detection that the process of absorbing sunlight had happened, while it is not the process it is the end of the process and itself should decompose anyway again for the cycle process to start again. They confuse it intentionally even in the most supposed reputable scientific sources that “B” is what doing the function, while this is false and fraud just to push forward that compound “C” as the cause of some unreal problem about “B” to sell the little modified “C” for higher cost in theft. Even if there is a problem in concern of “B” presence, “B” is not responsible for the supposed protecting absorbed sunlight process, it is “A” and there is no problem in concern of “A”, moreover “B” should decompose in any way.  Forget about terms “legal” and “illegal”, in world of today the criminals dictate what is legal and what is illegal as they want to exonerate themselves, still is immoral conduct on global scale from western criminal fraudsters. Hard-Science without moral honesty is dirty felony exactly like the soft-science.)))

Russia, tell the truth that you didn’t share such international hole crime by your silence (may be more than silence) like your previous silence about the fake American man-landing on moon? Are you for real or is it a new cycle of deception and new cycle of consuming man’s life? There are thousands of such questions, I am watching for the answers “officially”, no less than officially, from you and waiting but not idling, I don’t depend or need you. Your historical previous reputation and deeds were not very good; Afghanistan had suffered from you the bloody bitter and yet it is more bleeding and bleeding. The weakest weapon in this war is the Tomahawk and Mig, this is the war of truth, weapons of the truth against weapons of fraud and evil, and the strongest weapon is mankind flesh itself. Fight against the frauds, contradictions, paradoxes, cheating and treasons, this is what our God trusted the human us to do, and he will support the sincere truth seekers; you are not alone in this war. You have long work and road still ahead while the time is closing up, you should run and jump if you gathered your mind; if you can’t make it don’t claim it, because I am not gullible. Though I think this is your last chance for real future or never, you should take with full strength. And of course, in general I am against irrational consumerism as main economical and cultural principle, and against the pollution crime against this piteous Earth, yet too I am against using it as pretext for frauds and thieving, after all.

I don’t count on you; I am killing Odile and Rothbart, both, and I am releasing “Odette”, if you mind, watch it for real.

(Note: Please, don’t forget on the way about the real story that the USAmerican Government itself who entirely committed “September 11, 2001” events, the New York trade towers attacking and the Attack on the Pentagon, full internal governmental operation. It is very easy important key; it is no difficult key of any least except inside USA, Britain, France and Germany)

d) If I am managing some program to accomplish some task like withdrawing from Iraq for example, any program needs some priorities in a set of standpoints as criterion to be built and reach such end task, the task and criterion they effect and reflect each other, in fact the task is simply the ultimate priority and just defined in its own as task outside the list of priorities to be the terminal point of execution as sought on first place, then there the program code flows. And in real life ever there will be “natural-response”-“undetermined-uncontrolled” variables, sometimes you can improvise in reflection to them to realign the path and sometimes you can nothing, improvisation is trained skill to find closer and faster local little solutions and is not randomness. Yet you may not hang yourself to the failure due to the peril of the uncontrollable natural variables, I mean set the task less stiff and less senseless-bureaucratic stupid. Setting rational terminal task is much stronger decisive factor in success of any practical life program than any of the inside program code itself or code collectively, it is ultimate thumb rule and well known. The moderate task is determined by failure experience and the higher is determined by accepting the failure experience with understanding it, the higher than higher needs deeper understanding and deeper failure acceptance without breaking that may expand the experience realm for some success. I won’t take you further in the burden nonsense of this thing I don’t very much believe myself except in limited scales; just I say it as common language because the Americans as many others believe it, I myself believe in life as beautiful art masterpiece and mystic truthful philosophy you live, whatever. If we reversely engineered and analyzed the American Democrat 16-month withdrawal program, how did they reach to the 16-table time and why? We understand clearly that the final task as seemed the “withdrawal”, I don’t know, they said so. Certainly there is another set of priority standpoints inside the program that lead to that 16-table time, and from their speeches, it would be either “Iraqi stability and security” or “American interests”, or both, I rejected the Democracy and freedom because they nsever been accomplished in history of the entire western civilizations and will not be accomplished today in Iraq before western countries themselves including USA. And we should reject the “Iraqi stability and security” from their calculus, they are invaders that destroyed all the stability and security of Iraq and Afghanistan, they murdered about million civilian Iraqi and Afghani, and contaminated their lands to many generations will come with nuclear radiations by DU, let us not mention they had threatened to nuke them, they are monstrous inhuman culture, they did it many times. Then what remains is only “the American imperial interests” to be accomplished as priority and it what had led to the 16-moth-table time estimation. If “the American interests” is what led to the time-table and not vice versa, hence the “American imperial interests” precedes as priority the “time table” priority, the imperial interest is condition on time that will end by withdrawal after accomplishment, regardless of the phony democrat offer in deceptive words, we find that the hierarchical set of priorities and task in democrat program is this, ” task is imperial interest, time table priority is second, withdrawal is last priority” in very contrary to how they expressed it, yet it is in very agreement and the very same to the republican, but instead of dynamite, it is poison. It is in fact like this “O Iraqi, arrange yourselves inside to our Imperial interests as condition in period of 16 moth and if you succeeded we will withdraw while you are serving our imperial interests”, the 16 month is in truth a condition on Iraq not USA, and it is exactly what the Republican say, is it the “change” that the Homosexual Obama has promised? Change from the dynamite to poison? What may anyone expect from a homosexual? Don’t bet, I can follow every little or big nonsense the Democratic party has said or promised to prove that they are republican much more than the republican party itself yet are not explosive, some few Americans already did some of this work, it is out of my issue at least right here. If I am wrong, why they don’t withdraw immediately while already there is a local government chosen by the will of the public, forget about democracy for it never existed in America itself? Nothing new about the American way, but the new is, why the Iraqi people and Iran; picked up the American democrat poison in challenge of the Republican dynamite? Why they has sacrificed million of their lives and destroyed their country on first place? Was it not better to be another American chickens earlier and save some of the pains? Is it for more another American agent treasonous Saddam? What self-determination the Iraqi people are for? Is it for the poison of the homosexuals?

e) One of the wondrous surprises I touched through the very recent grievances and resentments of the non-governmental western intellectuals and especially the American more than any, about the ill-deteriorated, on verge of collapsing economics. Because of the, deficit in foreign trade balance with third world, the incredible inner budget deficit and mammoth national and citizenry debt, bleak spiral-down unemployment and depreciated dollar national currency, massive corporations’ bankruptcy and smaller business of course, boiling agitation of both inflation and deflation on same time beside boiled agitation of relative prices between commodities, raddled infrastructure like bridges and levees are falling apart, insane uncontrollable war-machine destroying its own people, social destruction like school shooting and rate of divorce and free sex, not to mention the spread of homosexuality and the worse like endemic pedophilia especially among the religious figures, completely emptied education from any least character seriousness and responsibly toward the society and full of slavery to the government and private bankrupted corporations morally and financially, don’t let me counting, etc. etc. etc. They accuse all previous successive presidential administrations including current Bush administration which is the worst and evilest ever in American History and whatever coming presidential administration that certainly bureaucratically will do the same for the accumulative mismanagement and clumsy conduction in all national policies of all sorts. Today, obviously some Americans wish if they burned their politicians like the evil witches before the dark medieval ages in Europe, before the blindness of the European renaissance to rise on entire humanity which protected these evil witches in its dark and there was no light, if they could find any least chance of course. I don’t agree to this public stupid atrocity, I pity the ever-misunderstood and poor American politicians within this selfish-repudiating public ignorance and monstrous greed of the American street man. Take this Bush for example, you see how baby-face he got and simple innocent childish intentions and notions, never mind he murdered about million civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan, he did not mean it at all, such things happens like accidents in the streets, it is the responsibility of someone who should care for the little children mess while crossing the dangerous street and the cars crashing each other in avoiding it, never mind he had murdered about three thousand Americans in the New York trade towers, all babies break toys that why they are babies, I don’t get it, what is wrong with that, what is wrong with the American people! All time the people know that the politicians, Americans and some others around the globe like their Egyptian siblings; read and write inverted or inversed books and inverted comic magazines and inverted lexicons, yet the public insist that they are liars and fraudsters for they lack the same mental ability, envy that is all. No they are just genius-creative creatures different than me and you the normal street creatures, they have the ability to read and write paper-texts inverted, try this once then come and tell me if they are fraudsters or gougers! Majority of the politicians playacting and no of any real like the homosexual Obama for example as American homosexual Messianic version (why not if the American churches support the homosexual’s right and the pedophilia is their practice norm recorded in their thousands of cases ) or the Mass-Murderous Tony Blair as British Messianic version as depicted after exclusion for little technical mistake of “Iraq dossier” his theater director has done not him; you are wrong, they are superior artists. I say always the untalented-failure actor been taken to perform in cinema and Hollywood and receive trivial Oscar-prize but the real artist been taken to perform in Politick and receive real authority-prize, shut up, what do you understand? Nevertheless, if one of these loser-actors gained better experience and proved effective performance they deem it again to boost him into politick, like Mayor Cowboy Clint Eastwood, President Regan or others. It is all about that the “all normal public” outside the “illuminist experts” don’t esoterically understand if any at all, the “Specific Imperialistic human social construction” and the product out in specific concerns like “Imperialistic culture” and “Imperialistic economics”; or farther, even the deeper base of the “psychology of the Imperialistic human mindset”, or very closer to sight on the outer surface up to the meaning and significance of the physics of the “capital city phenomenon” anywhere on planet earth. The American politicians didn’t err the American Economics, the American economics is inevitable result, and the inevitable result never is error, this what the outside public out of the secret luminance experts don’t understand, if there is error it would be certainly the “Specific Imperialistic human social construction” basically not the consequent imperialistic concerns. So, is the American society for example angry at the massive errors in their economics or is angry at the Imperialism failure itself? Their economic is not in any error itself, in fact it is perfect consequence of the imperial slavery while they pretend not understanding. When yesterday the American Imperialism was flourishing they were the happiest hubristic-Yankees on entire Earth, like all the top bloody imperialistic societies in all historical akin paradigms!! This is ill selfish repudiating social behavior against their masters of blood sucking, typical social response too; everyone is blaming everyone for the crime of everyone only when everything is gone. Only very few USAmericans were standing against and refusing the criminal injustice and blaming all the time, even when everything had seemed easy and rich of thieved wealth, but who had listened! In this situation, “Too late” is very optimistic from who doesn’t know; I know it is “finished”, and the time is closing up, in urgency don’t pick up your bags and run out, perhaps you got one more chance, if you trust me.

f) Empire versus Nation and Colony in between:

I think we need to focus on the term “imperialism” and some concerns around in little advanced resolute conception for introduction purpose, Empire versus Nation and Colony in between. Tell me what the difference is ideologically and practically between two terms like “nation” and “Empire”, what is that difference that made the first one is favored and the second is hated and condemned as supposed in common natural sense, the nation is good and Empire is evil? Good and evil, no,  prominent imperialistic intellectuals as worst evilest ever, had passed over this point and think in a different way, they think that the Empire is the nation and the nation is the Empire, they think that part of the nation is evil and part of the Empire is good, so they mostly take the evil side of the practical nation and the evil side of the practical Empire to compose the entire evilest imperialistic ideology that always made practically the most pure evil Empires doomed in most hurried shorter self-destruction. Very fortunate natural result it is, because it meant the full destruction of mankind if unnaturally succeeded for it is the top evilest sort. Thank our God that he made the nature such that the ideologically pure imperialistic Empires dashed faster before it transformed into full slavery nations. While there is some lesser developed sort that mainly depends on plain brutal force and open direct plunder of wealth and lives; without much deep ideologies or concerns, like the initial decades of the Mongolian empire or even in further lesser crude formation like the ancient Viking short-run conquests had appeared in north Europe. You might state it on different view, from other side, that the pure ideological imperialistic Empires take much longer time to transform into nation than its shorter lifetime.

Yet it might deserve to note in very general that, (quality1) some nation systems transform into Empire systems and some Empire systems transform into nation systems; and through the transformation both must lose some of there wide trophies or possible trophies to adopt the other form by contractions to lesser in its main body, both should do that, that if they didn’t fall before the transformation into divisions, too there are some nations stayed as nations for enough long periods. Example of this noteworthy, USA Empire didn’t annex the close by and very small Cuba islands to its mainland or add intimately to its possessed state number of fifty, or Haiti or Mexico, it could do it so easily without serious resistance if any; Haiti resisted feebly with short breath. You know, even the Cuban people had proved the full will of being immigrants into USA for money and living standards at any moral cost; it happened that their previous president Fidel Castro once admitted this public trend hence publicly he announced the let loose for any Cuban civilian who wanted to immigrate illegally into USA (Annually much more than Cuban 20,000 (up to 30,000) refugee tries to get into USA),  just he to experience his people with the USAmerican mindset, the distance in the Caribbean sea in between is small enough to cut in small boat. And watch the flood of headache to the American naval coast guards. On the other hand, already USA had overtaken during the Spanish-American war and kept by direct brutal force a military base of Guantanamo in the Cuban main islands, just easy like this. Taking in consideration that USA is imperial country with such imperialistic mindset, the question is why it didn’t annex Cuba as example, in fact it entertains torturing the Cuban people than taking them in, simple is the answer, because as it is taking the form of empire system it should constrain its inner nation size or even to reduce further and be exclusive. Such Imperialistic social behavioral pattern or rule even had been stated openly and definitely before 2001 inside the USAmerican congress once, very unwittingly that it is pure imperialistic pattern, they said “The American model should lead the entire world, but it doesn’t mean that all the world will be Americans, of course we should keep some privilege for ourselves”, this isn’t very exact verbatim they uttered inside the USAmerican congress but it is exact brief of their discussion and very close words to what they used, I write from my memory. Whatever, exactly same thing they thought and said openly about the future of Iraq on the initial days after they had overtaken it (2003) and thought that war was finished and triumphed with flower neckbands with oil contracts in hand and open temerarious colonization behavior. On other hand, in earlier stage it had annexed the southern States (Texas, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming and more) from the then recently Mexico declared republic with great inner instability and USAmerica used that Mexican inner instability to its advantage to wage the war to adopt and annex these southern states to its possessed states, that time it was transforming from imperial expansion to limited nation system so stopped at that frontier to consolidate its nation form, then soon next later it returned to the imperialistic mindset and behavior in that it inflicts the imperial sovereign influence on others without full adoption and complete federal annexation.

If we took the Ex-USSR in focus as next example to the just adjacent previous example of USA Empire, we might easily on close sight to tell; it exactly behaved the same like USA. Taking in consideration just I have started to separate in vision between the current new Federal Russian Council (FRC) and EX-USSR because certainly they behave in fully different manners that had needed time to be understood more clearly as long as they more clearly are sharpening and tightening their mind. EX-USSR had adopted and annexed many of their southern and western republic states to reach the fifteen united republics, and treated Afghanistan, Poland, Hungry, Romania etc. etc, as colonies, some series of transformations between Empire system and nation system, very exactly like USA Empire example. Though Cuba was in their fist to adopt even without any needed brutal force to be their sixteenth republic; they never did it too like USA never did the other way. I don’t know what is wrong with Cuba, neither EX-USSR Empire nor Current USAmerican Empire wanted to adopt it, nobody wanted them, though really I had met many Cubans in my life like many other Latin American, they all left a very pleasing impression on me, decent courteous, so kind humanitarians, indeed amiable people; myself I would not mind at all to invade them with all brutal force I might have to add myself to them, they are exemplary of the beautiful general Latin-American character. Wait a moment, yet bringing Both EX-USSR and USAmerica in one focus stirs sort of comparison may unfold some difference that might clear some immense and spread-wide unnoticed confusion, very thin difference indeed, hard to see, like a hair fissure on the gloomy glass surface yet very enough to scatter it entirely down into pieces then you see the better clearer. Though I can pass through hundred practical well historically recorded examples, pages and tons of analysis, I am ambitious of your pardon for I try always to concise my work as far as possible, so I’ll treat only one. In Egypt my country, personally I have passed through two colonial stages, one was Russian (1952-1973) and the next was and still is American (1973-); what example better than this to handle though is most ever complicated but I’ll not pass through all its complications and I have to make some approximations away accuracy for compacting purpose that one day I may rectify its accuracy.

That secret international Organization known to public as “New World Order”, known in some narrow particular incident as Zionists or in other narrow particular situation as “illuminati or freemasons that are second level manipulation mask version for the Satanism cults” or “the big bother” and personally I used to call it “Secret global government”, in screenplay literature they are mostly represented as the night-creatures of the “Vampires” within specific type of Horror Movies. By uttering the term “Vampires” specifically in relation with cinematography, have I started more seriously to expose considerable deal of the covered cards? Have I started to exercise just very little pressure on them? I don’t think so, because today it became broadly known little entertaining revelation. Well; still I can do much more than this; don’t push me for I would love it while I have begun to lose my patience seriously. That Organization is truly complicated to the extent I can say that the most imaginative eager conspiracy theorem researcher around them, still is very little more than conspiracy phantasmic theorist and in worst of his nightmares he could not predict more than one hundredth of their advanced physical solid governmental construction, they are organized Satanic human government. And they are much weaker than Malaria-Mosquito if you understood them and yourself. No matter deeply deteriorated the situation on Earth it reached now, the nefarious atrocious “New World Order Organization” is exactly like its own “Fiat Money”, it is fake delusional nothing but if you trusted it, then it became your own flesh, blood and material; it absorbed you, hence it became you. The Satan never had any physical power in the human world from what and how God created him except what his followers and worshipers and who to him weakly surrendered to give him, otherwise he is ultimately only a decoy and deception of the plain word and yourself became the physical reality of plain evil, formula of Evil had been completed.

For example, Jamal Abdul-Nasser the prominent strongest man of the Egyptian revolution (1952) was treble agent, technically some British and American agents who managed the Egyptian revolution, hence he was connected to USA as agent, then he became agent to USSR while still was connected to who installed him on first place, now you think he was double agent, not enough, yet meanwhile all the time he was trained and connected semi-directly to the secret international NWO organization through a third native “little-down full-exposure” and lesser-authority agent who was in his turn directly fully trained and to great extent educated by unknown entities who were fully foreign agents from the NWO for possibly about two decades before the revolution that had put Nasser on the fake bright. That made the native lesser-authority entity a sole agent for the NWO and made the President Nasser as “Treble-agent” meanwhile not a very direct agent for the NWO for he was very lesser talented or educated to be direct agent for them. And they never, never, never put a direct active member of them on full exposure of bright, the slightest possible bright in connection to the theatrical events as possible. Only they choose the stupidest they can find for the brightness of fame (stupid psychologically but not technically, may be this description is not well recognized, bit odd). In this Egyptian situation I am talking about, each entity of the five is full aware of the other four entities but they learnt not to discuss it with each other; NWO, NWO local agent, political president, USA and USSR. At any operative while, only two entities of them are in active operation and the rest is responsive according to his specified role outline while each one of them doesn’t have the right to know the total view or the long-term outcome except the innermost circle of the NWO organization itself excluding its native direct agents around the globe and the Organization assume to each of them his role as general outline but not in details, it trains each of them how to react to the details hence he can behave so naturally and in native manner. After and out of the presidential circle and his close NWO native agent, there is a longer-term second layer created that are double agents, they are aware of and connected to the other lesser rank of sole-direct agents of the NWO, they are doubling to the temporary national role in charge like being faithful and loyal agents to some big power like EX-USSR or USA or some ideology direction or some temporary function according to their personal views and beliefs. Then a short-term third layer is created that are only serving the temporary role like being agents to EX-USSR or USA or some ideology or function or cultural movement etc. and they should be dogmatically loyal to what they believe if they are intelligent more than being dogmatic in full stupidity then they are excluded, they are not connected to the NWO organization but prepared and manipulated by them and are consumable into the temporary needed program step. Then a long-term fourth layer is created that are the plain mercenaries, they work for solely a personal immediate benefit, money, sex of whatever sort, social prestige, career promotion, getting out of some serious or critical life problem, etc. they completely don’t care about any question and they very willingly don’t want at any rate to know anything beyond what they will gain personally, they are very qualified by having no least ideological or religious direction of any sort in their character reality, they are closely similar somehow to the upper inner source but have no intellectual ability or deep knowledge of mankind and control techniques, even atheism is not needed in their mind, raw crude mercenary, likely but not mostly they are the very lower tools, they are not aware of anything, they sell their dirty services to whoever pay, like some little employees in all ministries and governmental bureaus, some policemen, middle to lower rank military rank officers, intelligence agencies, Journalist, judge, lawyer, engineer, physician, etc. army of mercenary pawns. Of course, we understand that the native sole agents of the NWO comprise the primary layer or the top shell that controls all other lower layers and from them the presidential dual persons and their loyalty is only connected directly to the foreign “international/ multinational” source, their identities is not totally recognized by the lower shells as much as their direct influence is touched and enforced because they are the central control and management. In very fact, the source is not very international as they may pretend, no, it is basically European within four to five nationalities at maximum). In full duplicity, starting from the presidency as you see that there is trivial official president known to the public chicken barn (Or as became a common coined term in the internet “sheeple” or “sheople” as mix between “sheep” and “people”) and attached to him in the dark another realer local Vampire president, downward to every and all Governmental sectors or department or ministry, downward to every press or any culture media or intellectual institution like university, the army and the intelligence agencies, very downward to the plain society of the chicken barn themselves. It is not a stable whole system; no, never it was uninterrupted stable. So the odds are coming to clear surface in continual habitual bases, like you see the American government had built a high technology operation-command and reconnaissance plane by means of the American corporations then these American corporations themselves helped China through Israel in the middle to capture it and on open challenged the USA advantage. Or you find Iraqi “Saddam” system sought and built Iraqi nuclear reactor then him and his system itself (with cooperation with the Saudi Military machine) are who helped Israel to bomb it and destroy it. Or you find the Egyptian President Jamal Abdul Nasser system had sold by intentional protection negligence and intentional unbelievable disastrous reaction, some Russian advanced radar system to USA convoyed by Israeli Military operation in the middle of Egypt-Israel war, man come on, the Israeli technicians within few-commandos operation had taken all the time they needed in hours to dissemble some radar system  (unfamiliar to their hand) as heavy as of the sixties of the last century based on Vacuum tubes and mount it on Helicopters while there were huge army of variant troops of every kind in close area without any response or serious resistance through all that long time of hours. Or you see that while the USA and China in continuous animosity always on the verge of direct military confrontation, from late fifties of last century of the Korean war to the recent American incursion inside the west of China exploiting the Buddhists there, or when even China just mention the name “Taiwan” you see the American navy is surrounding the Island to defend against China, still until this very moment you see China is the first top country that protects the American economy from falling apart in explosion at very the very expensive cost of their own economical integrity and dignity of its people, and China is the top country that support the American war to expand its territorial colonies and interests in the phonic “war on terror”, is it not odd! Or you see the mother country of the Islamic religion (Saudi Arabia) is fully supporting financially and politically USA while they see USA is destroying the second Holy site for this religion in full unbelievable contradiction (Jerusalem); is it not odd enough!! Many thousands of odds happen all over the world with only one investigation to only one unique result, the New World Order organization. As the double president structure sometimes fight each other, sometimes the recognized official president decides to assassinate the dark living NWO local president in attempt to tight his fist on the full authority then you hear that some big intellectual figure in the culture medium had been murdered in accident for no definite serious reason about this specific character or committed suicide for his loved woman and leave some poem explain it, some prominent intellectual that likely had clear connection and favored position at the top official authorities, the counter too happened then you hear about the assassination of  USAmerican president “J.F. Kennedy” or the Egyptian president “Anwar Al saddat” or though the felon of the American president Nixon is happening all the time suddenly it had become a big political Scandal while current President Bush does it openly even in much bigger scale and even the much worse felons than that and no big scandals or any sort of proceeding seriously defied his political firming. Same thing happens on all lower levels then you watch something like Al-Khomeini revolutionary council after the Iranian Revolution executed on all levels the western treasonous agents hidden and open in wide scale, for this Iran stands clear strong defends its national integrity, dignity and justice because the NWO local cancer disease  nearly terminated inside. I am neither Iranian nor Shiite, nor Sunni, I don’t belong to any Islamic religion sectarian, but in open I stand not caring of and not fearing the blame of anyone whoever he is or they are, to claim that the Iranian Leader “Al-Khomeini” and his revolutionary council was the strongest, most intelligent, best just responsible Islamic leaders ever happened to rise in the entire Islamic world since at least thousand year had passed over, taking in consideration the full rotten internal, fatal regional and international circumstances and mammoth obstacles he and his men had to overcome and succeeded to full extent, what he could do is simply a supporting miracle from God side that I could not explain it lower than this. Still Iran is on the very right course and more right success. I believe he was really “clear Ayat Allah” though still I’ll never be Shiite or Sunni. The NWO system never was stable system because it is based completely on ground of corruption and treason, and its history of inner destructive frictions between the NWO local sector and the local colony never calmed and it will never. In every plain social gathering or government department or Ministry their concentrations varies according to the vitality or sensitive influence of that department or gathering, as little as less than five percent up to fifty percent of the upper presidential circle, their general average concentration inside any government I just sense it may reach ten percent or less and their average inside the whole one country population certainly is a small fraction of one percent, I am taking out estimation the crude raw mercenary counting. If I am taking in consideration the raw mercenaries counting, the estimation might reach shocking unbelievable levels, in some of the worst rotten pessimistic examples ever, in Egypt it might reach well over ninety percent of the entire population, the injustice Culture of the “Beck” and Pasha” in full wide spread inhuman social inheritance from the “Mameluke” era and the Pharaoh is human catastrophe by itself by all measures without any need to any secret conspiracy to worsen it more than what already very now it is. I don’t seriously blame the NWO organization for this unequalled inheritance to be fair, even without NWO it would be itself as it is now, the total Egyptian character is the “mameluke” character based on deeper relic “Human-God slaver and slave” Pharaoh character, the NWO organization could not and cannot exacerbate this native historical continuous catastrophe, it just exploited it, and this certainly will gloom the entire view obscuring to see any conceptual and material essence; clear the heavy tones of full waste dust to get the few grams core that is the issue concern here. This concealed fraction of the one percent is the real effective nation and the bigger part is the chicken barn or as I may conceive as the host colony, I myself classified to the chicken barn; so don’t take offense, but I believe we may claim ourselves back at least by death with dignity. I heard President Putin talking against the “unrestrained violence in Middle East” and that USA should consider their opinion about, while I don’t know his opinion about what I write, I am very eager to know his opinion about what I say. I doubt that he will comment it the least in justice, tell me I am wrong, I love to be wrong in many occasions sincerely, make me happy wrong. You know, it sickens when you always unhappy right, sometimes you will love to be happy wrong. It is like I say “I feel this day is bad day”, then the mirror breaks while you shaving and the dogs bites you in the street instead of welcoming, then you are unhappy right, or, everything goes right, the mirror is still there intact and the dogs wave their tails in sight of you, I don’t like to see the animals hating me, hence you feel happy wrong; like this sometimes I like to be happy wrong, I would like to see my day goes good even if I forewarned it bad. “Happy-wrong versus unhappy-right”, no, no, no, I choose the first one, you want to be unhappy right be it, I choose happy-wrong when I expect the things bad. How it comes that much less than 1% is stronger than 99%, the answer is very easily. On first that fraction of 1% is in major concentrated in and connected to most effective controlling positions. On second, their ground base is to weaken and discord the coherence of the entire government complex into dissonance, then the only central contingent control available is in hands of this little percentage, very concerted dark lord government, and the rest of the government body is in weak dissonance and non-concerted. It is like, when you want to write on sand, first you should make its surface even indiscriminate in very formally even randomness to make your print in clear view engraved readable and trustable to make sense. Exactly as same as ink printing on some paper “one hundred dollars” and make look real estate physical food while it is nothing more than printing on sands of some sea coast and the people are living by trust in mirages. You might think that such dark governmental construction and international structure is unbreakable and self-perpetual with unlimited power, they are gods and sole makers of history of mankind. Well, I say, it is very untrue, this is what they try to convince everyone to simply surrender and make the myth reality. The source core of that organization lies too much even to their direct local government clients that surrendered fully to them by the supremacy myth and they lied also to their very own diverse native sectors about that myth. But the Dollar myth is fading on the sand of the sea coast, and for long years I investigated their success and failure occasions, I found that they scored many failures much more than success, it depends greatly on the social construction of the victim people, culturally and religiously, and their inner social immunity and coherence in general, not every country is Egypt or USA. For example they may say that they succeeded to make Japan industrial and economical power but this is a lie for it is failure to their goals, and a country of their highest priority like USAmerica found itself in a situation to face Japan in its own and tried to handle the situation and failed either, they failed in Latin America, they failed in many African countries, they failed in Iran, and their biggest failure ever is today in Afghanistan and Iraq. May be they could drop down the socialism trend conception but still the humanity demand the democracy and the democracy is enemy to capitalism that is falling too, is another failure, most public even failed to relate the socialism to democracy in their mental conceptive perception and imaginative models as you hoped to smudge both by fallacy so even if they have given up the socialism they didn’t give up seeking and fighting for its origin-base real democracy, the public are even terribly idiotic much more than you ever had estimated, another failure. You know; at end you should assent to, some people you can’t deceive either because they think very much or because they don’t think at all. You can return it at least partly to the conclusion: the pragmatism is genuine instinct mind trait that undermine any artifact stupid wrong paradigm to imbalance and stagger the human on his steps to his own universally unlawful destruction as same as independent immune system, thank our creator and lay your head to ground in praising him in prostration, away from God you are nothing real in full destructive disintegration within the above-necessity luxurious gift of imagination if misled by evil, but who does think very much! Not every middle compromised situation is moderate; some middle situations are men on their middle way to dash on the ground of reality. Who is that mentally retarded of you (NWO) who had put that stupid plot of “capitalism versus communism for the triumph of despotism” in history of entire mankind, while the right of free blabbing is not any democracy as is intentional designed censor for the divulged embryonic intent of the angering public masses to be bust in precaution earlier than transformation into critical revolution. You see, even this fake democracy conspiracy is even deeper stupidity because itself might promote the revolution with the right truthful information, failure as same as cutting the tongues technique is failure. The truth finds its path either way equally, and I myself am talking from a country where the tongues are completely cut (Egypt) to introduce example of the evident truth even if the tongues cut or let in free blabbing, equal. The truth is there before the eyes of the seeker even if all tongues are cut and it is not anywhere for who ignore it even if tongues of all humans and animals and winds screamed of it inside his ears, so come and face it, so come bear it, and so suffer it deadly. Do you really believed in yourselves highest intellectuals on Earth! It is another myth; you are nothing but spinning moron and sociopathic criminals. Even inside USAmerica they never could score continuous success through its history, in EX-USSR neither. Their unlimited power is biggest international delusional dogma, and they are destroying their hand-made “United Nation organization mask” through their stupidest ever adventures by the continuous unproved creditability and eroding reliability, don’t mention the blatant hypocrisy of the equal human right while it maintains the privilege veto for the big powers upon the weak, is another big failure and defeat in itself they don’t feel. Yet the unlimited failure perpetually and uninterrupted they ever suffered through their entire age of six centuries since they early inception around the fifteenth century in Europe and their ever future failure is that, “this NWO organization technically and conceptually can’t exist without full corruption and treason anywhere”. The NWO in self-promotion fraud selling spreads the myth rumors about their pseudo superior intellectuality; to convince you to join or submit to them. Take for example one of their many enticing ways, I have read while I write this here treatise, a myth that the famous Austrian musician “Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-91)” was illuminati. Well, I had read the history of Mozart about twenty years ago, you find a man, who rebelled against the “servitude status of the musicians” to the Noble class of his time and thrown out, he was recorded as the first classical musician who tried to devote his works to and depended directly on the poor public on his living in first unprecedented case in Europe of that era (outside the noble class palaces), the poor public who possessed nothing above their necessary food exactly like him was been inside the palaces of the noble class, outside the palace was just worse big jail like inside the palace and he was not freed, he died of extreme destitution as young man in his poor house without food and warming fire in the winter with suspicions of been poisoned too. If there is any connection between “Mozart” and the illuminati it would had been the deadly animosity not any belonging, this never is a character that suits the secret satanic society. I watched them always try to tint themselves by intellectuality by adding the name of some intellectual figures falsely to their fake propaganda pallet, so you think that they are something good, they are not; they never were. All their history, they are extremely connected and devoted to some palace of slavery, if they rebelled against some slavery class then it is only to build another one much sicker criminal than the previous. All their new recent history since their inception six centuries ago between first in and around Italy, then moved to France and Britain, then later Germany until very now to USA and spread around the world, they were and they are deadly against any real serious intellectuality, they are fatally anti-intellectualist and insane-anti-human. It is almost impossible to any serious strong intellectual in any field to have an easy comfortable place among them because they will destroy him by direct and indirect immoral control if not physically terminated him when needed and if neither happened then third possibility is the serious intellectual ends to committing suicide in physical life termination by his hand and it happened too he dies taking high dose of strong drug. The serious intellectuality cannot meet the NWO organization (as recently known by that label) on their endeavors and goals, they only meet in wars against each other, rarely in inside for very short durations impossible to sustain longer, they always periodically stress their members with tests that any person with ever least degree of sanity can’t accept and can’t pass to be very real intimate insider. If everything about them is trickery, fakeness, deception, cheating, treason and conspiracies hence what the term “intellectuality” meant then in any degree of any sort of illumination! If you think otherwise hence you know little above zero about them. And who joined them believing in hope of real serious intellectuality, he is fatal dangerous moron besides enfolding some sociopathic syndrome, as best fit cheap expendable garbage-plastic-bag for their use, unless you are Satan-worshiper that their true cult. And no, the psychology of the real effective NWO members, not these trivial politicians on TV or Corrupt bribed military in the American army or that trivial garbage of the Egyptian intelligence agency, they are not this superficial plain materialists. Since I was so young and I know all my life the top rule of evilest ever greed “control is the top greed of wealth ever than any material you can ever gain, it is the real material wealth”, the real effective members are of that type, money is not important to them, it just a tool, they over this. Whatever, this is a very complicated issue than I try to tell, they managed their control on the outsider victim society such that having many concentric layers, shells and within each layer there are isolated circles, each has its own level of psychological and ideological treatment and manipulations that in the “interface matching” there are mental translation code tables for each “private group status” to communicate with whom they supposed to connect with, in strange diabolic orchestral work where the instrumental players are deaf, code table for the above them, code table for the down them, and code table for the totally very outside them, cubes that touch each other by the surface interface only yet each cube has its private status. Some people like to represent it like “matrix” (specifically the Zionists who liked to see it as a form of matrix). However they very wrongly exaggerated about its practical success, truly it very failed much more than succeeded or they would not need any Iraq-Afghanistan-USA war, they would not need Palestine-Israel hot front, they would not need hundreds of wars in Latin America, Asia or Africa or Ireland. So far the slave get closer to the inner circles the intellectuality got reduced dramatically, it is zero intellectuality inside like just pure paradoxical insanity, so far you got away from their inner circle and control center you got rather serious intellectuality and real freedom. I can’t explain much about it or I might help them accidentally, already I have talked much, sorry. The freemasonry or the Jewish Zionism, the international Muslim fraternity association (which is basically Egyptian, again), Christian churches, feminist societies or Mensa tables, both “capitalist and communist” institutions, or the governmental intelligence agencies in USA or France or Egypt or Britain or Saudi Arabia, they all are not the NWO organization itself, all thousands or hundred of thousands (if we started to count the educational institutions, political parties, etc.) of such alike are on outer circles functioned as recruiters and servants or subservient on same time and international corporations of all sorts are too just economical production equipments. The NWO organization itself is much developed than some nutters gathered inside some temple introducing some sacrifice for the Satan or celebrate in ritual orgies, it is not some simple conspiracy occasion, the NWO is advanced from of full matured governmental apparatus exceeds in administrative structure advancement any idea you may know or imagine about these fake trivial open political governments you see on TV and mercenary mainstream media around the world. Though advanced government yet it suffers same fault shortages of normal governments on its wide spread terminals, like idiotic stupid bureaucracy, incompetence, or even, insider bribing corruption and malfeasance. Malfeasance, corruption! How comes, they are already corrupted! I tell you, hey gang, today you go to rob that next door orphanage and strangle the necks of their little monoester babies, next day he learned that they robbed some bank and strangled its executive after they slaughtered the orphanage, he condemned them by corruption because the bank was his property. Though they did not know that the “bank of usury and stock robbery frauds” was his very property but they were not stuck stiffly to the orders, yes, yes, it happens all the time. Excuse me, I am enjoying the show, do you know why, because sickly I hate the injustice at any cost, and I believe the life is worthless without justice.

One of the things that some innocent economists never thought about in full clarity is, when the stock market sells at high healthy price, it is the NWO organization is ballooning the prices to collect money from hands of the people and sells them some inked papers exactly like the fiat money. Then they explode the bubble and the prices drop down then they purchase it again at that low price. Then they balloon it again and sold it again at high price then after dropping it down they purchase it again at low price, stock cycle. Meanwhile between the surge and ebb the slave public live in real full servitude to produce the real estate wealth and real production to give it up to their masters within the rise-fall cycle. That because very simply, the western British and Jewish capitalism never meant any free market in its entire history, it was very clear within its declared philosophy from the very beginning, it only meant the full control of the fat merchants with concentrated wealth grasp on the entire market conditions if they merged in intimate and secret cooperation, and you and me are Mister super stupid. Mr., Mrs. And Ms. honored stupid, follow up the chronicles of purchasing and selling of stock shares, you will find that, at high prices mainly the super rich merchants are selling and the stupid slaves are purchasing and at low prices mainly the super rich merchants purchasing and the Slaves are selling, in the middle there are tools that force the slaves to behave towards selling or purchasing like interest rates, fund hedges, derivatives, loans and mortgages, employment market that manifest mainly in average income they controlled mainly by the corporations plus control of the cultural factors of consumerism like in movie industry that motivates its styles and values, fake economist charts and data in their full controlled mainstream media, inflation and deflation that are bigger entities of theft by themselves and their own. I love it, the “Devil Philharmonic Orchestra” with the famous “Satan” maestro performs to you the Symphony of slavery, suffer, poverty and bloodshed of the innocents, “economics of the forbidden big sin of usury” most classical Symphonic Sonata; woooooo, tooooo, and sharp claps and applauds, packets of flowers and lot of fans of the “Diabolic Bush absolute freedom”. Mr stupid; biggest factor in the crises through the entire international economics today can be referred to the “Divinely Forbidden Usury”, never heard of the authentic words of Moses, or Jesus or Mohamed, they all had warned and admonished against usury and you ever ignored Mohamed or falsified or omitted the authentic words of Moses and Jesus, only you can blame yourselves. And I am happy to see the evil usury economics of the world falling down, yet I am very distressed to see the people greatly suffering even if it is their sinful mistakes. And by the way, little hint on sideway, the economists mostly tended to burry themselves in the very technical manipulative view of the business accounting sheets and banking methods (while they don’t feel it), in confusing themselves to reach a point where they forget that, the accounting sheets and baking methods are much rather arbitrary code construction than the real economic physical world. They lost enough to forget the clear viable controllability while switching their analytical treatment between the two realms because each is not the same of the other. This is the ever most common mistake among the majority of the economist experts, intentional from the cabal lackeys and unintentional from the rest by the default of the intentional conspiratorially-oriented education on all levels for hiding the bad evil intentions of slavery.

I have meant in rather detailed precision in some specific example like this. The term inflation in the artificial arbitrary banking code realm it meant to come from more printing money notes (papers) that is non-correspondent to any real estate values so it doesn’t add anything except addition to the monetary-note evaluation for the already existent real estate of whatever material and they call and measure it in three levels M1, M2 and M3 in banking system. And in banking code another source comes from the interest rate performance on savings that when reduced to threshold degree it meant direct investment in the market is rather profiting that meant pumping money from depository saving to circulate in the market that will have equal effect as printing new money. In fact the saving with interests is mainly a trickery tool to hide big part of the printed money note like being absorbed temporarily aside and if you compared the saving interest rate and real inflation rate away official fake data propaganda you ever will find them approximately equal in average for long term if not the inflation rate is bigger, in other words waiting on side track for future production of some new real estate for that valueless added money notes, so part of the inflation idling on sideline. When the interest rates on saving got increased than average gain in actual real market investment it means absorbing exposed money in the market into saves leads to stability or deflation if promoted by excessive rates. The known fact is that the specific inflationary superimposed part on the price of any commodity and material becomes a percentage of the property value you have, due to pumping money notes in the market, is a confiscated percentage part goes to the wallet of who issued it whether it is a governmental central bank or private like the American Fed, without your will or consent for it gained its physical real value from your property forcibly, in direct words, is armed theft permitted by law the thieves had decreed. As same as in the cheating behavior in the stock market of ballooning the share price to sell to the slaves and drop its price to purchase it back, too in currency policy they try to mange general unspecific inflation to confiscate part of the public saving particularly in material form and commodity, and deflation when the major weight of the material and commodity lays on their side to sell at high price to the market. In between they continuously conditionally gain and profit and you are continuously conditionally a slave and serf, because it happens in ambience of no free market and no free competition, in ambience of international gargantuan full matured collusion and treasonous contrivance and complete mental manipulation on biggest ever scale of entire mankind, called NWO government (western European in historical base, and mainly add to them USA, supported by the Zionists and Masons). Check behind me if I am wrong, too it always happens that, when the material and commodity market inflate (the currency lost its power of purchasing, debasing the currency) hence stock market plummet/deflate, that meant while they confiscating real material value part from the direct hands of the public the public will need more financial liquidation to cover the loss or in other words to overcome the inflation and finance their familiar needs so they are forced to sell their stock shares even at fractional lower price to cover their real life needs, parallel double immoral confiscating theft by both hands of the material and commodity market and stock market, help me to remember, wasn’t it the main symptoms preceded the great depression of 1930s and all other recorded recessions, this symptoms always precede the market crisis, and the vice versa too lead to the same result. Unbelievable injustice and reprobate bloody profit and unbelievable barbarian slavery, and too unbelievable stupidity on side of the sheep slaves. Almost the entire international British-Jewish economic machine had been built only to serve this definite slavery and robbery purpose involving the accomplices of the treasonous governments of the impoverished third world by the western slavery. All that economical weaponry mechanics very now is considerably sensed and became considerably known among the experts and some of the public, there remained one thing the experts should had thought about if they didn’t confine themselves in the arbitrary artificial fabricated code that had been designed originally to confine and trap them within it, one thing, none recognize it including the nefarious sordid mercenary economists worked intimately for the NWO government, entirely none, I call it Usury-Ghost-Inflation-Effect, UGIE, much sounds like cyclone effect. You never heard such economical term before, UGIE, no body did; nor did I, they don’t mention or give any name of anything that might remind you that there something wrong about the usury in the traditional banking code and economy; that is okay. In the ancient societies, when they practiced the forbidden usury in individual bases likely it ended to serfdom or slavery of the debtor and evil gain for the creditor, in modern systematical scale it has more accumulative destructive effect sum on socioeconomic level over that simple elementary injustice instants on few individuals bases. The typical traditional inflation, in Fiat money doctrine, happens very generally when the quantity of the plundering money toilet-papers exceeds the real wealth content on form of materials and average production of commodities, who owns small business is less harmed because he is forced to rise the costs of his service or price of his material and commodities to catch the steps of the inflation though he lost something through the very short lag, the salary or wage dependent or working class or pension dependent or labor class or the proletarian class generally in best ever situations will be always harmed some time depend on his wage periodicity, short or long, being robbed as long as until they demand the increase of their income sort to catch the inflation steps, yet the main macroeconomic feature is “the added quantity of money toilet-papers been circulating in the effective real physical trade without correspondent addition of real wealth is straightly proportional to the inflation measures”. The ghost inflation comes from the specific systematical usury is very different in effect and has its own nature, it harms all sides without exception, both the slave and the slaver, the poor and entire middle class whatever if small business owner or labor by the paralyzing ability to pay or purchase the very basic needs like food, and it too harms the slaver class by the paralysis of the entire market and the loss of no returning loans. Accumulation of usury rates over usury rates exponentially, overwhelming spread of usury practice to involve every tradable aspect in individual life and economy, degrade the situation to exponential usury to full scope extension that they don’t purchase least daily need except by usury credit-cards even if they have the money and don’t need to borrow with usury rates. Whatever the usury rates, 10% or 20% or 30%, say for example average of 20%, you wake up to see that everything tradable in the entire market has some 20% over its supposed price you should pay even if you yourself don’t borrow at all, which is definitely sort of inflation in prices, which is inflation yet with one great distinction, one distinction, which is inflation with one distinction that never there is money papers in the market to balance it within the entire society in whole from the utmost top to down no matter how money papers you print and pump in the market because that inflation sort was not produced by the excessive toilet-papers of money misconduct. And this is what I call the Usury-Ghost-Inflation-Effect, UGIE; then the entire system itself should fall in paralysis with no miracle solution and no way out. That paralysis failure comes in varied degrees according to the “wide and depth” degrees of practicing the usury, they used to call it “recession” or in worse degrees called “depression”, and it happens to reach to total complete system crash and “full collapse” in full scale 100% degree, three degrees, low, medium and full. There is no money toilet-paper in the market to balance this extra price inflation comes from the interest rates, hence liquidate it by extra printed money that will add more inflation of its own type and you find the target inflation came originally from interest rate still there not least touched by the additional inflationary papers beside the extra inflation you added by trying liquidating, it is not like you are chasing a ghost, it is rather like very exactly a Ghost is chasing you. The difference between the traditional inflation and Mr UGIE Ghost, in the first case the theft printed money that caused the crisis it itself what balance the inflation in price, Mr UGIE ghost has no money papers to cover his price inflation trace and he continues growing until he kills the entire system. Simply now you have specific sort of inflation and no infinite liquidate toilet-paper in the market in whole can balance it, the absolute doom is market paralysis and economic crisis; they don’t understand the simplest physical nature rationales, they think they are gods who will create new laws of nature of their own and benefiting them only, pure criminal insanity of dirtiest sort ever. Even if it didn’t reach to the top edge it certainly gathers enough market weakness that any little pulse might push it to the collapse edge like unexpected costs of some war, you know, like Afghanistan and Iraq wars. You thought that the economic paralysis crisis comes from the traditional inflation, but the traditional inflation comes from extra money paper liquidation, paralysis crisis with extra money liquidation is stupidest ever contradicting misunderstanding to the nature of the crisis. All without least exception always misinterpreted the depression real causes since the nineteenth century specifically within the British-Jewish capitalism. Within the relaxed and controlled periods, I mean within the low agitation state periods, the piteous criminal blood suckers of the governments always in controlled limited scales try to manage inflation and deflation and manipulating the market prices in the stock market and material and commodity markets to suck the blood of the slaves while they are sleeping, tamed, obedient and ordered in their places, I mean ordered within their prisons to produce bloods in their veins, it makes no sense to kill your properties of the chicken and sheep, but the Ghost effect of the usury practice yet of the very them too, always works against and chasing them. For example, at some moment they are surprised with things got out control, they managed to suck the blood of 2% of inflation rate but the real fact market returned 10% and the market start to be sluggish in no good for any, they managed for 20% and they surprised by 120% inflation rate in return and the market got sluggishness heavier and heavier like exactly there is no liquidate cash in the market though they can pump toilet-papers virtually indefinitely until all the press machines of the entire world wear out and no pulp paper is available, print trillions of trillions over trillions of dollars in unlimited inflation killing all the paupers allover the world and still ever there will be short in cash and unlimited increasing of the sluggish state of the atheist secular economy of usury, and they can’t evade the state of recession, depression or full collapse to absorbed them in, that is the Ghost inflation comes from the usury effect.

I have introduces to you the problem in bit simple elementary form for you to understand, but it is at least little more evil complicated than this, Fiat money performance style is not the very same allover the world as all economists oversimplify. For example, in Egypt my very disgusting human-garbage-can country it is like this, “We are mother-evils, we are criminals, we are your slavers without deception and face to face, we are thieving, plundering you things less than sheep slaves, so we spit on the toilet paper Egyptian pound and you crawl on land to lick it out and our shoes”, and you see really a general-rank officer from the Egyptian “state guards” (don’t worry about, it is some specific sort of psychopathic mental disease yet not identified in psychology but the infected patients are socially green killer flies, some insecticide I believe might work) on TV acclaiming in horrifying loud tone “Egypt, Egypt, we will not wait until it lost from our hands, who will stand against the Egyptian system we’ll bring him crawling on his stomach”, in fact verbatim, for this I love my disgusting human-garbage-can Egypt, it is like this, direct face to face as brutal evil criminal clear face without any shying or any guising, their Fiat money is direct, honest, simple plain armed robbery without deceptive and cheating maneuvers, palace cave of , slavers, the Central Bank own the currency pressing machine and pump it directly wherever he wants. This example is the direct most intrinsic brutal form of the Fiat money, these are the ugly guys, and if you got to know of them in close you will never find how far ugly they are, don’t. On the other hand the Fiat money performance in USA is different; the subtlety of faking the civilization is something bit complicated than open direct armed robbery in some third world, all are fait money but it has its diverse performance styles around the world that we can classify it too like the inflation-deflation causes. In USA some private financial-corporations (banks, that I learnt recently that half of them is not American) had arisen to claim that they together have wealth to back the monetary notes exactly like gold, and after investigating them later about what real wealth they have to back their monetary notes you find that it was the wealth thieved by the Fiat money immoral principle itself in cheating dizzying circular reference, so there is no real wealth and it was just the plain Fiat money robbery.

Let me start from the recent beginning lest you didn’t get it sufficiently, I tell you how this Fiat money developed historically and worked practically right now exactly. Once upon a time, first step, you have gold and I have nothing, I come to tell you “certainly you fall in burden with these tones of metal on your shoulder, carrying with you everywhere you go, I have a solution!” I’ll give you mandatory promising notes of some gold equal to yours; you take the papers and give up your gold in front to me, how about this intelligent civilized management!” That was the first step and they were happy. Second step; then after while of trading every second-hand started to investigate the validity of these promissory notes, they found that it returned lesser validity than what it promised then they waked up to discover the fact as far seriously they try to get things right as they might lose the entire face trade value on that paper because it is already too late and it meant losing great deal of their real estate wealth, and the British bankers who did that felon were openly protected by the politicians that were sharing the direct clear theft. So it came to the Third step, the people trusted that there is no solution to get out this slavery crisis and the collusion of the ruling class hence the basic principle of “trust” has been introduced as philosophical doctrine of western-Jewish modern money. Fourth step, all the public trusted that if they demanded the backing precious metal whatever the currency will fall down and they will lose big deal of their real wealth, and essentially who needs them anyway, certainly you will prefer to lose some useless metal but not the bread and ceiling. Hence automatically not demanding the backing precious metal by the public became the irrational sense that if continued forever and smoothly it becomes the very common sense everyone forced to accept. Step five; the original bankers have in their possession a quantity of gold that none of the original owners can demand it either by the common sense of collapsing the currency in their hands or by corrupted legislations based on that same common sense, then how it is, you have something in your possession and I don’t have the right to demand it, the ownership had been transferred by common sense and practically to the bankers, they overtook it. Step six, why they should they keep in store forever something you will never demand, while in very technical definition of the ownership it became theirs not yours, even it is out the common sense, you know, it makes no sense at all, so, so they spend their precious metals anyway they wished and you got Fiat money backed by your own materials and managed once again exactly as same it had been started from the beginning at golden papers or silver or others, the only difference is that the trust principle of the fiat money is evolutionarily based on the continuous hopelessness of the backed-metal-money in western-Jewish conspiracy, both way they overtake your life. I admit myself that there is some fractional sense very common between the concept of “trust” and the concept of “hopelessness”, I feel it but I don’t know what it is, let me think, let me think, yes, may it be “slavery hidden in submission”? I don’t know, may be I am wrong.

Whatever; the point is that they lend in usury this toilet-paper money to the USAmerican government while the taxes is the governmental mortgage which is fiat money itself and the USAmercan public while whatever in their hands is the mortgage which is the real estate wealth comes from the real oppressed side in the game of slavery. Hence in this case it is not plain Fiat money armed robbery, it is extra complicated by adding the lethal usury flavor in the poisonous cookery. So the usury in the subtlety of the USA swindle make the usury more exponentially damaging from the very base before it got exponential impulse within the market, hence specifically in case of USA even separating the FMI from the UGIE is much harder and much more complicated in unbelievable immoral misconduct and unequaled barbarian greed; these are the bad guys, you already know how far bad they are. Almost there is no good guys except very few; none of them is called Clint Eastwood. No political figure in USA including the mayors is good guy except in the Cowboy Hollywood movies. Even the goodness model in their fiction movies is very questionable outside the USAmerican manipulated mindset that spending his life searching for the adventure and fortunes in anyway, inside this life model he is scum and outside he is scum nothing as American mayor; not bad entertaining movie about no good guy in their games.

The contemporary international economic crisis has definitely two causes the American Imperialism and the war on freedom of mankind under label of “war on terror” and printing toilet papers specially Dollars to cover the costs, all on one hand; and on the other hand is the usury. Until this moment, theoretically the traditional inflation by the elementary simple brutal Fiat monetary slavery machine should not lead to the paralysis crisis of the market except for a short time lag until the target victims of the labor hands pay it from their blood then the feet steps goes steady, because it offers liquidation that supposed to release from the paralysis state. It only very innocently, dearly and sincerely only meant to thieve and plunder the working hands but not chaining them off working and never meant to stop pumping the wealth to the blood-sucker slaver class, me and you the idiot public always expect wrongly the bad intentions from the luciferous ruling class of mother-evils always like phobia or something, it comes not from their traditional inflation, it comes from their traditional usury, you see how innocent they are of your ignorant angry misjudgment. Of utmost savage greed they just uncontrollably craved to sucking your blood until surprisingly you fall dry and die, they didn’t mean to kill you, it is your fault because you who died, who told you to die you unruly slave sheep, they didn’t, they are innocent. You should stop harassing your innocent governments because of your stupid ignorance and irrational madness, shut up. The public and the freelance-economists always misunderstood; misinterpret and oppress wrongly the criminal mother-evils, how sad. The mother-evils never meant to get in recession or full collapse of their system of slavery, it happens against their will, the culprit is some ghost chasing “all of them and you together” for your hideous evil misconduct. Piteous criminal mother-evil governments, open or secret; I compassionate these piteous criminal babies. These little delicate babies are distinctive intellectual beautiful creatures; they slit the belly of their mothers with their long hard sharp nails to find their way out to the bloody world of the sheep like me and you. What is wrong with that; is it because you don’t have canines and long sharp nails like them you feel envy!

However, you find something undefined called “John Maynard Keynes”, to full extent negatively genius expert, had invented monetary tools, like interest rates and inflations and deflations to evade Mr. Ghost; and of course because he doesn’t see what is chasing him, he mostly and likely, both, he runs to “Mr. ghost” by his tools faster and faster and tighter into his trap. The best sincere honest economist is yet fully imprisoned in the very fake artificial code of the blood suckers mother-evils, if some economist, seriously, honestly with free mind to the degree of not being educated economist by them, if he investigated the Keynesian theories along the sequent economical crises after him, he would find that it never worked, never at all, rather it exacerbated the situations greatly. And until this moment still there lot of them follow the marvel of his theories especially within the USA authoritative figures that defines the very wrong ugly face of the bureaucratism. It inspires some serious question, what could be the stupider than the stupidity itself yet the nerve-brain system is considered healthy and fit by the neurologists? Come on be fair, I taught you something new, in return I believe you should teach me the answer of this question that until now I never found, if you know the answer. Perhaps president Bush or Egyptian president Mubarak knows the answer and of their generous kindness will give us some hand, Mr. very bad and Mr. very ugly. Whatever it meant we should research more about the human phenomenon of global stupidity. And this is what very now we see internationally and very specifically within United States of American Empire, Mr Ghost is chasing Mr evil government running amok. It is impossible to solve this crisis by any plain monetary mean, it is time of justice, enjoy it. So it reminds to our insight the comparison and the always confrontation of “secularism versus authentic divine religion”, the authentic divine religions all history of mankind creation had forbidden the Usury and the seculars that faked they are the enlightenment and the light of science away dogmas of God wisdom they are the creators of this international devastation by their unscientific dogmas, yeeeh, they know better than God, you know, they are gods. Moses, Jesus, and Mohamed, all of them had refreshed the reminding of the divine sanction of forbidding the evil Usury behavior completely, who listens! Religious moral conduct has physical hard honest scientific grounds if you didn’t falsify it to kill the confidence in, if you don’t know it within your evil empty arrogance it doesn’t invalidate it but you will pay it sooner or later, justice takes its place if not today then at doomsday it will complete. Mr. stupid, though your God governmental criminals around the world don’t know what I am talking about they feel and see something fatal dangerous is going on completely out their control. As always they don’t try to salve the economics from falling into the recessions and depressions, this is not very big problem as they don’t suffer it greatly as you do though they don’t meant it to be fair honest explanation. As always they hardly gaining the time to try to slave only their selves by any possible mean at any cost out the systemic collapse letting you with no garbage-can you can eat from while they escape, too while there is no such mean and there is no such super CIA computer program that can help their barbarian evil, justice forcibly takes place, the entire humanity altogether cannot stop it when it comes. And it fits here to quote Mr Henry Ford “It is well that the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning”, though I little doubt that the sick seculars themselves understand their own banking and monetary system beyond it is sort of delicious extortion of blood, they didn’t know that one day it had might turn to be very killer for their selves too. Even the situation is worse than this, do you think if they repented and became angels and suddenly wanted to run the economic in moral manner, and make moral currency, do you think they know how to do that? You are somewhere outside of this galaxy from any here awareness of how far the situation is rotten, the fact is they don’t know how to run it in any righteous moral manner on first place, they are just gang of ignorant plain thieves, that is all, and who wants any moral conduct anyway! Sometimes I feel the mass public slaves are much worse than their slavers and they deserve each other.

Before I leave away here issue, I would like to mention a third source and sort of inflation out anyone control and impossible to terminate within the current international social belief system and very closer in nature to the “UGIE” than the traditional “Fiat Money Inflation”/FMI, I call it “Self Indulgence Function Inflation” or in acronym “SIFI”, the criminal mother-evils governments have no hand in, the SIFI source is the very society itself. It happens when each function within the society sectors like physician function, like lawyer function, like driver function that demand for greater excessive salaries beyond the ability of the rest of the society out that function can comply with except by exaggerating their salaries in their turn and it ends to inflict a sort of inflation too on the whole society and again without money toilet-papers can balance and for this it is closer in nature to the UGIE than FMI, and too it might paralyze the market conditions like the UGIE. But it is out my focus issue here to discuss because it happens lesser frequently with even much less damage and for short terms and it rectifies itself. In recent history rarely it happens on full scale as very usual as the UGIE, the “SIFI” is the very wrong factor within some right public unrests and revolutions. Though very particularly SIFI happens in Egypt all the time with all full damage beside all sorts of inflation, yet Egypt is not usual case, Egypt contains something called “mentally irregular Egyptian society” in its own classification out of the entire humanity; don’t take it as example for any good or bad, ignore it in any objective study, it is uninterrupted historical example of abnormal evilness, I am Egyptian, very, very I know what I am talking about. I investigate myself regularly to treat early the infections and I myself fail the tests sometimes, and the other times when I pass the test successfully I doubt the procedure of the test itself for how it strangely comes, then I test the test, I big your pardon, please, here is Egypt, mother land of all mental corruption never equaled in any known history. Blossomed to even worse with that thing called “Husny Mubrak” and for this you see “Bush” and “Mubarak” are lovers.

Don’t rely fully on the traditional economic education, it very harmfully lacks a lot and basically designed for accounting frauds and imprisoning who study it in great intentional deception away physical reality, economy is the evilest soft science branch ever. It is like some blood sucker brought some stupid servant and demanded him to cook some delicious soup of mankind blood, of course the servant on this course will not introduce any beneficial sincere hard science; science never was in any focus of his eye. The servant of the blood suckers will produce something called western-Jewish economy and western-Jewish political slavery. There are other sorts of inflation, each has its own nature and behaviors, I am not interested to list and name all I know of them though they are to some variant extent influential. Yet in general hold in mind, whenever some inflation/deflation in the market conditions anywhere regardless of the economic system practiced being clearly noticed hence you should comprehend that the inflation/deflation is not single type and is not single classification, and there are many different feeding causes for the inflation-deflation illness in variant percentages within the total inflation-deflation outcome, only FMI is inherit quality to the evil Fiat money policy but some other sorts of inflations and deflations might be money policy independent, if you are not governmental political figure and really intend to solve then you should learn of this. Neither inflation nor deflation is good, they are illness, every inflation sort has its scale opposite direction of deflation; mostly I concentrated on one side just to compress the concepts; and I let you estimate on same way the other counter direction in same category. And it deserves to mention some important fast notes for who doesn’t know; note1: deflation is not good except when it happens due to more producing real wealth while the quantity of currency papers is fixed otherwise the mother-evils governments is inflicting it by manipulating the quantity of papers in the market to manipulate the prices which is theft very equally either; note2: because lot of confusions I greatly noticed among public we should clarify this, the rise of prices as inflation happens when, all the prices go up or the least when some commodity or material rise and the rest are fixed, in general it means that the average of prices tend to rise, otherwise rising some price while the other plummet enough for the average still stable hence it is much likely the material and commodity “relative availability force” of the natural market behavior but unlikely it is inflation-deflation, and vice versa about the deflation.

About the other types of inflation-deflation I didn’t list and I didn’t name, for example, I have not mentioned anything about “Overall Monopoly Inflation Effect” which is significant sort too, “OMIE”, OMIE on earlier phases tend to produce wrong immoral deflation only to push the competitors out of market then certainly it produces inflation in best situations, in worst situations it mostly uses its corrupted ties with the politicians to chain the market then jump directly to the inflation trophies without waste of time and sometimes both methods in the intermediate hostile public environments, I haven’t talked about “Nature Inflation”, “NI” that happens when the quantity of material or commodities quantity and quality change due to natural causes out control of man hand. Even the communist EX-USSR suffered some sorts of inflation-deflation unclear within the communist mindset; communist Russian governments fought with all brutality and never could completely terminate because none could imagine that some sort of inflation-deflation might appear within the communism system except the NI so they didn’t understand what they fight. I doubt that they fully understood both the communism and capitalism on first hand or they should had been of neither the alternative mask of the other. Whatever, still really the major evil comes from the FMI and the UGIE of the British-Jewish surface capitalism mask, and in third less minor the SIFI within all socioeconomic ambiences. No, speculation, insurance and future financial contracts; almost all derivative market instruments are nothing more than complicated form and stealthy behaviors of the simpler direct treatment of the usury concept, I didn’t put them in different category, they are usury. I am aware that none is fully understand what the usury is because the transmission of the concept of the “usury” from its ancient resources is half defected today in modern era, whatever, the least understanding of the usury still enough to be taken as full evil. Hold in mind: In every terminology I used, when I used the term “inflation” it meant to point out the popularly famous pole of some cause-category for purpose of easy identification of the category, while practically I meant the entire scale of the cause from inflation (increase of the price) to counter direction of deflation (decrease of the price). Hold in mind, the direction of the base cause defines the direction of price movement defines whether inflation or deflation, for example, in concerning of UGIE if the usury with interest rate behavior reduced to zero like loan without interest then went under zero to counter direction that is to say it turned to be charity then that category I named UGIE will reflect deflation on the market conditions rather than inflation. Too, in my personal terminology I used the term “mother-evils” but you understand I meant practically “mother-fuckers”, indeed very unfortunately this term is obscene to use and as a matter of fake pretentious courtesy I used alternative worse strong term like “mother-evils” yet much lesser obscene, thank you for your patience that I lost. The other rest sorts I haven’t mentioned I didn’t investigate enough; probably because I didn’t significantly sense their colossal damage in real life but yet I am not so sure, too because I am aware that some of them is very sophisticated like that comes from superficial over-usage of technology or surface trivial novelty motif with cultural interaction, that comes from pure cultural sources, etceteras.

Another one example deserves to gain essential and vital attention, lays in the sophisticated categories of inflation-deflations, the “Mass Production Inflation”, “MPI” is one of most significant and greatly influential in its own, it comes mainly from whenever there is economy-administration interaction to arise. In very arrogant wrong impression the corporatist mainstream media stuck in the brains of the public that the “Mass production” economic-administrative principle is innovated by the Ford Motors Company, Mr. Henry Ford only the first had adopted the mass production principle, which was very well known much earlier, to the new burgeoning field of automobile industry about 1914 in USA, that time any cough been added or adopted to that new field would had been considered innovation. Factories manufactured glassware and bronze ware in ancient Greece and Rome, and silk factories were operated in the Syrian cities, in ancient history, were all based on mass production administration principle. The Egyptian pyramids and China’s great wall were example of the mass production principle, though represented the extremist ever idiotic evil stupid face of the principle no less than the American space shuttle, you know, you don’t, never mind. The mass production is the administrative principle that gathers diverse workers or operators around one target product or service, where the operator is not directly touching his achievement and separated from marketing stage by at least one or more administrative layer in the middle, and all history until now it is divided into only two types, “many cells type” and “one big cell type”.  The “many cells type” is that in which each cell fully finish the product or the service then at higher stage the products or services are collected for marketing, and the “one big cell type” is that in which each part or step production of the product or service is produced along some narrow specialized sector of workers they don’t share the other steps or parts and it may reach to they know nothing about the other steps, however, these are the extreme poles of theoretical classification. Practically there is gradual management-quality change between the two extreme types. It is not sharp distinction except in few cases, rather they are mixes and they are many to very blurring extent to endanger the clarity of such distinction, however they are two colors you use to paint the mass production process even unwittingly. The general encyclopedias like Britannica or Microsoft Encarta or American Lexicon are mass production of the “one big cell type”, Encarta and Lexicon are excellent Encyclopedias, by the way, today Wikipedia is taking the advantage above any though it yet not produced in CD or printed (it will lose much of its features if printed on papers) and is not very free as they pretend and claim, Wikipedia encyclopedia is mass production belonged to the “many cells type” not like the traditional Britannica or Encarta as example. The mass production process tends to be fully centralized and to compass wider demographic area, while the production in general outcome happens to break into lower mass production scale sizes spread through the same area, and be broken to less and less and the production spread more and more until we reach to the elementary production management that each sell to the customer living so near and reach it on walking feet or sell to some bigger mass trade service producer. Some think that all “one big cell type” produce very single product, while that is not true, the bank produces diverse types of financial services and is “one big cell type” and NASA is “one big cell type” and too produces diverse products, even the automobile factories may produce diverse car classes with the same definite engine and so on. However, the ruling class and the super rich, mother-evils all history loves the mass production trend because it is much rather centrally controllable in iron fist than elementary management, too the mass production inflicts much deeper social control submission than the other scale-opposite-option, they fight deadly the other option by all available mean, disinformation warfare in media and educational curriculums and direct governmental administrative and legislative hindrance, mostly hidden and sometimes open. Excessive presence of mass production phenomenon is one of the symptoms of the imperialism through all history, they are intentionally disinform you that it is trait of the civilization while it is not, its excessiveness is trait of barbarian slavery not civilization. And they greatly disinform you that it is the most economically efficient way to run the business, very brutal blatant stupid disinformation. Yet I am not entirely against or supporting either side over the other; mass production management and elementary management, rather I definitely say the honest consideration of the “macroeconomic efficiency and fair balance” is the critical measure for the best of both and that efficient balance they had assassinated within the Western mindset and philosophy of macroeconomics to the benefit side of the mother-evil corporatism. Perhaps in the so called developed countries that view had gone, but go to some third world country where the contrast is still vivid alive, I see in two adjacent shops selling the same product type, one came from mass production management and in the other shop it came from the elementary management with half the price that summed at the mass-production, with exact equal quality if not better on side of elementary management, then how it comes the mass-production efficiency big blatant lie, I made long comparison among many products to find likely the same yet not all. Because USA is the top barbarian evilest country of immoral wars, they consider wars is business rather than any self defense, in murderous mass production of American war, too they recently discovered that war mass production is inefficient than the elementary management, regular big army war against insurgency (terrorists), so they turned to kill the civilians to prove that they are the right strong, I don’t think so. I think that they are mass coward criminal ignoramuses production that is very poor inefficient in anyway too. Let us remember inside USA, the country mainly featured by mass production corporations than any other country, around the nineteen-eighties, when some economic legislation in concern of the free competition had passed into effect such that it opened the road for the very small airline transport companies to compete seriously within the inner market. It turned as they described then to “sea of corporation-blood from bleeding competition”, the big mass airline transport production could not compete the quality of service and low ticket price with the elementary management airline companies, not only this but too it returned fast some degree of deflation through the entire market conditions in fast response (events in transportation field fast reflected on market condition so faster than any may imagine). Through that short suicidal experiment period that they had regretted on their knees, some reflections on media said to what I remember like the small worms had crippled and eaten the big companies. Of course they attacked that movement in the media by stirring doubts about safety standard concerns and service quality levels that outside the corporate media environment the elementary management companies were at least no worse than the mass production companies that recorded more many big accidents than the smaller ones so far as I could then extract as fact through the arguments from all sides. From that incident specifically I know very well they are completely aware of what I am talking about here while they as ever lie to you the citizen in the vicious propaganda of corporatist disinformation warfare. In sociology and politics may it be right to use the term “corporatism”, in philosophical concern of macroeconomics I believe it would be rather precise to technically consider it “Mass Production” versus its other opposite side on the same economic management scale “elementary management”. This sort of inflation-deflation is very sophisticated; I mean it depends greatly on the specific environment traits to decide which side of the management scale is rather balanced efficient to apply, whether mass production management or elementary management, both sides might yield good effect or bad as it depends on the surrounding environment and nature of the product itself, in building big ships you are fully forced to mass production side while in construction field you may resort to the most efficient of either, in so many situations your options are open for the best efficient, sometimes the elementary management will produce wrong inflation and the mass production is better, sometimes some degree in the middle between is better efficient than the extreme of either and sometimes the elementary management is best efficient in so many situations, and so on. Soccer in game theory concern forcibly is mass production management game and tennis forcibly is elementary management. That game where each player tries to pierce the eye of the other by fist for fun, what it called, it called what, yes, English boxing; barbarously it is elementary management game unless it turned to street riot then it should be mass production management to be efficient with definite aim or result like in English stadium hooliganism otherwise the cops mother-evils with arrogant caps on their gelatin heads will catch you and noooo gooood, bad, bad. Neither extreme big scale nor extreme small scale management is always efficient and not always inefficient for it depends on each very specific situation. Sometimes the extreme elementary management of walking in the street couple of kilometers to reach destination is much efficient than taking mass production management public bus, sometimes it is not. We can ultimately apply the understanding of this principle to the state-government structure to decide the most efficient stable direction to make everyone happy with wide smile to his neck-back but it is very complicated dangerous application very especially in the international extreme criminal hostile mother-evils blood-suckers governmental environment in world full of human-crime monoesters of every kind, especially these parasite thing politicians; only the free braves are trying it out by direct brutal force with lot of sacrifices of no smiles and certainly they are not westerners. There is some degree of wrong inflation-deflation happens due to the bad implemented management-scale. Though the “OMIE” is very likely a companion brother to the “MPI”, yet they are not ultimately related to be considered one thing, they are two different entities with different natures; the mother-evils authority/government may inflict “OMIE” on the market conditions in fascist behavior while it doesn’t share any least production process but stupid evil and not all mass production operations involve monopoly injustice, they are two different practices. They probable companions yes but not ultimately related in one entity. “MPI” scale, from mass to elementary, while I excluded the random management from the scale because it is completely neither unproductive nor productive at all even if it got lucky or bad random chances, “MPI” might produce beside wrong inflation or wrong deflation; it is very possible to produce unemployment and it features in the inflation concern the very bad poor incoordination of real estate wealth trade movement in the market reflected in high price product definitely with lot of unemployment rather than the very specific lack of cash, though the cash is available only with the owners of the corporation yet we can say in the whole market scale it is available, that is different than the UGIE, in this specific case the unemployment is equal in effect to the lack of cash status to push the market into sluggish state and paralysis. Though the MPI is at least bit closer in nature to the OMIE, yet I want to give help hand in solving your problems by focusing on a very distinctive bad feature specifically attached to MPI. The bad face of MPI produce unemployment in specific sense that it trashes in big stupid harm some very viable productive and consumer sector of the society that can be by itself complete self-reliance sub-circle possess within it all the economical factors it needed like production and consumer market, separated from the original big society circle and it can return the lash of the free fair competition and fair equal opportunity against whom trashed them, just if, only if, merely if,  if the ill hatred from the government they lived under its slavery didn’t paralyze them in the monopolizing “hidden and deceptive” political-economic” evil performance. In the dictionary of real honest natural just economics I didn’t find vocabulary like “unemployment” of the western-Jewish modern economic dictionary, in just economics I found vocabulary like “employed” and “self-employed” and there is no unemployment. The “MPI” already shares the current international economical crisis by some big significant part and the culprit is the excessive corporatism; it is one example of the sophisticated or complicated category. Injustice in this contemporary modern human life became his normal life and this human has forgotten almost everything else, mainly thanks for the Satanic NWO, it happens much more than frequently, may be always all time, may be in ignorant habitual continual bases, that there is some diverse particular sorts of wrong harmful inflation-deflation in the market even if the market seems flowing smoothly that you are not aware of, so I am not fully confident in my ignoring them for now, sue me.

Ashraf, you sound like terrorist! Of course I am, I never denied this, today the term “terrorist” only in reality meant “being unruly to the criminal injustice rules and injustice creeds”, this what I am and this what you should be, but I never committed any least immoral human crime like your Satanic Masters, you know, ummm, you know may be some little sins here or there, mmmmmay be bit little bigger than very little sins here or there. Whatever, the NWO may sacrifice and accept any losses except their most inner central structure being exposed yet in this current phase of international human intelligence conditions and crises they inflicted. Their top power until now lies in one thing in “not being exposed”, I believe the NWO organization should accept the loss this round and retract to its hole, it is neither the first big tactical defeat in their history nor the last, otherwise!!! And if they intended any good for the mankind to come out finally from their corrupted diabolic twisted plots, treasonous behaviors and unlimited mass human crime as they preach, it would be the end of the corruption which means the end of their selves; hence why not end it now! How they could continue all this time without full collapsing whereas they never could prevail all and finish it. First, the source is isolated from its branches and sectors by full secrecy so whatever setback happens in any landscape operation they can gather their power and establish their connections again. Second, they prefer operational contraction and idling than risking for whatever big cause, is one of their top historically unbroken strategy rules, what couldn’t be achieved this year it might be next year or next decade or next generation or even next century, meanwhile they still watching, planning and gathering power and impulse, enjoying the life from the virtue of their completely closed stiff exclusive fraternity based on corrupted business of whatever sort. So it took from them about the last six centuries to declare something open clear big like today well known term of “New World Order” and the “United nations league”. Third, their native local direct connected network is too full isolated from the rest layers except so few of them, and if some big setback happens they behave like the source. Forth, they never initiate or kill or support any in any direct clear manner by their inner circle direct hands. Fifth, their “intelligence fortified castle” is entirely built on paradoxes; they are uniquely top edge skilled and trained on this. Let me emphasize it again for none is fully aware of this, none, including the NWO intellectuals themselves. The “paradox” is different special case than ordinary plain “contradictory”. The plain ordinary “contradictory” is two concepts confronting each other so they block the flow and strangle it from continuing on open path, easy and plain solved by eliminating false one of them or may be both. The “Paradox” is two elements in contradictory or more that are not face to face confronting each other, rather they are back to end without direct plain confrontation and they don’t stop the flow but they revolve in closed spin of circle absorb you in, it only complicatedly solved by fixing the specific field of intelligence or science branch where that paradox occurred. The NWO intellectuals studied all the Paradoxes of History and emulate them in replications in everything they touch like politics or economics or sociology etc., that their main greatest power armory, and yes, none of the paradoxes solved until this moment seriously in thousands of years. Hence yes, they can prove that 1=2, and yes, they can convince you that they are “honest” because they told you the “truth” that they are “liars”, so you can’t excuse them of any crime of fraud and falsification, they are top-edge experts on this. The NWO intellectuals themselves are enslaved prisoners in the “Paradox phenomenon” and they use their own disease to inflect the slavery on mankind and entrapping them in the paradox spins where they are masters. And you know what the most sarcastic paradox is, it is they think of themselves an evolution different sort above other normal mankind, I believe this too; truly they are paradoxically sick to full extreme evolutionary distinction. Sixth, If the perilous situation turned to extreme danger and the idling is not enough for their safety, they turn in supporting in near real substantiality the counter side in fullness who is pursuing them to kill and they conceal within their enemy completely to the extent that they may sacrifice some or all their next layers to the core hence they are not only safe, no not only safe, they are the heroes that fight for the justice and humanitarian goodness. They always have agents and penetrating all sides without exception and they are pushing all sides against each other and got out as the only winners and rescuers. They are the human version of the authentic Satan and they worship the Satan though you may find among them Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists and Atheists, and others. While they all believe in the existence of God more than anyone else but they fight God, is their biggest ever paradox to eternity, to eternity of afterlife hell of course. Seventh, If they happened to suffer some big loss to depression state, their first concern on returning back is to erase the traces of them out pages of history and cleanse calmly the persons that knew anything of them, assassination, doubts and suspicions, inserting irrational Phobia and paranoia then direct erasing from any narration pages until full disconnection, are some of their tools until they erase their traces, they might work it through only two decades and the disconnection process succeed fully. No American today is aware of the President J.K. Kennedy’s speech bomb which he talked about them, that speech was the very direct cause of his assassination. “The very word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society. And we are as the people, inherently oppose to secret societies, to secret oath and the secret proceedings. – – – – >” to the end of the speech bomb exposing everything, which was a trace to his assassination relation with the secret society that controls USA, it had been erased fully from the public awareness and replaced by his supposed relationship affair with the famous actress “Marlin Monroe” that strangely had committed suicide too, of course and his mistake of Vietnam war continuance that he might had been tricked or pushed in. Eighth, they always pay lot of great fortune and effort first in paralyzing the entire victim society before they proceed according to the degree of paralysis they could inflict, and greater fortune and effort to hold the control on its intellectual, cultural and specially its religious medium. Ninth, in their wide general communications needs they use the most direct simple primitive encryption means, forget about the gibberish of  the modern computer encryption methods, they don’t use any modern technology for encrypting their national or international intercommunications, modern technology encryption is for the modern dumps, neither such thing secret inks like the onion-juice or modern synthetic chemical secret ink, only most plain simple unbreakable methods available to every hand anywhere without any secrecy except the concealed content.

To the full extreme extent of the unexpected wilderness, but I don’t fear any extreme treatment or exposure if I believed it fully, the NWO organization/government has its own officials and even ambassadors and representatives and authorized open communication channels with the normal open known governments. I mean for example, you can expect that while some normal governmental “closed door” conference or summit discussing and making some decision, local, foreign affairs or internationally oriented, it might happen very normally that someone knock on the door and introduce his identity very open officially as “representative or ambassador of the Global government”, he got in and take a chair with comfortable ease and forward his propositions and negotiate and even he brutally threaten or softly appeal, mostly he is native citizen but talk as belonging to different nationality, as very simple as you will never believe it. I don’t blame you of least if you didn’t believe me but it is the truth; it took from me several months to accept this fact when I discovered some evidence led to it locally here in my country Egypt. I found this material evidence only about couple of years ago; let us not talk about it. The Global government is very merely very secret on level of street public and outside the decision makers and effective influencers. Though such committee or conference or summit involve some elements from the NWO” very secret to the rest of their native folks, yet the organization itself in full matured entity has the separate full authoritative official structure and full separate identity to represent itself on many political levels on its own. It became full matured independent separate political entity, may be it is the only independent political entity. All open official governments all over the world know it very directly and very normally and very plainly, it is one of the elementary information pieces you learn on your first rank of being official politician in any open normal governments around the entire world without any exception. I am not quite sure but I think they could reach this mature position only after the WWII with their hand made “United Nations” openly declared on international level. And it explained to me the very odd of not accepting the Afghani government (named Taliban) to the UN after ending the soviet occupation, the local government that refuses the recognition of the NWO organization government it returns it back by not recognizing it through their very own well known UN league then later attacked by USA-client-country with falsification of reasons namely 911 events, of course beside another tones of political-economical-religious-causes, on the other way round, certainly the local government that refuses to recognize them on first hand was differing with them on the other tones of causes. All causes you may introduce to excuse refuting the Afghani public consent government had might been applied to so many other countries, like Egypt or even China that has a big privilege of UN Veto, odd and double standard of rules from the UN? No, it just the UN is tool for the NWO government, simply the local government that admits the NWO government, it back admit it and let it in, no, neither it is odd nor double standard. However, the UN league is not plainly the NWO government yet it is one of its international political technologies beside many others. Tell, what the term “United” meant or might mean anything else if I am deluded?

And while I am writing this here treatise, I found this very relative reminder very equal to the speech of the American president “J.F. Kennedy” but this one came much earlier:

“Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the Field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere — so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive — that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it”; Said by Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924), 28th president of the United States (1913-1921).

And, and, and mmm, cough, cough, no I don’t have bird flu, cough, just I feel something irritating in my throat, cup of water please, okay, thanks, Mr “Woodrow Wilson” is the first politician who invoked the construction of the international league of “United Nations”. First it was called “Nations League” (1920 to 1946) then superceded by new formation with wider scope of countries until now called the “United Nations” (1946- until I topple it down, though President Bush already has done great deal on this way and remains so little of it, thanks for his absolute freedom atrocious behaviors). Bush didn’t destroy his own country only he too has to great extent destroyed that worm-can called UN as the only righteous act he ever did righteously probably through his entire miserable life; too I hate the worm-cans but for different causes to what he is for. They use the UN for their benefit when it works for their criminality and ignore when it doesn’t, no, it should be toppled down all along; it is not nonsense useless but rather worse criminally useful. The least I do now, I claim in full open my rebellion by my natural inherited human right vested in me by God as any individual on earth that “I don’t admit or acknowledge the United Nations of slavery of mankind, in any way; direct hand struggle against injustice is the only solution for what the puppet governmental systems entirely failed to do intentionally, it is the basic strong natural solution for justice never was dead ancient and ever is as new as any born child”. Waaw, woo, what a bravery of a real free man, yeah, have you seen that! Not very exactly, I mean not very exactly very, very really, I was just making a scene from challenging the already ruins of the UN remains after the Bush absolute freedom demolition operation, the UN was much less than nonsense anyway. Come over with me, you know that scene of Scottish William Wallace while the Britons were pulling his body appendages apart and he screamed “frrreeedoooom”. I loved that scene not because he screamed freedom, everybody screams freedom easily and nothing seriously happened, definitely because they pulled his body appendages apart, what a sadistic scene, I love such things cut up. Of course in any Hollywood movie the actors need some make-up and professional doubles to make the scenes influential. Perhaps some of these Hollywood barons discover my genius buried talent, dynamic actor, trust me, I don’t cost the producer any doubles because I act the dangerous scenes without doubles in my own and satisfied by very little wages, real action deserves the Cinema halls tickets. I can act that heroic scene without fakeness or doubles; imagine me on the wide scope screen bringing the king of Britain on table while pulling his body appendages apart and he screams “slaaaaveraaaay”, wooo, I can do that in real dynamism without Cinematic fake illusionary techniques or doubles. Sad I am, I have no luck in Cinema world, whatever; selling burger stock shares in that street was not bad though involves much scenic trickeries and the king of England is so happy. Whatever, it is greatly suspicious if Mr. Wilson had issued that statement to inform the public about some national treachery disease he would had to uncover, fight and cure, or indeed, simply just he was issuing a threatening warning and organized criminal memo against who might oppose the secret organization because in fact “the biggest men in the United States, in the Field of commerce and manufacture” were themselves belonging to the local sector of the NWO. He certainly was one of them and not on the counter innocent side. As we speak, J.F. Kennedy certainly turned to the good side at some moment through his career and meant his memo seriously on good side of the public and for this he had been assassinated. Not only him but many of his family, there a lot of contradiction in concern of the Kennedy history and his decisions, perhaps because the disinformation war against him and to wane out the public believing in his cause, or as any other political president surrounded by many treasonous advisors. Or he truly was contradicting himself, I have no precise rigid background about this, only I admired the bravery of his speech before his assassination. I don’t think that Kennedy family in whole is something different than one of these rich clans that all they care about is money and fame, yet it is undeniable that from this family many real brave men sacrificed their lives to the goodness of the “wrong faith in some immoral nation” of their people in rare idiotic sincerity deserved sad admiration. While the American people never protected them, in fact they turned their back cowardly and rather loved the fancy of Marlin Monroe. Deeply sad when I see sincere men been sacrificed for deceptive wrong causes, they had been killed twice on same death. Today it is even dilapidated down into the bottomless, no even Marlin fancies; it is blatantly either bold fact-homosexual or coward political-castrate pimp.

I have no idea whether they started to issue their own identity cards and passports, but they have their very own airports, and the passports are only counts for the numbers. Do you have any idea how many persons pass daily through any public airports or seaports around the world without passports, either as humiliated arrested suspect or as VIP? I have seen it by my own eye, some supposed VIP pass without showing passport and without least inspection, I tell you; you have no least idea. Don’t occupy your mind with the trivial routine regulations. Whatever; I don’t think that they have started to issue their own passports yet, now you may sleep with peace in mind.

There are tenth and eleventh and so on, they in fact much developed and advanced more than this simplicity I introduce here, just I am bringing you close to how they are; they are “advance global organized crime organization in a real complete form of government, more advanced in administrative structure than any government you know on the TV set or printed press”. I don’t talk about the NWO by speculation, but from long extremely complicated observations and analysis and rigid proofs, and sometimes direct contacts and physical intersections and penetrations to their shells on very wide scope and landscape. It became a real nation and real social factor effecting and deflecting the entire human society nature. They are not unprecedented, in all the past there were always their raw crude scattered versions everywhere since the great flood of Noah and the treason and deception became some sort of power through human society.

What? What bring that little detailed perspective of the NWO organization government in the middle of here Empire versus Nation issue? Have I lost my focus and concentration? First it became a big effective player in mediating of shaping this issue of Empire and nation, vital and fatal part of the micro and macro view of the process, can’t be marginalized aside, the other counter way might be rather right, that in some situations the other players happened to marginalize themselves leaving the entire space for them as the main monopoly player of full control. Second, bringing them in the middle ground will help you deeper to grasp the course of events that sculpture the distinctions within the issue much rather precisely.

Let be back to the hair fissure on the gloomy glass concern. When I was young I spent two years in the military artificial engineering collage (engineering collage) in Egypt, resigned and continued in some civilian engineering collage. While I was in the military collage, there was some greatly poor library, neglected of no real importance in some basement with accumulation of variant books that mostly unrelated to the contemporary courses over the ground, useless. Nevertheless, in the extreme ever stupidest unbelievable bureaucracy, the lower rank than officers buried in that basement away the light, perhaps the administration of the collage itself know nothing about their existence within their educational complex, they used mandatorily by the momentum of habit and unmodified regulations through the decades, I don’t narrate some fiction story for excitement, I narrate the situation seriously as it was, so stop laughing at my story, they used mandatorily to distribute the useless deteriorated books or pamphlets to the students. The students in turn don’t open until the end of year until they returned it because mostly it was useless by the virtue of the routine. To me likely I found within them some extraordinary strange fortunes. One of them to what I could barely understood was one little pamphlet of some special course in the applied mechanics of free moving bodies in the space, extremely advanced to extent that you may never have the chance to see something on alike level on the shelves of public libraries or any university around the world, was not any plain sort of technical data or very technical handling, rather such sort that teach the science student to be his own. Of course it was not any related to any courses in any of the branches of the entire collage of variant engineering specializations, something very advanced narrow specialized though yet not limited technical. Easily and clearly I could predict that it was written by some high experts came to Egypt from one of the Warsaw pact Allies (probably was Czechoslovakia, now after long years I am not certain of which Warsaw pact ally) that had been supported and control by EX-USSR, on the time of the control of USSR on Egypt. That type of extreme advanced level of education can’t be a typical behavior of imperialism, no it is impossible, because it was serious pushing toward development inside the victim country, its merit can’t come out from imperial typical exploitation. Too we may notice that some of the presidents in EX-USSR were from the regions they annexed after only few decades from the annexation; too that was not any imperial behavior. Taking in consideration is the serious honest Russian cultural and scientific support on the shelves of their civilian library in Cairo. I don’t defend the EX-USSR but still I aimed to explore some very important definite behavioral distinction to learn. For example, I remember though all has forgotten this, once I had read in magazine named directly “The soviet union” published by the EX-USSR Embassy in Egypt, again it was not from western cold disinformation war propaganda, in a publication officially came from the Authorities of EX-USSR in Cairo. I had read a reportage about many thousand children (that was more than twenty-five years ago) had been taken by the EX-USSR occupier forces in Afghanistan and had put them in special schools well prepared with good human treatment, in preparation to be ideal Soviet Union citizens, I remember definitely they said in the report that they salved the children from their barbarian Afghan families. To what I remember, the report didn’t mention if they were orphans or had been kidnapped by force from their families. That Soviet reportage stayed ever in my nightmares, and never waked up from these nightmares except by the USAmerican occupiers murdering in whole sell mass all families and their children in so many hundreds of thousands to may be Million without costing least care of any level of human or inhuman moral measures in both Iraq and Afghanistan in the utmost authentic form of most extremist insane atrocious imperialism never seen alike in history of mankind on such scale. Why not; they did worse atrocities before in Vietnam Cambodia and Laos. Why not if the NWO stooge Egyptian President Jamal Abdul-Nasser had done by their command the exact same in Egypt-Yemen war for USA to gain a military base and Petroleum oil contracts there while dividing Yemen to north and south as plotted that while Egypt openly was an ally to EX-USSR that time. Egypt my Country, my Nation, in Egypt-Yemen war Egypt had committed no less human crimes than what USA is doing today in Iraq and Afghanistan, Egypt had erased whole tribal villages to the zero ground on Yemeni lands, ask me, I am Egyptian and me personally when was young child had heard witnesses from soldiers were there and one of my very family elders was soldier who died there in full vain for the American imperialism not even for a criminal nation. Certainly and without least doubt, treasonous Nasser was treble agent. Very strangely (not particularly to me) that the war of Egypt-Yemen and USA-Vietnam were happening in parallel on same historical time, same date-about starting and ending, almost for the same period, same intentional genocide for the natives committed by both USA and Egypt, and though USA lost Vietnam war that warred by its own and too Egypt lost its war too, and though Egypt that time was a EX-USSR colony but USA had won the war of Yemen that it didn’t war by itself! Are they coincidences? But I believe that the seemed many surface first-sight coincidence points are what make habit, coincidences are coincidences for they happen very irregularly as disconnected few can’t be put as record-points on smooth representative curve, this is not ultra incomprehensible issue rather this is very simply called on secondary school level “statistics”, even the uneducated can see the correlations and coordination without statistics. I only referred to the math “statistics” to brutally cut the tongues that intended to confuse the public in mental paralysis as usually between the “coincidence” and “correlated habit of events”. Let us back to our point, we should take in consideration the other view of the USAmerican empire typical behavior in its colonies; it very only exploits and consume the wealth of the Colony as typical, cheap controlled man-labor hand resource beside the natural resources, without implanting any seeds of local capability of any real development or freedom. If their corporations expanded to any local factory and investment in the colony under the label “attracting the foreign investment to prosper the local country”, still it is their full property exactly like the British Imperialism through the seventeenth to the first half of the twentieth century, while they never transfer with it any but the hardly sufficient technical labor skills to produce their trade commodities using the local labor and natural resources. And in macroeconomics they subvert the local economics through enslaving the local currency that should back itself by their Dollars and build a national reserve of their currency which very formally turn the local economics to be full slave economics to theirs, the local economics is lost, plundered, absorbed completely in fact, that the real very typical authentic behavior of the hated slavery Imperialism. Occasionally I had the chance to meet some dear intimate old time colleague (now little above medium rank officers) from the military collage couple of years while Egypt is colony of USAmerica and of course NWO until this very moment, traveled in engineering educational journeys to USA, and I investigated from them what they learnt from there, I found that it is all fake, few elementary courses on level even lower than what they had learnt in collage, some fun with prostitutes and retuning with some money saves, that is all about, waste of time and financial resources and lot of cheating and fakeness, USA is big corruption, EX-USSR never did this in any of its colonies. If you asked me I tell you not my opinion but what I see, Egypt is the top corrupted country and people in entire history of mankind all the time, and USA is the worst corrupted country on earth not on the scale of entire human history. Why Egypt is that, because on that scale the corruption percolated and overtook entirely the core cultural and religion full depth of the public and society that will produce anything in this country, so it is not limited at some ruling class behavior, it is much worse than this, USA next to Egypt in gaining corruption degrees but not to 100% fullness like Egypt. Then why USA is inflicting incredibly more evil and crimes than Egypt, I can tell because a country with some corruption degree and full power always inflict much more damage than a country with full corruption yet has little power to manifest its evil. But don’t rely on this very much yet Egypt is inflicting much damage around bigger than its physical power by power of the extreme moral wickedness, I point specifically to greatest extent at the Egyptian intelligence agency (National Defense Council). The Egyptian intelligence agency is the main controlling power on entire Egypt, the mainstream media TV or Journals or movie industry, the economics, the military, the presidential institution, everything is controlled by it, it is mother-evils of the entire Middle East, I am not very, no, I am completely full aware of all what they are doing. And to mention that EX-USSR had succeeded to develop for example Czechoslovakia to some much better degree than Egypt, not because EX-USSR didn’t treat both the same, I witnessed not this, but because the mediator NWO organization, while Nasser as NWO agent had taken the command from NWO to destroy Islamic country in Africa so negatively offset the good side of EX-USSR in Egypt, certainly the leaders in the Christian Czechoslovakia in Europe that were too Agents to NWO had received different commands. Though neither the people of Czechoslovakia are real followers of Jesus, nor the people of Egypt are real followers of Mohamed, nor both has serious intention to follow except their own immoral insanity in different degrees (Egypt is on much worse degree) and both the messenger Jesus and messenger Mohamed are fully innocent of both the criminal peoples and the criminal NWO. I noticed doubtlessly in many other sides and proceeding of events in Egypt within all governmental sectors how Nasser and his system committed intentionally crimes to destroy the country gradually without any may feel, stealthy yet can be easily proved on connecting the dots in one scope view. Until this moment the situation is still the same by Mubarak this time, this is another issue out my needs here, whatever, it is what my Egyptian people truly deserved in fullness, thanks God, I don’t complain. What I want to get in conclusion from this very diverse elements view is that EX-USSR not like USAmericanm, EX-USSR was not “authentic Empire” for it behaved within its ally colonies rather like the nation behavior within its inner districts or administrative divisions. It was rather the NWO fabrication and incitement of the Russian international movement but the inner culture and public texture that too in their turn had shared affecting the course of the “internal national intelligence medium” was what brought out the “unauthentic imperial behavior” imbalance in their international affairs, I believe that was another more unrecognized failure for the NWO. And this leads us to be wary from that evidential behavioral distinction, certainly there is misunderstanding and gloom about terms like “empire and nation” in many international and historical paradigms, not every international expansion is imperialism; some are “expansionist nationalism” in distinctive behavior. We should rather precisely discern out the “expansionist behavior” in its own from Imperial and national behaviors. Hence (Q2): Any human society that grows up over the tribal structure is exercising national expansion whether by brutal force or persuasion, sole expansion is not any distinction between the Empire and the nation behavior, the direction flow of the benefits from the center of the expansion is rather discriminating behavior, if equal or not, or imbalanced, the nation even if in expansion status must behave in equal balanced flow and the empire take more than it offers if it has offered any.

Was the Nazi the evilest ever conquerors inflicted the damage on mankind! Very wrong, it depends on what mankind they talked about, let the European Empires in contemporary to the Nazi Era say this, like France and Britain or across the Atlantic to the USA Empire. In fact it was not any shying hidden in history pages, that both sides was earnest to establish a bigger imperial turfs inside the European continent. The Nazi Germany was a nation in transformation phase to catch the European Empires evil steps with one difference, Nazi Germany did not start cowardly by devouring the weak and innocent public in the other three continents (Africa, Asia and Latin America), but it started bravely by devouring the barbarian beasts of Europe, two evils, yet one was lesser evil than the other, one was brave and the other still now is coward. Shying; what shying, no Empire in history shied of its criminal behaviors against its slaves, only they ever renew their twisting rationales to be stylish fashion according to the time, like in the past called “outlaw”, today called “terrorist”, and all time they all know it as resistance against the slavery, injustice and barbarian conquests. May be France, Britain and USA were talking about the damage inflicted by the Nazi on their immoral interests and slavery wealth, and too I have the right to talk about the unlimited damage and lost human right and slavery inflicted on me by coward barbarian Empires like Britain, France and USA and their here treasonous local native colony governors.

And not every empire is expansionist. Here another quality, (q3) one of the differences between the Imperial behavior and nationalist behavior within diverse populations and landscapes is the degree of inclusiveness and exclusiveness it exercise, the empire tend to exclude the foreign diversity, abase it and consume it and the nation tend to include the inner and outer diversity and respect it. In other words, the empire tends rather for sucking the wealth and lives within its influence while the nation tends to support the people within its sovereignty. You might think that this note is most well known to all in full clear obvious simplicity, so what new! I tell you are very wrong, this is the most complicated unclear quality that greatly not practiced or proved practically to be true, whatever, it is what all think in great perplexed confusion. So it supposed ideally notable difference, in pragmatic real life it is very weak vague theory rather than real sensed quality in practice. Tell me, how can you sense this theoretical quality in the nation of China that doesn’t try to conquer another countries close near or far, even it paid the price of all its imports by fair trade than cheating conspiracy and brutal conquests like USA, really I admit that it behaved internationally as fair nation system not empire system and I can’t forward any controversy against this. While on the other hand the Chinese inner nation-like governing system treated its very own people in atrocious behavior that might be very comparable to the empire mechanism, the historical records of their behaviors are vast plenty, five thousand of finest young flower students had been massacred in open while protesting without least consideration or least investigation or least sense of compassion, inhuman servitude for its labor hand that paid just above the destitution as so little percent of what they produce, forced unfair creation of capitalist fat merchants on the neck of the enslaved poor class to serve the benefit of foreign western corporations, governmental full slavery form of communication censorship to the extent that in history of the internet I had never seen any free Chinese little citizen to cast his view or opinion or webpage except the governmental, not even one citizen in a nation of quarter the humanity, what is there, is it dungeon nation! I don’t need to gain from you anything if I said when I see how the Chinese people suffers from their native government I feel like I got knife into my stomach. Theoretically only the empires build dungeons, the nations should not as supposed by that qualitative behavioral paradigm. Tell me, how it comes that this vague theory to be pragmatically true!  Tell me, how even inside the inner body of the USAmerican empire, inside any empire there must be an inevitable nation heart, inside the heart it could got the gut to kill seven millions of its very own people in governmental systematical famine, or how very today it neglects about five million homeless and send more many millions to the street out their homes without solution, only for the super wealthy class theft benefit and build mountains of many millions of unemployment, even the worst atrocious empires in history never reached that far in their conquests for foreigners hence how USA dream of being empire while its inner heart is no nation at all according to that vague theory; look at their presidential election 2008 certainly you may wonder if it is a brutal conquest to Iraq and Afghanistan or it is an atrocious conquest to the American people themselves while their whoever politician are in corporatism monopoly promising the deprivation of any defined human dignity to all sides, are the USAmerican people voting for Imperialism while they don’t have a real nation of their own on first place or they never understood both! How it comes that theoretical notion! Tell me, why Britain (The great garbage of mankind) through almost a thousand year could not treat Ireland as part of its own nation, almost same language, very close culture and close religion, very close distance in few tens of kilometers, what that so special in the Briton race above the Irish to be distinctive different while in fact the Britons themselves are not English on earlier hand, is it they worship the blood sucker royal family and the Irish don’t! Tell me, do you want me to tour the entire world to Mexico that until this very moment can’t consolidate it’s nation body through many centuries of revolutions and national inner unrest through many races starting from native Indians to Hispanic to Anglo-Saxons to French, or do you want me to open the file of France about their continuous bloody models of empires and nations! Don’t tell me this one, I know it more than any, how it comes that I live in a country (Egypt) that if a foreign invader came here, I don’t know who I should fight and resist against, my very own criminal people or the native criminal government or the foreign criminal invader, all of them to me are criminals of the same kind if I couldn’t see any difference like my own people are much rather evil than the other two governments because I am neither gullible nor treasonous. It happened that once I said to the Americans “If I have the chance to be in Iraq, I would fight both Saddam and the American invaders indefinitely”, doubtlessly that had to be greatly better situation than fighting the entire everything around me here that no point at all except madness and there is something you believe in to defend there. Certainly there is a huge difference, the entire difference among, who defend the Empire, who defend the Nation and who defend the Justice, and that difference is what clears all the notions out of all vagueness. Which lead to a little modification in Quality three to be real practical; (q3+) the nation without justice, freedom and equality is nothing more than diverse concealed version of Empire and actually inside it there is a hidden distinctive closed society worked the function of self-interest nation isolated from the rest of the colonized society to make the whole thing function properly until a revolution to take place. Which lead for practical sighting, that inside the USAmerican empire inner body, though clearly that the fifty states don’t compromise a real nation as rather is another gathered colonies according to the modification, yet inside that inner body there is some inside hidden closed society function as nation. So the inner body of the USAmerican Empire is greatly much smaller than it seemed or tries to pretend and even much weaker than it ballooning itself. And this formally explains the capability of the atrocious treatment from many governments towards their own people much real than any tyrannical fake paradigmatic theory. Much less formally some call this sick national behavior “cronyism” though in fact it sickened in so many situations much beyond this oversimplified view of “cronyism”, this cronyism exacerbated the inner state construction and undermined greatly to become a formally solid hidden insider sub-nation separated in parallel from the rest of the gathered colonies formed fake nation. For this very typically they can’t Impeach President Bush and you find Bush always very confident that they can’t. For this they found themselves fully entrapped in the atrocity of the USAmerican presidential election 2008 captivity. I am not kidding but seriously even the rats are much smarter than falling in this idiotic alike of trap patterns, even they don’t need to cost themselves by putting some bait there, though the fact it was the same situation all the time and 2008 election is not unprecedented situation but they neglected to see and to know; there is money then everything is okay, there is no money then nothing is okay. The chicken in barn, like myself and you, are not much worried if they will be slaughtered one day or another or plundered, or what the word freedom meant of any real, only if our daily corns is thrown to us or not, the chicken are the most peaceful and ordered civilized creatures on earth by the very definition of the western civilization, very true. I prefer outlaw and out-order terrorism, I state it openly. And for this you may find the Chinese or Egyptian government as examples could treat its people even much atrocious like foreign invader or worse. Certainly there is a huge difference, the entire difference among, who defend the Empire, who defend the Nation and who defend the Justice, and that difference is what clears all the notions out of all vagueness.

g) Another approach to human society realistic than the nation-notion approach:

The tribe expands by intermarriage between different tribes or by delivering more children and it depends on the natural resource abundance around; the tribe only expands by natural persuasion. The empire only expands by direct subjugation, cheatings, treasons and conspiracies. The nations expanded by the “tribal rationales and federations”, or, it happened that once it was either empire or expansionist-nation that transformed into stable nation. I think we learned after tearing off the trickeries and deceptions of the diverse governance doctrines like republic and royal etc., they are all the same, some narrow ruling class is the center of expansion of both the empire and the expansionist-nation. So far we speak of “center of expansion or “center” of stable stationary coherence” and rays to “utmost frontiers”, we should understand that the distance from the center to the utmost frontier is not limited at the geographical phenomenon measured by kilometers and miles, there are another physical dimensions sharing the definition and determination of the term “distance”, like culture and religion and economic interests, and another factor as dependant factors like language that later in lack communication or hostile it became repulsing factor taken in consideration in its own merit though it wasn’t in some very earlier stages of the entire human society progress, language is a product of the geographical culture and not vice versa, etc. In whole there are another factors in summation can be totaled in social, psychological and individual mental factors, all these factors altogether with the (geographical) plain mechanical distance compromise the figure degree of the general term “social coherence differentiating distance” to sharply understand the “social structure” of the humanity in right generalization level over that gibberish nonsense of the previous three qualities of the confusion among military weapon terms like empires, nations and tribes, expansionist or stationary, good or evil, freedom or slavery, that everyone use only to serve his own covetous or plain innocent temporary needs and to justify his interests dwelled in, sometimes right and mostly wrong. Never ignorance was any bless; ignorance is the innocent door to evil but when you in, please leave behind that innocent self-deception shell, when you in you are plain evil like any other evil. Now forget about the terms like empire and nation.

Whenever there is a self-interest social group “Clique”, like “proletariat” or “Catholic church” or “driver union” or “military veteran” or “republican party”, “NWO local society”, “extended family to tribe” or some “city administration council” or whatever any sort on any level. that Clique of whatever sort establishes at-least-unwittingly some degree of power differential ray over distance (“gradient” instead of “differential over distance”; is the precise term in mathematical terminology domain) starting from its “concentration center in general sense” to its utmost frontier it could reach where its coherence vanishes gradually that to say its “cut nearest limit before its utmost frontier” is always questionable and subject to hot inner friction inevitably. Not limitedly depending on the type of interests and goals but rather greatly depends on the “quality and quantity” of intelligence serving that interests we can define the nature-quality-qualification and power of that Clique. They greatly cheated and tricked you when they asserted the fake cheating and Satanic wisdom of that Italian Satanic politician Niccolo Machiavelli (1469-1527) “the ends justify the means” to cover and justify their human crimes. No right mean will lead to wrong aim and no wrong mean will lead to right aim, right means lead to right ends and the wrong means lead to wrong ends, unless we do know neither what the wrongness nor what the rightness in full foolishness and complete idiocy if not some nerve dysfunctional. For this specifically the “quality and quantity” of the intelligence serving the interests is stronger factor defining the type of the Clique much more than the type of the interest itself. In main view, the intelligence is mainly only two types, either wrong fictitious or right physical natural. If you decided first before any mean some “aim / end” and searched for the means that establish or achieve that aim and you didn’t find any “right mean” to achieve that task hence very probably the aim you had decided on first place was not of any right of yours and it means that you sought something should not be yours unless you live in some paranormal entire gross wrong environment like Egypt or USA, this is exceptional irregular cases. You are plain criminal if you continued asking it through the wrong means. I believe that I am not talking to mentally retarded humans, because the animals admit in stiff moral conduct this rule stronger than mankind and we are much lesser intelligent than these chicken in barn on this course unless they got civilized in western way and lost. This is well understood through all history though we repudiate it, I am shocked at finding myself need to explain or in worse position to argue it, human being is strangest most destructive evil creature ever appeared in and on Earth within the entire fauna and history of creation. My lovely piteous mother Earth “I am sorry, very sorry”. I love the animals, to me they are the pure wild innocence and intrinsic aggressive passion, I doubt you understand what it meant. Whether the intelligence is fictitious or real, depends on both the interest type and whatever the intelligence type (fictitious or real) serving that interests, some sort of practical powerful authority is established from the very existence of that whatever Clique in gradual replacement from the “servant intelligence” at the concentration center to the “subservient brutal obligatory force” at the farthest frontier, the physical path of the ray is constructed by the type of the interest/aim/goal/end that stands strong only by its very own returned revenue value and merit at the concentration center and fades to weakest or to nothing at the farthest “social coherence differentiating distance” frontier where it tries to stand only by the brutal force and subjugating regulations to resist that weakness at frontiers. Elementarily it is very enough to watch the construction of some big extended family to see what I am talking about; and no matter how developed, complicated and advanced is whatever Clique it never changes; complicatedly watch the social Clique in some city how it establishes the flow of the traffic through the streets, from the regulation deciding to a policeman enforce it in the street. There is no living organ or living whole creature on any level of simplicity or complication in existence that is not inherently social; even the viruses are very communicative and interdependent social creatures, this is one of the very basic rules of perpetuity and survival of the very concept of the life-death itself. Yet it is not any rule of the non-existence, the non-existence doesn’t live and doesn’t die and is not death and doesn’t communicate, this is never an issue of mine here or anywhere, it is issue concern of God, I am no God, perhaps American President Bush or Egyptian President Mubarak and their Clique may talk frivolously about for they think in themselves as Gods, unfortunately but they end very limitedly to talk only in ways for the destruction or slavery of entire mankind, that their interest. The wider scope of interests for some Clique the bigger intelligence energy it needs to consume and the lesser controllability it might succeed to hold, than, bigger clique with narrower scope of interests not enough to sustain itself into rather wealthy civilization form; hence bigger federation to wider scope of different types of Cliques of lesser scope of interests achieves much more successful controllability and able to sustain itself to the higher wealthier civilization, and from there since deepest ancient history had arisen inevitably and physically the concept of the “separate governance-function social product” that is based on the cooperation of or control of different lower interest scope types yet much rather reliably successful like, geographical, family, military, agrarians, industrial, driver union, physicians, etc. and consequently side auxiliary products appeared like nationalism, patriotism, the state, the politics, Imperialism etc. From the very definition here of the “Clique” it can’t produce civilization of any type by its very individual self except in very low merits, in fact though the Clique is the column of the civilization it is not the ceiling of the civilization, the “social governance-function” is the ceiling of the civilization and the ceiling of the civilization is not Clique; from here some concepts like democracy and its opposite despotism had arisen and had been aborted very early in the womb of the ill human society mother before it develops to advanced practical form and wider inclusiveness to all parts of the society than its current known theoretical primary crude version, on international level now it became only despotic except few resistances here and there around the globe. Yes I know, the social conception I support here might not be not only different conception from the western civilization model, but it certainly go in great fissure confrontation with it, because the western Civilization had been designed from the very early, may be through their entire history without least interruption until this very moment, had been designed for “slavery based civilization” that is measured by military power like atomic bomb and how many cruise missiles, conquered wealth, science and technology are not much more than product of wealth and it never was the property of some civilization over another like how in disinformation war in the western countries they ever try to build the imperial social mindset around as empty western supremacy slavery tool and luring. In western mindset, if you have these measures hence you are civilized and if not hence you are primitive. You should leave the primitiveness and stand for the slavery of the western civilization, in western dogmatic secularism “governmental Clique slavery” is the unavoidable fate of the mankind, who stands in resistance against is criminal terrorist has no right to be human at all, should be kill like insects with no right of any least slavery, say “welcome USA and NWO, welcome western Slavery to entire mankind including the western people themselves even if privileged slaves, privileged slave is better than nothing”. Ever in whole history, yesterday and tomorrow it will never change, the main mechanism of specifically the entire societal slavery, is to divide the society into three divisions, wide Low salves, narrower privileged slaves, and few top slavers; internally and is applied internationally the same, and discarding in full murder the unproductive paupers. I vote “Big No, I prefer death”. And this what the NWO organization never could understand while they thinking of themselves highest evolution of mankind, they believe that the social Clique of all types is a resistant factor standing against the development of the civilization, they eroded the family structure among all humans and almost succeeded in the western nations, they undermined the labor unions and weakened them, they undermined the democracy in big deception and trickery manipulations, etc. etc. in ever stupidest misunderstanding or fake-misunderstanding because they know that the Clique is not and can’t be civilization then it should be eliminated to free the civilization from any restrains. While myself I see the only Clique standing as obstacle against the real sane human civilization development is any sort of parasite slavery Clique, secret or open. And hurray, the ceiling is free from the sane Clique column restrains, but the ceiling doesn’t fly, it only collapses and fall down, say “bravo” for the high intellectual evolution of the NWO organization. This is not evolution to anywhere; this is devolution to full mankind destruction. People, listen to me very carefully, in some authentic divine scripture completely I believe in and I trust; God said that the “Satan” doesn’t promise you mankind except definitely the “deprivation, deception and trickery”. If you don’t believe the existence of things like “Satan”, watch the steady evil of his followers without any sequenced goodness, if you don’t believe in God, watch his creation with destruction, life with death, it is the day and the night. The wealth of some nations you see right now is not a product of real civilization, it is mainly a product of the plunder of other human beings either inside or outside, like the known inner huge gape in wealth between the super rich and rest of the society very inside USA Empire, or by conspiracies and unjust force the barbarously fabricated wealth gape between the imperial powers and their colonies. Generally I am not talking about even distribution of wealth, I am talking about justice and open equal just opportunity as equal human right to live, compete and struggle for his very existence without trickery, deception and direct brutal oppression and without plundering, beside the merciful right for the pauper who is depraved for reason or another the means to survive even in most fair just competition. The wealthy narrow oppressive enslaving Cliques of whatever type or in any scale are the truthful barbarity and criminality that when it finishes the consumption cycle it doesn’t maintain within itself the right elements or rigid structure of the fit sane civilization, they certainly collapse on themselves, so they continue and survive only on parasite cycle which is the western understanding of the “clash of the civilization” and their destitute criminal conception of the civilization in whole. And this is the engine and wicked weak economics of the imperialism that USAmercan people don’t understand and lived happy and prideful with, the American way, they live only on blood sucking of others even among themselves. So as we speak, the NWO organization is not “governance-function social product”, it is spinning on its place as Clique, it is not Civilization, so is so many governments on its image on earth, they are parasite Cliques, the entire human society is in great suffering of servitude and slavery if not whole mass-sell of massacres. And specifically the USAmerican social Governance-function product fraud has been revealed recently within the current inner and international financial crises to its true face of no any civilization but it is mere plain parasite Clique, and it has cleared the empty western civilization concept of nothing more than international conquest social criminal gangs survive only on blood, deprivation and depravation of mankind.

DO you know that the animal society ever apply the governance-function social product as democratic rule in truthful civilization whenever they coexist in society bigger than family, while the human society mostly doesn’t except the rare, the human mostly apply the governance-slavery clique tyranny, western or eastern, north or south. Hence according so, the animal society is more civilized than us though poor, in contrary to any idea they inserted in your gelatin brain within your reinforced concrete cages or captivity by means of the fake science, delusional education and the dirty criminal politics symbolized by Satanic creatures like American Bush family or Egyptian Mubarak family or others of alikeness. In very sincerity the animals are greatly rather socially civilized than any human society in best favoring situation to mankind. Power capability to oppression and injustice, plundered wealth, unfair incompetent unavailability of the competitive opportunity of self-existence-right, murdering for no right cause on all scales, fake unreal intelligence in self-doomed-destructive challenge to the rules of the nature and universe in unlimited cheating, treason, deception and conspiracies, devolution and deterioration by million means like awarding the clear criminal and punishing the innocent in very open killing the social and individual trust in conscience value, cracking the natural societal connections yielded to one control of some slaver Clique hidden or open, ignorance to the right diverse society right forces, social and individual apathy in numb senselessness on both levels or perhaps you think that the selfishness may construct some sane strong rational society for any creature sort, reducing the thoughtful experience of sensation of whatever living creature kind to the immediate short lust sensuality in surface understanding of the cause-and-effect of a dead stone crashed on the ground like orgies, nerve drugs and alcohols but if the crashed stones have feeling yet not every feeling is sadness or happiness or affection and certainly is not mercy, etceteras, etceteras on this theme. I can work on this theme only to the end of my life so the human society may do to the full end of its survival, but the few I introduced here is very enough to tell that such theme doesn’t produced any real civilization, it only produces concentrated wealth, technology and power only between hands of the criminal parasite slaver Clique and the whole misery to the rest of mankind if not total demise. Yet though the animals so produces rather developed-rationally-sane civilization even if elementary than mankind who doesn’t achieve it at all, they don’t produce much wealth to themselves because the animal society is not created by God in his written fate for “extensive broad internal social diversity” and “intensive most inner brain-individuality”, which teach us and open our eyes to the truthful physical full separation between conception of the superficial appearance of gained wealth and the deep sane practice of civilization. The civilization happens on the basic structure level of the society regardless of the wealth gaining and production. There is no what is called “The clash of many civilizations”, it is a big full lie and mind control of the slaves, but truly there is what called “The struggle for the civilization against and opposing to the injustice and tyranny”. Perhaps they meant “The clash of many tyrannies” while I misinterpreted their sincerely cryptical nefarious intentions, sorry, I am learning from the scratch, enlighten me please. Though I am of deadly rebellious terrorist nature, there is a good obedient student inside me, that if you have any right concept to teach indeed; I doubt it if not completely certain you don’t have except the criminal tyranny, plundering and murdering in cheating phony called civilization. No, it is not civilization; it is evilest ever atrocious barbarity the innocent animals never practiced within their elementary civilizations. Full miserable Piteous is the situation on Earth right now, all I can say, moving from disaster to worse human catastrophe, morality is inhumanly smashed under the feet of the unmerciful injustice of the stupidest ever devolution of human disastrous sort. Yes certainly, “Certainly there is a huge difference, the entire difference among, who defend the Empire, who defend the Nation and who defend the Justice, and that difference is what clears all the notions out of all vagueness”.

I am happy, now I have found on a fine line connected the previous introduction more interesting hobby than the history pages of “stupid and the scumbag”, hobbyist sociologist, sounds good 🙂

Manifesto Inferno II; lava.

(1) Along all; who did say that “Charles Darwin” was the first mother-evil hubristic theorist who infected into the piteous minds of the doomed helpless slaves the evolution theory? They all lied to you, according to what I know definitely such disgusting sick presumptuousness of alike slavery theorem existed and dressed in variable surface forms of fake reasons, deceptive verbalisms, forged scientific codes and dogmatic cultural codes, even fabricated cults and falsified religions and deity humans, and in very common among them all the unlimited sociopathic barbarity of justified mass murders and wicked subjugating slavery, definitely afterwards the demise of messenger Noah and his accompanied earlier flood. All mother-evil slavers all along the known history claimed some sort and degree of race evolution above the other human slaves and up to the degree of being deities; pharaoh-god in superior bloodline of king dynasties, Emperor gods of Persia, Emperor Gods of Japan, emperors of the Aztec Empire, noble blue-bloodlines in entire Europe and royal families even like very those days we live in recently that the marriage of the British prince “Charles” to the commoner “Diana” has been taken as extraordinary act that brought to her life all misery and ended by divorce and assassination of her and her unforgivable low bloodline embryo, give me one reason, only one sane rational reason that made “Diana” commoner or princess while in either she was the same humble human and same blood, or the “divine absolute freedom” came out from the American Bush dynasty. Or look here in Egypt very today, the Mother evil (you know what I meant by “mother evil”, let us be polite babies) “Mubarak” spit on the shoulders of policeman then by power of miracle it turned to be burning stars from heaven to get ranked as divine evolved man while factually this policeman is much criminal and deeply stupider than any criminal you might see in entire your life and he manifests the supremacy of his criminal race, he murders on all scales, he falsify the documents, reports and denunciations, he thieves, he extorts, he sexually assault males and females, no crime in the dictionary they didn’t or don’t do on wide and full scale, do you know why, exchange of benefits they keep him on power and he let them loose, some technical circle of power beside many other sorts, because the evolution theory is the fake reason every mother-evil slaver in whole history needs to justify his unlimited human crimes at any moment. And it has no truthful base ground, it just an evil arbitrary human fiction that they can claim it momentarily to their side every time they lust for the blood of the slaves, do you know how they get their racial supremacy only by the unnatural selection of corruption, bribing and cronyism ill social tools, no natural selection is there, Egypt is unequaled piece of full scale corruption on all social levels. When nature got corrupted it destroys itself or its environment destroys it in its behalf, this is natural justice and righteous revenge. Neither the western fake civilization even if buried in subtle deceptions, I don’t see any evolution, only devolution, only historical continuous slavery that they today inflict on the rest of entire mankind. The theory had been stuck to Mr. Darwin only because he the first who dressed the evilness in the guise of modern hard science, you want to talk hard science, oh yeas, I can talk hard science, I love whatever hard, I love to do hard.

(2) No matter the later intermediation of genetic factor in the middle of the “evolutionism” concept frame and theory it didn’t change the basis of evolutionism. Genetics first predicted by the Austrian Monk “Gregor Mendel” (1866), then the “Population Genetics” founded by Sewall Wright took its way to the middle core of the earlier evolution theory that led to shape to the rather genetically detailed concept and theory of “mutationism”. In before Genetics, they were used to say, the monkeys has arms and legs so is the human so is the bird, the whales have lungs and warm blood body and humans too have lungs and warm blood bodies and so on, so they are similar kinds and may have one descent, after genetics had been introduced or as today they are used to say all have the same genetic biochemical structure that responsible for the diverse similarities in whole construction of all life forms. Hence, yet the abstractive frame of the Evolution concept is still the exact same and untouched by the further detailed genetic discoveries even if labeled differently as “mutationism”.

3) Typical Evolution theorem: “All species of life form had evolved from one origin by natural selection, to diverse classifications according to diverse environment conditions”, including mankind whom is the descent from the closer father monkey or ape.

4) There are three terms had been intentionally set in great unbelievable blinding confusion and been used in place of each other in intentional fatal wrong pretended huge misunderstanding, along the entire path of this theory. Which totally violates the very basics of the hard science historically acknowledged procedures in very common; and deadly undermines its seriousness and its honest consequences; from the very foundation. Full clarity of the thought with clear definition, and the accuracy of the expression, both are of the very basics of the hard science, otherwise you don’t talk in any hard science; otherwise you talk in loose premature soft science and free of serious consequences, which lead to another basic of many of the hard science that is “liable mature responsibility of consequences”, it is not fun or game, neither entertainment nor criminal Bush-Mubarak politics. The three terms in here concern are the “evolution”, “mutation” and “adaptation”, they are disastrously misused in connection to this theory to savagely forcing it in body of the “hard science” by bad intentional fallacy.

4-a) Evolution concept and lingual term: Open any dictionary, you find that the term and concept of “evolution and evolve” whatever the language you tongue allover the world, Chinese, English, Arabic, Spanish, whatever, its concept is to getting higher degrees of intensity on some trait or quality, performance or activity, position or rank, quantity or size, and so on. You can say; “my child evolved from the primary school to the secondary school”, “the fire evolved from the small match stick to the entire store by mistake”, “the people evolved their peaceful protest to violent total revolution on no response from the mother-evil government”. In connection to the evolution theory, they easy and loosely used to say; “the dog evolved from water ambience to dry-land and its original fins changed to legs” and too they equally say the other counter way; “the whale evolved from dry-land ambience to water ambience and its original legs changed to fins”. In connection to this evolution theory they say; “the animals that lived on the trees while jumping in between, some evolved wings to fly to the sky and another some evolved stronger legs to walk on land”. These people who think and write this way in connection of evolution concept and term, lack the supposed ability of “intelligible communication” necessity for any sort of social activity whatever and suffer some sort of “mental instability”, they are danger, the concept of the term “evolution” mandatorily forces naturally some scale at least roughly if not fully defined to decide if the subject event is evolving or devolving, hence the hell how it comes it goes either way or any random direction without any defined scale with any reasonable intensity degree, is this hard science or hard garbage gibberish? I can’t take the concept of evolution either way on the same scale, for example, I can’t say that some creature evolved to the water environment and some another creature evolved to the dry-land environment, which direction of evolution and which direction is the devolution? Is the creature that live in the water rather evolved or the other way is rather evolved? What is the measure-scale of the evolution? The very fact is that the so called evolution theorists including Darwin never tried to define any least sort of measurable scale for their evolution theory, it is just a very loose undefined term lack any sense, because it was deception and cheating all the time in their plots and never intended any science. I don’t accept that even in soft science activity, this is nonsense trivia. Even if you tried to help them in recent knowledge of science that the wealth of the Genes is the measure, you have exacerbated their situation because the genes of the maize grains are discovered to be wealthier than human genes, moreover the tiger is stronger than man, the cheetah runs faster than man, the birds fly and man can’t without non-biological equipment, the elephant is bigger in size and weight and so on.  Only one scalable trait in concern of evolution concept when it comes relative to mankind, whish is lost though the intentional insane mess of Darwin and his theorist followers, the “intelligence of man”, which when I think about through the above Exordium and the immense quantity and the burning intensity of the cheating, deception and fallacies within human “gene pool”, when I consider such unbelievable stupid mess in using some term like “evolution” by all the evolution theorists, I doubt it greatly, this is disaster, are you sure that we the humans along this cheating way really on higher evolution level of intelligence above other life forms, are you very sure? Well, I am not quite sure, I advise the evolution theorists to try some other trait scale away the “degree of intelligence”, because they themselves are the last life forms that could prove any valuable or respectful degree on scale of intelligence by this complete disastrous misusage and full ruined mess of the concept and term of “evolution”. The basic concept of “evolution” itself is fatal gross erroneous mistreatment in the entire “evolution theory”.

4-b) Adaptation: Adaptation is no evolution; they use them in full intimate connection and equal replacement for intentional catastrophic loose misconception just to paralyze our brains, I don’t know why if we the people including the conspirators normally don’t use our total-frame-mind on first hand, strange paradoxical conspiracy, I don’t get it. The dolphin has rather higher intelligence than worms on dry-land and dolphin intelligence very closely comparable to the intelligence of dog; neither the dog nor the dolphin is evolved than either on evolution scale of intelligence, each is just adapted to his environment. The marine sharks swim faster in sea than terrestrial turtles walking on dry-land, changing from being marine to being terrestrial doesn’t make evolution, it very only makes adaptation to the environment. And the parrot-bird is evolved than the fly-insects on scale of intelligence while the fly-insects are rather evolved on other scales or other qualification and traits; flying certainly is no evolution in this case, just another adaptation for certain living style than any environmental conditions because both live in same forest and on same tree and eat differently from the same fruit.

4-c) Mutation: when they felt that the erroneous mess of the term “evolution” might endanger the general “slavery theory” and the plot of paralyzing the brains that is not used on first place itself is erroneous mess that worked reversely on practice and rather it conjured the brains than putting it into sleep, the brains of the public were sleep and they just waked it up by wrong attempts of paralyzing it, they tried to fix the conspiracy by distracting the attention to another new sleepiness of complication. They only meant to avoid the scale problem of the term “evolution” getting obvious, the concept of “mutation” doesn’t need standard scale; it is just any change in any direction, anywhere and anyhow mess. Yet this maneuver never meant to take down the “slavery theory” only it attempts to distract the attention away the measurable scale problem of the term ‘evolution”, so, when the mutation is favorable by nature conditions it leads to evolution and when it is unfavorable it leads to devolution or extinction, the natural selection. The replacement of the concept of “evolution” by the concept of “mutation” did not introduce anything except blurring the scale problem by siding it out the observer sight while the “slavery theorem” is still on, trickery, they are real devils.

5) The theory of evolution: “All species of life form had evolved from one origin by natural selection, to diverse classifications according to diverse environment conditions”. The “cause and effect”, as simple rudimentary natural rule, the cause is the natural selection, and the effect is the evolution, fine. The evolution of whatever trait or quality, meant getting higher positive degrees on the scale of that trait, not naively changing by adaptation process to be compliant to the conditions of some environment, the arms are equal to the fins and equal to the wings for this is no evolution but rather plain adaptation that might get the same degree on scale of evolution, rather efficient arms is evolved than weaker arms on scale of physical strength of the same type of arms and it might happen within the very same time and conditions, arms of man is not evolved over wings of the birds due to diversity of types that each is only on the scale equally adapted to his/its environment. If the effect, just suppose “if”, if the effect was evolution as the concept and term of evolution really meant without that fatal erroneous mess, hence the cause should be evolving on first hand, the non-life-form of nature itself should be in evolution with some defined quality scale to judge that dead-nature evolution process, yes the effect should follow the cause in its characteristic performance and behavior, does the dead nature evolve, does the non-life form of existence evolve to produce that effect? This is the question. I agree, some certain set of environment conditions on earth is essential to accept the life form side of the existence, initially, but since these earthy environmental conditions happened to exist, did it evolve since in definite path on some specified evolution scale? There is no sense for applying the “evolution” concept to the non-life form side of the nature, very especially and more specifically if we took the “intelligence scale” as a general measure for the “evolution”, the intelligence is the top powerful important quality within the life forms. Suppose we think of the evolution of the non-life form side of the existence such that these suitable set of conditions for the life form getting wealthier and getting more richness and getting more abundance, in fact, all thinkers without exception of who engaged in debates against or on side of the evolution theory, all without single exception agreed to, the harder the environmental conditions the higher intelligence the human got experienced not evolved, if these hard conditions didn’t reach to fatal level of low scarcity. If the fruits on the trees were abundant continuously all time as nature evolution the human would not need the agriculture, the agriculture is a feature of the intelligence experience. If the climate all the time got very moderate and comfortable, the human would not need to build house construction, civil construction is a feature of intelligence experience. If the entire dry-land of earth was only one piece surrounded by water all side and in it all what we need the human would need to build boats and ships to search for his needs on other distant islands and continents, building transportation equipments is a feature of intelligence experience, and so on, and so on. If we think of the non-life side of existence in evolution term as abundance of resources, we certainly find that it would work against the intelligence evolution and would not promote it, and also it would work against physical strength evolution. “Evolution by natural selection” that leads to “evolution by nature evolution” doesn’t work in any least possible way. The physical adaptation is something else and it doesn’t lead to any evolution process, whatever changing happened the species stays on its own level of evolution degree and already you can read this within the debates of the antagonists against the theorem that noticed on map of the fossil evidences that there is always abrupt change between the species that contradict the theory. It is just big deal of one more scientific conspiracy from the European renaissance blood suckers known today by the “New World Order”. No enlightenment but just the classical dark, even worse full blackness by slavery control of the academic, educational mediums and the mainstream media, to dress the very dogmatic ancient dirty “slavery theory” in new subtle fake scientific shape. They enslaved the scientists and call it age of enlightenment and secular science. We the humans allover the earth and allover the history of mankind since Adam and Eve, we are equally evolved on the same grade without trans-evolution; there is no human race above the other, there will not be, the wealth you see in hands of the slavery empires and emperors is not returned to any civilized evolution but returned to slavery, barbarity, cheating, treasons, conspiracies and it is all work on devolution direction if we speak in favor of that theory. There is no any least hard science in this gibberish theory; it is not just plainly wrong theorem but much more it is fabrication savagely violated all the hard scientific acknowledged procedures and rules in no shying way. It returned big shame and disgrace to the entire scientific communities on Earth and very unfairly it had undermined the credibility and honor of the entire concept of science. I am hobbyist, no I am not professional; I am out of this mercenary academic shame and mercenary scholarly disgrace. I don’t know how many fallacies or how far the European black-up-renaissance blood suckers had begrimed the body of science and the humanity in general, everyday I discover more dirt filthier than before.

6) If the natural selection never could introduce inter species evolution and transmission the way they palter, speciation and transspecific evolution, then what had built each species in its own rank and classification? How can we explain the common similarities among them? The only possibility any may imagine is God, one creator had made such similarities. They intended by covering on one creator God, they introduce themselves as superior race above the rest of mankind for unfair justified slavery and they are the masters. Exactly same ancient dogmatic slaver dressed in new complicated subtlety. In fact, we as species we adapt, yes, but we don’t evolve, even the degree of adaptation, which is not degree of evolution, depended greatly on the degree of intelligence content within the species beside the natural forces, the greater influence of one happens at the expense of the other within the over whole adaptation process. And the adaptation proved that a black-human descended from some tribe from Africa could adapt to be like any Evil white-human even worse like the American Politician “Condoleezza Rice”, or another closer black-human descended from some closer tribe from Africa could adapt to be a kind-good-intelligent man regardless of his color skin like the activist “Martin Luther” that almost no white human in USA could come on rank over him. Even the Adaptation is not strictly resulted from the forces of the non-life side of the existence, the intelligence content factor that the non-life side of the existence/nature has little to do with, this intelligence content offers more options and choices to live in peace with the nature forces, we see that everyday within the human species, and very easy its observations exists and recorded too within the other species I don’t need to prove it, and I can’t extend the talk in this space for more, time is closing up. Even the Adaptation process within all species is not strictly follower to nature forces, there are more choices within each species much more than we think or imagine, and there is God and there is no superior human race above another human race.

7) I don’t know how many fallacies or how far the European black-up-renaissance blood suckers had begrimed the body of science and the humanity in general. Very recently I have read about a new scientific breakthrough; “finally they could photograph the Atom directly”; and they introduced some photo. I said to myself, “How strange, because they already had done that a couple of decades ago and I remember the photo that they had introduced in the past, similar photo on the same figurative idea theme; some circular fog with a dense spot in the middle”. Then I squeezed my memory more to remember that they claimed the same too about four decades ago with close alternative photo, which claim was or is the honest real and which one is the false for one of them should be false claim? I squeezed my brain more to reach the size of orange ball to spill all what inside about this matter to discover that they claim this in periodicity of around 15-20 years; I believe they claimed it more than three times up to my eyes could caught on the scientific media. And in the middle of squeezing my brain to reach the size of lemon ball, and there is some dish to collect the juice, I remembered something important too. I remembered that some antagonist in the middle, some non-famous physicist I don’t remember his name or the magazine where he had written this, “It is impossible to photograph the atom, because you need light with wave-length dramatically shorter than the atom size to reflect its details in any acceptable conceivable resolution, while the atom originally is what produce all light sorts on first place with some definite wave-length very intimately related and stuck to its size and its energy content structure, hence there is no any sort of light with enough short wave-length to photograph any atom”. Here is another “technology saturation point”. This scientific rejection claimed by that honest non-famous physicist by time had been practically proven by the series of false claims of the dishonest mercenaries. In fact all what we know about the atom structure is nothing more than imaginative modeling been suggested to very hardly fit with some collection of scattered measured data, but no direct photograph can be achieved even on the level of the bigger molecule. To what I remember such false claims came mainly from Britain and USA. You know, don’t worry about the size of brain even if lemon size, because efficiency matters than size. I think this is the problem of our species; you got leaders and many strange guys in rule of the world like Bush and Mubarak thing and those secret strange stuff things around and behind them, got big bon skulls with almost zero brain efficiency. A bird with few grams of brain with full efficiency may produce equal grams if intelligence or little less, yet more than enough to survive, a man with thousand grams of brain with zero efficiency would produce zero real intelligence, big, big zero, no survival, bad; bad. I think the evolution rank of our human species is really endangered by these odd strange poisoning guys, you believe that; I am just seriously worry about these humble few grams in birds,        leave    the    birds   alone    . Who does such false claims and for what purpose? You did that? I am innocent, I did nothing; I did nothing. Ummm, you there, you did it? Did what, even I know nothing about what you talk about. That’s okay, I tell you, it is no secret collusion today, after getting the big picture of their international program through false claims and false theories, through some conspirator academics, popular educational systems and media around the world, they draw the picture of the human intelligence everywhere such that to fade the faith in God and gain a false trust of the absolute human capability of absolute controlling his fate and his future without God, hence the higher evolved race (evolution theory) that them is the new God we the humans should submit to and worship in the “New World Order”, that is, so simple like many thousands years ago when the mother-evil Emperors were Gods. Mr. President Bush was not boondoggling when he claimed some Ideologies like “absolute freedom operation” and “absolute justice operation”, they believed and claimed their own God rank. But this is deception and no real intelligence; no real intelligence is the real deterioration and real devolution down to what God really gifted us.

Be careful; do not fall in destructive panic and despair, not everything in science should be irrationally taken as paralyzing suspicious; be rational humble and give each weight its right fair value, that is. They don’t own the science; they are just liars, cheaters, thieves and damn sick presumptuous, the mindset of the slaver, typical. We humans did not put our feet on destitute land of Moon, but our feet still on greatly much live wealthy land called Earth, we should keep the gift of God and praise him.

8) Once upon a coming time; one monkey is observing his gene-pool on branches of the trees. He watched his clan thwarting coconuts on head of some piteous lion walking on his land. The lion doesn’t like the coconuts and took it hurting bad jokes. One of the monkeys lost the balance and fell to the ground while his mirthful tumult, the lion revenged the way any lion is. The social observer monkey wondered and went to some elder monkey asking sapience. “Once upon a past time, we the monkeys were barbarian human species and evolved to monkeys, this bad behavior is just a residual trace from the ancient savage past, the inherited myth through generations that we today are that foretold fool myth from the past”, the elder monkey said.

(I love the wise monkeys, and I love the coconut though it is not available in my environment, I am not complaining, Mr. Mubarak throws some fragments of subsided bread, that is good for the ambitious slaves like myself.)

Naaa, this is just hobbyist exploitation of the human right of freedom of fooling about “human-slavery destructionism”. Perhaps because I am not professional I find myself can’t explain “destructionism” better than it is “philosophical  revolutionary social terrorism”; yet practically is very legal until this now if you don’t actually resist the murderers of the weak paupers, innocent children and their mothers and their fathers and their dogs and their rats indifferently around the world like in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan or inside China; if you don’t resist the conquerors of your entire life, while I am destroying incredibly much worse savage western global mass social slavery for entire mankind never named. One day, if the current spiral-down historical devolution episode turned to the “absolute freedom” of the American faction success side, it would be totally illegal exactly like the human right to actuate his mental sanity, the good of his people and the healthful existence of human society is illegal very today, though allover history the situation was not much better except for little durations only by means of armed revolutions. No, I am not pessimistic; don’t get me wrong; I believe if it happened they might let some of it for destructive devolution needs and literature deceptive ugly ornaments no much less than what they do today, only free fooling will be abolished, it was no important fooling anyway. Yet I am not pessimistic, if it would be illegal doesn’t mean it will not be practiced illegally in terrorism, you know, it happens all time. Mother-evil rulers of the world are irrationally and insanely over optimistic about the soon future. The socialist in role has no right of optimism or pessimism even if hobbyist for he just is neutral observer of the fool human society, for this I said I am not pessimistic and this is what I play here unless I change my role to something else. Cheating and deceptions, tell me something new, cheating and deception are not new; they are fault social behaviors of man all time that within I never seen any evolution. Have fun.

Manifesto lava of inferno on the head of Mr. Charles Darwin, and his devil disciple Sire “Julian Sorell Huxley” the policy founder of the mother-evil UNESCO.

(Very Special thanks and welcome appreciation, to “Brent Jessop” for focusing the light on Huxley)

All human being individuals on this planet Earth without little exceptions are equal decision makers at least by weakness, cowardice, negligence, ignorance, stupidity, vanity, covetousness, greed, cheating or shameful disgrace; in world of today openly those are uttered virtues as it doesn’t seem; decreeing the decision is only about the slavers and substantiating the decision is about the slavers and the slaves, this empirical fact never was fooling along all time.

I hate sociology; I don’t know why someone waste his time in some hobby he hates, almost all time you observe the same disgusting social behavioral pattern of the “stupid and the scumbag”; isn’t “beauty and the beast” much better, oops, well, I don’t think it that much either.

Fooled by;
Ashraf Moussa
October 31, 2008.

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Manifesto Inferno I

(1) Before all, who did say that the republic system meant to be any democracy or any governance of the public citizens? Any of the prestigious historians treated this issue could not deny and forced by undeniable history givens to separate completely between the concept of “democracy” and concept of the “republic system”. Historiography full time career, I mean historiography profession, don’t pay, none of the dead pays who write about them, living ruling class pays to the professional historiography to cut the road before the hobbyists to repeating the wrongness of the dead. Hobbyist historians are the free rein turbulence and chaos of the full democracy that been warned against and fought by the like of the father of the American constitution James Madison, including earlier deeper to Aristotle and Plato, including to the ancient past in crude forms of republic anywhere around the world. Though Madison participated to great extent the “Bill of Rights” amendments to the American constitution that protected as possible the individual liberty and rights like the “right of free speech”, it doesn’t change the rigid fact that the constitution in wholeness like any other republic constitution in history never granted the idealism of practical democracy. The democracy meant definitely the mass public right of choice, not plainly only the human right of blabbing, blab, blab, blab then what, then the republic faction decides what they want not what the blabbing mass wanted. They are mucking at the public masses. All the republica thinkers historically explicitly agreed that the public should not take the decision on their own but through some faction better been elected or otherwise protruded by the powers friction within the nation like dictators or kings and noble class with big damages and state weakness, for the western ideal public democracy is chaotic dangerous to the healthy state enterprise as the thinkers of the republica doctrine believed and explicitly preached, Aristotle and all of them. If you observed the contrast view of the prestigious to the hobbyist, you find, the prestigious assert the separation to say there are historical occurrences of one-party republics that tend to a totalitarian republic form and sometimes it happened to be fully military dictatorship republic, and the examples available varies from EX-USSR and eastern Europe to Latin America. And too there is what seemed democratic monarchies like Britain, Netherlands or Denmark and many earlier examples always happened to occur and exist through history everywhere even if for short durations. While, the hobbyist as mostly not offered the enough time for studying the details of history and the worse difficult between the lines as competent to the paid prestigious historian; the hobbyist mostly not ready to sacrifice the same full occupied effort level for human cause than plain personal financial trophies and social prestige. The hobbyist thinks that the republic is sickened by corrupted statesmen and politicians that undermined the democracy goal of the republic and should be amended and always refreshed by bloods, which is the democratic chaotic view all the historical thinkers of the republica warned against and advised to dump out on basis level of republic constitution and legislations. And even practically much worse than this happened starting from the dissidents physical assassination, ideological trickeries, bribing and eluding political maneuvers; observations of all these full all corners of Earth without exceptions. And it reached the ideological and physical detention camps became the solid brick construction of some whole republic states in the extremist brutal shapes of the republic practice. So among, the mercenary professional historians that disguise the most inner dictatorial nature of the republica doctrine by extruding out the concept of democracy from its body then tolerating himself to tint some of its practices by democracy on the surface outside of the doctrine itself. While in very fact they are very aware that the doctrine of the republica is very confronting to the public democracy and the individual human right to have real free-state from human slavery and true equality and real free opportunity, never there were any democratic republic. One of the biggest deceits of history is their mercenary thinkers defined the dictatorship by the fictitious totalitarian governorship of single tyrant, which never was true either and never happened in history of mankind, may be on level of ten individual society is right, may be on level of hundred individual society is right, but on level of bigger wider society it is impossible to happen. The tyrant can’t stand coercively alone as individual against a whole wide society, by end he is just flesh human, one humble little stab to his back and he is terminated, that is, all easy simple. If you ignored the historical mercenary thinkers and philosophers, and watched in very close the practical dictatorship, ever more than always, you will find him nothing more than a trivial arrogant empty symbolic demagogue who loves to be the character of the show, behind him concealed the real governor factions. They only defined the tyranny and dictatorship this way to obscure within it the very real open practical tyrannical nature of the republica doctrine and changing the show empty character like changing the wipe papers when got dirt and whenever needed. The tyrannical system and the republic system both ever had a definite ruler faction lived in behind that makes no difference; there never was ruling of individual tyrant but the interest of the powerful few. Alexander was no any great, neither Hitler was the only evil, nor Mussolini, nor Churchill nor Stalin, nor Japanese emperors, nor Bush, they are the empty characters of the show and the practical directors are behind the curtains, all time it is this. The truth is; the dictatorship is the indirect definition of the republic with the factions live in the back-scene, and the republic is the direct definition of the dictatorship with the same factions is closer to the fore-scene. The mercenary historians only smudge the history details to the favor of the ruling factions and set us up in paralysis of confusions; tyranny, dictatorship or totalitarianism, royalism or republica; all are the same thing and only different labels for the same historical mercenary trickery. The republica doctrine only said “O slaves, we are the dictatorial faction, we may let you something hence calm down and sleep, and who let you two bites is better to be elected than who let you one, yet we grant nothing, it depends on our needs not yours”; in best ideal form of the republic practice. If it happened for real reason or deceptive that the opinion of the mass agreed occasionally to the will of the few decision makers doesn’t make equal to when the decision makers forcibly consent to the opinion of the mass in democracy that the republica doctrine not only never granted through all history within its fundamentals but it constrained it basically. On the other hand, the hobbyist; the semi educated historian that still hopes in the republic to find the never granted democracy. Between the mercenary and the hobbyist, we the humans still on the very early of tens of thousand years of the same struggle between human social classes, social financial like super-rich, bourgeoisie and proletariat, or social genetic like tribal and noble blue-bloods. classification and classes and every class wants no “real human right in any justice on the level of both the “individual and social group” which is not granted by the pure democracy either, the western belief of the public democracy will not grant the right of the individual while it grants the mass right on account of the individual, so the western idea of democracy is not chaotic as they tell after all yet it is oppressive indeed as they never could really treat its theoretical oppressive theoretical idealism to be any practical shaping we can live with in any peace. The classes, in which each individual wants only the domination of what he was manipulated socially to belong to by democracy or by oligarchy and sometimes by direct brutal dictatorship within lower scale of his own class whether local tribal or within bigger national class, sometimes right and often wrong and always, nearly continuous suffer in dilute cold war, disinformation deceit war, overall oppression and crests to boundless bloodshed, on some side for the covetous benefits of oppressive another. It seems that the natural cave was much rational civilized than any reinforced concrete house in high arrogant tower and it seems that bigger civilization meant only bigger pains; history; is it not!!

(2) In contrary to any hobbyist may think, though in modern time majority of all republics of whatever shape or practice, has been set by public revolutions to seek widest class dominance, the fact is all the first ancient incitements for republics had been set by the very fat merchants within the minds of the mercenary thinkers like Aristotle and Plato or later Marx and Madison and the majority of the modern revolutionary republics ended to the hands of the military mercenaries indirectly hired by the fat merchants like EX-USSR (please, you can’t deny that all the communist big members and big authorities had huge bank accounts in the western countries beside big international private business affairs) or directly to the hands of these fat merchants like USA (please, you can’t deny that the USA national currency production is fully in hands of the private fat merchants and devoted for them) and then again directly to the hands of fat merchants within the new attempt of USSR to rise again, in China it is both direct and indirect in clear parallel sight. And what is the difference between Royal Noble blood class and the superior financial class anyway? Both had started from a forefather that had arisen as no one that mostly less in qualifications than many normal others if not equal and they think of themselves humanely different than others sometimes it reaches the say “royal bloods are divine and blue in color” ( today you may say it is exaggeration about the ancient past to smear the reputations of royal families after revolutions, but it was true, directly I heard it from my father who lived his youth in royal system, believed in this, the servants and slaves of the royal families were spreading this ugly dogmas of unimaginable criminality among ignorant street publics, yes, it is true, or why still until this very moment there are many of royals in Europe where the street people in turn believe another dogma in themselves the superiors over rest of humanity, otherwise give me one reason why still they kept royal families?); both exert the influence of his power on the host country and people for him to get more wealth and protection of his unjust privileges against the poor mass of the public; both do whatever they can to ensure bequeath the gained high position to his descendents, real honest competition is harmful to their continuous generation after generation prosperity, both don’t work by direct touch experience to produce their own wealth so rather they profit by control the resource of experience than real work, both take the hand of the ruler class that pushes the national constitution and legislations to serve them; both of them insert the faith that they are the architecture column of the nation that can’t stand without; both more seek the ruthless social relations type that promote their position than that been built on human emotions and feelings solely; all history both seek and push their nations to war for multinational wealthy interest affairs much beyond normal citizen humble ambitions who pays the blood while the sons of the upper both never put one leg in the real fire of any battle except on the media screens they controlled, etc, etceteras, hence what new the revolutionary republic system could introduce that the classic oppressive dogmatic royal system couldn’t? Both are immoral-noble class system and both are unsatisfied-financial class system, fully and completely are the same without empty vocabulary deception and deceits and interchanging the surface skins, without any democracy deceit embellished by the mercenaries. Both basically are slavers and corrupted to the bone; hurray, hurray; viva republica, viva revolution.

(3) And we to personify this republic carnage in close realistic touch of facts, only we need to watch the USAmerican republic enterprise only through 2001 to 2008, condensing what the republic system is in one of its prosperous exemplary, it tells everything in practical concision. There are two very main parties taking the greatest dominance by the force of the heaviest factors comprising the intelligence construction of the wide mass on one side and on the other side the powerful bourgeois class composed on level of control of especially the different sorts of media, the finance and general economic driver, industrial and military tools. Though you may say that the bourgeois class absorbed the mass proletariat within itself, still the definitive border stands where the experts of every bourgeoisie production tool worked on the side of fat owner class as door guardians, so you may say it like who may knock on the door but still he can’t open without the keys, and when you permitted to get in you should cleanse your shoes of the proletarian mud and completely become of them. Definitely the most noteworthy odd, on the very clear sight these two main parties represent the full manifestation of the “polis republica paradox” that never solved in thousands of years of between classes struggles, the “democratic party” and the “republic party”; or in rather precision, “Democratic National Committee” and the “Republican National Committee”. The rest are the show of clowns to the extent that some party is called the “U.S. Marijuana Party” and the other called “the forever party”, “X party”, “Y party”, “Romantic Transcendentalist Party of the USA”, totaled about 66 parties, whatever, there is no American party called the “extraterrestrial party”. Unfortunately not only the western idea of democracy and republic is paradoxically sick, too the freedom ideal is sick paradox, and the eastern ideals struggle to find a solid ground to what almost they never had and approximately never known.

(4) In 2001 to 2003, when the war on the so called “war on terrorism” was appreciable by the American public, so went in parallel with the decision makers, the very republican who won both the presidential position and dominance of the parliament sold internationally the propaganda of the western democracy that should spread allover the world to solve all the world states’ problems and it what will bring the security and prosperity like what they never had; I mean like what they ever cheatingly do.

(5) In 2004 to 2008, the war continue indeterminately and never won, ruining the USA economics taking down with it the other supporting nations, bloods flowed, war became unpopular and detested by the mass, the public opinion went to the opposite, 70% of the public turned to the counter side. The Democratic Party who lost his position to the second rear chair in political theater leaped to hunt and used the public situation to back again, as seemingly. The democrats to win the dominance in the parliament they promised the immediate withdraw from the Iraq war and promised to fix the economics of the country for the good of the public, on the public request. Even inside the parliament they announced explicitly “we have been elected by the public for these definite causes hence we should achieve it”; you know, Democratic Party and democratic performance. The American democrats made some superficial showy maneuvers to achieve what they had been elected for then gave up willingly and very easily; they retreated into the real republic constitution legitimate power that granted “no obligation” on the surface elected political figures to achieve their premises even the easiest, simply because the future is impossible and yesterday was the possible, and only hung in between the wishful intentions and practical endeavors. And the American economics haven’t been tried to be fixed and got even worse ruining than before because the pervious economical policy exactly without interruption continued and didn’t change to any fixing. The democrats resorted to the publics in their democratic wishes to reach the authority chairs and resorted to the republic constitution fundamentals in their frivolous endeavors to stay on the parliament chairs without any least change. The president Bush had introduced thousand direct clear illegal mistakes and violations the least of them enough to impeach him in the parliament, they could much pressures if intentions were serious, so there is some untouchable people above the law after all as one of the lessons we learn about the republic. All the republica systems make some people above the law exactly like the royal noble blue-blood doctrine; the examples are plenteous not limited at USA republica. The American lesson, the very republican preached the American democracy when the public opinion went parallel to their own decision and the very democrat preached the American republic when the public opinion went unparallel to their own decision, twisted roles on practical political landscape, and the public practically directly because of the republic constitution has no any tiniest ability to effect the decision making when it comes to truth, but the American public are extremely worry about the Bill rights of blabbing. So it was never new in the republica doctrine to hear the “McCain” republican presidential candidate in 2008 to denounce that “the withdrawing from Iraq war is reckless” while the surveys predicted that 70 percent of the American public wanted the immediate withdrawing. My point is not whether it is reckless or not, this point is completely out my issue, the point is it democratic or not. He in fact doesn’t denounce the military withdrawing such simple but rather he announces the very reality of the republica doctrine that the public are not aware of by denouncing the public democracy itself, “the democracy is reckless”, and it was never strange that the democrats do in direct real behavior the complete exact same.

(6) If the historical behavior records defines the practicality of some doctrine beside its heralded written ideas, hence by the comparison to the most famous Mussolini fascist pragmatism that found in military conquest the solution for inner economic problems as it is stated in all history books, then this USA big exemplary of the republica doctrine is the first full fit to fascism. Regardless of justifying reasons for each war on tongue of the politicians and media, if truthful or deceit, no one country in the 20th century and 21st century had such many hundreds on account of wars on the planet Earth on the five continents like republic USA (they didn’t war in Australia), and no other country has the one percent of how many American military bases spread on surface of the planet to protect its economics and interests, not to mention that US dollar is mainly supported by another political dictators been installed directly or indirectly on the foreign victim nation that in many occasions comes at the expense of its prey native economics, not to mention that the exterior trade balance of USA republic is in always deficient status and only supported by political control on the foreign sovereign so worked such absorbing the victim foreign economics. Not to mention that its inner system is mainly serving the rich big business class at the expense of the ever labor class in huge debt in an American way thousand much worse than recorded Mussolini behaviors himself of impoverishing the labors in fascist Italy history that had lived with little food and lesser slavery of unimaginable American national debts. Yes, I admit it, the mercenaries always demonstrate the high skills, strong wide and deep experience and the acute professional technical touch, yet too they always only hit or promote the targets designated by their patrons and rich masters in full extreme inclined incompetence off their professional intelligent abilities; the same is the professional mercenary historians. But I am hobbyist like this other humble hobbyists; that expended sufficient effort to state in full certainty that, the trivial difference between the republica doctrine and the fascism on land of factual events is not such strongly practiced to define any serious difference. It directly leads to the huge contradiction of the republica with the virtuously deceitful capitalism, beside the much earlier contradiction with the fundamentally ill democracy. The contradicting treble that had fabricated within the western Europe sovereign the pretentiously opponent paranoiac communism of fatal psychotic delusions dashed itself by itself in a manner the Marx prophecy didn’t predict to how the capitalism clearly is taking the same very exact fatal historical course and manner of his Marxist communism failure, disastrously wrong profit and historically liar, another mercenary thinker and another western trickster philosopher and his companion Friedrich Engels. I did not say this, it is the very direct record of history showing this though majority of the mercenary historians exhaust every hardest to treasonously burry the true history manifestation under their wrongly gained bribes, yet the wrong gains don’t introduce any rigid future foundation but only repeating the same killer mistakes and suffer the same unbearable pains. The stupidity doesn’t pay any benefit except to the trickster that exploits the stupid slave; in the diabolic exchange trade for painful waste lives, but Marx never warned the “widest proletarian sovereign” of their blind stupidity and psychological weakness rather he exploited their damn stupidity very exactly like Adam Smith had done before him to the “widest consumer sovereignty”, is there any professional historian can educate me the hobbyist historian if there any difference between the two terms to define the very same “widest middle class” of the one flesh, if it is just trickery spinning vocabulary not of any real least change? This is “continuous dilute bust” of communism and that is “continuous cyclic boom and full bust” of capitalism, different surface routes to the same abyss; bust the historically doomed slaves. And Marx was right the oppressor super rich men in the capitalism are the real behind scene governmental rulers and never told that the bureaucratic statesmen rulers in communist republic are the oppressor super rich class and they only work for super rich class and their covetous ambitions and no way to avoid this within his communist manifesto except some empty ringing words stood against any tiniest change or accomplishment solution to settle any just peace among different classes of any human society; without oppressing the few and without enslaving the many; which the idealism of democracy never involved either. Okay, okay, I admit it; the stupidity of mankind has its own strange laughter and irresistible odd excitement, mirthful applauses and hilarious pleasures; and; the very usual familiar mental and fleshy slaughter too in deep sadness and many historical global catastrophes, which no one win it. Very exactly the same criteria are fully applied to both republic of France and the Royal idle symbol on republic Britain, republic of china and republic of Belarus, many and so many others around the globe. Whatever the deceptive labels and trickery maneuvers of any political party; this is the true nature of the republica doctrine; the western understanding of the democracy and the western republica never mixed of any least and impossible to be mixed, on the deeper level of fundamental basis or surface level of the practically detailed bases.

(7) From the recent American experience, we can conclude universally concerning the republica and democracy. (1) The republica doctrine never granted any democracy at any rate in its history anywhere. (2) Through the 21st century the republica never failed its democracy premises that it never granted but failed its premises of deceiving the public because all masses allover the world now is demanding the democracy that the republica doctrine can’t offer, of course neither the classic royal blue blood doctrine can do. The fact is the republica doctrine was very designed to weaken the public democracy in fist control or in scattering dusts, never designed to promote it. It reached the sarcastic climax that the American politicians deadly fear to tell explicitly the American public that their country basically is merely very republic. The American people are not any aware that their country they living in is republic. (3) The whole historical western concept of democracy is deadly sick and in best ideal form is full of injustice that oppresses the minority and almost faulted to reach any peaceful just settlement between the big mass of weak individuals and the few powerful on the other side of confrontation, either powerful intellectually or financially, so it was never applicable on first place except some pretentious trickery political maneuvers and fake political propagandas. Certainly the street manifestations and labor strikes were best proofs that the big scale revolutions been deterred and fragmented into so many small scale diverse-sort rebellions each can be easily contained that the republic system succeeded at not any real rigid democracy. (4) The western republica and the western impractical oppressive democracy, practically failed generally to introduce any serious honest justice to the humanity. They didn’t prevent the slavery of the imperialism trends. Actually faster they participated with the history in making two among strongest and evilest barbarian slavery empires in history and faster they fell down directly from their crest of injustice and wide brutal conquests, EX-USSR and USA. The ancient royal empires of the undeveloped classical sword or even the earlier lance tipped by sharp basalt stone targeted the strongest among humans, the modern tomahawk and high altitude planes targeted the paupers and the civilians that can’t defend themselves, the earlier barbarian empires exalted the bravery of knighthood, the republica introduced empires that exalt the smooth silk gloves of cowardice concealed inside the civilization.

(8) All royal noble blue blood doctrine had totally failed and diminished; the very few remains are only dismayed symbols on the non-recyclable trashed side of an active republic systems in which they don’t call the top authority figure a “president”, they call him “prime minister”, these what the mercenary historians called democratic monarchies; though there is no democratic republic on first place.

(9) However, the historical biggest ever two drop down failures for the republic doctrine, when it falls down directly from geographical imperial crest tip on its face, and take with its republica ideology some another big deceit ideologies like communism and capitalism hoaxes, that too had noticeable traces in the antiquity before their modern originators, Karl Marx and Adam Smith, but this is another long story. Yes another long historical story of deceit; in fact the modern communism and the modern capitalism are the same basically, technically and practically under different deceitful terms, exactly like the royal doctrine, tyrannical system, fascism, totalitarian systems and the democratic and republic doctrines, imperial systems that their infrastructure is the exactly the very same under the spinning lingual labels on the same place, too is their practical consequences into historical outcome.

(10) (1) What is it, tell me, if on superficial surface I called by surface label the “widest middle class” by the “proletarian” for their trait as widest productive class and the “high class” for their trait of no productive and upper hand of control the “community state” hence I am communist, and if I called by surface label the very same “widest middle class” in flesh and blood by the “consumer” for their other trait as widest consuming class and the “high class” for the same qualities of no productive and upper control the “bourgeoisie or merchants” that in absence of the political government least interference and intervention except protection against foreign enemy that in this way certainly it became the real practical decision maker state hence I am capitalist? (2) The culture in generalization is the main force behind greatest majority of consuming decisions; otherwise don’t eat bread as rather you should eat grains like birds, don’t use hearth or electric heater or “hot radiators circulating water heated at the underground room” rather just wait until your body learn to grow fur like bears or eat much fat to build underneath your skin grease fats to warm yourself up; yet the culture is an industry even if it is a piece of music and the bourgeoisie owns the control of all the production tools and devices as same as too the communal state and its one governance party promotes only the cultural elements they choose and control. What is it, when the “consumer” doesn’t own the culture tool that capacitate him with ability to choose and the “proletarian” has one only communal state choice for his needs, am I capitalist or communist? It is one on owner choice even if it looked in diverse options in eyes of consumer who doesn’t decide their making, in neither “bourgeois state” nor the “communal state” the widest middle class of whatever surface label has sparse chance of choice if any; it is only the upper ruling class under different disguise labels. (3) Oh yes; you got a point, you are right, the difference lays in the private property concern, abolition of the individual private property that owns everything in the communism, and the full freedom right of individual private property in capitalism. In neither the widest-middle class controls the needs nor the consumption sort or rate nor the production tools, how much the citizen of either has of property in whole or in private! In both, the state takeover directly big part of what the widest-middle class produce, either by directly owning the factory and farm yield or by over-whole taxes, very equal result. If the entire state and its entire widest middle class citizens and the political state are working under continuous debts to the big fat merchants, systematically, what does a private property make of any sense? Taking in consideration that the determinant definition of the term “private property” is very limited at and practically based on the degrees of the direct and indirect and sorts of control on the property object of whatever and the physical technicality of the terms for the sounded human language is rather real honest and rather actual effective than any extended lingual definitions in empty words that might be lingual hoaxes, hence with such capitalist economical procedures and behaviors that lead to such unbelievable national debts like in USA for example, against each citizen emptied completely any sense of the term “private property” on any actual fundamental estimations. You have a home or a car, great; still there is a debt you owe that balances your private properties in best situation, the creditor may demand the debt at any time hence the real control of the object on long run is fully in his hand even if you through using for long time you deluded yourself of owning it, sooner or later he has the ability to demand it back against your will. This is a simple explanation, but they use more complicated national economical tools on that simple sense concealed within, and from this definitely the famous cyclic capitalist disease of “boom and bust” happens and arise, they all lie about to you. This cycle is not capitalism disease as they succeeded fully to convince you; it is the capitalism itself completely without any defect sense because, simply the capitalism is an alternative surface mask to the communism, both are exact same with different surface masks, you had been deceived and intentionally tricked; intentionally enslaved, in both economical systems, that is all. Doesn’t it make super rich merchants within actual capitalism in higher control position than the state and citizen privacies themselves in the capitalism? How much the citizen of either system has of property in whole or in private! (4) The communal controlled coupons and the bourgeois controlled monetary, both are promissory notes for some physical materials, frankly for honest sake in communism the situation is better, the communal coupons fulfilled its physical promises in greater accuracy and determination than any capitalist coupons that ever suffered the intentional fluctuations of inflation and deflation. It reached occasionally in full economical contradiction that the capitalist paper, ink and the technological implementation against falsification, together in paper regardless of what words pressed on, has a bigger trust value than what its on pressed words might promise in real physical world. The capitalists vow by their coupons that they are materialists and never told you the truth that yourself is their material and the communists vow by their coupons that they are altruists and never told you the truth that you already had paid it all, oh yes, now I see big and big difference, you are right. (5) The capitalism achieved higher living standards to its citizens than communism, first before all; communist states started much later to capitalist states from revolution against already great injustice within some society, only within the 20th century. In fact the rising “rate” of living standard was greatly higher than its other deceitful exact-same-alternative capitalism on its bourgeoning and through the path the labors lived within the communism in much human factory conditions than the British or the American correspondent in earlier stages; well recorded on pages of history. The historians don’t lie about everything, they can’t deny wide witnessed events, for example they can’t deny that WW II had happened; they only may interpret it in deceptions and within they lie about some lesser witnessed facts here and something there, to successfully accomplish their deceptive interpretations; Alexander was there truly but wasn’t great. Agreement among the liars doesn’t make truth, no matter how many, while accepting such agreement without challenge make future truth, grotesque truth exactly like the previous that they lied about. As hobbyist historian I see Alexander scumbag; there were a lot of great scale scumbags on dirty pages of history, so, what!! The common living standard in EX-USSR before its disintegration, if not reached higher than the average living standard in USA then it was higher no lesser. Man, come on, there were recorded two millions were living homeless in the streets of USA around the time of disintegration of USSR while it increases today to reach five millions and getting worse by the last capitalist financial crisis 2008 to eat great part of the widest middle class; which through the USA fed that produce the money jumped to rescue the corporations not the street public because on first place the corporations owned the fed totally and the public owns nothing except the fragments they toss to them. A deeper insight tells; the mercenary historians lied to you as ever about this capitalist achievement point. In fact the living standard within society is not about these economical systems of any type, it is all about the whole economical material conditions and what the ruler class permitted you the middle class citizens to have as share from that material wealth they fully controlled. Widest middle class living standard never was about capitalism nor communism, it was always about what the ruler class permits for the public or don’t allow, and it is the exact same rule in both, and they permitted in the capitalism to the public in average much lesser than in communism. As honest hobbyist historian, I touched this directly within my very personal experience. I could purchase lot of communist USSR musical disks and great valuable scientific books with so little money that I could not dream of the tenth of their equal value from the capitalists, with great certainty I state the “communist rulers” through their last decade in USSR as example could achieve much higher living standards among the street public than any “capitalist rulers” but neither the communism system nor the capitalism system had anything about, it is not about the economical ideology of the systems, it is the rulers. (6) And after the British John Maynard Keynes and his Keynesian modifications (1936) to cure the so called cyclic disease of the modern capitalist system of the Scottish Adam Smith, the full market control delusional theory has been dramatically reduced and ensured the direct need of state intrusion in the market to rescue it in crises against full collapse. More another deception this Keynesian cures never was meant to prevent the cycle from happening, it was not any solution, it meant only to disperse its suffer concentration peak upon wider time by inflation to simulate the communism in exact performance style in the practice yet bit stealthy to the acutest eye. Too the monopoly of the back-scene real super rich ruling class undermined and contradicted any seriousness in any thing might be called free market. It is recorded again that the anti-trust legislations of the 19th century in USA failed completely except few foolish plays on the pages of western monopolized media, the big corporations are merging in bigger and bigger everyday openly and secretly, the budget of one small of them before merging exceeds the budget of some big American state or whole foreign country with population of many tens of millions, they can control any senator and any president to the extent that some researchers inside the UN called USA “corporate republic”. (7) This one I loved specifically, capitalist honest competition is main natural incentive power in the capitalism to prosper and the Darwinian natural selection which is not achieved in communism. If you believed such western camp disinformation propaganda in the cold war era, hence certainly it is never achieved in the capitalist side either and even it is much worse in the western side because this dangerous mental lowness of disinformation and misinformation is not compliant with any honest competition or any truthful natural selection. I can narrate you thousands of counter facts to such delusions known even to the deluded, the least of them, the first artificial satellite in modern history was communist not capitalist, was not successfully engineered by a bunch of mentally retarded Russians while the high intellectuals were lost in the wasteful of  the communist bureaucratism without any degree of honest serious right selection according to right natural criterion, nor they lived poor, they lived in their country very lavishly like noble class. Have your wallet finished to give any point may set the capitalism different sort to the communism on basics or basis? Are you confused enough? (8) Now I’ll tell you my weakest point in my argument that each is the same exact copy of the other under different label deceits and fake pretenses. It is the human right and free speech to the positive side of the capitalist republic than the communist republic that had sent about two or three millions or more of Soviet citizens to the inhuman detention camps in Siberia for the rest of their lives. Now you should admit it that I play it fair, come on man, even I tell you my weakest argument point against myself; with little preservation. So little, I am fair with you so I believe you should be fair with me and permit my little preservation. What sort of human rights and free speech, may produce and may tell; or what any sense they may make, if within an entire population of three hundred millions in capitalist USA and another about two hundred million capitalist in Western Europe through about two centuries, none within could recognize the almost complete exactness of the two systems while it is in the very easy clear close sight, which predicts the complete absence of the free thought and mind in the entire western society and culture on first place, and still you see the Americans are very worried about the “Bill of Rights” of blabbing in complete closed iron ambience of zero-free thought and mind. As a matter of fact; on theoretical argument level the communist ideology theoretically achieved the sought theoretical democracy by the direct definition of democracy in the republicanism more than the capitalism could theoretically achieve, because communism theoretically stressed completely and full directly on the needs of the widest mass at the expense of the individual privacy than any market managed indirectly by democracy though practically it failed because it vested the decision in small faction little less like the republican capitalism that failed it totally on both theoretical assumption level and practical experience level. And this is the second absolute impossible, it is absolutely impossible theoretically and practically to mix the western democracy with the capitalism, the western definition of democracy is completely communist even if there was never any communism because certainly it will produce the communism that will fail too like any other existent communism. Try to imagine it this simple, forget the capitalism and communism, we are just simple democratic society and let us find what it will produce and what it will reject. Do the widest mass will permit some few of them to collect huge wealth and the rest are poor, what if just one individual suggested a democratic vote that to force upper limit of wealth on each member in the society, the mass of the society members that is likely not able to collect huge wealth like those few rich individuals will love such decision and certainly would democratically vote it without any hesitation, the real practical application of the western definition of democracy clean without cheating and deception certainly will lead only to communism and certainly will reject the capitalism. And this approach about the western democracy nature, it forced us to drink extra bottle of precision; that sort of communism I am telling it is trickery identical copy of capitalism is definitely the Marxist communism version; the other earlier and ancient version is what known as “cooperative commune” that is elementary crude version of the modern Marxist Communism of bigger state-governance scales. Neither Smith nor Marx had invented the elementary crude versions of either system. Both systems had taken place around the world through the entire history in crude lower scales and in different degrees. For example I might dispute standing on the side that the very extreme form of the very ancient royal system in which the king owns everything and the extreme exclusive final decision yet taking the council of some advisors for the good of his people is some “communist royal system” more real democratic than any of these forged modern “democratic constitutional monarchy/republic system”, in both or either the practical pragmatism and through uncovering the deceptive theoretical lingual-terminological approaches, whatever you like, both or either. And in some rural agricultural areas in ancient history of Russia and around was to great extent only economically was performing the elementary “cooperative communes” in where they were distributing the lands according to number of family members and every while they redistribute it, before the born of any Marx; so exactly is the crude forms of capitalism, this is very will known. The elementary crude forms of both were taking place in fully different realms (sometimes in parallel) and were never being able to be compared in one contrasting view, the ancient elementary communism was taking place in some stationary agricultural societies and the ancient capitalism were taking place within mobile trade activity specially among different geographical areas, but the modern forms of both happens on level of big scale state-governance where both are identical theoretically and practically and both are failures and big oppressions on massive scale, only both happens elementary natural on limited low scales and on that scale they don’t confront each other of any least. Then what is that in the western capitalist countries about the democracy with modern capitalism, it is all trickery, complete iron fist control in the social intelligence ambience like education courses, politics, history, culture and media, even you don’t vote for a decision but someone in behalf that take the decision and in such full controlled ambience you don’t even have any choice on him, you don’t know or think about anything except what they introduce to you in full control, since born to death, incredibly continuous uninterrupted depleted Uranium chain of conspiracies, cheating and deceptions but no democracy. It is impossible on practice for the communism to succeed with democracy beyond very tiny social scale like one family relationship. Even the family social unit is very limitedly communist otherwise you have no right to grow up your children and the children have no right to enjoy the warm of their kin parents to be fully communist family, the extreme theoretical communism meant directly the dissolution of the social family unit and it is against any diversity of natural sectarian social-cultural structure on the fundamental level. Like what happened in the real recorded small scale experimental cooperative-communes to discover the nature of the theoretical communism, some of these experiments took place inside USA itself, they all failed to continue and expand in space or time. And this communist family dissolution and dissolution of sectarian social-cultural structure as state goals is what the capitalist rulers succeeded to accomplish within the western capitalist camp much more than the eastern communist camp, hence which of them the capitalist and which of them the communist and which is democratic! The entire of all this mass of ideologies are reflecting each other exactly like in mirrors and each is self-contradicting and self-destroying; that through layered and directional investigation, some little part connect the other ideology and some another part repulse, none of them could really succeed to achieve anything real as stated in its superficial impractical delusional theory, big masses of trickery of no least coherence, no least rigidity, no any genuine knowledge, unnatural non-humanistic non-divine suffer and damage to entire mankind, pure mental and theoretical cancers and pure flesh and blood slavery in practices. All are vocabulary trickery, spinning around same axis of controlling the slaves, cheating and deceptions, adhered in seeming counter fake ideologies by the spit resin of the scumbag’s mouths. In practice, neither the corporate state monopoly is anything of the free market, nor is the communal state monopoly anything of the free commune. The commune is the market, and the corporate is the communal state; both are the exact same copies on mirrors. To utmost exactness; if you studied very insider details of both the Western Corporation and Communist Soviet Party, you would find that there is no both, just one thing. And again it is one of the democratic paradoxes; which it is contradicting with the human social nature and this made the western idea of democracy is very ill from the very beginning though some of its damage effects on the natural social human structure is and was needed by the western rulers to bring the slaves in docility rather than freeing him, yes for the democracy of the free sex and homosexuality and social sane-relation destruction, but no for the democracy of the real free thought and reality and mind construction. So they encouraged the social destructive side of the democracy that turns benefits to their side of control and fought and exterminated the constructive side of its practice inside the western societies that might work against their control, it is extremely complicated long issue indeed, I tried it here yet this is hardly sufficient. Long time ago may be in centuries, they were completely aware that the full real application of the western understanding and definition of democracy certainly should produce something of social-governing-state form that they may be similar to the  “cooperative commune” and they cut the road before it happens out of control by inventing and activating the result they expected and made it look very bad and brutal and they designed and worked it out to fail and to fall by end to kill the understanding and the deep idea of such fake utopia called democracy and all its versions in any minds among humans by historical practical lesson controlled within their hands. President Gorbachev and all Russian communist party secretaries like Stalin or the earlier Lenin were nothing more than show actors in the predetermined fake big game. The only system they believe in is direct pure oligarchy in pure strict dictatorship with no least democracy and the rest of humanity are chickens in barn or even less that from they may choose the completely loyal ones with narrowly intelligence and psychologically programmed enough to serve them in closer touch, that is the real system they believed in and worked for, and this is what we have and what they always had been doing. Very unfortunately, myself I know that the western idealism of democracy is truly very ill wrong yet it doesn’t mean that they are of any right; they are only insane criminals for the unlimited suffer and waste of lives they inflicted on entire mankind. They had corrupted almost the entire Earth and their thinking endeavors away deception is completely fictional impractical full of faulty defective holes in their turn. Just one of the thousand faults; among themselves they never could answer the question, then in what bases and practical technicality, they can choose their ideal president in any type of practical healthy selection when they reach full final eternal Earth-state-governance formula as they believed and promised their outer circles while the already actual republic presidential election is fully sick, which in ever best possible ideal practice they fully can control it to any result they wanted, they too are very aware of this simple obstacle and ignore it. Until very now their masters reach their authority places by being the dirtiest of all of them not the most educated or the most intelligent, the whole real intelligence work is done by the lower ranks. The lower ranks themselves within this unspoken secret organization had been betrayed by their masters; by the way, the expert Karl Marx and the like of him belonged to this organization that in its most inner circle is completely insane racists to most unbelievable extreme and ever always it is this and it will be not anything except this, it can’t be anything but this insane racism, and they don’t believe in any divinity except themselves. What is this organization by end; it is simply the new rather developed form of the common ancient paradigm of the relation between the super rich, the rulers that hired some expert who serves only to protect their interests and their upper control positions, privileged positions and big trophies, and one of this paradigms is Aristotle himself, ((((Aristotle was the son of a physician to the royal court. When his teacher Plato died in 347 BC, Aristotle moved to Assos, a city in Asia Minor, where a friend of his, Hermias, was ruler; there he counseled Hermias and married his niece and adopted daughter, Pythias. After Hermias was captured and executed by the Persians in 345 BC, Aristotle went to Pella, the Macedonian capital, where he became the tutor of the king’s young son Alexander, later known as Alexander the Great)))) Don’t tell me that Aristotle was such altruist thinker or philosopher who worked for the good of human wellbeing, his direct connection to the rulers and rich class was direct open and was very intimately engaged in, he was just mercenary thinker who served the ruling class against the public, and his thoughts about governance methods was full of deceptions and trickery paradoxes, cheater mercenary for big scale scumbags. The contemporary modern international organization behind all these international masses of cheating and deceptions is not anything different than this Aristotle paradigm but in modern developed form that contains so many international elements though in its utmost inner core is full racist. That Paradigm can be also traced in the Indian Buddha paradigm, almost the same philosophical trickery methodology to contain the public in some peaceful docility state of hidden slavery to the ruling class when the slaves are handled in massive scale, in other words, when the target of slavery is some entire society and entire people not just single individual. “Blast from the past”, there were no any two pole enemy camps or any truthful cold war that the slave public around the globe had been tricked and had been cheated about, it all was one international real conspiracy done by one international organization, no theory. Both surface economic styles in one system succeeded practically for a relative whiles because both branches succeeded only by deception, trickery and extreme coercion to contain big masses of slaves that served some faction of slavers like all past history paradigms. And the entire of terms, tyranny, totalitarianism, republicanism, democracy, capitalism and communism, the entire of them is one big hoax entity with no least truth or any least reality, only cheating and complete deceptions. I am sorry to tell you the painful truth, unbelievable wide masses of lives went into vain. The negative record on side of the communists is that they failed to constrain the one population mass flock entirely in the zero-free thought zone so they faced to lose some couple of millions of their productive slave citizens in the deadly Siberian camps because they could escape. Inhuman bad point record on side of the communist rulers I admit, positive point record on side of the capitalist rulers I admit. Which point I am talking about! I am lost, never mind.

(11) It is clear without doubt that the intimate close odd similarity between communist republic and capitalist republic extends almost to everything to undermine the last feature the capitalists are proud about over communists, the flexibility in handling the national problems and crises according to what I read from the professional historians, yes, if you said so, sire. Neither the capitalism nor the communism could service the republic political system with healthy economical construction durable and strong enough to energize the inevitable fate of greedy expansion of the faction control to add more territories to their turfs specifically when we talk about wars, military or economical. At some crest point of expansion both ruin abruptly and surprisingly in hurried free fall. Even the much lesser population of Germany, the “social-psychological-mix” of fascism, communism and capitalism proved the “public-manipulation-deception- ability” to sustain World War II against many other strong nations in extreme wide landscapes much more than the many times much materially bigger capitalist USA and communist EX-USSR, same can be said about Japan. One long war between the very poor and stubborn little-populated Afghanistan and big power EX-USSR could greatly exhaust the inner communist republican construction of the entire Soviet Union to the break point on their ability crest that even some little reformation on hand of President Gorbachev killed the doomed patient on the surgery table. USSR ruined and other communist nations started to turn one by one. “The concentrated wealth control communism method abruptly fell short to support the concentrated political control republicanism target and interest, the method was weak because it was twisted hoax and the target was even much weaker because it was gloomy to the extent it became apparition than any touched truth to all its diverse repulsing populations unified mostly by coercion”. I don’t make another Marx prophecies that failed truthfully than his intentional plotted pretended failure to predict how the falling of both economical system, that was his job, his Job was to fail, very unfortunately the failure to fail is not any success as mostly is different sort of failure not intended. Hoaxes don’t build any truth, no matter how sophisticatedly complicated; they always dash on real tests and exhaustion very easily. I mean, doesn’t it seem that the capitalist republican USA is already taking a path of failure different to what Marx had predicted, and it is taking the same path of failure of USSR that Marx never predicted, this is how he failed his intentional job to fail. Even much faster and much worse, much fewer years of war for USA in poor Afghanistan again then poor Iraq and you see explosively the ruining of the capitalist republican USA is bursting in echo in all its colonies around the world, first on economic level in form of international financial crisis effected every corner of life to sudden international bursting food crisis (2008) and some of the supporting nations have begun to draw back its financial support to the American war, and on political public level the cracks started to be seen on the surface inside USA that again might endanger the unity of the American states than ever happened exactly like EX-USSR surprisingly without control and even too late Gorbachev will kill the same patient twice. I don’t make another Marx’s predictions, but what the history is all about? It is not about entertaining tales and stories, the fictional literature is doing this job better than any history literature; the history is about direct experienced paradigmatic studying and teaching, and only can be successful intellectual operation if seriously and honestly processed; hence the eventuality of the practical paradigm seemed right now is shaping to its completeness, I don’t predict this at all, the historiography predict this if written as hobby, yet I don’t grantee that it will happen in any certainty. Another hence; which is my point here; clearly the arrogant “flexibility” of the capitalist republic over the communist republic is just another wrong perception number (9). They are even worse blind bureaucratic in their reactions to the crises much more than the communists to the last demise moment; as their national crises got dangerous as far their blind bureaucracy got more stubborn stupid. And; “The concentrated wealth control capitalism method abruptly fell short to support the concentrated political control republicanism target and interest, the method was weak because it was twisted hoax and the target was even much weaker because it was gloomy to the extent it became apparition than any touchable truth to all its populations in the melting pot but never solidifying spun around one axis mostly by coercive deception”.

(12) Aristotle (and Plato) was about producing fake philosophy and lingual deceptive maneuvers treated the appearance of the political-economical system to trick the slaves about their social-political slavery status hence they are narcotized enough into sleepiness and lived in the happiness of deceptions and delusions; without suffers. Buddha was the very same but his maneuvers rather treated the religious-psychological individual belief-system to make the slaves accept willingly their social-political daily slavery life hence they are narcotized enough into sleepiness and lived in the happiness of deceptions and delusions, and very adapted themselves to the suffer as natural fate of mankind supposed by his ruler masters. They are two methodologies within same close paradigms about the individual within social life and human governance relationship. Like Aristotle in similar position, Buddha was the son of the head of the Sakya warrior caste, he was a thinker that worked for the ruler and ruler warrior class that was protecting the high noble blue-blood class interests, and too like Aristotle had been given mercenary historical halo of his goodness and caring about the human wellbeing and caring for the poor citizens.

(13) Though the Aristotelian methodology within such historical paradigm accomplished great success in the stiff iron control of the intense educational ambience of Europe, it greatly failed in the much stronger acceptability of ideologically republican Latin South America publics where weak control and poor educational ambience could not help the slavery mental submission as supposed. Lot of wide intensive public rebellions and intense instabilities undermined greatly the final goal of Aristotelian governance method, hence the local and international rulers like in Britain, France and USA turned to direct coercion means and methods, either directly by their arms or indirectly by forcing counter rebellions for their benefits.

(14) On the other hand, the other Buddhist different methodology in the same historical paradigm, for the same exact reasons took the very same course and historical reaction like the Aristotelian methodology; the Buddhism and its still existent father religions accomplished great success in India and greatly failed in the much stronger ideological Buddhist middle, east and south-east of Asia. Lot of instabilities and rebellions were recently in the last century took place, and as usual the local and the international rulers resorted again to the very classical brutal coercion means and methods for slavery, well famous Vietnamese, Laos and Cambodian wars were some of these examples of inhuman bloody coercions where they believed the Buddhism extremely yet it failed practically its endeavors.

(15) We need to emulate the octopus Skelton structure to be able to announce “on the third hand”, please just one more hand, I asked no much. In China, the international rulers could convince some local rulers of the European prosperity of the Aristotelian methodology for the same paradigm. So you see Chinese local rulers converted from the Buddhist methodology to the humanistic-Aristotelian methodology, to some degree the close humanistic local cultural correspondence to the western humanistic style was the Confucianism to have a local Chinese flavor. So it has come to us today with the strangest blend of the Confucius-Aristotelian-Marxist-Smith republic slave of China; that walks very unsteady and easily unstable, they resort to everything there.

(16) Regardless of methodologies (In India there are thousands of different sorts of Buddha in closely different religions flavors, Buddhism was built on them originally), why this paradigm did achieve great success there and did achieve great failure in somewhere else, while still it failed through another public that followed very passionately the headlines of the method and its paradigm, it failed in South America and Middle to East Asia? It was the education and wealth material factors, it worked against them in some places and worked with them in another places; in the future that already had started to cook this same factors in changing formation to work completely against them everywhere. How? These two combined factors introduced in the past that started to fade since the WW II until this very moment and replaced gradually by future that is bursting right now, two contrasted educational patterns throughout entire last century humanity, too through all history of mankind; they are the “paradigmatic educated character” and the “pragmatic uneducated character”. This Aristotelian-Buddhist paradigm succeeded greatly where the “paradigmatic educated character” prevailed within the mass population and failed its deceiving endeavors where the “pragmatic uneducated character” prevailed within the mass populations, no matter what both believed theoretically. You may say; I myself as ignorant hobbyist historian, the historiography never was my profession and am not educated formally in this career or activity; certainly I belong to the pragmatic uneducated characters, hence clearly it failed with me personally for example, while I am committing this horrible hobby, I am a failure. In bit painful tough concession yet less painful than the extra complicated details, I explain it more. The paradigmatic educated character is pushed since the very early childhood of himself and his society, to perceive all his sensational life through paradigms. The term “theorem” within the “theory” is the wide-applicable intellectual paradigm of perception; he is used not to perceive everything in his life except through theory but not its direct pure natural shape of super-complicated crude sensational experience, he is not directly connected to the physical truth except through some theory. And that theoretical mandated connectivity what they called scientific or rational character in the European humanistic moment wherever it had arisen in Europe or India under any label. Though it is specifically brutal blatant false stupid lie because if you specifically understand the science mechanism truly you find it stiffly working in very parallel of both paradigm and pragmatism, in science nothing is accepted as rigid except without separation, yes in science you may work through one of them then you should work through the other style to reach a rigid right acceptable result by scientific community, the pragmatism here meant empirically tested and practically experimented data taken from the direct nature and in controlled environment laboratories, both the artificial conditioned lab and the open nature. They only kept this single theoretical paradigmatic behavior in activities like philosophy, social sciences, history, politics and economics; literature; etc. but when the contrast view of the behavior between the sciences like physics and the other human intellectual activities like philosophy and historiography became very clearly and unavoidably condemning and not acceptable, they invented more terms like “soft sciences” with solely theoretical paradigmatic methods and “hard sciences” with both methods, so both intellectual manners became yet respectful scientific methods though they behaved very differently, it is deceptive maneuver. In hard-science they try seriously find the nearest theory that very closely may predict the empirical data and claim it approximately acceptable; which is honest fair claim. All theorem-paradigms in empirical science without one exception are approximations to the full pragmatic performance in hard-science, all. It is absolutely impossible to build a theoretical paradigm (theorem) that represent some natural phenomenon in complete exactness or absolution; the otherwise evil wrong impression about the innocent honest hard-science you received it from the soft-scientific public journalists, diverse media types and politicians only for manipulating the society to adopt indirectly their insane absolute paradigmatic humanistic divinity faith through their stealthy conspiracies and deceive the public that human (themselves specifically) is god of  “absolute freedom” that the president Bush did not mistake when he uttered publicly to express the secret belief-system of the behind factions; and it consequently gives the right of their humanistic dominance on mankind and consequently we should accept the slavery as written fate by their hands for they are gods; (hint: for the history I testify that the serious hard-science communities in their diverse majorities are innocent of this crime and they are much wiser above this demeaned criminality and unacceptable human slavery sin). While in soft-sciences the situation mostly reach to no least acceptable consistency between the theories and any real practice to utmost shame and extremist damaging human disasters, they should call them soft-catastrophes, no any sort of sciences to any truthful rationality. There it comes. The theory might be right or close to rightness and might be easily misleading without the pragmatism, and there comes the deception in absolute freedom without serious challenge to its validity within western society learnt from the softness of nails and had sucked from his mother the milk of the poisonous mental killer theoretically pragmatic educated character, easily and completely blindly deceived and cheated. He can’t see his life any longer the way truthfully it is except through some unchallenged theory and loose fake claims, economical or political, or even social. I am here personally, because my real profession is empirical science, I have dealt this treatise in both methods that greatly unfamiliar within any historiography profession and philosophy either, for this basically I see things different to how within these professions they used to see them and how they intentionally deceive the public about. Now take the “pragmatic uneducated character” like in East Asia or Latin South America. The uneducated character lack the long intellectual endeavor and hard training to build intellectual bridges and connections between theory and practical experience; the theory that might be series of deceits or might be series of truths. Any theory he learnt within his life is not connected by any intellectual mean to the real practical life within life physical needs (or very weak connection at best), he only accept the theory by only the trust in the source, who might be a Buddhist priest in India or China, or republican revolutionary leader in Latin South America. For this specifically he kept the theories right or dogmatic and the practical life in full separation within his mind, much more than this he is not interested at all to see any connection, and that what made him completely successful full pragmatic and is extremist in this and that very specifically what made him very easily on sight able to see the political deceptions no matter what complicated route it might walk to cheat him, and this what brought his slavery rulers all the continuous public unrests and disobedience, they are not mentally contaminated by deceptions of the fake civilization. The poison is not walking with their blood through their vessels; they kept the poison in separate sacred crystal vessels isolated within their mental space. We will eliminate all your suffer by these theories and beliefs, that is great I believe you, my mother and my father taught me this, I trust it, that is great, now I am hungry, yet you don’t understand the theory/faith fully, pray all day and night to Buddha and lit these candles to feel better the deep spiritual meaning, bravo you such very great successful obedient follower, we wish everyone take you great honored example, may Buddha be happy of you, what do you feel now, now I feel more hungry, and it is rebellion and unrest in East South Asia; what are you doing, did we not teach you that peace is the heart of our discipline, yes this is what I fully believe but the local rulers and the foreign rulers don’t leave my peace in any peace and I defend my peace so I didn’t violate my beliefs, and the political instability continue. The dogma of Buddhism that had been designed originally to protect the ancient Indian slaver rulers against the mass public failed its goals though the followers adopted it very passionately, to the extreme extent we had seen some of the Vietnamese Buddhist monks burned themselves alive in the street to say “NO” to USA and its loyal local rulers in the middle of the Vietnam war that contradicted all the Buddhist discipline and the monk’s appearance yet it doesn’t contradict my analysis in any least. Vietnam has 95 % Buddhists according to Geography books. This is an innocent pragmatic character and it what protected him and I myself admire it in them. And the Mahatma Gandhi was not any peaceful, he had shed the blood of his own people instead of the foreign enemy British occupiers, this is not any peace, no that trickery didn’t take me either. Whatever, I don’t want to burden you with either “on the third hand” or “second”, to tell that though the South American people adopted very passionately the Aristotelian republica and too their innocent pragmatism protected them against falling preys to its deception and cheatings exactly like the very Buddhist Asian. It deserved to mention, take Venezuelan President Chavez as example, he didn’t succeed because he is republican, or communist, or any capitalist, in very contrary if we watched his inner ruling manner we find that he to considerable extent he doesn’t follow any of these, he is honest sincere pragmatic character like the widest poor sector of his public and yet he didn’t oppress the few rich in his country, and gained the trust of his people, for this the USA-CIA tried to subvert him and failed only because of the support of his public, and so on he found friendly relationship with another closer type of Iranian rulers and people. Certainly such exceptional rulers are educated; hence this leads to a third character type we may call it “hard-scientific character” according to modern European terms, which it is deadly hated and fought by the western culture very specifically when it reached to any political, economical or social intellectual activity. By the way, more common deceptive wrong historical perception, hard-science didn’t produce the hard-scientific manners, no, honesty is absolutely unavoidable vital need to any truthful success, honesty trait and manners produced the hard-scientific manners, and the hard-scientific manners produced hard-science, while the honesty trait is not modern European renaissance invention, this is little some of the global disinformation war of the humanistic deceptions, it is deeply ancient to the epoch before any man creation and existence that corrupted its manners in minds of Aristotle and Buddha..

(17) The future already had started about the new changing formation of the two factors of the education and wealth materials. The unlimited covetousness, no ceiling greed and insane sick dirtiest racism of the international rulers behind the scene, through the last century unwillingly and unwittingly created conditions on earth by their hands and their will, very fortunately to mankind was not any recognized on its right dimension at any rate. Their insanity indeed was very fortunate to mankind. These conditions mainly were the wealth gap between the third world and the so called the “first world” and consequently the poor supplies of the education. Yes, it was extremely painful to the majority of the humanity that comprised the paupers in the third world, yet the good beneficial side of it what created the contrast of the direct observational views of the pragmatism in the third world and the unchallenged theoretical paradigmatic views of the called by empty arrogance “first world”, clashing, connecting, flowing into each other, then overlapping, then it is already creating universal hard-scientific character of entire mankind to prevail all sides or specifically both sides. Already there are very promising probabilities and possibilities for it greatly to succeed though the anti-human ruler-class obstacles, the ruler class and with them the super-rich class and their mercenary experts, were always the disease of entire mankind through the entire history. I am neither optimistic nor pessimistic; I play here the role of hobbyist historian hence I only record what I see and this is the event I see bourgeon. The participations of this no longer predictions reflected through allover the world and specifically even inside the western side itself. Take example, the anthropology since the beginning of the twentieth century, it had been accused by belonging to soft-science much rather than hard-science because it was not fulfilling the acceptable standards of the hard-science, this book I had read that had been published around the eighties of the last century, about the debates from many within researchers around the world and I see it today in the light of the very current changing very promising to take different path, it was very important notable change within that branch of intellectual activity, and was a serious investigation around the basic term “primitiveness” and what it might pragmatically meant; that trend greatly tried to cleanse the “soft-science” charge from the body of anthropology, “The Concept of the primitive; Edited by Ashley Montague; Press free; New York”. And this is another very ambitious book bold leap on that direction, “Cultural Geography; written by Miko Crang; Routledge, London and New York; 1998”, real notable intellectual book deserves the admiration. Of course I have seen a setback books and movements but I have not said it finished; the right direction is just growing and replacing and forcing itself by the power of the honesty. In the third world, where the “pragmatism” is the dominant thinking style within much wide public poverty, it is the only supply they have, the participations take a form of direct actions rather than pure intellectual activities, naturally this is expected, it is distinctively noteworthy and became no peculiar event like in past history, to see the humble simple pragmatism of the poor public through long stubborn struggles and spectacular dramatic sacrifices secreted directly some paradigmatic educated leaders greatly effected by the pragmatism of his people that devoted their lives entirely to raise the general conditions of them on direction of coming future hard-scientific social character because it is his own actual blend of experience and education. The poor public themselves made him without foreigner conspiracies or hidden ruler class plots. Though some of these leaders the time proved they were cheaters and it was whole conspiracy and that sort mainly happened around the world in the adjacent period after WW II, in fact almost all of them in that next adjacent period were purely western cheating international imperial conspiracies, in the three continents, South America, Africa and Asia. However, the movement I am talking about took place gradually later and the unrest and real leaders are splitting their ways by time, some achieved some humble success and some succeeded to great extent and the struggle continues and clearly it will not set down. And counter actions from the behind scene international rulers are taking place too in crazy ultimate desperate counter reactions like “war on terrorism” and “absolute freedom operation” or pushing the American democracy by brutal force that proved the success of the poor public on earth could comprise a great danger to their international sovereignty, and I believe it is great encouraging and hopeful indication for much more tough public pressures on all directions. Example are plenteous,, Marin Luther king, Nelson Mandela, leaders of Iran, many leaders in South America like Chavez and Africa, resistance in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, many African countries, these public movements will never succeed at this stage without honest hard-scientific character trend and it is what happening almost everywhere, except few exceptions will suffer the isolation in the future for it doesn’t share it now as it seems. I haven’t mention few names in this treatise because they are the kindest or the evilest of all, they are nothing over than just the famous, most likely in truest history most probably extreme hard to be written in words, the best kindest and worst evilest names are not known at all, for reasons and for another reasons, certainly some of them are the kindest sacrifice and the evilest cowardice. More public awareness of the success they achieved, evaluation and deeper understanding for the promoting factors of their success will dramatically bring more huge exponential success to reach unprecedented kind history operation, and will bring more terrible disasters to the opponent dark world rulers, this time truthfully for the human wellbeing not of western ruler class dirty conspiracy and cheating, from the public dedicated for the public. The route is still hard and long, on its starting few humble extremely difficult steps, and very, very promising. If you despaired and has given up, hence certainly you seem never seen any child walking his first steps on his early life, you have forgotten that one day yourself was that child, perhaps it is different child this time has a better chance than what we ever had.

I am sorry; the truth is painful to all, still it is truth.

(18) Solution, is it what jumps to your mind? Man please, I big you, here I am limitedly playing the role of hobbyist historian not solver, I find my attacking on some historical figures high in cultural and political rank to be taken for some of them as Gods, unfortunately doesn’t cheer me vividly and undermine my arrogance to claim “humble hobbyist”, whatever. The historiography never tells solutions, this is not the job of the historiography, all the time it only tells the humans that they are plainly irritating stupid, very indeed. However, I tell you what I know within this exciting unpaid job serving the stupid tedious paradigms of mankind; wait a moment, no, not me, I am not man-kind, I’m man-sort, exactly like this is communism and that is capitalism; this is republic and that is tyranny; so I don’t belong to your stupid tediousness, bastard man-kind; forgive the hobbyist language when tends to be bit vernacular; now that feel better, thank you man I’m cheered. Humbly I tell you, within realm of historiography, it doesn’t see the human course in series of problems and solutions; it sees the course in series of historical operations, sometimes a single operation started by a solution and ended by terminating destructive problem and no chance for sequenced solutions, even you can’t tell which was the original cause of termination if it was the solution or the problem, that is. USA specifically is one of these examples, it started from zero by what it seemed humanistic solutions and it seems ending by problems resulted directly from its originating solutions. Sometimes another historical unit operation; started by problem to be replaced by bigger problem as solution and ended by problem that considered as right solution for the middle problem and the original start problem never solved that only became just dead history. USSR is example of this sort, Caesarism then worse brutal bolshevism then disintegration and great confused disappointment. Sometimes the operation is continuous one problem for many thousands of years almost never solved and getting worse unbelievable slavery as it ascends and, you can’t tell if it was a problem or it might be considered a character trait of the human content in this historical operation, so it can’t be said problem but it is their solution for all life problems. Egypt is one of these rare examples, and Japan is in not far category of history operations. Both have some sharing qualities and traits that might be considered problematic while Egypt has different more problematic traits doesn’t share with Japan and Japan has different more traits that considered kind and good and might be considered solutions that doesn’t share with Egypt to bring itself into close different category. In the Egyptian over whole historic operation, it had all problematic traits concerning the human injustice and suffers; starting from Israeli bondage in Egypt until this very moment though this time it is the entire Egyptian people bondage. By the way; by mentioning the Israeli bondage in Egypt I violate the mercenary historian traditions of the modern historiography that directly and explicitly mandated by the European renaissance from the European Middle Ages; it had mandated directly to exclude any religion historian narrations in direct angry discredit, and they made their hand made religions by lies full of unscientific contradicting legends took different label of soft-science and modern historiography, which we see been brutally falsified before our bare eyes, which is another difference between professional historiography and hobbyist. We the hobbyist should stand and write the hard-scientific right history not like God, we can’t, but just enough to tell the future “don’t be stupid like us, be better than we were”; through all ancient and recent history of all mankind there were honest men hardening the scientific knowledge process even if few and there the dishonest who softened it for evil intentions, the dishonest soft-scientific history never was the monopoly of this current history. And through the rebellion against the professional historians I say there might be a metaphysical factor is much missed that made any explanation for any history operation and imagining solution very hard intellectually to process or accept, or understand; or to record in sharp clearness. I think I was clear that I am not professional. Though Egypt is continuously all problematic all history, its civilization prospered for many thousands of years then its civilization fully diminished for the next many thousands of years with all the same problematic traits never changed allover the time. In the Japanese over whole historic operation, the problematic traits and the good solution traits lived side by side in parallel within the public and the system; neither eliminated nor canceled either, in continuous prospering in fair average through their history, yet because the solution and problem never one of them could get over the other we can’t say it was all peace and prospering, occasionally even if the disease did not manifest inside, it certainly manifested on outside, some of these manifestations crept into China and reached Vietnam in invasion conquests and ended by USA nuclear explosions in Nagasaki and Hiroshima in inside then again it manifests in economical war between Japan and USA in which Japan won this turn, but the disease is still there. What I want to tell, if the history was about solutions USA wouldn’t in open and in secret to try to emulate the Roman Empire paradigm of failure and the Greek philosophical cheating and trickery and great suffer to everyone involved, would they! They studied the history to find the worst stupid paradigms to emulate and no least real honest solution to anything. Humbly I tell , in a history treatise from a hobbyist, historiography doesn’t treat the eventual issues as problems and solutions, rather as total operation and all within influential factors that lead to some direction of whatever, what harms someone might be good for another, what might be a problem somewhere might be solution to someone else, war trends, defense and offense or surrendering and obedience, revolutions, rebellions and negotiations, pacification trends, ideologies, religions, cultures, languages, society texture, geography, natural gifts, natural disasters, economics and politics, coercion and compromising, manifestations and strikes, injustice and justice, inheritance of history, etc. etc, even one public folklore song might do too much while in itself there no any solution for anything, sometimes one pullet may do much more than hundred bomb. All are influential factors share directing the shape and interaction of the historical operation, even if you tried to make a survey among humans around the world, about what the problem is and what the solution is, hardly you get agreement around within one family or one intimate group of friends, I swear sometimes in many cases you will not find your sought agreement inside some unit individual human being. I advise you if you tried this survey, don’t go to some Yoga practitioner to ask “what is your opinion about the today international price inflation of foods and hungry among the poor?” very likely he will answer you “finally the humanity found a solution for all their problems”, no don’t do it, please, I big you. I myself see it a big problem in which USA as strong nation is killing the paupers in global wide indiscriminate masses allover the world using its economical weapon tool in dollars by the consent and agreement of most the stooge governments of the third world that supported the USA dollars, it defends its own interests to the last bunker, the food is there but the American financial crisis managed by their hands to substantiate their wars by wide murdering and extorting money, this is a problem I see out my hobby. So don’t ask me about solutions in history operations, of course there are problems and of course there are solutions but they are not the concern of the history operations. However, I can tell you, we are living in distinctive epoch where so many paradigms have fallen so fast and many others are falling faster than ever, the hoaxes of paradigms concealed in fake new patterns are revealing one by one, masks are falling in masses more than the dead leafs of the senile dry trees, direct military aggression as classical factor in history operations still is the most determinant and dominant factor on all operations. Someone will win and some other will lose, may none win and may all win. We are in extremely hurried aggressive transformation in history operation shape and direction, thousands, may be millions of factors are clashing each other inside the one clan and the one family and the one individual mind to shape this contemporary inverting history operation, mass aggressive and all familiar paradigms are falling dashed in surprises, new patterns will arise, hoaxes failed. Trust the hobbyist historian; don’t worry about the solutions; who searches for solutions honestly, the honest solutions will find him, honest solutions all time were there but there were no enough honest men to take and to pay their costs, no matter how expensive.

(19) Naaa, this is just hobbyist exploitation of the human right of freedom of blabbing about “history deconstructionism”. Perhaps because I am not professional I find myself can’t explain “Deconstructionism” much better than it is “philosophical terrorism”; yet practically is legal until this now if you don’t specifically discuss the Nazi Holocaust; while I am deconstructing incredibly much worse savage western global holocaust for entire mankind never named. One day, if the current history operation turned to the “absolute freedom” of the American faction success side, it would be totally illegal exactly like the human right to defend himself, his people and his country is illegal very today, though allover the history the situation was not much better except for little durations. No, I am not pessimistic; don’t get me wrong; I believe if it happened they might let some of it for entertaining frivolous needs and literature deception ornaments no much less than what they do today, only free blabbing will be abolished, it was no important blabbing anyway. Yet I am not pessimistic, if it would be illegal doesn’t mean it will not be practiced illegally in terrorism, you know, it always happens all time. The rulers of the world are irrationally and insanely over optimistic about the soon future. The historian in role has no right of optimism or pessimism even if hobbyist, for this I said I am not pessimistic and this is what I play here unless I change my role to something else. Masks and deceptions, tell me something new, paradigms are not new; they are history. Have fun.

However, can we write the true history without freedom of blabbing!

Manifesto inferno to misters, James Madison, Adam Smith, John Maynard Keynes, Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels, Aristotle, Plato and Buddha.

All human being individuals on this planet Earth without little exceptions are equal history makers at least by weakness, cowardice, negligence, ignorance, stupidity, vanity, covetousness, greed, cheating or shameful disgrace; in world of today openly those are uttered virtues as it doesn’t seem; writing the history is only about the dead and making history is about the dead and the live, this historical fact is not blabbing after all.

I hate historiography; I don’t know why someone waste his time in some hobby he hates, almost all time you study the same disgusting story of the “stupid and the scumbag”; isn’t “beauty and the beast” much better, oops, well, I don’t think it that much either.

Blabbed by;
Ashraf Moussa
May 29, 2008.
On May 31, I found this publication on next page “Silent weapons for Quiet wars” on the site; which is extraordinarily full connected to everything I wrote about above. I had finished my treatise on May 29 and I didn’t alter any thing within since. The web post is published by brave US American honest and sincere internet publisher to entire mankind. I extremely advise to read in conjunction to my treatise, I mandate it, you have not read my treatise if you did not read this web post too, and vice versa. They are fully completing each other. As there is one king God for this existence, he doesn’t make coincidences, he manages in coordination; God is the only absolute. Even down to the very basics of human hand-made laws are extreme human crimes and full oppression.

I found the way to this web page through the news list on; the original web site of the “lawfulpath” is not reachable, nor the email contact; I don’t know if it had been locked and been shut down by the criminals. Still the next link works until June 5, 2008 as I checked; it mirrors little of the original dead site content of the shot-down “lawfulpath”:

One of my personal Mottos: “When the criminal becomes governor and dictates the law, his crimes become the constitutional and lawful”.

My advice: “When you see the right signs and right omens, you will recognize them doubtlessly; follow them urgently for your salvation”.

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